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Active Duty: Barebackin’ Heroes

Studio: San Diego Boy On December - 14 - 2009

Active Duty: Barebackin' Heroes Active Duty: Barebackin’ Heroes by San Diego Boy Productions features real active duty heroes serving our country and serving their sexual desires!

These studs are horned and ready to serve you something up!

In the first scene, Jet is a 19-year-old southern boy serving our country who hooks up with Navy boy Kye.

This scene starts with super thick, hung top, Kye inserting his bare cock deep inside our Marine as Jet licks his own cock.

Jet gets bareback fucked hard and in unlimited positions, they really get into it Jett moaning and groaning taking that cock.

There are some GREAT penetration shots Kye does have that big dick and Jett’s got a sweet ass.

If Jett’s moans fuck me are any indication, this was one hot fuck! Cum is literally flying as this scene comes to a climax.




U.S. Marine Derek gets home after a hard day on base, and while taking a hot shower unwinding, Matt joins him to help relieve his stress. And as we all know, the best way for a Marine to get stress relief is to get fucked. Derek doesn’t hesitate, he bends over and Matt loads his huge raw cock deep inside this Marine. The bareback plowing continues in the bedroom as Matt pumps his deliciously thick dick cock deep inside our Marine whose hungry hole just cant get enough. No more stress!

Next in Barebackin’ Heroes, Joe is one horny 18-year-old PFC whose ultimate fantasy is to do porn. Joe tells us a bit about himself before slipping his Italian cock out of his uniform, as his uniform comes off, his cock gets harder. He’s got a nice body, a beautiful ass, and a 7″ cock that makes your mouth water. Joe shoots an incredible load, creamy spunk that hits him in the face.

These two Navy shipmates are getting ready to go out on the town, but Brent needs some help with his dress blues. His buddy Joshua helps out, before you know it Joshua is deep-throating Brent’s cock. They take turns bending over and fucking each other raw, each really savoring the others cock, but you can tell that Brent is the true bottom boy.

He really enjoys Joshua’s 8+” cock pulsating inside him. He gets so turned on with Joshua’s bare cock thrusting in and out of his hole, that he cant hold back and lets his load fly. Joshua keeps plowing him some more, pulls out and shoots his juice all over him.

Alex Cortez is anxious to show how much a good Marine likes to bottom. We’ve hooked him up with Jett, a 6′4″ military stud who was looking to fuck a guy for the first time. There’s nothing hotter than seeing two buff, hot young military studs passionately kiss. They are a perfect match for each other.

As the clothes come off, they kiss and suck, the sex ramps up and Alex cant wait to have Jett’s thick 9 cock inside of him. The fucking sizzles in several positions, with the shear ecstasy of having a raw cock inside him, Alex blows his load soon followed by Jett pulling out and showering Alex with his man juice. Then into the showers to clean up and some candid talk.

Watch Active Duty: Barebackin’ Heroes by San Diego Boy Productions! Starring Jet Stevens, Derek Livingston, Alex Cortez, Joshua Price, Jett Slater, Matt Moyer, Kye Edan, Brent Lancaster, Joe Ciprini.

Barebacking Sluts by Breed Me Media

Studio: Breed Me Media On December - 10 - 2009

Bareback Sluts by Breed Me Media We all love to bareback a sweet hole. But these Barebacking Sluts cant get enough.

In Barebacking Sluts from Breed Me Media, back for more bareback cock is Maxime Fuuq, Rich Wrangler, Thomas Steel, Jake Manhole, Nicholas De B and Andre Barclay.

These dudes bareback each other like it was meant to be. Rough, hard and show no mercy on the bottom. Watch these sluts bareback each other you may learn a thing or two!

The first barebacking slut duo, Andre Barclay and Nicholas De B, will get your crotch wet. Young Andre starts by face fucking Nicholas and making sure he deep throats his sweet cock.

Nicholas, the power bottom that he is, gladly does as he is told and sucks it deep. It doesn’t take long for Andre to start barebacking this slut bottom.

Andre teaches this bareback bottom how to take raw cock and please a top. Nicholas’s sweet little butt takes it bareback, the way it should!



Maxime and his fuck buddy Jake Manhole gladly did a scene for us to show how dynamite they are in bed together. This hot bareback flip fuck sessions is sure to get your juices flowing. Both these dudes have nice thick manly meaty cocks that just beg to get sucked and bareback a sweet hole.

They get each other going by fucking face deep and hard. Jake gets some payback by making Maxime take a nice big dildo deep to open him up for his cock later. But Maxime returns the favor by power fucking Jakes big ass. Nice bareback fucking performances by these two big beefy dudes. Now this is manly sex!

