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Kiss Lick Suck Fuck

Studio: Hot House On January - 7 - 2013

Kiss Lick Suck Fuck

Director Christian Owen presents Kiss Lick Suck Fuck from Hot House, a glossy, color-coded, all-sex video that pays homage to the basics of sex. A new episode will air every Sunday!

New fetishes crop up daily but there’s still nothing hotter than the basics of sex.

Hot House presents Kiss Lick Suck Fuck, a glossy, color-coded, all-sex video that pays homage to the basics: kissing fat blow job lips, licking musky armpits, sucking a fat cock to the base, then fucking the hell out of a tight hole.

Throw in our lineup of hot, horny muscle studs and you’ll see there’s nothing basic about Kiss Lick Suck Fuck.

In the first scene, Tate Ryder and Troy Daniels love to kiss. Troy can’t get enough of Tate’s thick, full lips. Tate can’t get enough of Troy’s hot mouth. They shove their tongues down each other’s throats as the passion rises.

Kiss Lick Suck Fuck



Kiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck Fuck

Tate uses his lips to explore every inch of Troy’s body; his nipples, his tight abs and eventually his ass. Troy orders Tate to french kiss his puckered hole. Tate orders Troy to kiss the head of his big cock but Troy can’t stop there.

He swallows the hot rod to the base while Tate bends over to kiss Troy’s backside and pries open his hole with his fingers in preparation for his cock. Tate fucks Troy down then kicks back and offers up his ass to Troy’s big cock. They flip-flop fuck until they can’t take it any longer and blow their loads.

Kiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck Fuck

Then in Kiss Lick Suck Fuck from Hot House, Trenton Ducati loves the taste of Phillip Aubrey. He licks the young stud’s rippled washboard abs and uses his expert tongue to massage Phillip’s thick cock until it’s rock hard. Trenton licks and sucks Phillip’s cock to the base then stands up so Phillip can put his tongue to work. Phillip licks Trenton’s fat, huge dick then pumps it with his hot mouth. Phillip fingers his own hole the whole time, teasing Trenton with an invitation to fuck.

Trenton throws Phillip on all fours so he can lick his round bubble-butt. Trenton lubes up Phillip’s gaping hole with his own spit then stands up to fuck him hard. Trenton gives Phillip a brutal ass-pounding until Phillip can’t take it anymore. He backs up on Trenton’s cock and jacks him off with his tight butthole; just who’s fucking whom? Phillip rides Trenton’s cock and jacks his load all over the hot muscle-daddy then licks it up while Trenton rubs one out and blows.

Kiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck Fuck

Almost every gay man loves to suck cock. And just about every man alive loves to have his cock sucked. Logan Vaughn and Jimmy Durano are no exception. Jimmy starts off giving Logan a juicy, drooling blow job that makes Logan’s cock rock hard. He swallows Logan’s cock to the base then stands up and whips out his thick, uncut Latin monster. Logan obediently gets on his knees and opens his jaws to allow Jimmy to fuck his face.

The muscular young stud never takes Jimmy’s cock out of his mouth, even while Jimmy begins to finger Logan’s huge bubble-butt. Logan’s moans make it clear that he wants to be fucked. Jimmy gets behind Logan and shoves his cock in his ass. He pounds Logan hard doggy-style then throws him on his back to grind his cock in his hole even deeper. Logan’s hot ass feels so good Jimmy can’t take it; he pulls out and shoots a load all over Logan’s stomach and chest. Right on cue Logan drains his own load and they collapse in a sweaty heap.

Kiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck FuckKiss Lick Suck Fuck

In the final scene of Kiss Lick Suck Fuck by Hot House, to fuck or to be fucked, that is the question. In this case the answer is pretty clear; Chris Tyler needs to be fucked so bad his ass is twitching. Tate Ryder sees the horny young muscle-stud bent over with his ass in the air and it’s on! Tate pulls out his rock hard cock and immediately shoves it deep in Chris’ hole. The horse-hung Aussie power-fucks Chris hard, using his own spit for lube.

Tate shoves Chris out of the way and lies back with his hardon standing straight up in the air. Chris hops on and fucks himself with Tate’s cock in a wild reverse-cowboy while he jacks off. Tate keeps spitting and pumping Chris’ ass like a madman until he’s ready to cum. He stands up and forces the young pig-bottom to suck his big dick and he shoots all over Chris’ chest. Thoroughly fucked in the ass and the face, Chris kicks back and beats off to drain a load out of his own giant nuts.

Watch Kiss Lick Suck Fuck from Hot House! Starring Chris Tyler, Jimmy Durano, Logan Vaughn, Phillip Aubrey, Tate Ryder, Trenton Ducati, Troy Daniels.

Kiss Lick Suck Fuck

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