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Taking Flight Part 1 by Falcon

Studio: Falcon Studios On March - 2 - 2011

Taking Flight Part 1 Falcon

From a night flight to a wild weekend in London, Taking Flight Part 1 from Falcon Studios follows flight crew and their horny passengers as they experience sexual adventures at home, in the sky and in the sex clubs and back alleys of London.

Falcon has gone all out and secured an actual passenger jet for the filming of this video, and the results pay off big time.

Hunky, aptly named Jason Adonis is at home, getting duded up in his pilot’s uniform when live-in lover Ethan Marc persuades Jason to get naked and joust Ethan orally and rectally with his plump cock.

Both dudes are tight, muscular and baby-smooth and they gush a splashy twin river of man milk.

Somewhere over the pond, you’ll gape in cock-throbbing wonder as two fabulously gym-cut frat-boy types (Bobby Williams and Corbin Michaels) commandeer what appears to be the only lavatory onboard and get busy “getting their wings”… i.e., sucking and fucking each other in turn.

Taking Flight Part 1 Falcon




Taking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 Falcon

With the lights dimmed for nighttime and the entire cabin otherwise asleep, two blonde boy-toy surfer punk types (Tristan Adonis — Jason’s brother — and Nate Alexander) whip out their surprisingly plump pricks and stroke them off for each other, all while the girl seated between them in the same row is conveniently asleep.

Taking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 Falcon

Fantasy is strained when one punk props himself up on the arm rests, leaning over the sleeping chick’s lap so that his throat can get a better reach and angle down on the other punk’s raised cock. I’d surely notice if the hot naked dude in Row 19 with his furry ass cheeks spread wide was receiving a sloppy tongue shellacking from his hot naked buddy. And surely the boy’s firm cock-thrust up the other boy’s tight pucker hole would not have escaped my attention.

Taking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 Falcon

Next thing we know, we’re in London. Yes, Falcon totally splurged on a real location shoot, so we’re treated to actual British atmosphere. After some brief sight-seeing, we make a beeline to a seedy underground sex club, the setting for a marathon cock-wagging, throat-plugging, ass-jamming, cum-soaked finale.

First up is a sizzling sequence as Matthew Rush and Troy Punk deep-gag on each other’s throbbing rods, before Rush eats then plows Punk’s poke hole on one of the club’s metal staircases.

Taking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 Falcon

Upstairs, wandering Josh Weston happens upon a Latino flavored suck job, already in progress: scruffy hunk Jean Franko is getting his fat uncut trouser snake swallowed by Dean Monroe. (Call me crazy or horny or both, but I swear I detect a bit of a Colin Farrell vibe from Dean that’ll surely help him shoot far.)

Then in Taking Flight Part 1 from Falcon Studios, chiseled man hunk Arpad Miklos sidles up and jams his impressive bone into Dean’s eager throat just as smooth boy hunk Brad Patton appears wearing a leather harness and unleashes his own mighty-thick hooded anaconda. Soon, Dean’s servicing two man-sized dicks simultaneously while Jean returns sloppy blowjob favors to Dean.

Once Arpad and Brad take turns tongue-caressing Dean’s recently shaved rosebud, you just know it’s only a matter of moments before his pert pucker hole gets plucked by all three hunks in a delirious gang bang… one that escalates into an intense sphincter-stretching double anal penetration that had me grunting as audibly as daring Dean. The messy splatters of cum that get shot all over Dean’s face and torso are all well-earned trophies of his sexual prowess.

Taking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 FalconTaking Flight Part 1 Falcon

The debauchery ends on a cliffhanger, as sensitive trolly dolly Josh Weston, fretting over his absent lover back home, bumps into co-pilot Jason Adonis. Despite much awkwardness and protestations of their mutual lovers back Stateside, they lean in for a forbidden kiss.

Gad-zooks! Pristine production values, an impressive jetliner set, London locales and lip-smacking hotties with nothing but sex on their filthy little minds provide for a memorable trip.

Watch Taking Flight Part 1 from Falcon Studios! Starring Arpad Miklos, Bobby Williams, Brad Patton, Corbin Michaels, Dean Monroe, Ethan Marc, Jason Adonis, Jean Franko, Matthew Rush, Nate Alexander, Tristan Adonis, Troy Punk.

Taking Flight Part 1 Falcon

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