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Str8cam Jeff in ‘Fleshlight Pump’

Studio: Str8Cam On December - 30 - 2008

Str8cam Jeff Flishlight Pump Str8cam Jeff’s latest video to our cinema, ‘Fleshlight Pump’ starts out with hottie Str8 Jeff in a wifebeater tank top and some shiny gym shorts… feeling himself up, like we wish dudes at the gym would do more often.

Tight briefs underneath reveal a perfect bulge, and he treats us to shots of his bubble butt (he defines BUBBLE butt) in those shorts! Man, it’s good enough to eat.

He flexes his guns and back, and slips those shorts off to reveal a perfect crack, and closeups of his hard cock and tasty hole. Close enough to taste. Up on the desk, he grabs his fleshlite and starts to pump the perfect hole… just like it’s a real pussy or butthole. Watch his cock rip it open, and plunge inside, and imagine it’s you on the receiving end!

Awesome angles, as his muscles tense and flex while he pumps…from the side as his shaft fills the fleshlight, then from the back, underneath…our faces up in his ass and balls as his cock thrusts inside the hole. LOTS of pumping and thrusting and muscle flexing, til he can’t hold it anymore…and he blows a big load. Fuckin awesome!

Followed up by bonus flexing footage, on his knees, his glutes tensed, his back, his perfect abs! Wanna watch a str8 stud’s fuckin motion…this is it…as he attacks that fleshlight with fervor! Very hot.

Watch Str8cam Jeff in ‘Fleshlight Pump’ from Str8cam!



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