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Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 30 - 2009

Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil WARNING! Only for viewers with strong nerves! This is the cruelest torture wrestling scene in the history of WrestleHard!

Giant bodybuilder Win Diezel leads his dog slave on leash into the ring. Poor slave Dark Devil behaves well and let the muscleman torture him verbally and physically with lots of slap, spits, nipple torture and punches.

Finally it’s getting too much for him and asks his master nicely for freedom. Win agrees if and only if, his poor slave will win in a wrestling match.

Very unfair and unequal jeans-boots wrestling session begins where the 60 lbs smaller guy has no chance at all.

Win moves him like a doll with lots of acrobatic wrestling elements.

Dark flies like a paper dragon sometimes while our mean wrestler is yelling like a cro-magnon man.

Sometimes, our cruel giant lets Dark to start a hold then he laughs at the much weaker guy and throws him down like a feather.




We can see face-trampling with boots, forced boots smelling, heavy nipple torture, slaps on the cute twink face (which makes him fly 6 feet), spitting, and loud verbal humiliation.

The wrestling action continues while both get naked – we can see nicely executed torture racks, surfboards, bearhugs, sleepers, shoulder backbreakers, pile drivers, pec claws, cradles, jack knife, nelsons and body slams.

Obviously Win Diezel defeats the smaller guy and deepthroats him with his anaconda cock and fucks him in two very intense positions. Master has no mercy for this poor slave!

Watch this hot wrestling and domination porn video Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil by WrestleHard!

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  1. Christina said,

    Indeed a great video displaying male power. I know it is made for gays but as a women i had great fun too!

    Posted on August 23rd, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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