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Barebacking With Carlos Morales 2

Studio: SX Video On February - 20 - 2009

Gang Fucked: Barebacking With Carlos Morales 2 Following up on his highly popular cum buster Barebacking With Carlos Morales, the Latin lover is back for more raw boning. This time, in ‘Gang Fucked: Barebacking With Carlos Morales 2′ he bottoms in every scene. Eleven, count them, eleven men slip him the meat pole and leave their cream sauce all over him, both inside and out in 6 hot bareback porn scenes.

At the start, Carlos is found relaxing in a lodge somewhere in the mountains. His quiet time ends when Chris Neal and Justin, all woodsy in their Levis and flannels, stop by. Soon Carlos is moaning as he rides Chris’ 9-inch torpedo and slurps Justin’s pretty piece. The two tops switch places and use Carlos as their sperm bank, each making sizable deposits.

When buffed-out Ridge Jones comes in from a run, it is an extended make out session. Ridge, usually a bottom man in other vids, shows he can give cock with a steady rhythm. He bends Morales over an ottoman and the camera gets in close for lots of hole filling.



Young, sexy and hairy Alessandro Teradyne is the next guy to visit the lodge. Carlos welcomes him with an attentive blow job. But the real fun starts when Alessandro plants his fat one where many men have gone before.

Carlos, off somewhere for a few minutes, returns to find Gut Banga, Doc Holliday, Mike Shawn and Ty Marks — four homies with nice, big chocolate bars — enjoying one another on the couch with some oral play. His eyes light up and his cock goes solid steel. He rides each man’s whopping wang. The brothers put Carlos on the floor and take turns fucking the squirming white dude who takes total control of their cocks.

Before he can get a breather, Angel Rocha, Armando Cortez and Erik rush in and the fucking continues. How much more can Carlos take? Apparently a lot. The three pump both his holes relentlessly.

As a finisher, up-and-coming new star Jason Reed of fame, rewards Carlos with a cock sucking ending with the mouthful of cum Carlos has been saving up all day.

Watch gay bareback gangbang video ‘Gang Fucked: Barebacking With Carlos Morales 2′ by SX Video! Starring Carlos Morales, Alessandro Teradyne, Angel Rocha, Armando Cortez, Chris Neal, Doc Holliday, Gut Banga, Jason Reed, Mike Shawn, Ridge Jones, and Ty Marks.

Fuk’n Raw by Hot Desert Knights

Studio: Hot Desert Knights On February - 19 - 2009

Fuk'n Raw by Hot Deserrt Knights This bareback video features fothing but the hottest guys Fuk’n Raw, just the way it should be.

Five complete scenes featuring 9 hot guys in every position possible in this video from Hot Desert Knights.

Huge hung cocks and tight pucker holes dripping with cum as internal and external cum shots explode on the screen.

Everything from horny smooth muscle studs to the hottest hairy guys. Cum flows and drips from every hungry hole and one is wasted as these sex pigs eat it themselves or feed it to each other.


This video is definitely a film that all internal cum shot fans will want to see.

Watch Fuk’n Raw from Hot Desert Knights! Starring Jarod Steele, Dino Phillips, Caleb Daniels, Jason Mitchell, Duke Savage, Rex Valentino, Richard Rider, Arik Burns, Austin Jaymes.



Twinks Barebacking

Studio: Puppy Productions On February - 18 - 2009

Twinks Barebacking This will be a wedding you’ll never forget. These groomsmen are horny and ready to strip down and fuck the husband to be, before his wife to be can get at him.

With this Cock Ring, I thee promise to plow your pink puckered fuck hole — RAW! William’s best friend and best man are in the limo on there way to the wedding, when they both decide on one last raw fucking! Matt gives him his 9 full uncut inches of cock, bareback, and a pearl necklace to match.

Watch the guys get ready for a spectacular moment. The tuxes are pressed but their cocks are HARD. Relief is on the way… actually a FOUR-WAY!

Screw the traditional wedding make sure “The Groomsmen” are on your guest list. Your will not only get them up but will also get them off!

Watch twink bareback video ‘The Groomsmen’ from Pupply Productions! Starring Will Forbes, Matt Jackson, Jasper Emerald, Alex Russian, Rico Nunez, Jon Janes, John Gadsby, Ricky Jackson, Nathan Douglas, Paul Tomlinson, Jamie Lee.



Raw Ass Fuckers 2 by SX Video

Studio: SX Video On February - 14 - 2009

Raw Ass Fuckers 2 by SX Video Hung studs Chris Neal and Jason Tyler, along with bubble-butt Dominik Rider, are just three of the cum sluts featured in Raw Ass Fuckers 2 by SX Video.

There is a guy for everyone’s taste — Latino, twink, black, uncut, beefy. There are also lots of close up shots of bare cock sliding into stretched holes.

First up is a blazing four-way with Chris, Jason, Dominik and Antonio Vela, who takes the award for cock loving. Antonio has a sexy, intense presence and you often feel he is looking right at you, inviting you to fuck his ass and mouth.

