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Sneaker Sex 5

Studio: Sneaker Sex On August - 23 - 2009

Sneaker Sex 5 Three guys on their way to a Sneaker Sex Party in Berlin run out of gas in Sneaker Sex 5: I Know What You Sniffed Last Summer.

Fortunately they are picked up by two delivery truck drivers.

The truckdrivers need to unload a box in a hotel nearby on their way to Berlin to a party – a very special party.

But the hotels nightporter has different plans.

Sneaker Sex 5 is a foot fetish thriller by Oliver Lück, that will kick you out of your shoes!

Watch Sneaker Sex 5 for some hot sneaker and foot fetish fun!

Starring Hauke, Samy, Jürgen, Björn, Peter, Nico and Mathias.








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