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Joe Gage Sex Files 7: Doctors and Dads

Studio: Ray Dragon On August - 23 - 2012

Sex Files 7

The line is forever crossed in Joe Gage Sex Files 7: Doctors and Dads. Boy, is it ever! Few porn directors invite you to suspend disbelief the way Joe Gage does.

In this film, he doesn’t merely invite you to suspend disbelief, he invites you to shatter it. To annihilate it. To blast it to kingdom cum.

Joe Gage has teased us with hot sons and sexy dads for years. But in this video, Joe Gage finally takes us over THAT line, and there’s no turning back.

In the movie opener, a mature jockstrap salesman arrives in a waiting room where a handsome dark-haired dude takes on the challenge to do test run with one of the salesman’s straps.

“Right here?” the dude asks. The salesman says, “Sure, why not?” and the strap is on in no time. As the salesman watches, his khaki pants expand, and soon we know why — he’s packing a major piece of meat in them.

Joe Gage Sex Files 7




Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7

Soon, the two dudes are facing each other, jerking their meat in unison. What follows is a very juicy, wet, and hot oral scene, in which the younger dude impressively deep-throats Daddy’s huge, long cock until Daddy spews a big load on his chin and face.

The load is so big, in fact, that it looks like a waterfall dropping off the younger dude’s chin. While Daddy’s load is still dripping off him, the younger dude cums right in Daddy’s mouth.

Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7

Next, in another Dad/son adventure (this time an actual Dad/son), the son is checking out Daddy’s porn collection when Daddy walks in on him with a big hardon. The family that jerks together stays together, so soon Dad and son are checking out each other’s hardons.

Of course, Daddy’s dick needs sucking, and so does the son’s, and that’s the best part of the scene, watching these two suck each other off. Daddy ends up beating off son, and then follows up by beating off himself, and there’s one thing for sure, this family has a lot of cum to share.

Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7

In the next scene of Joe Gage Sex Files 7, it’s on to the next kink, which also involves Dads. In this case, a hot young dude (Zach Alexander) is being berated by his Dad (porn star legend Spike) for jerking off too much and then he shows off his erection for both the Dad and the doc (Bryan Slater).

One thing is sure, neither the Dad, the doctor, nor the son in this particular scene have anything to be ashamed of, and they prove it by all exposing hard dicks and then the doc goes in for a closer exam by sucking off the Dad and son in tandem. Next, while Dad is on his knees, they are joined by a fourth dick, and before long, the doc is fucking the son while Dad and the other dude watch and beat off (twisted, but very hot).

Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7Joe Gage Sex Files 7

There’s also a final scene, which has an examination room flavor, with a patient and a hot, older intern getting naked while the exam is in progress. Both studs are hairy, hot, and very hung, and the scene is delectably slow paced and almost hesitant, adding to its heat. In the end of this all-oral scene, the patient feeds his load to the intern while the intern jerks off and pinches his own nipple.

Watch Joe Gage Sex Files 7: Doctors and Dads by Ray Dragon! Starring Adrian R., Bryan Slater, Dick Axel, Jake Steel, Josh Kole, Roger, Spike, Tony Bay, Zach Alexander, Zander Drum.

Joe Gage Sex Files 7

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