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White Boy Gang Bang

Studio: Big Cyclops Productions On May - 9 - 2009

White Boy Gang Bang White Boy Gang Bang wickedly proves we all can get along here – when the stake is sex!

Two rival street gangs are at war. They want to stop the violence. So, a hot young white kid is tossed onto the truce table. He’s quickly stripped and forced to service the all the huge black thug cocks. White Boy Gang Bang is a hurricane of huge hammering hardons, tight hungry holes, and red & blue bandannas.

The highlight of the film has the white boy getting fucked by each & every thug. The kid moves down the line, squatting on gangsta meat like he was born for the job – amazing!

The movie lives up its title. The final scene is truly a White Boy Gang Bang. It takes two guys to hold poor Alan’s legs wide apart while he’s fucked into black oblivion. The boy loudly sobs & gasps as his asshole is ravaged.

The climax has all five black guys unloading onto the white boy’s face. The semen-soaked sequence is a five-minute five-man money-shot of gay black bukkake at its best!

At last, peace reigns. Finally there can be homo harmony in the hood — thanks to White Boy Gang Bang.

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