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Seamen: Fallen Angel 4

Studio: TitanMen On March - 21 - 2009

Seamen: Fallen Angel 4 Be prepared to have what turns you on be challenged as you experience the extreme fetish sexplay of SeaMen: Fallen Angel 4 by Titanmen. A new episode will air every Saturday!

It’s director Bruce Cam at his kinky best. TitanMan Dred Scott, in his first on-screen performance, drips a dangerous sexuality, as a sailor in port with an unending, severe sexual appetite.

Prowling the docks, Dred is snared by a dark world of explosive sex action that ranges from sensation to shock-CBT, saline injections, cock pumping, piss, flogging, an electric rake, plus lots of pain, dildos and fisting. All this plus a finale that’s so sensuously kinky it’s downright romantic, dammit, when Dred meets his match in the unbelievably buffed Adriano Marquez.

SEAMEN, as its title suggests, zeroes in on that mythic group of studs who have, since time immemorial swaggered through the wet dreams of gay men — the grizzled, worldly, lust-driven sailors who have sailed the seven seas in search of sexual adventure, roamed the waterfronts of the world to find it, and often discovered their own deepest, darkest secrets in the all-male initiations that erupt aboard ship.

If you’re looking for tough talking, tattooed titans with haunting faces, chiseled bodies, relentless sexual energy, and humongous endowments, look no further.

Sea Men will change your perspective on the limits of sexual fantasy as it blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Winner of five GayVN awards, including Best All-Sex Video.

You don’t want to miss a single episode of SeaMen: Fallen Angel 4 from Titanmen! Starring Gabriel Cortes, Stein Losnegaard, Dred Scott, Patrick Knight, Jon Galt, Adriano Marquez, Steve Parker, Colton Roth, Lukas Jaeger, Robert Collins.



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  1. Watcher said,

    Fuck yes! This one is one of my favorite videos from Titan.

    Posted on March 21st, 2009 at 2:27 am

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