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Cum Dump from Tipo Sesso

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 5 - 2009

Cum Dump You know a cum dump when you see one. You might even be one yourself. They have a craving for big cocks in their mouths and asses, and they’re especially hungry for that fresh shot of cum that shoots out the head.

Whether it’s shot in the throat or up the ass, there is only one name for these kinds of sex pigs — Cum Dumps.

First up in ‘Cum Dump’ from Tipo Sesso, Kevin Kramer steps back in front of the camera for his barebacking debut. He TOPS for the very first time making use of his huge cock handsomely adorned with a stylish Prince Albert piercing. This scenic outdoor 3-way pool scene features Kevin topping porn cutie Brad Slater and handsome Mark Van der Vilt. He shoots his load while fucking Brad. Brad shoots on his stomach. Mark jacks off while Kevin slurps down the cum.

Next, in a scene called “Hotel Room Orgy” featuring: Kamrun, Joey Milano, Jorje Armada, Brad Slater, Mark Van der Vilt, and (making his barebacking debut) – Dino Phillips! Everyone fucks everyone in this hot orgy scene. It ends with Dino eagerly devouring everyone’s cum.

Then in “Glory Hole Fantasy” featuring: Jarod Steel, Kamrun, Mystery (Donkey) Dick, and (making his barebacking debut) – Sam Dixon! Our favourite bareback cutie, Jarod Steel, takes it like a pro in this hot glory hole scene featuring the hot hung cocks of Kamrun, Sam Dixon & let’s see if you can guess the “Mystery Dick.”

Finally, “Desk Set” features Jarod Steel, Dino Phillips, and (making his barebacking debut) – Casey Wood! Dino & Casey fuck Jarod giving him some hot internal cum shots.

Watch ‘Cum Dump’ from Tipo Sesso! Starring Kevin Kramer, Jarod Steel, Joey Milano, Brad Slater, Dino Phillips, Kamrun, Casey Wood, Mark Van der Vilt, Sam Dixon, Jorje Armada.



Twinks get their Candy Asses Barebacked

Studio: Helix On January - 4 - 2009

Twinks Fuck Bareback Twink lovers are going to spooge themselves something fierce over this bareback video. ‘Candy Ass 2′ from Helix is the followup to their wildly popular first movie again showcases a series of young, smooth-bodied stars as they get down and nasty in hot bareback hardcore action.

Coverboy twinkie Devon Ford has a great lickable candy ass but he also has a nice thick cock for his small frame, and he really gets into using it as he leads this cast in nonstop raw uninhibited action as they suck and fuck each other as long and hard as they can.

We all know what comes out of the center of this candy with enough licking. Hot loads of boy cream!

Watch ‘Candy Ass 2′ from Helix! Starring Zack Tanner, Tyler Lance, Alex Lynn, Cohen Jennings, Devon Ford, Jamie Blade, Prince Mykal, Cameron Phillips, Aaron Tyler.





Bareback Sleaze Fest

Studio: SX Video On January - 3 - 2009

Sleaze 3 from SX Video Eleven nasty, ass-loving hound dogs collide in a sex frenzy that only SX Video could capture. Watch these sleazy raw fuckers get filled up in ‘Sleaze 3′.

Aaron Summers is very hungry for ass play. He opens his hole to the very verbal Dusty Rivers. Aaron hangs over a sling to get his ass eaten and then fucked rough. Dusty shows no mercy as he pounds away like a jackhammer. But that’s not enough…

Aaron then gets fisted and shoved full of huge fucking toys. That is still not enough. Aaron is then forced to take a FOOT inside. Of course, there’s a big load of cum to finish the ass workout.

Super hot Latino Diego Cruz is the plaything for three hung tops who take turns fucking his mouth and ass. Diego loves the attention, especially when 9-inch-dicked Lito Cruz is ramming him. His manhole then gets stretched for a double penetration. Also featuring Franco and Steven Richards. Each top leaves a load in Diego.

Muscleman Patrick Ives and Sebastien B get all up in each other’s junk. Patrick is impressed that Sebastien can suck his own big uncut cock. The two flip fuck in a sling. Sebastien pisses all over himself before it is over.

The Rocha brothers may look sweet, but they are mean fuckers. Kevin and Angel work slutty muscle pup Antonio Vela until his eyes roll back into his head while he pumps his uncut cock. The sling never stops swinging.