He obviously enjoys every inch of cock he slurps on or that’s jammed up his crack. The scene starts with the four on a bed tonguing each other’s stiff dicks and wet holes.

Soon, the guys are eagerly flip fucking each other and Antonio loves licking cock after it’s been inside him. The four later get into a frantic train fuck.




Scene 2 is a bit more mellow with studly Devon Auston, of Barebacking With Jeff Palmer fame, and Danny Cuevas and Jonny Long. Auston gives great oral service to two cocks and eats Long’s ass until it is ready for a deep dicking, which it gets to Long’s delight. The action gets sweaty as the guys move from the couch to the floor and Auston and Cuevas take turns inside Long’s cheeks.

Scene 3 features black, built and hung Alex, most recently seen in SX’s Barebacking With Carlos Morales. Alex makes Latino boi Ruben Rodriguez his bitch and Ruben loves servicing Alex’s long, fat cock. They get to the fucking quickly because Alex wants that tender hole for his own. When he is satisfied, he drops a huge load.

Finally, there is another one-on-one with Jeramiah Maxx and Cody, two college guys making out to start. That leads, as it often does, to cock sucking and ass eating. And, Cody eats Jeramiah’s ass like it’s his last meal, licking and kissing it over and over. He replaces his tongue with his cock and the two fuck their way through several positions, including Jeramiah riding a seated Cody’s cock. This gives us a cum-churning view of Jeramiah’s smooth, little, round ass mounds stroking up and down on Cody’s pole as it jabs in between.

Watch ‘Raw Ass Fuckers 2′ from SX Video! Starring Dominik Rider, Johnny Long, Devon Auston, Jeramiah Maxx, Antonio Vela, Chris Neal, Dominikk Rider.

Bareback Beginners 10 by Eagle Video

Studio: Eagle Video On February - 12 - 2009

Bareback Beginners 10 by Eagle Video In Bareback Beginners 10 from Eagle Video, it’s all new to them… and their frenetic fucking and sucking is all done bareback. They’re at it again, bringing us fresh faces and hot bodies. Watch their cheeks part, their mouths stuffed, and the cum loads fly wherever they want to shoot it!

Number 10 in this series has a decent looking and performing cast of 18-22 year old Euroboys, with bodies ranging from slim to nicely built. The boys meet as strangers on the street or in the photography studio and quickly get to know each other.

A twinky threesome gets started up with all sorts of cocksucking matchups until the spit soaked cocks of two of the guys tag team one boy’s ready ass and mouth. He cleans their knobs after they land cum loads all over his face and hair.

The coverboy blond and a cute shaggy haired friend feast on cock, then shaggy gets his ass fucked and a facial to quench his thirst. A sculpted stud and his slim friend hookup on a couch. Slim’s ass is dominated by cock, getting his hole opened up wide before a dripping facial ends his workout.

A cute photographer gets involved with one of his models, taking the big boy’s cock for a ride before they both blow their loads in each other’s mouth.

For the final scene, Sammy Case fans will enjoy the performance from a twink who resembles him. “Sammy” takes all of his friend’s big pipe inside his tight ass until the big tool is pulled out to give him a lustfully received load in his mouth.

Watch these twinks barebacking in Bareback Beginners 10 from Eagle Video! Starring Martin F, Honza, Petr, Jonas, Erik, Michal, Martin, Jan, and David.



Sleazy Couples: Berlin Privat 8

Studio: Cazzo Film On February - 7 - 2009

Sleazy Couples: Berlin Privat 8

In the 8th episode of the Berlin Privat series from Cazzo,  it’s all about ‘Sleazy Couples’. Six practiced asses being put to the test — exactly how much can real men take?

Five sturdy couples provide the answers and show how rough and tough they are behind closed doors. They’re masculine and they’re pigs. They know what they want and most of all know how to take what they need, even if it’s bareback.

The charming carpenter Chris nails his sweet boyfriend Micha with his fat cock. Then they flip, and Micha gives it to Chris just as good as he took it.

We’ve got a sexy couple of exports from Paris, Nicola and David with their shaved heads. Bearded David shoves his cock in all of Nicola’s available holes. And Nicola is greedy for whatever David gives him. He sucks his man’s cock with passion and willingly gives up his ass for David’s hard fists.

Skin lads Ben and Rob are hot for a three-way. They lure Marcel into their playroom and give him a very rough ride — when the fist isn’t enough they have to turn to a baseball bat!

Watch ‘Berlin Privat 8: Sleazy Couples’ by Cazzo Film! Starring Ben, David Castan, Nicolas Torri, Michael Finn, Chris Forny, Jake Corwin, and others.



Bareback Auditions 2 by SX Video

Studio: SX Video On February - 6 - 2009

Bareback Auditions 2 Young stud Johnny Walker returns to SX Video to host ‘Bareback Auditions 2′.

His first interview is with Zach O’Mally, a fresh-faced red head with a nice, big, uncut piece. He brags that he has no gag reflex. Johnny jumps at the chance to see if that is true. Zach then eats Johnny’s tight hole before fucking it raw.

