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Big Dick Society by Jet Set Men

Studio: Jet Set Men On March - 22 - 2009

Big Dick Society In Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society by Jet Set Men, the inches are what counts as 11 giant-dicked guys get together to do one thing: Fuck and suck their way into membership in a secret society that celebrates size over everything else.

Trevor Knight and hot young newcomer Darren Rodman join Jet Set Men exclusive Sebastian Young and a cast of 8 other hot ‘n super hung guys in another smash from Director Chris Steele.

Big Dick Society features 11 of the biggest dicks in gay porn history in 5 ass pounding sex scenes including the deflowering of Sebastian Young who bottoms for the first time taking Trevor Knight’s 10 inch cock.

The movie stars the most hung cast ever assembled in one title: Trevor Knight, Chad Hunt, Barrett Long, Tommy Deluca, Cort Donovan, Jason White, Cam Kurtz, Jonathan Lowe, Antonio Madiera, Sebastian Young and introducing Darren Rodman making his on screen debut.

Whether you admit it or not, you know you love big dicks. According to director Chris Steele, there are only two kinds of guys who love cock; “Those who truly love them big and liars.” Get out your ruler and see if you measure up enough to get into Chris Steele’s Big Dick Society.

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