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World of Men: Argentina

Studio: World of Men On August - 22 - 2009

World of Men: Argentina Argentina is the latest release from World of Men. Watch this line-up of beautiful, sexy men to see why Collin O’Neal is one of the best in the business!

For Collin’s second shoot in Buenos Aires he was not sure what to do. He had German and Adrian who he was trying to put into two separate shoots without knowing they were actually boyfriends.

At one point Rich was talking to German and he mentioned that Adrian is his boyfriend so Rich told Collin, and he was all into putting them together and definitely not separating them.

Boyfriends are a favorite to shoot and watch have sex. They both said they were “tops” so Collin was not even sure what was going to happen until Adrian put his ass up in the air for German.

Half way through shooting Adrian came over and started playing with my nipple ring, then German pulled down my shorts. Now that Collin is the camera man, lighting and everything, some of the models feel a bit free to play with him.

I think he needs to leave the camera running when models get him involved in their shoots. What do you think?



Then Collin O’Neal found a Uruguayan with a tight body and big bubble ass that then called up his long haired, fat-dick’ed friend to come fuck him in the shower. This last minute scene is one of my favorites since both models were very much into each other and have never done porn before!

Next in World of Men: Argentina, a light skinned Colombian with long hair, body to die for and a fabulous cock was put together with a dark-skinned, handsome, hot Argentinean. These two have known each other for a while, sucked each others’ dicks before, but never actually fucked.

Actually, two nights before the shoot they both came over to say “hi” and it turned into a very hot threesome with Collin. He wanted to shoot outside at least once in Argentina, but it was a bit cold except for the evening when he shot this scene. While filming Andres fucking Sebastian against the tree, Collin almost stopped and joined in, but hey, sometimes you have to soldier through and get your work done.

There is just something about Andres. Ok, so you may think I am crazy because I can bounce back and forth between guys like Ibrahim and Andres, but I am sure if you were me, and put your nose where I put my nose on Andres you would understand my fascination with him.

Andres recommended Bruno for a scene and when he showed up, I was like, ok, he’ll do, but then he took off his clothes and out flopped, well, take a look. There is nothing more than I like than a big dick bottom and Bruno is one of the biggest I have seen. I won’t tell you what happened between the time I turned off and on the camera, but hey, put your mind to work, but enjoy what I captured when I had the camera on.

The last time I was in Buenos Aires Daniel and Pedro wanted to work with me again, but I told Daniel I just couldn’t film them together again since they had done too much porn together and refused to work without each other. But when I returned this time to Argentina Daniel told me that he and Pedro got tangled up in a 3-some relationship with hot new model Juan Blas, but Daniel and Juan became closer and closer until finally the stress of their strong emotional connection wedged out Pedro. So finally I agreed to film Daniel again with his new and never before seen boyfriend Juan. There was such beautiful chemistry between them it was so easy to film!

Watch World of Men: Argentina from Collin O’Neal!

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