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Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

Studio: Breed Me Media On March - 3 - 2010

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2 Nasty Raw Fuckers 2 from Breed Me Media brings together some hot nasty men and boys and show you how to treat bareback bottom sluts!

You put them in a cage, make them suck your cock, and if they beg loud enough you let them out and bareback that ass for punishment.

These bareback tops show no mercy towards their bottoms.

In the first scene, what do you do when your bottom is bad? You put them in a cage and only let them out once they learn their lesson.

That is what Eon Skot did with his bottom Tyler Gordon. Eon lets Tyler earn his way out of the cage by sucking his thick 8″ cock and getting him rock hard.

After eating Tyler’s ass through the cage he finally lets him out so he can face fuck him deep and make Tyler gag on his fucking cock. As his reward, Tyler gets Eon’s bareback cock and his hot load up his ass too!

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2



Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

Take one nasty pig bottom and one nasty pig top and you get one hot nasty sex scene! Ray boy comes back to us to take the load of Eon Skot in this hot one on one scene. Ray slurps up Eon’s 8″ thick cut cock to get it nice and hard and ready to take up his ass. But not before Eon rams it down Rays throat to make him gag on it first. Eon loves to hear his bottom pigs gag and beg for more.

Then he flips them over like he does Ray and barebacks his manhole deep. Eon deep fucks this pig bottom with his thick man meat to make him moan for more and then beg for his load. After breeding his pig ass he gets him to push that jizz out so he can make sure he marked his territory!

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

Marques Maddox likes his bottom boy submissive, so it was only natural that we hooked him up with one of the biggest bareback bottoms sluts in the business Orion Cross. This bottom does what he is told and does it twice to make sure it was done right!

Marques puts Orion in a cage cause he was a bad boy and makes him deep throat his fat 8″ cut cock first nice and deep. If he does it right he will get let out of the cage so Marques and bareback his sweet boy hole and use it like it should be used. Watch as Orion takes a good bareback fucking – all cause he was a bad boy!

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

Another big bareback bottom slut in the business is no other then JD Lopez. This latino jock just wants to get fucked and seeded. His co-star Sage Daniels didn’t complain either when he found out he was going to get serviced by JD. After some serious face fucking, Sage gives JD what he wanted and barebacks his hole raw! JD of course couldn’t get enough and just begged to get used. Sage rewards JD with a nice juicy load. Now that is how you use a bottom slut!

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

Watch Nasty Raw Fuckers 2 by Breed Me Media!

Nasty Raw Fuckers 2

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