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Bareback Auditions 2 by SX Video

Studio: SX Video On February - 6 - 2009

Bareback Auditions 2 Young stud Johnny Walker returns to SX Video to host ‘Bareback Auditions 2′.

His first interview is with Zach O’Mally, a fresh-faced red head with a nice, big, uncut piece. He brags that he has no gag reflex. Johnny jumps at the chance to see if that is true. Zach then eats Johnny’s tight hole before fucking it raw.

Johnny next interviews Latino muscleman Tazma. He flexes a bit until Andres Gomez-Cruz arrives on the scene. The two hit it off and Tazma sure likes Andres’ round ass.

Jake Cruz is built long and lean. Jason Reed does the interviewing and soon has his legs up. Jake fucks like a jackhammer. This one is black-on-white condom-free barebacking action at its best.

Jason next gets screwed by handsome Christopher Ashlee. Christopher is a bit shy, but once Jason wrapped his lips around his cock, that all changes. There is no turning back once he gets deep in Jason’s hole.

Farius Caine is a bi guy looking for some extra cash. His girlfriend is OK with him sharing his pole. In fact, she likes to join in. She is not here today though to see Farius dominate Jason’s hole until they both cum.

In a surprise turn of events, Jason tops young guy Preston Luis in the last scene. Being the usual bottom, Jason knows what to do and gives it to Preston doggie style.

Watch ‘Bareback Auditions 2′ from SX Video! Starring Andres Gomez Cruz, Christopher Ashlee, Farius Caine, Jake Cruz, Jason Reed, Johnny Walker, Preston Luis, and Zack O’Mally.



Dungeon from SX Video

Studio: SX Video On January - 26 - 2009

Dungeon from SX Video When sexy stars Joey Milano and Jason Tyler wanted to go raw, they came to SX for their first ever bareback shoots. It’s dark. It’s dirty. It’s Dungeon. And it’s all about YOU submitting to your master and getting the shit fucked out of you while you beg for more!

First up, Jason Tyler does his first bareback scene and it is something to watch. He is paired with Dominik Rider and Drew Peters and the three are really into one another. Each gets an ass fucking and a turn in the sling.

Then, Brad Slater, Jed Pisston and Jonathen Cummings have a no-holds barred threeway. Jed takes several big toys up his ass, as does Jonathen.

Nobody enjoys a fist like muscle man Guns, and Sam Lee gives him just what he needs. Once Sam has primed and stretched Guns, Jay, a buff Latino, takes over and fucks Guns to the finish.

Joey Milano makes his bareback debut in this scene with Mark Galfione. The two play with toys to get warmed up. Mark gets to eat Joey`s delicious muscle ass before fucking it. They are joined by Charly, with his big, uncut dick. He fucks them both and leaves a huge load in Mark`s ass, which Joey eats out.

Watch bareback leather fetish video ‘Dungeon’ from SX Video! Starring porn pigs Brad Slater, Charly, Dominik Rider, Drew Peters, Guns, Jason Tyler, Jay, Jed Pisston, Joey Milano, Jonathen Cummings, Mark Galfione.



Raw Raw Piss n Cum

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 26 - 2009

Raw Raw Piss and Cum The title doesn’t lie! ‘Raw Raw Piss n Cum’ from Tipo Sesso features eight hot young twinks with huge uncut cocks.

They get their fetish on in this feature film which includes: feet licking, pissing, cum-eating, snowballing, enema (ass squirting), and barebacking fun!

Not a soft dick in the bunch. These guys love eating feet, piss and cum. You’ll love watching them.

How could these wholesome innocent looking young guys be into such dirty raunchy hot and horny fetishes?

Let them take you on the journey into lascivious pleasures and mind-blowing fetish fantasies.

Watch ‘Raw Raw Piss n Cum’ from Tipo Sesso! Starring Ivan, Jakub, Tony, Jan, Pavol, Lucky, Jaro.





Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2

Studio: SX Video On January - 23 - 2009

Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2 Jeff Palmer is the hottest and nastiest man making adult movies today. He was born for porn and this is the video that proves why.

