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Copperhead Canyon by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On October - 1 - 2015

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon

In Copperhead Canyon, a Joe Gage-directed release from TitanMen, Officer Matthew Ford is on the tail of Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal in the backwoods of Colorado.

Copperhead Canyon stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Chad Manning along with 10 other hot, masculine studs.

In the first scene, Officer Matthew Ford doesn’t want to take any chances while transporting Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal, back to jail.

When Ford has to take a piss, he has no choice but to make an unscheduled stop.

While they’re pissing, they’re joined by Luke Riley, a handsome young hitchhiker.

Bill uses this diversion to steal Matthew’s gun and escape, leaving Matthew and Luke tied up against each other to a tree.

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon




TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

As the two shimmy to get out of the rope, Matthew pops a fat boner that Luke is quick to suck down as soon as they’ve freed themselves. After he shoots a load all over Luke’s shirt, Matthew hungrily sucks Luke’s fat cock until he sprays a big load all over the officer’s uniform.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Driving off in Matthew’s car, Bill gets on the phone with TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn, arranging to get an RV from him. After Dean gets off the phone and is done taking a piss, he catches his son’s college buddy, Kurt Wild, acting a bit suspicious when he should be working on a project. Turns out Kurt was jerking off into a pair of Dean’s stolen boxer shorts.

Dean’s got a pretty good idea what his son’s young friend wants, and so he has Kurt unzip his fly and take his hard cock out of his pants. Unsure at first, Kurt tentatively takes Dean’s shaft in his mouth, slowly working up to a fast-paced, sweat-drenched blowjob. After awhile, Kurt lies on his back and Dean deep-throats his long dick to the hilt; before long, they both cum. But Kurt wants more and Dean is happy to oblige.

With Kurt on all fours, Dean buries his face into Kurt’s smooth, pink hole while Kurt buries his own face into Dean’s stolen boxers. After warming Kurt up, Dean probes deep into Kurt’s ass with his cock, towering over him from behind. As they get close, Dean flips Kurt onto his back to nail him even deeper, and they both shoot again.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Then in Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, off the side of the road, two mechanics, Chad Manning and Leed Scott, are tuning up Bill’s getaway RV. They take a break to work on each other’s fat, hard tools. Chad gets the action going by whipping out his fat cock and Leed is more than happy to show him what a proper blowjob feels like. Leed easily sucks a big load out of Chad and afterwards, Chad’s glad to return the favor.

Lying on his back on a blanket next to the RV, Chad lubes up Leed’s hairy hole with this tongue. Chad’s got Leed’s legs pinned back while he fucks a load out of Leed, and then quickly follows suit with a load of his own.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Bill’s two thugs, Ago Viara and Joe Strong, are outside his RV, keeping guard and waiting for the green light to drive him out of town. Under the shade of the trees, Ago gets diverted by Joe’s long, uncut cock which Joe has whipped out and started playing with.

Ago whips his out too and the two jerk themselves off until Ago moves in to service Joe’s giant cock with his mouth. After enthusiastically sucking it down, Joe bends Ago up against a tree and drills his ass. Joe lays Ago down in the leaves and fingers him until he shoots, then bends Ago over and sprays a hot load all over his ass.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Next in Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, Wolf Hudson and Antonio Milan are a pair of orange jumpsuit-wearing escaped convicts who are making their way through the forest in Pueblo, Colorado. They see Officer Rick Powers approaching, so ditch their jumpsuits, leaving them both naked by the side of the road. Although Rick’s hot on their tails, he seems more interested in what they were doing than turning them in.

Antonio drops to his knees and starts sucking Wolf’s cock, a convenient distraction. Rick dives in and takes over the sucking, bouncing between Wolf and Antonio’s cocks until they both blow their loads all over Rick’s chest. After Rick cums, Wolf and Antonio take turns stuffing Rick’s ass and mouth with their cocks until all three shoot again.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

In the final scene of Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, it seems that there was a GPS transmitter in the phone Bill stole that led Matthew and Luke right to him. When they track him down in his RV, they’re eager to settle the score, but first, they want some fun. Luke drops to his knees and sucks down Bill’s hard cock while Matthew watches.

Before long, Matthew whips his cock out and feeds it to Luke, too. They move inside the RV, where Luke continues to chow down on Bill’s cock. Matthew moves on to Luke’s tight little butt, burying his face deep into it. Soon, Bill’s pounding away at Luke’s ass until he fucks a healthy load clear out of him.

Ago and Joe are waiting outside, watching through the window. When Bill and Matthew step out of the RV, Matthew immediately slurps on Joe’s massive cock and Ago on Bill’s. Matthew bends ago over the stairs of the RV to rim him while Joe tongues and fingers Matthew’s ass. Soon, Matthew lowers himself onto Joe’s cock and Bill fucks Ago before Joe, Bill and Ago all shoot explosive loads of cum onto Matthew’s furry chest.

Watch Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen! Starring Ago Viara, Antonio Milan, Bill Madison, Chad Manning, Dean Flynn, Joe Strong, Kurt Wild, Leed Scott, Luke Riley, Matthew Ford, Rick Powers, Wolf Hudson.

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon

‘Big Cock Doc’ by UK Naked Men

Studio: UK Naked Men On September - 25 - 2015

Big Cock Doc

Darius Ferdynand is the Big Cock Doc, an unscrupulous quack who’ll have you on your back.

His interest in uncut cocks and tight holes goes beyond the professional.

When all that cock goes to Dr. Darius’ head, his replacement, Dr. Alan Probe (Mark Coxx), is just as perverted.

These two big dick doctors perform overtly intrusive examinations on Rogan Richards, Jonny Kingdom, Daniel Broughton and Jace Tyler.

Every inspection leads to a hot rimming, sucking and fucking session with wet and splattery endings!

