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Fit Lads: Toned and Chiseled Manflesh

Studio: Pacific Sun On January - 2 - 2009

Fit Lads by Pacific Sun

‘Fit Lads’ from Pacific Sun features nothing but slim, toned, fit flesh. Three gym-style scenes, and two location scenes. These fit, jock boys certainly know how to fuck, and make each other cream.

Hard pounding action, and lots of sweat. Five scenes with fit, toned, and muscled guys getting it on together in the gym, at work on the job, and in the sauna.

There’s a lot of chemistry between these guys, and the sex is hot, with lots of cum-play and great cum shots.

Shot on location in Great Britain! Watch these hot, toned jock studs in ‘Fit Lads’ by Pacific Sun and Seal Productions.

Starring Alexander Petrov, Jon Janes, Jon Jones, Marek Zamoyska, Nathan Douglas, Scott Davies, Timmy Slater.






Sex Hiker by Black Scorpion

Studio: Black Scorpion On January - 1 - 2009

Sex Hiker by Black Scorpion Black Scorpion Video presents D.O. as the super horny Sex Hiker – traveling wherever “sex” takes him. No plan… no goal… just a lot of sex!

A new episode airs every Friday!

D.O.’s journey begins when he hitches a ride on a dusty desert road with two hot boyfriends – Orlando and Braxton – that ends up in a desert motel. Once everyone is asleep Orlando and Braxton slip into the bathroom to have sex in the shower.

D.O. wakes up when he hears a noise coming from the bathroom. Peeping through the bathroom’s door crack, he jerks himself off while watching them fuck and finally cums all over. At the end of one of the hottest solo scenes ever, D.O. proceeds to lick his own cum off his hands.

Later, when everybody is sleeping, he crawls into bed with Orlando and Braxton and ends up a part of a very hot double penetration fuck. Slipping out under the dark night he hitches another ride to a “party house” where he discovers Pistol Pete and Dallas Reeves fucking in the master bedroom, Rocko being penetrated by Carlos on the kitchen counter, and Zack and Zackary going at it in front of the fire place.

It all ends in an orgy where anything goes and everybody fucks everybody – Black Scorpion style.

Watch ‘Sex Hiker’ from Black Scorpion! Exclusive to our Network! Starring D.O., Zackary Pierce, Dallas Reeves, Braxton Bond, Rocko, Pistol Pete, Orlando Toro, Zack Randall, Carlos.



Straight Boys in a Gay Sex Club

Studio: Jet Set Men On January - 1 - 2009

Hollywood Sex Club In ‘Hollywood Sex Club’ from Jet Set Men, two drunken straight buddies “stumble” into a renowned gay Hollywood sex club, and end up giving into their deep-seated desires to have sex with another guy – and each other. These hot young Hollywood guys are on the prowl for their own piece of the action.

The “straight” boys are cute, what more can we really say? Watch ‘Hollywood Sex Club’ by Jet Set Men!

We can think of 3 reasons to watch this video:

  • Cover model cutie Aaron James tingles us in very dirty places.
  • Jet Set Men is finally hitting their stride with some good ones.
  • The premise of drunken str8 trade wandering into a gay sex club rules.

Starring Cam Kurtz, Luke Riley, Jonathan Lowe, Tyler Saint, Sebastian Young, TJ Young, Aaron James, Jason Reddick, Sean Preston.




Ass Stretcher by Machofucker

Studio: Treasure Island Media On January - 1 - 2009

Ass Stretcher The kings of porn filth, Treasure Island and Machofucker, have put their heads together and released a video true to the styles of both studios.

A while back, Paul Morris was told to check out Machofucker. He did, and here’s their first video, available exclusively through Treasure Island Media.

This is a no-frills, Euro-vision of sex and it focuses on one thing and one thing only: BIG, BURSTIN’ MAN-RAMMING COCKS.

Everyone has been blown away by the sheer monumentality of the schlongs on the macho, aggressive topmen in this video. They are HUGE and they’re HARD – and they are extremely AGGRESSIVE.