He sucks, fucks, tops and bottoms his way through four of the best scenes we’ve ever put together. He’s back for the second installment in the Barebacking with Jeff Palmer series and he’s better than ever.

Jeff starts out by showing Jack Surf his new dungeon playground — fully stocked with toys, slings and even a chained sex slave ready for abuse.

Jack and Jeff take turns pounding the slave’s sweet ass all over the dungeon. Jeff finishes off by slurping up everybody’s jiz — including his own — with a cumshot that shoots straight into his hungry mouth.

After a quick shower, Jeff develops an itch up his ass that he thinks can only be scratched by the Jeff Palmer dildo. That is until Flex Deon Blake shows up with his rock-hard rectal ripper. Jeff has wanted to do a scene with Flex for a while and it really shows. He gives up his gorgeous ass to Flex with enthusiasm. It ends with an internal cumshot and plenty of sweet manjuice oozing from Jeff’s ripe hole.



Later that night, Dick James, Brad Slater and super hot Jagger show up at the dungeon for some XXX playtime. Jeff makes sure that everyone gets a piece of ass — whether it be his or Jagger’s gorgeous bubble butt. They tease, poke and prod each other until they all explode at once all over Jeff’s face and in his eager mouth. Yummy!

Jeff and Alan Gregory take some time to really get to know each other — inside and out. They flip flop more than an indecisive politician and fuck each other like true champions.

Another brilliant video performance by Jeff and another cock jerker for all of you. Watch ‘Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2′ from SX Video!



Stretch My Ass by Hot Desert Knights

Studio: Hot Desert Knights On January - 23 - 2009

Stretch My Ass ‘Stretch my Ass’ from Hot Desert Knights is non-stop Ass-Stretching fisting action! These hot and very horny guys will “blow you away” and leave nothing to your imagination as they fulfill their own fantasies as well as yours! INCLUDES Never-Before-Released Scenes.

First up, Steve Tuck gives his first fist to C.J. in an amazing 3-way with Ardon Masters. One handball threesome you won’t want to miss!

Then, HDK Star Will West fists hot eager bottom Rand in an incredible hot fisting scene… Will West fans get ready to pop-ur-nuts! Then, Jake Long takes Tony Ryders fist for a “ryde” on the wild side!

In the last scene, Rafe Denim and Rob Wright go on their own twisted ride of nasty fun. Fuck yeah!

Watch gay fisting video ‘Stretch my Ass’ from Hot Desert Knights!




Freaks 2 by Wurstfilm

Studio: WurstFilm On January - 22 - 2009

Freaks 2 by Wurstfilm In ‘Freaks 2′ from Wurstfilm, the fucking continues. Freaks is now followed by a second part even more outrageous than the first one.

Published by Wurstfilm on its black label, you will endure much more orifices chasing the fucking heat. Big mouth is collecting all the sperm available and gulps it down the throat.

Pure male action: Big hot cocks put your ass on fire. Be careful… after this treatment you have to check in with the emergency room to take care after receiving all this wild, pumping action by all these dicks and fists in your ass.

If tight cunts could tell stories, it would fill a whole novel.

Watch these punks get into their rough, hardcore, twisted, perverted fuck sessions in ‘Freaks 2′ from Wurstfilm!

Starring Jo Care, Nick Nater, Alan, David Dig, Mauricio Goldstein, Muchtar Brazil, Joshua, Aaron Kelly, Tibor Taban, Berit.




Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend: Part 1

Studio: Treasure Island Media On January - 15 - 2009

Dawson's 50 Load Weekend This is Part 1 of a spectacular two-part video from Treasure Island Media. Without doubt, this one’s gonna be part of porn history.

The story is already a porn legend: a young man with a disarming grin and perfect bubble butt named Dawson wanting to spend an entire weekend taking loads – just to see how many he could get. The result was DAWSON’S 20-LOAD WEEKEND, one of the most popular porn videos that Treasure Island produced.