Watch the Big Cock Doc from UK Naked Men! Starring Daniel Broughton, Darius Ferdynand, Jace Tyler, Jonny Kingdom, Marc Coxx, Rogan Richards.

Big Cock Doc




Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

‘Balls Deep’ by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios On September - 21 - 2015

Balls Deep Next Door Studios

In Balls Deep from Next Door Studios, James Jamesson heads over to the clinic for a check up.

He doesn’t just get an examination, he ends up shoving his fat dick down Jett Jax’s mouth, making him gag on it!

Later, long-time friends Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis are horsing around outside with a couple balls, But Brandon can’t get his mind off Tyler’s balls!

When they go inside, Tyler notices the fat bulge in Brandon’s shorts. Some silly wrestling leads Tyler to pull his stiffening cock out. Brandon’s been more than eager to get that thick shlong in his mouth, so he wraps his moist lips around it and takes it deep.

They move to the pool table where more clothes come off and Tyler pours a little water on his boner to get it ready for Brandon’s tight ass.

Some hard pounding is what Brandon’s been craving. Check out Tyler’s incredible physique as he slides his pulsating cock Balls Deep in and out of his buddy’s hole.

Watch Balls Deep from Next Door Studios!

Starring Brandon Lewis, Cole Christiansen, Connor Maguire, Dante Martin, James Jamesson, Jett Jax, Johnny Torque, Josh Long, Tyler Torro.

Balls Deep Next Door Studios



Balls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door Studios

Balls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door Studios

Balls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door Studios

Balls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door Studios

Balls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door StudiosBalls Deep Next Door Studios

Balls Deep Next Door Studios

‘Alabama Takedown’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On September - 18 - 2015

TitanMen Alabama Takedown

This one will have ya down for the count! Alabama Takedown: Director’s Cut from TitanMen is another cunningly-crafted classic from the master of porn, Joe Gage.

This three-hour brawl is a hefty serving of Gage hallmarks, with buddies jerking it together, older dudes showing younger men the ropes, and unshaven, sweaty wranglers in rough, no-holds barred manplay.

Gage’s terse, huskily whispered sex talk simmers five tension building scenes into boiling eruption as thirteen incredibly raunchy TitanMen all-stars pound it out.

From buddies coaxing buddies into mansport, from boner-stretched singlets to naked hard-on wrestling and ringside watersports, Alabama Takedown is another brooding and sensational movie in the real cinematic style that only Joe Gage delivers – round after round.

You don’t want to miss this TitanMen classic!

TitanMen Alabama Takedown




TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

In the first scene of Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, the Alabama All-State Professional Wrestling School. Ken Mack tops Damon DeMarco. Brothers Doc (Cliff Rhodes) and Ben Sullivan (Spencer Quest) have decided that the best way to raise the rent money, as well as get laid, is to open a wrestling school.

They bait the hook for students by announcing a competition with a $100 cash prize. Damon DeMarco’s so eager that he shows up for the match a day early. And janitor Ken Mack’s eager to jump his bones. But slow and easy. He offers DeMarco a singlet, and takes in the boner Damon’s sprung as he changes.

Mack guides DeMarco into wrestling, and grinds their bones together before casually drawling, “I think I might have to suck this.” The world stops as Mack kneels before DeMarco’s thick and tense tool, pauses, and owers his wet lips onto its taut, hot skin. They flow easily into a torrid 69, then they’re jackin’ each other off and the cum spurts.

“Show me your asshole,” Mack whispers, fondling his still plump cock as DeMarco bends over and winks the dark little wonder at him. Mack’s the kind of suave older dude a younger man longs to be led by, and Mack leads DeMarco’s asshole onto a broomstick handle before kindly, slowly feeding his fat daddy dick into the fresh tight ass. Daddy-size loads erupt from both of the passionate guys.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Owen Hawk’s buddy Joey Milano is just outta jail, and Hawk’s twitchin’ to get back to the kinda fooling around they knew as boys. Joey’s hesitant. “We’re not kids, anymore,” he says, but already has two-thirds of a bone on. “What would you do if I put that in my mouth?” Hawk asks.

“There’s only one way to find out,” says Joey. And soon he grinds his hips, burying his smooth and fine white pecker deep down Hawk’s holler. He lays backs and languishes in the warm streams of Hawk’s piss, and moans when Hawk rims his pale asshole and them fucks him, paying off for both men in achingly big loads. Man, those must have been some games they played when they were kids.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Then in Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, students Zack Evans and Colby Keller are foolin’ around when they find a cock pump that belongs to Evans’ stepdad. They’re unsure what to do when Evans’ high school shop teacher step dad (Luke Montana) walks in. He’s not, though, and when it’s sucking on his heavy wang, Keller murmurs, “Wow, that’s neat.”

Montana lubes Keller up and slides the sheath onto his ready-to-bust cock. Evans shows off his dark little bunghole and step dad bangs it, and then makes way for Evans’ buddy to hump the hot cream outta his friend. Montana sits right down on Keller’s cock, blowing the guys’ minds, as well as another bang-up round of wads.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Next in Alabama Takedown by TitanMen, Spencer Quest and Cliff Rhodes know the exact instruction to give when Blu Kennedy shows up at their school. He needs a physical, that’s what. Kennedy gets tense when he shows a hot hard-on at weigh-in. To relax him, the brothers offer a four-handed massage. There’s enough Kennedy cock to take all four hands at once.

“You wanna suck my brother?” questions Rhodes. Kennedy’s unsure. There’s the world’s longest hesitation before his lips finally touch the massive cock hovering before his face, but then his sweet little mouth stretches over Cliff’s humongous tool. Spit flies as Kennedy trades off between the brother’s cocks, making their man-size loads fly clear across him.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

In the final scene of Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, with the guys jerkin’ off ringside, the wrestling contest becomes a five-man take-down of tense cock one-upmanship and plain ole dirty fighting as the suits are ripped off and mouths and cocks connect. Rhodes is soon fucking rough-playing bottom Jon Galt, while Williams sucks off muscular Jay Armstrong. And then Blu Kennedy shows up.