The bottoms are holes to be used, nothing more. This isn’t gentle sex: this is about INTENSE MACHO STUDS taking what they want, and taking it anyway they want it.

In one scene, the big LATIN TOP sporting a massive dick divides his time between ramming the skinny COCK-HUNGRY BOTTOM and slapping him hard. He grabs the bottom’s ass and uses him like a mad-dog fucking a rag-doll.

There are drawbacks, yes. The camera work isn’t inspired. The neighbors play fucking awful music. But what ASS STRETCHER has, it has in spades: the biggest, most BREATHTAKING ROCK-HARD DICKS I’ve seen in a long time (and I see a lot of dick).

In particular, Wade – the stud sporting the biggest of the big – shows off his prowess in two of the scenes. I don’t think anyone could get through both of these sequences (one is oral, the other a major ass-fucking) without saying: “I can’t fuckin’ believe it’s THAT BIG!” Wade isn’t a man, he’s a phenomenon of nature.

Watch these poor bottoms get the shit bareback fucked out of them in ‘Ass Stretcher’ from Treasure Island and Machofucker!



Blatino Group Sex Party

Studio: Men of Odyssey On January - 1 - 2009

Blatino Party 2 The boys are back in town! Few parties become legendary on the sex party circuit. The Blatino Sex Party is one of them. Only the hottest black and Latino studs from around the country score invitations. There’s one room, no clothes, no bull and no holds barred.

For the second time, Men of Odyssey cameras have captured the jaw dropping, all-out orgy action typical of this incredible event held in L.A. for “Blatino Party 2″. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to look in on the sweaty, salacious happenings. Sweat along with the tastiest of Latino and black manhood.

If you’re into huge muscular black men and Latinos getting down and dirty together, you’ll want to check out “Blatino Party 2″ from Men of Odyssey!

Starring Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake, Dennis Lincoln, Joe Montez, Emilio Sands, Gino Gultier, Danny Cruz, Manuel Gonzalez, Night Stick.




Hot Cop Sex from Studio 2000

Studio: Studio 2000 On January - 1 - 2009

Cuffed from Studio 2000 Is there anything that can get a man hotter, harder, faster than the sight of a handsome cop in uniform? A hot cop is hard to resist. And the hotter he is the harder you are.

Cops are dangerous. Cops are desirable. That’s the yin and yang of it and that’s what ‘Cuffed!’ from Studio 2000 is all about.

Well, that’s mostly what this video is all about. In addition to being about the unrelenting desire to make it with cops and the fascination with cop’s uniforms and equipment, this show is about coming out, keeping it a secret, getting police batons shoved up hungry buttholes, trapping cops, being trapped by cops, DNA printing (like Father, like Son), a touch of romance, getting so hot you climax without being touched.

Seeing Mark Slade really get into it, seeing, possibly for the first time, what real porn acting is all about, maximum sex with minimum interference, and handcuffs, of course.

If you really have a hot cop fantasy on your mind, you’ll want to watch police porn video, ‘Cuffed!’ from Studio 2000!

Starring Mark Slade, Tommy Lord, Jeff White, Jens Hammer, Dave Nelson, Brad King, Ben Damon, Rob Lance.



Forced Entry Club

Studio: Puppy Productions On January - 1 - 2009

Forced Entry Club Puppy Productions’ ‘Forced Entry Club’, shows unstoppable fuck veteran Thomas Bjorn forcing his monster 8 inch dick upon innocent young boys bareback-style in this non-stop, hardcore, butt pounding, rape fantasy.

The storyline of this video deals with the subject of male rape, a common fantasy among many gay men. In the scenes depicting forced sexual activities, actors are merely “visually portraying” the perceived fantasies of those individuals who fantasize about male rape. This video is therefore presented as a visual fantasy, despite any possible appearance of force.

Watch bareback gay rape fantasy porn video ‘Forced Entry Club’ from Puppy productions!

Starring: Thomas Bjorn, Keb Sanders, and Scott Thorton.