Watch raunchy bareback porn video ‘Sleaze 3′ from SX Video! Starring Aaron Summers, Angel Rocha, Antonio Vela, Diego Cruz, Dusty Rivers, Kevin Rocha, Lito Cruz, Patrick Ives Sebastien B, Steven Richards.



Fucked Raw from Tipo Sesso

Studio: Tipo Sesso On January - 2 - 2009

Fucked Raw ‘Fucked Raw’ features superstar Jason Reed making his Tipo Sesso debut! Porn veteran Sam Dixon is at it again bringing you some of the raunchiest, nastiest, hottest bareback action in the newest release from Tipo Sesso, now available here on Hot Male Videos.

Featuring 7 horny fuckers in 4 raunchy scenes, Fucked Raw is an all-out bareback sling XXX fuckfest! Another All-American show-stopping cast of raunchy, sexy studs you actually WANT to watch have bareback sex.

The cast is primarily made up of young, muscular “boy next door” jocks. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed if they needed a good fuck!

Check out this hardcore XXX bareback porn video ‘Fucked Raw’ from Tipo Sesso. Starring: Jason Reed, Tristen Valen, Kyle Miller, Sly, Luke Cross, Alex Cross, Justin Case.





Ass Stretcher by Machofucker

Studio: Treasure Island Media On January - 1 - 2009

Ass Stretcher The kings of porn filth, Treasure Island and Machofucker, have put their heads together and released a video true to the styles of both studios.

A while back, Paul Morris was told to check out Machofucker. He did, and here’s their first video, available exclusively through Treasure Island Media.

This is a no-frills, Euro-vision of sex and it focuses on one thing and one thing only: BIG, BURSTIN’ MAN-RAMMING COCKS.

Everyone has been blown away by the sheer monumentality of the schlongs on the macho, aggressive topmen in this video. They are HUGE and they’re HARD – and they are extremely AGGRESSIVE.

The bottoms are holes to be used, nothing more. This isn’t gentle sex: this is about INTENSE MACHO STUDS taking what they want, and taking it anyway they want it.

In one scene, the big LATIN TOP sporting a massive dick divides his time between ramming the skinny COCK-HUNGRY BOTTOM and slapping him hard. He grabs the bottom’s ass and uses him like a mad-dog fucking a rag-doll.

There are drawbacks, yes. The camera work isn’t inspired. The neighbors play fucking awful music. But what ASS STRETCHER has, it has in spades: the biggest, most BREATHTAKING ROCK-HARD DICKS I’ve seen in a long time (and I see a lot of dick).

In particular, Wade – the stud sporting the biggest of the big – shows off his prowess in two of the scenes. I don’t think anyone could get through both of these sequences (one is oral, the other a major ass-fucking) without saying: “I can’t fuckin’ believe it’s THAT BIG!” Wade isn’t a man, he’s a phenomenon of nature.

Watch these poor bottoms get the shit bareback fucked out of them in ‘Ass Stretcher’ from Treasure Island and Machofucker!



Forced Entry Club

Studio: Puppy Productions On January - 1 - 2009

Forced Entry Club Puppy Productions’ ‘Forced Entry Club’, shows unstoppable fuck veteran Thomas Bjorn forcing his monster 8 inch dick upon innocent young boys bareback-style in this non-stop, hardcore, butt pounding, rape fantasy.

The storyline of this video deals with the subject of male rape, a common fantasy among many gay men.

In the scenes depicting forced sexual activities, actors are merely “visually portraying” the perceived fantasies of those individuals who fantasize about male rape.

This video is therefore presented as a visual fantasy, despite any possible appearance of force.

Watch bareback gay rape fantasy porn video ‘Forced Entry Club’ from Puppy productions!

Starring: Thomas Bjorn, Keb Sanders, and Scott Thorton.






Hot Latino Barebacking

Studio: Latin Studs On December - 30 - 2008

Latin Flava In ‘Latin Flava’ by Latin Studs, you can follow these cock-crazed Latin stud-twinks as their perennially hard cocks come out and play in 6 stiff ‘n sticky barebacking scenes!

Lots of frenetic cock sucking and raw butt fucking… with copious loads of fresh Latino cum spewing on smooth, olive-skinned young bodies!

Watch “Latin Flava” from Latin Studs! Starring Andres Camillo, Junior Santana, Travis Hayden, Mario Angel, Rico Rivera, Angel Rios, T.J. Jordan, Ricky Tash and Eric Perez.









Black Bareback Sex

Studio: Flava Works On December - 30 - 2008

Breion in the Raw Breion is a horny mothafucka who specializes in two area– the man about dies every time his dick is sucked, and eats ass like he’s going to the chair afterward.

