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Bo Dean by Jake Cruise

Studio: Jake Cruise On April - 4 - 2010

Bo Dean by Jake Cruise With his killer smile, amazing body, aggressive sex drive and “anything goes” attitude, Bo Dean is the ultimate sex machine. This Jake Cruise collection includes some of Bo’s earliest scenes, and you can tell right from the start, a star is born.

If you liked Bo Dean’s solo, you’ll love him when he lets me service him. And if you haven’t seen his solo yet, what are you waiting for?

Sporting one of the most outrageously beautiful bodies and killer smiles in porn, Bo shows a more passionate and playful attitude now that he has someone to play with.

Bo loves butt play, being deep-throated and fucking my face. This is as wild and woolly a servicing scene as I’ve ever done, thanks to Bo’s relentless desire to get satisfied.

I’ve never had my face and throat pounded as hard before. Bo takes charge and makes sure I know who’s in charge.

I loved every thrust and gag. And in the end, he is satisfied, shooting cum all over my face, with a big smile on his.

Bo Dean Jake Cruise




Bo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake Cruise

A beast in bed, it was a nice change to get Bo on my massage table completely relaxed and at my mercy. We start off with Bo face down so you get a great look at his broad, beefy shoulders and monstrous legs. I don’t make you wait too long though until I’m spreading those beautiful cheeks and having a taste of Bo’s ass.

Once I’m satisfied with that he flips over and it’s on to massaging his rugged pecs and bulging biceps. Before long I’m choking down his thick tool. If you watch Bo’s other work, you’ll find that “soft and sensual” isn’t really his thing. So, I decide to throw him a bone and instruct him to hop off the table and fuck my face. I trade places with Bo and he obliges until he spews a hot load right in my mouth, which is my kind of happy ending.

Bo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake Cruise

I was a little disappointed I had to work on my 50th birthday, directing a scene between Bo Dean and Seth Sweet. I was getting ready when Jasun popped in on me with the behind-the-scenes camera and said we were about to begin filming. When I opened the doors expecting to find Bo and Seth, instead I’m greeted by my staff and a thunderous “Surprise!” It doesn’t take me long to notice the HUGE present wrapped up in the corner.

It looks like it could be a TV or something big, but as I approach it Bo Dean pops out, naked and already rock hard. I knew it was something big! Bo is aggressive as ever, literally ripping my shirt off, buttons flying off like bullets. Once naked, we attack each other like crazed animals. The lust is palpable within the room.

Bo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake Cruise

As if Bo couldn’t get any tastier, I put some icing on his cock and ass and deep throat that monster of his. He begins to fuck my face so hard I thought I might die! I can’t imagine a happier ending. Finally, Bo slips his huge tool in my ass and I immediately begin howling with pleasure. I’ve had a lot of cock in my day, but NOTHING compares to the bareback fuck Bo gives me.

Bo is a fuck-machine with no mercy for his prey! After the pounding of my life Bo cums in my mouth (which is even better then the cake from the party). With Bo laying next to me I jerk-off until I pop in my hand. The party has been exhausting, and I’ll need some time to recover. I put Bo back in the gift box and tape him up till next year. Happy Birthday… to me!

Bo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake CruiseBo Dean Jake Cruise

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Bo Dean Jake Cruise

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