Seeing the guys going at it, he fantasizes all five of the guys pissing on his throbbing boner, and their golden streams fly down from the ring to drench him. Nearly a dozen eruptions of love-lava later, the elimination match of the five men fucking leaves only the brothers and Kennedy to duke it out. Quest’s legs splay way over his shoulders, and Kennedy plugs Quest’s quivering manhole with hard, deep and rapid thrusting.

Rhodes sidles up behind Kennedy, and slams his steely cock up Blu’s backside. The redhead goes nearly insane pumping back and forth into one brother’s ass and onto the other’s cock. Buckets of cum spew hard and high from this takedown.

Watch Alabama Takedown from TitanMen! Starring Blu Kennedy, Bobby Williams, Cliff Rhodes, Colby Keller, Damon DeMarco, Jay Armstrong, Joey Milano, Jon Galt, Ken Mack, Luke Montana, Owen Hawk, Spencer Quest, Zack Evans.

TitanMen Alabama Takedown

Cop Shack on 101: Director’s Expanded Edit

Studio: TitanMen On September - 14 - 2015

TitanMen Cop Shack on 101

Cop Shack is now on Hot Male Videos! The men in blue are eager to serve and protect in Cop Shack on 101, a TitanMen feature drawn from the mind of legendary director Joe Gage.

New cop Jason Ridge has just moved to Santa Mira from L.A., rolling into police headquarters and eager to find a home on the force.

Before they can do more than exchange hellos, Alex Brawley’s called out to investigate a possible prowler, and ends up trading blowjobs with and getting fucked fast and hard by horny homeowner Collin O’Neal.

Meanwhile, Jason stops to help Damien Crosse and Darius Falke, two motorists with mischief on their minds.

After rimjobs all around, Jason plows his condomed cop cock deep into Darius, and gets jackhammered by Damien in a frenzy of ferocious fucking.

Cop Porn TitanMen




Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

But in the first scene of Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, new town, a new job, maybe a whole new deal,” Jason thinks to himself as he rolls into Santa Mira, California as a new police officer, hoping for a calmer experience than what he left behind in L.A.

When Jason reports to his new station, Jon Matthews introduces him to fellow officers Alex Brawley, Jon Matthews and Nick Horn, but before they can say more than a few words, Alex is called out to investigate a possible prowler at Collin O’Neal’s house.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

“Maybe I should take a look,” Officer Alex suggests when he meets the horny homeowner, who takes him into the bathroom where he was shaving when the alleged prowler looked through the window. Alex isn’t interested in doing much investigating, though — at least not of the prowler — as Collin is too much of a distraction in his robe, which falls open to reveal a massive, and very hard, boner.

Alex gets on his knees to expertly suck down Collin’s huge cock, deepthroating it as he digs out his own stiff cock from his tight-fitting pants. Collin tosses his robe aside and gets down on his knees to return the favor, sucking Alex’s dick ’til it sprays out a stream of jizz all over Collin’s hairy chest. Collin strokes out a load of cum that splatters out all over Alex, coating his cock and police uniform in hot sperm.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Then in Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a cop,” Jason tells Alex, and a second later, has Alex mounted ass-up on his couch, licking his hairy hole and smacking his ass to get it ready for his giant prick. Collin rims Alex from behind as Alex writhes in pleasure. Then, Collin lies on the couch while Alex slowly drops his ass down onto Collin’s dick, sliding it up his chute ’til he’s resting on Collin’s balls.

Alex rides that huge dick, gyrating on it to hit all his deepest pleasure spots, first facing Collin and then away, as Collin slams his large cock up Alex’s ass chute. With Collin’s monster cock buried inside, Alex strokes out a gusher that soaks the floor in a huge spray of sperm.

It’s Collin’s turn, and gets Alex bent over the sofa, extending the kind of open invitation you just don’t turn down. Collin bucks into Alex, holding onto him for support as he rocks his raging hardon in and out, ’til he pulls out and jets his spunk all over Alex’s back. Its sprays fast, furious, and far, and Collin rubs his hand over Alex’s bent-over back, rubbing in the creamy cum.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Drivers in distress. Jason Ridge picks up, and has sex with, motorists Damien Crosse and Darius Falke. Jason’s out on patrol, and sees darkly-bearded Darius Falke and handsome Damien Crosse troubleshooting some car trouble. Jason’s suspicious of the guys, but tries to help them out, and agrees with Darius’ suggestion to drive them to the nearest garage.

“I guess that’ll be alright”, Jason says, and in a flash, Damien and Darius are in the back of his squad car, catching his eye in the rearview mirror. Darius notices he’s gotten grease all over the front of his pants, and slowly slides them off. Underwear too! Darius pulls them off to reveal a massive boner.

“I got it all over me too,” Damien notices, before pulling his own pants down to reveal his own gigantic engorged cock. With the guys jacking off and stroking each other in the back seat, Jason’s distracted — and intrigued — and before you can say “car trouble” has the hunky motorists pulled over to take care of the problem.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Darius and then Damien both take turns skillfully deepthroating Jason, driving him crazy with their forceful and talented sucking. Jason then gets on his knees to return the favor, first swallowing Damien and then Darius, slicking their rock-hard rods with his spit.

Jason orders the guys to finish stripping and tells Damien to sink his tongue into Darius’s meaty ass. As Jason strokes himself in anticipation of things to come, Damien obeys, and quickly has his tongue buried up his friend’s lightly-furred hole, prying the cheeks apart to get in as deep as possible.

Then they swap, with Darius bending Damien over and diving in to chew on Damien’s golden globes and savor the taste of his invitingly open hole. They’re ready for a reaming now, but not before Jason leans over to let the friends eat out his ass, his unbelievably meaty ass cheeks the perfect feast for two.