Johnny next interviews Latino muscleman Tazma. He flexes a bit until Andres Gomez-Cruz arrives on the scene. The two hit it off and Tazma sure likes Andres’ round ass.

Jake Cruz is built long and lean. Jason Reed does the interviewing and soon has his legs up. Jake fucks like a jackhammer. This one is black-on-white condom-free barebacking action at its best.

Jason next gets screwed by handsome Christopher Ashlee. Christopher is a bit shy, but once Jason wrapped his lips around his cock, that all changes. There is no turning back once he gets deep in Jason’s hole.

Farius Caine is a bi guy looking for some extra cash. His girlfriend is OK with him sharing his pole. In fact, she likes to join in. She is not here today though to see Farius dominate Jason’s hole until they both cum.

In a surprise turn of events, Jason tops young guy Preston Luis in the last scene. Being the usual bottom, Jason knows what to do and gives it to Preston doggie style.

Watch ‘Bareback Auditions 2′ from SX Video! Starring Andres Gomez Cruz, Christopher Ashlee, Farius Caine, Jake Cruz, Jason Reed, Johnny Walker, Preston Luis, and Zack O’Mally.



Dungeon from SX Video

Studio: SX Video On January - 26 - 2009

Dungeon from SX Video When sexy stars Joey Milano and Jason Tyler wanted to go raw, they came to SX for their first ever bareback shoots. It’s dark. It’s dirty. It’s Dungeon. And it’s all about YOU submitting to your master and getting the shit fucked out of you while you beg for more!

First up, Jason Tyler does his first bareback scene and it is something to watch. He is paired with Dominik Rider and Drew Peters and the three are really into one another. Each gets an ass fucking and a turn in the sling.

Then, Brad Slater, Jed Pisston and Jonathen Cummings have a no-holds barred threeway. Jed takes several big toys up his ass, as does Jonathen.

Nobody enjoys a fist like muscle man Guns, and Sam Lee gives him just what he needs. Once Sam has primed and stretched Guns, Jay, a buff Latino, takes over and fucks Guns to the finish.

Joey Milano makes his bareback debut in this scene with Mark Galfione. The two play with toys to get warmed up. Mark gets to eat Joey`s delicious muscle ass before fucking it. They are joined by Charly, with his big, uncut dick. He fucks them both and leaves a huge load in Mark`s ass, which Joey eats out.

Watch bareback leather fetish video ‘Dungeon’ from SX Video! Starring porn pigs Brad Slater, Charly, Dominik Rider, Drew Peters, Guns, Jason Tyler, Jay, Jed Pisston, Joey Milano, Jonathen Cummings, Mark Galfione.



Raw Raw Piss n Cum

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 26 - 2009

Raw Raw Piss and Cum The title doesn’t lie! ‘Raw Raw Piss n Cum’ from Tipo Sesso features eight hot young twinks with huge uncut cocks.

They get their fetish on in this feature film which includes: feet licking, pissing, cum-eating, snowballing, enema (ass squirting), and barebacking fun!

Not a soft dick in the bunch. These guys love eating feet, piss and cum. You’ll love watching them.

How could these wholesome innocent looking young guys be into such dirty raunchy hot and horny fetishes?

Let them take you on the journey into lascivious pleasures and mind-blowing fetish fantasies.

Watch ‘Raw Raw Piss n Cum’ from Tipo Sesso! Starring Ivan, Jakub, Tony, Jan, Pavol, Lucky, Jaro.





Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2

Studio: SX Video On January - 23 - 2009

Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2 Jeff Palmer is the hottest and nastiest man making adult movies today. He was born for porn and this is the video that proves why.

He sucks, fucks, tops and bottoms his way through four of the best scenes we’ve ever put together. He’s back for the second installment in the Barebacking with Jeff Palmer series and he’s better than ever.

Jeff starts out by showing Jack Surf his new dungeon playground — fully stocked with toys, slings and even a chained sex slave ready for abuse.

Jack and Jeff take turns pounding the slave’s sweet ass all over the dungeon. Jeff finishes off by slurping up everybody’s jiz — including his own — with a cumshot that shoots straight into his hungry mouth.

After a quick shower, Jeff develops an itch up his ass that he thinks can only be scratched by the Jeff Palmer dildo. That is until Flex Deon Blake shows up with his rock-hard rectal ripper. Jeff has wanted to do a scene with Flex for a while and it really shows. He gives up his gorgeous ass to Flex with enthusiasm. It ends with an internal cumshot and plenty of sweet manjuice oozing from Jeff’s ripe hole.



Later that night, Dick James, Brad Slater and super hot Jagger show up at the dungeon for some XXX playtime. Jeff makes sure that everyone gets a piece of ass — whether it be his or Jagger’s gorgeous bubble butt. They tease, poke and prod each other until they all explode at once all over Jeff’s face and in his eager mouth. Yummy!

Jeff and Alan Gregory take some time to really get to know each other — inside and out. They flip flop more than an indecisive politician and fuck each other like true champions.

Another brilliant video performance by Jeff and another cock jerker for all of you. Watch ‘Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2′ from SX Video!