In ‘Breion in the Raw’ from Flava Works, the star makes the movie here, and if you like Breion you’ll like this 2+ hours of sucking and fucking and bareback ass-fucking. Baby Boy is beautiful as ever, Krave can sit on this face anytime, and even Prince Junior, in this skinny-boy ruffneck way, is a nice ass-licking surprise.

This one falls short of the scorching Breion’s Dorm by failing to change up the models more. Of the seven sex scenes, Prophet (who I do love) is in six of them, spotlighted so much with Breion, tha flick shoulda been called Breion and Prophet in the Raw.

The black ass barebacking is hot and no doubt so are Breion and Prophet, and if ya like them together, you’ll love this one.

Watch ‘Breion in the Raw’ from Flava Works!



‘Bareback Auditions’ by Puppy Productions

Studio: Puppy Productions On December - 29 - 2008

Bareback Auditions In ‘Bareback Auditions’ from Puppy Productions, producer and director Thomas Bjorn brings out these talented, bareback bottoms. This Fuck Veteran uses his 8″ monster cock to bring these New Models to climax several times!

These guys will pop, shoot, moan, groan, and ask for more while Thomas uses his talents on their bodies.

They sit on his huge dick and do butt dances to show how much they and their asses love being fucked by Thomas Bjorn. Then the fucking continues with Thomas on Top: He plunges that huge dick in those pretty pink assholes in every position possible… front, back, sideways and more.

The interview ends with Thomas cumming on their asshole and then plows that dick right back in for a little more pleasure. After the interview they don’t know if they want to be a Cowboy or Gymnast.

Grab your lube and towel cause you’re going to work up a sweat and shoot a load or two!

Watch ‘Bareback Auditions’ by Puppy Productions! Starring Thomas Bjorn, Billy Boyd, Ethan, Brent, and Vince Vincenzo.




Bareback Jail Gang Bang

Studio: Skin 2 Skin Films On December - 29 - 2008

bareback twinks ‘Bareback Jail Gangbang’ by Skin 2 Skin Films is loaded with twink bareback sex. First up, Matt Martin (the jail guard) pulls 2 studs (Parker and Johnny Cage) out of the holding cell to release some of his frustration.

Of course he doesn’t care that he does it on the other side of the bars, but in clean visibility of 5 other, horned up inmates. They look at some possibilities themselves to release their tension so they gang up on Ian Cody to make him their total suck and fuck toy.

Incredible, raw passion ensues on both sides of the bar with a spectacular cum swallowing bukake crowning the scene! Ian Cody gives us a perfect double penetration shot, where 2 of his inmates give him a double banger he won’t forget for a long time.

Watch ‘Bareback Jail Gang Bang’ by Skin 2 Skin Films! Starring Alexis Cervantes, Frankie Jay, Ian Cody, Johnny Cage, Kyle Foxxx, Matt Martin, Ricco Pierre.




Straight Men Fucking

Studio: SX Video On December - 29 - 2008

straightmenfucking ‘Straight Men Fucking’ from SX Video lives up to its title. The straight men are for real and they show the gay men how it is done, completely bareback.

First up, ex-Marine Aidyn Michael is a hot piece of action – all tattooed and sporting a fat piece of meat that points out like a poker. He feeds this treasure to Erec Estrada who sucks on it for a real long time. Erec next takes to Aidyn’s nicely haired hole for some deep rimming, which the straight guy loves. Guess his girlfriends don’t do that for him. Erec is soon bent over taking straight cock and cum up his ass.

Then, Drew Peters, everyone’s dream bottom, is all worked up and excited in Scene 2 to have a go at Erik’s uncut cock. He get is in many positions, his hole massaging the pole. Drew gets his butt filled with cum and cleans his top’s cock.

Next, scene 3 features two studly newcomers: Adam Mansfield and Maximo De Leon. Both are dark and delicious with tattoos covering their big, well-muscled bodies. Maximo asks if Adam wants a taste of some man ass. Apparently he does because he fucks Maximo into a moaning pile of bottom joy. It is muscle men going for the fucking prizefight.

The tables get turned in Scene 4 when straight guy David Marritt gets his virgin ass worked by Jay Jay Lopez. They trade blow jobs first to get in the right mood. Both have big dicks and both enjoy the attention. Jay Jay can even lick his own uncut joy toy and does. Then, when the fucking starts, David, for a straight guy, sure can take dick.

Watch ‘Straight Men Fucking’ bareback by SX Video!