Wearing nothing but his uniform boots, Jason rides their tongues ’til he can’t take the pleasure any more, and all three stroke out big splattering loads of cum. Darius also rains his spitting cock juice on Jason’s barrel thighs before Jason strokes out a load, coating Darius’s cock in creamy cop cum.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

In the final scene of Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, Alex Brawley and Jason Ridge go to the Ocean Grill, where Alex, Nick Horn, Dean Tucker, and Jon Matthews suck, fuck and piss in the bathroom. Alex goes off to take a leak, and immediately spies a massive dick jutting invitingly out from one of the glory holes drilled in the wall.

He dives to his knees to lap up the sweet-tasting semen-spitter, and pulls out and plays with his own penis as horny, hunky officers Nick Horn and Jon Matthews enter and do the same. Officer Jon sucks down the glory-holed cock as Nick reaches over to stroke Alex’s pole Alex swallows Nick’s dick to its hilt.

Local cutie Dean Tucker slides on into the restroom, and catches the cops in their 3-way cockfest, but they don’t even pause as Dean sidles up to pull off his shirt and join in the action. Jon notices the glory-holed cock still jutting out and gets down to suck it as Alex wolfs down Dean and Nick. Nick goes over to help Jon at the glory hole, and they suck the jutting penis and lick it ’til it shoots out thick gobs of sticky cream all over the bathroom floor.

Alex, Jon and Nick unleash their torrents of piss all over Dean, drenching him in a river of hot cop liquid. Alex bends Dean over and fucks him hard, slamming his ass brutally, the sound of Alex’s thighs slapping against Dean’s tight asscheeks driving them both wild, with Dean quickly spewing his cum onto the floor.

Watch TitanMen’s Cop Shack on 101: Director’s Expanded Edit, now on Hot Male Videos! Starring Alex Brawley, Brett Mathews, Collin O’Neal, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Tucker, Jason Ridge, Jon Matthews, Kyler Lachlan, Matt Majors, Nick Horn.

Cop Porn TitanMen

‘My Brother in Law’ by

Studio: On September - 11 - 2015 My Brother in Law

In My Brother In Law from, Johnny is horny and his husband is not there to take care of his dick.

Jimmy is a horny brother-in-law in the wrong place at the right time! Johnny gets Jimmy naked, sucks his cock and then pounds his straight ass!

Next, poor Zane is just a clueless straight dude trying to send his wife some sexy selfies. Johnny happens by and takes pity on Zane who needs some help to get the shots right.

Step one: Get that cock hard. Since Johnny is in a hurry, he sucks it stiff, but then gets the tingle himself. Before long, Johnny is on all fours getting pounded by his sister’s hot husband!

The next scene of My Brother in Law from features Aaron and John and goes from an innocent game of pool to a hardcore fuck fest complete with a butt plug!

It’s now off to the locker room for our next pair of “straight” guys. Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by their brother in law if he looked like Jaxton. Urijah definitely wants it and boy does he get it in this part of My Brother In Law.

Finally, when Aaron’s wife hides a camera in their bedroom because she suspects him of cheating, he uses her brother to put on the show of his life! After he says “sorry sis,” the horny bottom allows his brother-in-law to pound his ass to a fantastic finish. I bet that’ll show his wife!

Watch My Brother in Law from! Starring Aaron Bruiser, Jaxton Wheeler, Jimmy Fanz, John Magnum, Johnny Forza, Johnny Rapid, Zane Anders. My Brother in Law My Brother in My Brother in My Brother in Law My Brother in My Brother in My Brother in Law My Brother in My Brother in My Brother in Law My Brother in My Brother in My Brother in Law My Brother in Law

Bad Conduct by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On September - 7 - 2015

TitanMen Bad Conduct

You know it’s wrong, but the urge is too strong. Follow your impulse and abuse authority with Bad Conduct, from TitanMen and award-winning director Brian Mills.

Watch as nine studs led by TitanMen Dean Flynn and Will Parker find themselves in sticky situations with only one solution — crossing the line.

Being bad never felt this good, so watch as self-control surrenders to steamy sexuality.

In the first scene of TitanMen’s Bad Conduct, bursting out of his assless leather chaps, dark and handsome model David Dirdam is photographed by the equally muscular Gio Forte.

The two smile at each other as the session progresses, but the warm lights soon get to Gio, who takes off his shirt to cool down.

When the photographer moves in for a close-up, the two can’t control themselves any longer and embrace in a passionate kiss.

TitanMen Bad Conduct



TitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad Conduct

They strip each other down before Gio drops to his knees for a steady face fuck from David’s big uncut slab. The moaning David spits down on his drooling, bearded buddy as glistening strands cling to his cock. David returns the favor, sucking on verbal Gio’s meaty slab as the spit continues to fly.

David then sits on Gio’s face for a tongue lashing, jacking off onto Gio’s chest as he gets eaten — then rubbing his load into Gio’s huge pecs. After beautiful side shots capture David getting sucked again, David sits down on Gio’s cock and rides like a pro, his own big meat frantically bouncing up and down. After the aggressive fuck, the two kiss and Gio sucks on David before the model gets hungry.

“Open your ass!” demands David, who slides his tongue into Gio’s hole. He soon grabs on to Gio’s leather belt and slides his cock inside for a deep fuck. Gio stays stiff as he gets pounded, his hot muscular arms supporting him on the table. The two then switch positions as Gio fucks his bud, slapping David’s ass before flipping him over. Now on his back, David’s amazing abs tighten as he gets rammed. With his legs propped up in the air, the bottom soon dumps his load down on his own chest before Gio unleashes a huge stream across David’s chest.

TitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad Conduct

Then in Bad Conduct from TitanMen, bearded handyman Mike Dreyden gets so turned on by the stiff pipes around him, he takes a break to rub his body and stroke his stiff meat. Nearby in the freight elevator, muscular Kurt Weber spots the action and can’t control himself, stripping down to his jockstrap and jacking off his throbbing cock as he watches.

They catch each other’s eyes, but Mike wants more. Walking around the corner, he falls to his knees in front of the elevator door and watches Kurt snap his boner up. Kurt then slides his slab through the bars for some service, and Mike instantly deep throats his companion, choking as he dives down deeper. After raising the elevator door to feed Mike’s spit filled mouth some more, the two jack out their first loads.

Now moving into the large elevator, Mike bends over and offers his ass for munching. Kurt jacks off his own hard cock as he licks Mike’s hole, warming up the bottom’s ass for the deep, steady fuck that follows. Mike strokes his slab and stays stiff as he gets it from behind. The camera pans away for a hot-as-hell side shot that captures Kurt’s muscular body at work, his chest and stomach muscles popping out as he rams Mike.

The top then wraps his arms around Mike’s face and shoves his fingers inside the bottom’s mouth, grabbing hold of his head as he fucks faster. Kurt spits down on his own cock and slaps Mike’s ass before turning the bottom over, drenching him in more spit as he continues to pound away. Mike squirts as he gets fucked, and an even hotter sight follows — Kurt unleashes his load, a multi-stream shot that soaks Mike’s chest and lands a wad on the bottom’s temple.

TitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad Conduct

Next in TitanMen’s Bad Conduct, inside his house, Treshawn Valentino admires shirtless Leed Scott, who’s clipping trees outside. Instantly aroused, Treshawn rubs his smooth, toned bod as the massive bulge in his briefs gets even bigger. After opening the door, Treshawn stares down Leed, who makes his way to the porch steps and drops to his knees.

The eager outdoorsman quickly pulls down Treshawn’s briefs and gets to work on the big, thick slab, opening as wide as he can to take it. Leed gasps for air with his mouth stuffed, slurping sounds filling the air. After some glorious side shots of the sucking that show off Treshawn’s sizable cock even more, Leed gets pinned to the wall.

Treshawn falls down and wraps his luscious lips around Leed’s stiff cock, its mushroom head pulsing in the air. Treshawn deep throats the hard rod and slurps on Leed’s balls before coming up for a kiss as their boners grind against each other. Treshawn then sits down on Leed’s face for a tongue fuck, jacking off his monster meat. Leed lets go of his load and then Treshawn stands up, his quad muscles quivering as he shoots over his bud.

Moving into the field, Leed bends over a wheelbarrow to get his hole munched. Treshawn then grinds his massive boner on Leed’s ass before slowly sliding it inside. The top delivers a deep, steady fuck caught beautifully by the camera. Once he breaks Leed in, Treshawn picks up the pace, resting his hands on Leed’s back as he fucks faster.

The bottom gets on his back for more, moaning even louder as the deep thrusts continue. The two stare into each other’s eyes, their connection making the scene even hotter. Treshawn rests his hand on Leed’s hairy chest, and soon the two let out their loads — with the top dumping a hot wad on Leed’s pubes.

TitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad ConductTitanMen Bad Conduct

In the final scene of Bad Conduct from TitanMen, bully student Will Parker gets called into the school’s office by administrator Slade. The youth has been making fun of a classmate, the son of concerned parent Dean Flynn. After lowering his head in shame, the student is given the first of many orders from his stern superior: “Will, get on your knees,” says Slade. “See Mr. Flynn, Will needs more than simple detention to keep him in line.”

The surprised, excited Dean watches as Will starts to slurp on Slade’s stunning slab, a big, thick rod that’s stiff as steel. Slade (who strips down to show off his tan, smooth body) stares at Dean, who whips out his boner and starts stroking.

Slade wraps his hand around Will’s head and slides his cock inside, later beating Will’s face with his veiny uncut meat. Will then follows more orders, dropping to his knees in front of Dean and sucking the parent off, his talented tongue wrapping around Dean’s shaft and balls. Dean stares at Slade, who soon walks over to feed the father his cock as spit strands form in the hot suck train.

Slade then orders Will to strip down, and the student’s milky smooth body — complete with huge pecs, defined cum gutters and a big dick inside a hairy bush — light up the screen. He watches Dean suck Slade, his own hot cock bobbing in excitement. Will then bends over the table to show off his bubble butt, getting tongue treatment from Slade before the three jack out their first loads.

But Will wants his ass worked over some more, so Dean and Slade take turns licking and fingering the insatiable student. Will then sits down on Dean’s cock in an unforgettable shot, his muscular back and ass filling the screen as he grinds all the way down. The bottom finds the spot, exciting Dean even more as he bounces up and down while the top’s hands wrap around his ass cheeks.

Slade then feeds Dean, who wraps his arms around both of his buds in another great image. Will, now facing the camera as he snaps his bouncing boner around, sits down on Slade, who starts to suck Dean. Will then lies down on the table for a pounding from Dean, the bottom’s ass lips clinging to the top’s cock. Slade then takes his turn again before Dean assumes the 69 position with Will.

That tempts Slade to the other end of the table, where he shoves his monster meat inside Dean’s hole for an aggressive doggie-style pounding that has the table creaking and Dean looking back in lust as he begs for more. “Fucking a stud like you!” yells the turned-on top, who soon bursts his hot load on Will’s tight bod. His friends follow suit, with Dean streaming his spooge across Will’s chest to end the unforgettable threesome.

Watch Bad Conduct from TitanMen! Starring David Dirdam, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, Kurt Weber, Leed Scott, Mike Dreyden, Slade, Treshawn Valentino, Will Parker.

TitanMen Bad Conduct

‘Giants Part 2′ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On September - 5 - 2015

Giants Part 2 Raging Stallion

Giants Part 2 from Raging Stallion continues a sizzling sexual adventure through a sun-soaked, passion-filled vineyard. Follow ten hard bodied vintners as they satisfy their erotic needs under the sun and through the twilight into the night.

