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Auditions 40: Uncut Canada

Studio: Lucas Entertainment On April - 14 - 2012

Lucas Auditions 40

In Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada from Lucas Entertainment, saucy Cuban stud Rafael Carreras bids farewell to the gay porn industry.

And he does it the only way he knows how: by thawing the frosty north with his hot, uncut 10-inch cock!

Rafael first pounds slender sex-pot Hayden Colby into submission. Then, he hosts a threesome with the sexy Nikko Brave and Arnaud Chagall.

Real-life buddies Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau enjoy some intense flip-fucking.

Boyfriends Adrian Long and Brandon Jones fuck passionately. And ripped Alexy Tyler and dreamy Johnny Maverick drill each other deep.

After all of that, what’s the best parting gift for Rafael’ Loads of cum!

Auditions 40 Lucas



Auditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 Lucas

The announcement has been made: Auditions 40 will be one of Rafael Carreras’ final performances in gay porn. His reason is clear: he doesn’t want to be thrown out of the industry, but would rather exit with grace. But judging by just how hot this spicy Cuban still is and will be for many years to come, the decision seems a bit premature. We all hope he changes his mind!

None the less — if this is one of Rafael’s last scenes, he certainly shows his twink bottom, Haydn Colby, a good time with his massive, 10-inch uncut cock. After an interview with Michael Lucas, the two dive into each other with some wet and lustful kissing. Both of the boys’ cocks are erect from the start, and Rafael doesn’t waste time popping out his boner for Haydn to work on.

With heavy breathing and a hungry mouth, Haydn lathers and laps Rafael’s cock with his eager lips and tongue. Rafael is a dominant and vocal top: he asks Haydn how much he wants his cock in bits of Spanish and English, driving Haydn wild with anticipation and excitement.

Rafael can’t keep his monster dick out of Haydn’s ass for long — first, he rim’s the bottom-boy’s tight hole, and then he plunges inside of him. Rafael’s thrusts are deep and intense, causing Haydn to bury his face in the couch as he’s getting pummeled. Once he reaches climax, Rafael pulls out and drops his load in the boy’s willing mouth!

Auditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 Lucas

The hunky Cuban muscle-god Rafael Carerras introduces himself to Nikko Brave and Arnaud Chagall, two residents of Montreal. In an interview with Michael Lucas, the three discuss their residential preferences as well as their careers before they can’t stand it anymore and dive into some sex. Nikko, who has the look of a hot skater, and Arnaud, a smooth cutie, both take their turns working on Rafael’s throbbing pole after he breaks it out from his white briefs.

As the scene intensifies, Rafael lays down while Nikko throats his cock deep, and with his ass bent over and pointed into the air, Arnaud slips in and starts fucking him. Rafael needs to sample Nikko himself, so he and Arnaud take turns tag-teaming Nikko, turning him into their bottom punk bitch.

Because Rafael is always in charge, Arnaud isn’t safe either. He and Nikko flip-flop so Rafael can fuck them both wildly, going completely balls deep. The sweat can be seen rolling off of Rafael’s forehead and down his bronzed and toned chest! Both Nikko and Rafael blow their loads in Arnaud’s mouth as a finale.

Auditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 Lucas

Canadian natives Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau — who are friends outside of the porn business — talk about their lives, careers, and fuck fantasies before stripping off their clothes and having some hot fun themselves.

Gabrie, who used to work as a stripper and has the body and looks to prove it, starts out by tasting and licking the adorable and burly Marko’s nipples, who can’t get enough of it. Marko yearns for Gabriel’s cock in his mouth, so he sits back and lets him swallow his meat deep. He even spits on it for some extra lubrication!

These buddies swap blowjobs for awhile before Gabiel penetrates Marko’s ass. In fact, Marko sits down on Gabriel and rides him — all the while, his uncut cock flops around with each moan and thrust! Soon it’s Gabriel’s turn, and he’s getting fucked hard by Marko, who turns out to be a power top! When they finish, they drop impressive white loads all over each other!

Auditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 Lucas

With the modelesque Adrian Long and the cute and slender Brandon Jones, it’s personal. They’re boyfriends in real life, making their session in Auditions 40 all that much hotter! The passion can be felt radiating from the screen as Adrian and Brandon deeply kiss. Brandon’s lips can’t get enough of his man’s body: once Adrian peels his shirt off to reveal his sculpted torso, Brandon smothers it with licks and smooching kisses.

It’s no wonder these two found each other — Adrian is a domineering top, and Brandon’s great pleasure is submitting to his boyfriend. Adrian eats Brandon’s asshole out before flipping his bottom boy around in different positions, never failing to dig deep into his rectum. Brandon cries out and moans in pleasure until Adrian brings them both to climax.

Auditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 LucasAuditions 40 Lucas

Johnny Maverick oozes charm and boy-next-door sex appeal, while Alexy Tyler screams “bad boy” with his sculpted body and olive skin. The duo first answers some interview questions, but what they’re really after is not information — but each other!

Johnny and Alexy have strong chemistry from the onset: they turn each other on, and from the start they swallow each other with some hot 69 action, slurping and sucking on each other’s rock-hard dicks. But Johnny wants to pay special attention to Alexy’s body — he worships his muscles and nurses his hard-on and balls, much to Alexy’s moaning delight.

After all of the oral action is over, Alexy rims Johnny’s anxious hole, preparing it for the fucking of a lifetime. Watch Alexy’s bubble-but pump back and forth as he hammers away at Johnny, who takes in all of his partner’s cock with pleasure! Afterwards, it’s Alexy’s turn, so he takes a seat on Johnny’s ready dick, who hammers and digs into Alexy until they both reach climax!

Watch Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada from Lucas Entertainment! Starring Adrian Long, Alexy Tyler, Arnaud Chagall, Brandon Jones, Gabriel Lenfant, Hayden Colby, Johnny Maverick, Marko Lebeau, Nikko Brave, Rafael Carreras.

Auditions 40 Lucas

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