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Missionary in Argentina

Studio: Latin Heat On August - 9 - 2009

Missionary in Argentina In Missionary from Argentina by Latin Heat, Texas Muscleman Rod Daily stirs up a heap of trouble as an American missionary in Argentina who strays from his holy path in search of hot Argentinian hole in this sexy tale of South American boys in heat from GAYVN Hall of Fam Director Chad Donovan.

In the first scene, Rod Daily, a new missionary, arrives at the front door of the house where some of his Argentine “brothers” are living in Buenos Aires.

German and Michael interrupt their studies to welcome the newcomer, giving him the onceover. Later that evening, Rod becomes even more aware of their mutual attraction and the sexual energy present.

Out on the streets of Buenos Aires the next day, the missionaries are going door to door with their spiritual message.

They knock on one front door and are greeted by a muscular and shirtless Lucas, with his lover Ulises right behind him.





“No, no spiritual help”, they tell the missionaries. Ulises kisses Lucas, and the visitors understand immediately and move on. The door shuts and the residents pick up where they left off.

Ulises drops to his knees to give Lucas, whose pants are now down, some lip loving. Lucas is shaved totally – balls, pubic hair, legs, chest, ass and all and really well-hung. Ulises’ mouth and tongue slide easily and sensually around and down Lucas’s thick and uncut cock and balls. There’s a big bed behind them just inviting them to use it.

Lucas lays naked across it, raising up a bit on his knees so that Ulises can tongue his smooth muscular ass and butt hole. Ulises’ hard dick bobs up and down. They reverse positions, and Lucas slams Ulises’ ass with his thick missile. Ulises moans in ecstasy, as Lucas hammers away at his ass. He flips over so that Lucas can really plunder in his hole. Lucas takes Ulises’ legs in one hand and holds them high over Ulises’ head and slowly pushes it in to pound him. Lucas varies his rhythm, sometimes slowly sliding in and out, and sometimes rabbit-fucking. Both end jacking off – Lucas standing over Ulises and spewing on his chest and Ulises shooting on himself.

Rod wanders off to the park to think things over. Max Schutler sees abd approaches Rod. Sitting down next to him, they talk of why Rod is in Buenos Aires. Max offers to help him with the language and gives him a guided tour of the city. Back home at night, when the lights are out and everyone’s in bed, Rod hears noises coming from the next room. It appears that the same German and Michael are reaching for each other across the space between their beds, from one twin bed to another.

This feels like something that they may have done many times before. Clad only in undershorts, they touch and then hold hands. German pulls Michael over to his narrow bed to embrace him. Michael sucks German’s dick at first through his shorts and then pulls his amazingly large cock out to suck. Michael drops his shorts, and German strokes Michael’s cock, as Michael sucks on German’s big uncut cock. Michael stands next to the narrow bed, so that he can give German a face fucking. We watch his very thick dick as he thrusts it in. German, kneeling on the floor next to the bed, licks Michael’s ass as he kneels on German’s bed. He milks Michael’s meat as he eats his ass.

Already sheathed and ready to fuck, German pushes his dick in Michael’s ass as he leans over the bed. German stands on the floor and strokes Michael. Rod hears all this from the adjoining room and peeks in for a great ass-view of German fucking. Michael flips over onto his back, legs in the air to let German pound his ass. He jacks off with his big round balls in view until he shoots. German follows suit, and they finish by kissing goodnight – both hot and romantic.

The next night, Rod wanders off on his own to a neighboring park. Bruno and Juan are there and cruising..Rod looks available, but Bruno and Juan connect and head off to have sex, leaving Rod behind. The two arrive at an apartment and immediately get into it. They’re kiss, and quickly, their shirts come off. Bruno is all over Juan, licking his chest and nipples, his arm pits, his arms and down to his fingers and fist. Their clothes are off, and Bruno works on Juan’s dick. He slides under him and sucks his balls, ass and then his dick from beneath for a long blow job.

Eventually, he moves to his rear to eat his ass. Juan kneels on the bed to get more. It looks like Bruno is gearing up to fuck Juan, but it’s Bruno who gets fucked by Juan. Bruno is spread out to get fucked, first on his back and then from the rear on his side. The bed squeaks in response to their fucking. Bruno finally jacks off and cums while Juan is ramming him, and then Juan cums over him.

The next day, Max and Rod are seen, again sitting on a bench in a park. Rod’s concerned, but wants to give in to Max. They head to Rod’s room. There, they are already stripped down to their shorts and going at it when German walks in on them. When he questions Rod about his missionary work, Rod says that it’s ok, “I’ve found a new mission”. As soon as he’s gone, they are back at it, kissing and tonguing each other. Max goes down on Rod. He drops his shorts and strokes himself as he sucks. Rod (a perfect name for his stud) goes down on Max and jacks off at the same time. Rod then sucks on Max who kneeling on the sofa.

Max bends Rod over the arms of the sofa to lick and work his hole. One, then two fingers slide into Rod’s hole and Max eat’s some more. Eventually, Max fucks Rod over the other arm of the sofa, then on his back, with Max’s big dick in and out with them both getting off on it. Max craves some dick up us ass as well, and settles very carefully down on Rod, almost fucking himself on Rod’s dick. Max pushes harder and harder and finally shoot a load. Rod then sits back, jacks off and cums, affirming that there is now one less missionary in the brotherhood.

Watch Latino porn video Missionary in Argentina by Latin Heat! Starring Bruno Bordas, German Rojas, Juan Pablo, Lucas Fabian, Max Schutler, Michael Amerika, Rod Daily, Ulises Falcon.

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