A fine vintage with excellent body, tight corkage guaranteed to whet your appetite for an inspired frenzy of fucking!

In the first scene of Giants Part 2, D.O. holds on tight to Logan McCree and kisses and licks his tattooed lover’s lips and face.

He then grabs hold of Logan’s cock and sucks it down his throat, nursing on it gently and slowly at first, then working it faster and more vigorously. D.O.’s muscular body ripples in ecstasy.

Logan pants with pleasure with the tongue massage and before long he’s down on his knees gobbling up D.O.’s perfect dick.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2




Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

Logan’s head bobs back and forth as he swallows the swollen shaft, encouraging D.O. to fuck his face and fill this throat with stiff cock. The men get into 69ing position and suck each other off before Logan pulls up and straddles D.O.’s face to feed him more cock plus balls and ass. Logan next mounts his man and slides his eager hole down onto D.O.’s thick cock.

He slams his ass down the meat pole, absorbing every precious inch. D.O. stops to rim Logan’s ass–making it hang open, a gaping, quivering sex hole that needs to be fucked. He resumes plugging it fast and hard until he finally pulls out and sprays white hot cum across Logan’s tattooed body. The men end their session entwined in a relaxed, satisfied embrace.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

Tommy Defendi, Donny Wright and Damien Crosse raise their glasses and toast to a beautiful weekend and to beautiful boys. No need wasting any more time talking; all three know what they want and quickly get busy kissing and groping. Tommy and Donny sink to their knees and take turns sucking Damien’s chubby cock, juicing it up with spit.

Then Damien tackles his two friends’ dicks, gagging on one and then the other. Ready for more, the three studs start to fuck. Damien squats over Donny and lowers himself onto a towering dick and rides it like a frenzied bronco buster. Donny never looked better–beautiful face, tight body, a dusting of fine chest hair — who would not want to fuck a man like this!

And not wanting to ignore Damien’s giant, throbbing love muscle, Tommy bends over to suck it. Donny takes it in both holes at the same time! Tommy soon takes his turn fucking Damien’s plump bubble butt. Soon they switch places and Damien shows why he is one of the world’s best tops.

Donny is on the sidelines jonesing for a piece of Tommy’s ass and he finally breaks in to screw his pal hard. Damien and Donny tag team Tommy’s manhole and then one after the other, they shoot their wads. Tommy finishes himself off by hand, grunting with each tug until he finally lets loose rope after rope of jizz.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

Then in Giants Part 2 from Raging Stallion, after strolling through the rows of grapevines and picking some bunches of the ripened fruit, Rusty Stevens and Francesco D’Macho wander farther down the vineyard to drink each other in.

Rusty, his hairy muscular chest drenched in noon-day sweat, pulls the hunky stud’s pants open and gets busy sucking down his big cock. He works his mouth and tongue all over the massive rod, getting drunker and hornier with every generous slurp. Then they move onto a blanket spread out on a grassy field to continue their romantic tryst.

The sexual energy between the two lovers is electric and palpable; both men are wallowing in their torrid connection and its sensuality. Man against man, muscles taught with tension, passion unrestrained — all contribute to a near perfect sexual experience. Francesco slides his engorged cock deep inside Rusty’s asshole and fucks him hard.

The happy duo work nonstop in a steady rhythm, celebrating and exploiting each other with fevered abandon until they finally separate and stroke themselves to climax. Francesco splashes his buddy’s chest with streaks of cum, and that’s quickly followed by Rusty’s own creamy load.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

Angelo Marconi sits in his easy chair, relaxing with a glass of wine. He enjoys the peace of the vineyard as he relaxes his muscles. He is soon joined by his hairy buddy Aybars, who he welcomes into his arms. The men kiss and grab onto each other before Angelo sinks to the ground, pulls out Aybars’ tasty Turkish cock and guzzles it down. He deep throats the thick prick as Aybars throws his head back with pleasure. Angelo kneels forward on a chair, exposing his asshole for his long-haired lover to rim.

Aybars runs his tongue up and inside the crack, making it slick with his saliva. He soon has Angelo begging for more. Aybars is quick to make his partner happy and he jams his cock deep inside Angelo’s tight hole to fuck him fast and furious. The action continues non-stop and Angelo’s sighs and scrunched-up face reflect the pain and pleasure of the assault. Aybars finally pulls out and squeezes a load of juicy cum all over Angelo. Angelo returns the favor, covering Aybars in his own sperm.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

In the final scene of Giants Part 2 from Raging Stallion, David V. and Francesco D’Macho are enjoying their wine, soaking in the warm afternoon on the porch. The men eye one another with a sexual curiosity they can barely contain. In many ways they are opposites — David V. is smooth, muscular, and tight — a stunning man in a small package; Francesco is huge — a man of muscle and ink, hairy, proud, and confident.

In flash, they’re making out before David quickly goes down on Francesco. He teases, tickles, tongues and tastes Italian cock with a series of slurps and gulps that has Francesco moaning and groaning. Eager to show he can give as good as he gets, Francesco gets his licks in on David’s dick. He stuffs it entirely inside his mouth to feed his ever-growing hunger.

Francesco then attacks David from the rear, burying his face between his round ass cheeks to munch on his hole. Having primed David’s ass to his liking, Francesco slams his big dick inside and fucks him. Then the big guy moves into a supine position so David can sit atop and grind his ass onto his big cock. David bounces up and down, riding Francesco.

They change places and David fucks his partner up the ass, pumping in as hard and as fast as he can until he withdraws and creams Francesco’s face and chest with his cum. Francesco sits back and masturbates, ending their exhaustive session with an explosion of his creamy spooge.

