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‘Manpower’ by COLT

Studio: COLT Studios On April - 13 - 2012

Manpower Colt

Highly recommended! It’s late-summer in the heart of California’s wine country in Kristofer Weston’s Manpower from COLT.

The sun shines strong, the grapes are nearly ripe on the vine, and COLT Men’s muscles are bursting at the seams ready for action.

Lush vineyards and a luxurious pool serve as the backdrop as these men put their muscular bodies to work. Bronzed and glistening with sweat they come together for some serious man-on-man exchanges.

Feel the power that gets them off. Spencer Reed’s big, hairy, perfect body is the epitome of COLT Man sexiness, so it’s completely appropriate that he gets the beefcake-laden Manpower underway.

But a new episode will air every Friday!

Manpower Colt



Manpower ColtManpower ColtManpower Colt

Spencer is the kind of man that made COLT a legendary studio, and the opening view of him reclined in a chair, his shirt open exposing big muscled pecs, his hard cock hanging out of the fly of his jeans, is sensational.

In the scene, he is paired with fellow stud Bob Hager, who gets down on Spencer’s meat immediately. Then Spencer sends his bearded face deep within Bob’s beefy, hairy ass, giving him a fantastic rimjob. Spencer pounds Bob from behind, fucking him hard.

The scenery here isn’t just these two men fucking, either, it’s a beautiful backdrop of crops growing in fields, with hot sun that makes the two studs sweat as they fuck. Bob plants his luscious ass on Spencer’s rod and rides it to a big cum-shot, and then Spencer jacks out a load that lands in his hairy pubes.

Manpower ColtManpower ColtManpower Colt

Another COLT classic-style stud, Marc Dylan, reclines on the edge of a pool, his bulge encased in a very-brief bikini, when he’s joined by horny he-man Casey Williams. These two studs kiss up a storm and then Casey gives Marc a hot rimming, making his tight pucker gleam with spit in the sun.

Casey fucks Marc missionary, slamming his hairy hole, and as the two continue the fuck doggy-style, they too are wet with sweat. In the end, the two men lie next to each other and jerk out major loads, and Casey aims his at Marc’s still-dripping cock.

Manpower ColtManpower ColtManpower Colt

Next in Manpower from COLT Studios, it’s another sunny day in the vineyards when Vic Rocco and Aaron Cage hook up, and with Vic’s hairy, bulging pecs and Aaron’s tall, hunky body, this scene is already great before they even start to have sex.

When they do, it’s of course even better — and watching these hairy studs suck and fuck is completely enjoyable. Vic sucks Aaron and then eats out his hole before he has him over a literal barrel, the big dude bending over to take Vic’s thick meat. Aaron sits his freshly fucked hole on the barrel and watches Vic crank out a load in the end.

Manpower ColtManpower ColtManpower Colt

In the finale, stunner Nate Karlton just lies back on the edge of a shimmering pool of water and watched while muscle stud Shay Michaels sucks his cock through his Speedo, making it bulge hugely in the front. These two men are all over each other, kissing, sucking, and, very memorably rimming, with Nate showing off Shay’s bubble-butt by spreading his cheeks with and fingering his hole.

Then Nate slowly drives into that hole from behind, to the tune of Shay’s very loud moans and groans, and when Nate picks up speed, then slows down and grinds his dick deep into Shay’s tight hole, the scene takes off like crazy. Later, Shay just sits on Nate and fucks himself with Nate’s rod, riding it fast and hard. Nate does one heck of a great jerk-off in the end, producing a mega load, and the two finish it up with a hot kiss.

Direction by Kristofer Weston is especially fine, as is the stunning photography by Max Phillips.

Watch Manpower by COLT! Starring Aaron Cage, Bob Hager, Casey Williams, Marc Dylan, Nate Karlton, Shay Michaels, Spencer Reed, Vic Rocco.

Manpower Colt

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