Amid a storm of scandal and controversy, Dawson’s reputation as one of the cum-hungriest pig-bottoms EVER was born.

We weren’t surprised when Dawson told us he wanted to do it again. But this time, he wanted to go even further: he was determined to more than DOUBLE the number of loads!

Director MAX SOHL was only too happy to oblige, so he and Dawson joined up in New York City to see if the handsome cum-bucket could surpass his own record. For FIVE DAYS the insatiable Dawson took load after load after load…

Documenting this awesome and incredible weekend was an Olympian task, and the resulting video is so over-the-top that we couldn’t fit it all into ONE cum-saturated DVD, so we broke it up into TWO PARTS.

Here’s DAWSON’S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 1. The ur-slut Dawson gets used and abused by a TRUCKLOAD of big-dicked sperm-shootin’ tops – including Paul French, Matt Walker, Andrew Peters, Kid Robert, Frank Avalon, PigGreg, John Lincoln, Daddy Marco, Top100Percent, Jonathan Blue, Tony S, Cory Brandon, Antonio Montez, Hank, George Glass, CumDumper, Axel Brent and More!

Watch ‘Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend: Part 1″ Now!



Bareback Brit Boiz

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 12 - 2009

Bareback Brit Boiz Outdoor, open-air debauchery! Casual meetings turn into all-out wild raw fucking in this porn video release from Tipo Sesso called ‘Bareback Brit Boiz’!

These hot and horny twink lads don’t waste any time going home – public sex is what turns them on as they quickly escape to the nearest alley or park to fuck and suck each other dry!

Gettin’ down-n-nasty is what these brit twinks do best as huge uncut cocks ram tight twink holes and cum shoots everywhere!

Don’t miss a throat-gagging, ass-pounding, cum-squirting minute as these blokes get raunchy, nasty and dirty – bareback style!

Watch british boys barebacking in ‘Bareback Brit Boiz’ from Tipo Sesso! Starring Lex Blond, Kyle Lucas, Sean McKenzie, Sykes Blackburn, Michael Jacobs, James Allen, Alex Russian, John Gadsby, Jesse Leighton, Kyle Martin, Sam Storm.



Barebacking with Vic Stone

Studio: SX Video On January - 11 - 2009

gay latino video After way too long an absence, Vic Stone makes his return to SX Video to star in his own video… ‘Barebacking with Vic Stone’! His fans are just about as happy as the four men who welcome him back with open mouths and asses.

Twink Jarod Steel and Vic open the video with an extended oral scene. Jarod loves Vic’s big dick. In return Vic loves eating Jarod’s smooth hole, getting it ready for a good fucking that ends with a signature Vic Stone gusher in and all over Jarod’s ripe asshole.

Scene two pairs Vic with Tony Serrano and the two really get into each other big time. It is a very passionate scene, Tony bottoming out his hairy ass for Vic’s pleasure.

Another hairy stud, Armando Cortez, takes over scene three with his power ass gobbling up Vic in all sorts of positions. In the end, the cum oozes from his well-worked hole. But, wait, Vic had another load to shoot in Armando’s mouth.

Almost Straight star Jason Reed finishes off the quartet. They trade blow jobs until Vic mounts Jason from the rear doggy style. Jason shoots a huge load with Vic inside him and gets Vic’s load in his mouth.

Watch ‘Barebacking with Vic Stone’ by SX Video!



Cum Dump from Tipo Sesso

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 5 - 2009

Cum Dump You know a cum dump when you see one. You might even be one yourself. They have a craving for big cocks in their mouths and asses, and they’re especially hungry for that fresh shot of cum that shoots out the head.

Whether it’s shot in the throat or up the ass, there is only one name for these kinds of sex pigs — Cum Dumps.

First up in ‘Cum Dump’ from Tipo Sesso, Kevin Kramer steps back in front of the camera for his barebacking debut. He TOPS for the very first time making use of his huge cock handsomely adorned with a stylish Prince Albert piercing. This scenic outdoor 3-way pool scene features Kevin topping porn cutie Brad Slater and handsome Mark Van der Vilt. He shoots his load while fucking Brad. Brad shoots on his stomach. Mark jacks off while Kevin slurps down the cum.