Watch Giants Part 2 from Raging Stallion! Starring Angelo Marconi, Aybars, D.O., Damien Crosse, David V., Donny Wright, Francesco D`Macho, Logan McCree, Rusty Stevens, Tommy Defendi.

Raging Stallion Giants Part 2

Keller’ed by Cocky Boys

Studio: Cocky Boys On September - 2 - 2015

Keller'ed Cocky Boys

Keller’ed [kel-erd]; verb: 1. To have a wildly satisfying sexual encounter with Colby Keller. 2. To be fucked mercilessly by a hot man with a big penis.

Whenever Cocky Boys tell their models that they’re thinking of pairing them with Colby Keller, their eyes widen, they smile and their holes twitch.

The likes of Gabriel Clark, Seth Santoro and Tayte Hanson all agree: Colby is on everyone’s hit list when it comes to getting fucked.

Watch Keller’ed from Cocky Boys!

Starring Anthony Romero, Colby Keller, Dillon Rossi, Gabriel Clark, Seth Santoro, Tayte Hanson.

Kellered Cocky Boys






Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky BoysKellered Cocky Boys

Kellered Cocky Boys

Raw Double Penetrations

Studio: Lucas Entertainment On August - 27 - 2015

Raw Double Penetrations

Two cocks are better than one in the gay porn movies, and Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment delivers.

When they are squeezed into the same ass Raw Double Penetrations are the best kind of sex gay porn can offer!

Hot young guys Fabio Lopez and Mark Sanz fuck around with Valentino Medici.

Marco Milan and Jeff Stronger make Jonathan Agassi their sex toy as they stretch out his hole to take them both at once.

Logan Moore and Ivan Gregory stuff Marco Milan’s cock in their ass.

And Raff Owen, Mike Tiger, and Fabio Lopez take turns plowing hole until shooting their loads.

If you’re after Double Penetrations, then you’ve come to the right place!

Raw Double Penetrations




Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

In the first scene of Raw Double Penetrations, Jonathan Agassi loves to fuck around with guys who are bigger and stronger than him. That’s certainly the situation with Jeff Stronger, who is a hulk of a man (not to mention a top, which makes him a perfect candidate) and Marco Milan, whose muscles almost rival those of Adam Killian’s.

Jonathan Agassi is their bitch of the next half hour, and it’s Marco who takes full control over his ass for the most part. When it’s said that Marco thrashes Jonathan’s ass, he takes one hell of a pounding! And on top of that (so to speak) Jonathan is swallowing Jeff’s meat. And that’s only until Marco loosens Jonathan up enough to take some bareback double penetration! Needless to say, these hot guy makes Jonathan Agassi work for their cum!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

It takes an unadulterated sex hound to crave two cocks up his ass at the same time (after all, a single big one is usually more than enough for a good time) — and two cocks are exactly what Mike Tiger wants. Raff Owen and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Fabio Lopez are more than happy to help him out.

Both guys were very attracted to Mike’s pouty puppy-dog looks and hot body, so they had a lot of fun ravaging him from start to finish. Mike gives his two tops a good time, too. He’s not a afraid you use his mouth to pleasure one while getting fucked bareback in the ass by another. And don’t doubt that he’s getting them ready to have gay bareback sex in his ass at the same time!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

Then in Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment, strut that stuff, Marco Milan! Adam Killian’s lover emulates his man’s physique, sculpting every muscle in his body, and that includes his big round ass. Marco struts over to an eager Ivan Gregory (eager for what, you ask — a blowjob, of course) while they are both being watched in a mirror by the handsome Logan Moore.

For whatever reason, he’s too shy to join in at the beginning and instead jerks himself off while watching from afar. But his lust takes over and Logan gets just as sloppy as the other two guys, sucking dick and eating ass! But what Logan really wants is Marco Milan’s raw cock, and he gives it to him: Marco fucks Logan bareback like no one ever has before.

Ivan starts to get jealous, so he has to prove there’s plenty of Marco to go around — which results in Ivan biting off more than he can chew and taking two bareback dicks up his ass at the same time!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

In the final scene of Raw Double Penetrations, Fabio Lopez has never met a papi he enjoys servicing more than Valentino Medici, who is the textbook definition of tall, dark, handsome. Fabio and his buddy Mark Sanz sneak away on night to fool around with Valentino, someone Fabio has been seeing on the side for a while now.

But Fabio doesn’t like to share: the minute these guys take their clothes off, Fabio settles on sucking his daddy’s fat uncut cock, swallowing every single raw inch with lust! Valentino only needs to kick back and enjoy the excited pleasure he receives from the adorable Fabio and Mark. And no one can accuse Valentino of not being versatile: he takes Fabio’s young dick up his huge bubble butt and loves every second of it!

Fabio gets so excited when he’s inside Valentino this particular time that he can’t hold back and shoots his raw load early, felching it out of Valentino’s ass! After he’s done, it’s the papi’s turn: Valentino pumps Fabio’s ass while Fabio gets hard again and fucks Mark bareback!

Watch Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment! Starring Fabio Lopez, Ivan Gregory, Jeff Stronger, Jonathan Agassi, Logan Moore, Marco Milan, Mark Sanz, Mike Tiger, Raff Owen, Valentino Medici.

Raw Double Penetrations

‘12 Days a Slave’ by Bound Gods

Studio: Bound Jocks On August - 24 - 2015

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave

In 12 Days a Slave from Bound Gods, Luke Adams is sitting at the bar enjoying a cold beer when Christian Wilde comes in asking for a shot of whiskey.

Noticing Luke next to him, Christian convinces him to have a few shots to celebrate his birthday. Before Luke knows it, he is bound with duct tape across his mouth.

Mr. Wilde approaches his boy and tears a hole in his underwear so that he can ram his big cock up Luke’s tight hole.

The bound stud is then relentlessly beaten with the flogger, his hard cock standing straight up despite his screams.

