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Muscle Up! by COLT

Studio: COLT Studios On April - 16 - 2009

Muscle Up! by COLT Highly Recommended! No one does muscle better than COLT, and “Muscle Up!” greatly enhances their already stellar reputation.

Led by brawny stud Carlo Masi, and the diversity of the rest of the cast is also welcome, with men like Lee Young and Adam Dexter featured in spotlight-stealing roles. Nobody makes muscle man videos quite like Colt can.

The setting, a beautiful resort in Palm Springs, should be considered the tenth cast member, as it’s intrinsic to the overall success of the scenes.

In a cast of standout performers, Carlo makes the biggest splash, and next to his physique and rugged good looks, his sexual versatility is one of his best assets.

A new episode of “Muscle Up!” from COLT will air every Thursday. You don’t want to miss a single scene. I previewed this video from start to finish, and popped several loads along the way. It’s THAT hot.




Carlo Masi takes on the top role with co-star Mike Dasher in the opener. Carlo plays it coy, and his approach to Mike is to ask the dude to help him apply tanning oil to his amazingly built body. Carlo turns and lowers his black bikini, exposing dynamite glutes, and when he turns around and releases his thick, uncut dick, Mike swallows it whole.

They use the pool lounge in every creative way imaginable, from Carlo straddling it as Mike feeds him his cock to Mike sitting on Carlo’s face as Carlo is flat on his back as he roughly finger-fucking Mike’s hole as Mike sits on Carlo’s chest. It’s obviously a strong chaise, because it doesn’t break apart with the force of Mike sitting on Carlo’s cock and riding it with all his power, to Carlo’s obvious ecstasy.

Then Mike braces on it as Carlo plows his ass from behind, and Carlo’s bulky, V-shaped torso looks amazing in the sun as he flexes his muscles while he fucks. The sweaty coupling builds and builds until the two hunks drop their loads, and Carlo splashes his across Mike’s face and lips at the end, then leans over and licks it away.

Carlo is paired with big stud Adam Dexter next (who looks beefier to me every time he appears on camera), and this big stud couldn’t be more different. In this scene, my favorite, Carlo morphs into one of the most desirable muscle bottoms imaginable.

The action takes place in and around a hot tub that is dwarfed by the bulk of the two hunks. Adam’s prong is evident from the get-go, scarcely contained by his wet yellow bikini, and Carlo dives for it, releasing it from the tight fabric and sucking on it to Adam’s great delight. Adam returns the favor, sliding Carlo’s uncut meat deep down his throat.

They are a study in contrasts: light and dark, hairy and smooth. But they blend together beautifully. By far, the most outstanding views are of Carlo riding Adam’s cock, while flexing his torso, shoulder, and arm muscles. So great is his concentration that he can show off his fantastic, buff body as he impales himself on Adam’s huge cock without missing a beat.

The finale has Carlo spraying a load all over Adam’s dick and balls, and then licking it off, and the look on Adam’s face is one of gratification and surprise. Then, while Carlo licks his balls, his face buried deep between Adams’ legs, Adam releases a huge wad of cream that shows up rather spectacularly on his dark mahogany skin.

There are two scenes that take place mostly in the pool. In one, the finale, Edu Boxer and Pierro Sias actually fuck and suck underwater, and the camera gets amazing shots of the action, both from above and below.

Edu plays the voracious, baby-faced top. Pierro, a furry Italian stud, looks so butch that it would be easy to take him for a top, too, but to do that would be a huge mistake. Edu seems intent to taste Pierro all over, from his dark brown nipples to his meaty dick with its slightly upturned end (but that doesn’t mean that Pierro doesn’t get his licks in on Edu, too).

Edu then finger-fucks Pierro underwater as Pierro balances on one of the steps at the edge of the pool, but that is only a warm-up for the sensational fuck that has Edu slamming Pierro’s ass underwater, with each forward thrust making a splash. They move the action to the side of the pool, with Edu still standing in water while he fucks Pierro missionary.

When Pierro blasts off, he makes great mewling noises, his cock releasing globs of white stuff while Edu continues to fuck him. But Pierro’s not even close to finished. When Edu stands and shoots his load all over Pierro, Pierro manages yet another orgasm.

In the other pool scene, he-man Dave Angelo is matched with tightly built Lee Young. Physically, Dave towers over Lee, but they are far from mismatched sexually. They first taste each other all over, Dave devouring Lee’s buff body, licking his from his toes to his butthole, and everywhere in between, and then Lee swallows Dave’s uncut dick and loudly smacks his lips as he rims Dave’s ass.

Oral action continues to predominate with Lee submerged to his chest in the pool as Dave feeds him his dick and then Dave sitting on Lee’s face, planting his hole squarely on Lee’s upturned, erect tongue. The brief fucking sequence is exquisite, and the view of Lee’s narrow ass being gored by Dave’s thick meat is unforgettable. The most erotic part, though, is the finale, which has Lee cumming a gusher.

Some of Lee’s load splashes down on Dave’s face, as Dave leans in close and finger-fucks him. When Dave shoots, the power of the smaller stud over the larger one is illustrated beautifully: Dave reaches a shuddering, loud, and body-wracking climax, and then he collapses in spent ecstasy atop Lee as Lee embraces him tightly.

The remaining scene is a thriller between bulky, built Roger Danik, and tall, beefy Chris Wide. The studs do a slow cruise to get things rolling, slowly caressing their muscles and eventually their dicks while they move closer and closer together.

The intense concentration the two hunks focus on each other as they touch, use their mouths to suck nipples and tease fingers, and, in the end, jerk each other off, makes this a breathtaking exercise in restraint. Few directors have the talent to pull this kind of scene off well, but John Rutherford makes it look as easy to create, as it is delightful to watch.

Watch these hot muscle bodybuilder studs fuck and suck their way through another amazing COLT video in Muscle Up! Starring Mike Dasher, Adam Dexter, Carlo Masi, Roger Danik, Chris Wide, Lee Young, Dave Angelo, Edu Boxer, and Peirro Sias.

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