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Cum Hungry Dirty Boys

Studio: Street Trade Studios On April - 29 - 2010

Cum Hungry Dirty Boys Street Trade Studios presents Cum Hungry Dirty Boys, directed by Joe Serna.

You’ll find 4 hot scenes that will leave your mouth salivating for cum!

New comer Dexter Carson is looking for some fun in the laundry room and when his neighbor Josh Myers stops by to wash his clothes.

The two studs take turns sucking and stroking each other’s hard cocks, making sure to squeeze every last drop of cum into their mouths.

Dexter lays Josh on his back and proceeds to fuck his ass, while Josh plays with his own dick.

The ass fucking combined with the cock stroking proves to be too much for our man Josh, and he blows a hot sticky load all over his stomach.

Dexter finishes himself off all over Josh’s sweaty eager face!

Cum Hungry Dirty Boys



Cum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty Boys

Ash McCoy returns from the laundry room sooner than expected and finds new comer Aaron Wolf stroking his cock while looking at porn. Ash offers to help Aaron by sucking his hard dick while he watches and moans with pleasure. Aaron makes sure that Ash’s cock is not neglected and strokes it hard while his dick is being sucked.

It’s time for some ass fucking, and Ash slides his tight ass onto Aaron’s hard cock and rides him like a horse. Soon enough it’s Ash’s turn to do the fucking, laying Aaron on his back and pounding away at his ass. Aaron strokes his dick while this is happening and blows an epic load all over his fit stomach. Ash helps him clean it up by licking every drop. Ash then lays back and finishes himself off next to Aaron in bed, jizzing all over his stomach.

Cum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty Boys

In the next scene of Cum Hungry Dirty Boys, we find Triston Hall and new comer Lucas Vargas wasting no time to get into the hardcore action. Triston soon has his dick inside Lucas’s mouth, while Lucas plays with his own dick. Triston shows Lucas that he’s all man by sucking his dick hard, taking it deep into his throat.

The studs follow up the throat fucking with some hard ass fucking. Triston gives it to Lucas, pounding away at his wet asshole. He then lays him on the treadmill and fucks Lucas’s ass harder and faster. Triston finishes himself off by cumming all over Lucas’s face. Next it’s Lucas’s turn, cooling off Triston’s hot face with a cool bath of cum.

Cum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty Boys

In the last scene of Cum Hungry Dirty Boys, back in the laundry room we find Rock Lee and Torque taking a break from the laundry. These two tattooed studs waste no time sucking each other’s dicks, with Rock giving it to Torque first on the washing machine, and Torque hopping off and sucking the shit out of Rock’s hard cock.

Torque is ready for some ass fucking, and lays rock on his back and fucks him right there in the laundry room! What goes around cums around though, and Rock soon has Torque bent over the washing machine and is fucking away at his tight ass. Torque strokes his dick hard while Rock fucks away and finally cums all over his stomach, as Rock rushes to try to catch every drop in his mouth. Its soon Rock’s turn to drench Torque’s face with some hot jizz.

Cum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty BoysCum Hungry Dirty Boys

Watch Cum Hungry Dirty Boys by Street Trade Studios! Starring Aaron Wolf, Ash McCoy, Dexter Carson, Josh Myers, Lucas Vargas, Rock Lee, Torque, Triston Hall.

Cum Hungry Dirty Boys

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