Luke then has electrodes attached down his thighs as his captor tortures him with pulses of electricity.

A final fuck drives Christian over the edge as he blasts a load of cum onto his slave’s face.

Watch 12 Days a Slave from Bound Gods! Starring Luke Adams and Christian Wilde.

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave




Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave

‘Arcade on Route 9′ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On August - 21 - 2015

Arcade on Route 9

TitanMen classic Arcade on Route 9 has made it to Hot Male Videos!

What if your favorite father/son fantasy was real? That’s the steamy scenario director Joe Gage has made into his most sensational movie to date, Arcade on Route 9.

What’s a father to do on his son’s 18th birthday, but initiate him into the rites of manhood?

Gage works the inter-generational angle like you’ve never seen, while dad jizzes it with Junior, Cole Ryan blows it out with Ken Mack.

Younger guys like mega-hung Cam Kurtz and his smooth buddy trade fucks.

Matt Cole and Jake Deckard bust the cream together, while the bruiser trio of Josh West, Peter Axel, and Alex Brawley ream each other out in the next booth.

Dad makes sure Junior’s right in the thick of it, as guys sperm it every which way they can. And when the fucking’s over, Gage has a final mind-fuck up his jizz-drenched sleeve.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9



Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

In the first scene of Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, Coach (Peter Axel) has brought young track star Adam Young into Dr. Blodgett’s office. Something’s tightening up, pulling real hard, way up along Adam’s inner thigh. Doc (Alex Brawley) goes right for the balls.

“You probably got a lot of cream in those nuts, don’t ya?” Adam’s not saying much, but his dick hardens up, and Coach pulls out his mighty monster. “Damn, that’s almost as big as mine,” Doc says.

Adam gets the closest look, as Doc’s wang whams past his tonsils. Doc and Coach’s lips meet as they glide up to the end of Adam’s young stiffie. Gobbling the athlete’s taut tool forces all three to bust their cream.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Is delivery man Matt Cole just pretending to be straight? He wants to know what goes on in an arcade, so store manager Jake Deckard gives him a guided tour of the stockroom, where Matt finds out how well his cock fits in Jake’s mouth. Matt doesn’t need instructions on rimming, and savors Jake’s finely furred crack and honey-sweet hole. He’s just priming Jake for long, powerhouse cock strokes — the dude sure knows how to fuck a guy.

Big surprise — he sits on Jake’s cock! His big cock bounces heavy as his smooth muscle ass bangs atop Jake’s hairy thighs. Then they’re kissing’ and cumming. Matt’s hot loving propels a sensational burst of juice outta Jake as his own load blasts out.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Then in Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, in Booth 23, Dad’s showing Junior the finer points of arcade etiquette. Dad’s pointing out the glory that lies in a glory hole, with businessman Dominic Pacifico all too eager to chow down on dad’s bountiful boner.

“Let me try,” says junior, and soon slams Dominic with a young man’s blasts of jet propelled spunk. Then dad and son are switch-sucking that businessman bone, making Dominic jet his jizz ‘cross the booth in a real razzle-dazzle finish. “Happy birthday,” says dad. “Thanks,” Junior replies, wiping cream off his chin.

In another booth down the hall, burly Coach Axel gags on Josh West’s thick meat, and groans when the husky mechanic mauls his ass. Doc Blodgett’s eager to get in on the bruiser action when he arrives, and winds up hanging his ass on Peter’s prick while Josh keeps grinding Peter’s tight pucker in a three man fuck chain that’s so punchy the guys can’t help pumping out the pearls.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Down the hall, Cam Kurtz finds Adam Young watching a sex flick, and before ya know it, the two uncut guys are sliding their foreskins over hardening cock meat in a mutual jack off. They’re takin’ turns tasting each other’s fratboy phallus, until Cam gives himself a squat-fuck on Adam’s crank, his yard-long bone threatening to crack off as it plummets wildly with each bracing bounce. Suddenly, in an eager flip, mega-hung Cam’s piling his plank of cock into Adam’s ass, making both their peckers pump out pools of pearly juice.

The businessman has met handsome young Josh Powell in the buddy booth. They’re stripped naked and stroking. Dad and Junior make the phallus-flailers a quartet. When cashier Jody Scott comes in, things heat up dangerously. Dominic and Josh take side-by-side squat fucks atop Jody and Dad. Junior beats the jizz outta Dominic while the dude’s still squirming on his dad’s cock, and the rest of the guys join in on the cream fest.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

In the final scene of Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, in yet another booth of the overly busy arcade, young Cole Ryan is letting trucker Ken loosen up his tight young hole. Ken’s tongue is prepping it to be filled by his big man’s bone. Cole rides it in a fever, beating off as Ken bounces him rudely until Cole’s load splats. Ken slides a rubber onto Cole’s overheated cock and guides the rigid rod up his ass, and their second loads shoot even harder.

Too bad the buddy booth’s empty as Jake ends his tour of the arcade with Matt Cole. But they don’t need other guys, and get it on again in a real smooch fest — hearty, urgent man-kisses with tongues locked. Jake presents a stupefying cock display as his aching rod reaches ultimate stiffness. But it seems they’re not alone, after all, as a cock slithers through the glory hole.

Some of Jake’s deep suck-tion has it spewing cum all over his sweaty, hairy chest. Matt shows what a cockhound he is, and goes down on another glory hole thruster in a blaze of sensationally sloppy sword swallowing. The men take turns working the cock, and their double deepthroating causes a 4th of July explosion of cum, during which they’re kissing and cumming, too — just arcade buddies jerkin’ up the juice together.

Watch Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen! Starring Adam Young, Alex Brawley, Brett Anderson, Cam Kurtz, Cole Ryan, Dominic Pacifico, Jake Deckard, Jody Scott, Josh Powell, Josh West, Ken Mack, Matt Cole, Matthew Matters.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9