Next, in a scene called “Hotel Room Orgy” featuring: Kamrun, Joey Milano, Jorje Armada, Brad Slater, Mark Van der Vilt, and (making his barebacking debut) – Dino Phillips! Everyone fucks everyone in this hot orgy scene. It ends with Dino eagerly devouring everyone’s cum.

Then in “Glory Hole Fantasy” featuring: Jarod Steel, Kamrun, Mystery (Donkey) Dick, and (making his barebacking debut) – Sam Dixon! Our favourite bareback cutie, Jarod Steel, takes it like a pro in this hot glory hole scene featuring the hot hung cocks of Kamrun, Sam Dixon & let’s see if you can guess the “Mystery Dick.”

Finally, “Desk Set” features Jarod Steel, Dino Phillips, and (making his barebacking debut) – Casey Wood! Dino & Casey fuck Jarod giving him some hot internal cum shots.

Watch ‘Cum Dump’ from Tipo Sesso! Starring Kevin Kramer, Jarod Steel, Joey Milano, Brad Slater, Dino Phillips, Kamrun, Casey Wood, Mark Van der Vilt, Sam Dixon, Jorje Armada.



Twinks get their Candy Asses Barebacked

Studio: Helix On January - 4 - 2009

Twinks Fuck Bareback Twink lovers are going to spooge themselves something fierce over this bareback video. ‘Candy Ass 2′ from Helix is the followup to their wildly popular first movie again showcases a series of young, smooth-bodied stars as they get down and nasty in hot bareback hardcore action.

Coverboy twinkie Devon Ford has a great lickable candy ass but he also has a nice thick cock for his small frame, and he really gets into using it as he leads this cast in nonstop raw uninhibited action as they suck and fuck each other as long and hard as they can.

We all know what comes out of the center of this candy with enough licking. Hot loads of boy cream!

Watch ‘Candy Ass 2′ from Helix! Starring Zack Tanner, Tyler Lance, Alex Lynn, Cohen Jennings, Devon Ford, Jamie Blade, Prince Mykal, Cameron Phillips, Aaron Tyler.





Bareback Sleaze Fest

Studio: SX Video On January - 3 - 2009

Sleaze 3 from SX Video Eleven nasty, ass-loving hound dogs collide in a sex frenzy that only SX Video could capture. Watch these sleazy raw fuckers get filled up in ‘Sleaze 3′.

Aaron Summers is very hungry for ass play. He opens his hole to the very verbal Dusty Rivers. Aaron hangs over a sling to get his ass eaten and then fucked rough. Dusty shows no mercy as he pounds away like a jackhammer. But that’s not enough…

Aaron then gets fisted and shoved full of huge fucking toys. That is still not enough. Aaron is then forced to take a FOOT inside. Of course, there’s a big load of cum to finish the ass workout.

Super hot Latino Diego Cruz is the plaything for three hung tops who take turns fucking his mouth and ass. Diego loves the attention, especially when 9-inch-dicked Lito Cruz is ramming him. His manhole then gets stretched for a double penetration. Also featuring Franco and Steven Richards. Each top leaves a load in Diego.

Muscleman Patrick Ives and Sebastien B get all up in each other’s junk. Patrick is impressed that Sebastien can suck his own big uncut cock. The two flip fuck in a sling. Sebastien pisses all over himself before it is over.

The Rocha brothers may look sweet, but they are mean fuckers. Kevin and Angel work slutty muscle pup Antonio Vela until his eyes roll back into his head while he pumps his uncut cock. The sling never stops swinging.

Watch raunchy bareback porn video ‘Sleaze 3′ from SX Video! Starring Aaron Summers, Angel Rocha, Antonio Vela, Diego Cruz, Dusty Rivers, Kevin Rocha, Lito Cruz, Patrick Ives Sebastien B, Steven Richards.