The hot bareback bottom star Maxime Fuuq comes back for another hot explosive scene with aggressive top fucker Thomas Steel. Thomas shows no mercy on either of Maxime`s holes by treating them like they should. He force feeds Maxime his sweet man cock deep down his throat and holds it there to make sure Maxime can get it all down!

After he warms up his mouth Thomas next moves to Maximes big white ass that just begs for bareback cock all the time. Thomas doesn’t waste time power fucking this bottom boy into tomorrow. With his raw cock drilling Maxime`s big white ass, Thomas has to hold off cumming so soon. But when he does he easily holds the loudest cummer of all our models. This ends nicely with a little cum eating after they explode!

Maxime and Rich meet up again for another hot bareback fuck with one difference. Someone gets seeded this time! Maxime starts off by face fucking his slut friend Rich with his big knobbed cock and ramming down his throat to get it rock hard for his ass.

Before you know it is his barebacking Rich’s hole and ramming it deep. Rich returns the favor by flipping Max on his back and teaching him a lesson on how to bareback a hot hole. This flip fuck session gets hot! Question is – who takes the seed?

Watch Barebacking Sluts by Breed Me Media! Starring Andre Barclay, Jake Manhole, Maxime Fuuq, Nicholas De B, Rich Wrangler, Thomas Steel.

Banging Boys Bareback 2

Studio: Helix On December - 4 - 2009

Banging Boys Bareback 2 Banging Boys Bareback 2 introduces some fresh new faces to Helix’s growing line of mouth dropping hotties.

One after another these boys bust one raw after exploring and probing each others hole.

Watch as Casey’s 11 inch cock takes command of Skylar’s ready and willing hole!

With much enjoyment along the way, finish this mouth watering movie by feasting your eyes on a sultry double penetration threeway between Aiden Mychals, Rad Matthews and Dustin Revees.

This is a fun twink on twink video you won’t want to miss if you love them young and smooth.

Watch Banging Boys Bareback 2 from Helix!





Bareback My Ass! by SX Video

Studio: SX Video On November - 30 - 2009

Bareback My Ass! In Bareback My Ass by SX Video, young guys Brodie Andrews, Aaron Jackobs, Jake Gonzales and Tanner Hayes stretch their beautiful round asses wide open for the bareback pleasures of big-dicked tops.

Scene 1 features Brodie Andrews who uses his wet mouth and beautiful round ass to service Erik and Paul Black.

When he sits on Paul’s thick dick, Paul grunts: “Fuck, this is a tight ass.”

Erick and Paul pass Brodie back and forth, as they take turns fucking both his holes in all sorts of positions.

Twenty-one year old Jake Gonzalez couldn’t wait to spread his cheeks in Scene 2 for some fucking so we brought Jude in to show him how its done.

Jude starts by getting Jake’s hole all nice and wet with his tongue before filling him up with his hard thick cock. The new boy loved having his ass worked over and was so tight that he kept Jude on the verge of exploding.



In Scene 3 Tanner Hayez says he likes to be dominated and SX resident Latino stud Erik knows just how to do it. Erik gets his cock wet in young Tanner’s mouth before flipping him on his back to fill his tight pink boy hole. Tanner takes a huge load of Erik’s hot cum in his ass.

For Scene 4. Dominick Thomas, who likes young cock, gets plenty from Aaron Jackobs, who has an 8-incher, amazingly stiff beauty. Dominick gives oral attention to that hard meat for a long time before he assumes the doggie position for a good fucking. He is not satisfied though with just cock and Aaron adds a dildo for some double penetration action.

Aaron Jackobs returns in Scene 5 but this time as a bottom for Erik. Aaron sucks Erik’s uncut piece for starters and then gets rolled over for some fucking. While sitting on the invader, Aaron’s big cock is slapping against his belly button. Both dump big loads.

Watch Bareback By Ass by SX Video! Starring Aaron Jackobs, Brodie Andrews, Dominic Thomas, Erik, Jake Gonzales, Jude, Paul Black, Tanner Hayes.

Bourbon St. Boys Unloaded

Studio: Factory Video On November - 26 - 2009

Bourbon St. Boys Unloaded Bourbon St. Boys Unloaded from Factory Video takes us to New Orleans. The Big Easy is back and ready to play.

Bourbon Street is packed with horny Southern Men ready to fuck and suck. Raw and Nasty. Bareback sex and cum eating. This video has a lot of really hot guys in a really hot city.

Boys, boners, balls, beads and butts. Everything you’d expect from Bourbon Street and more is in the hot, New Orleans extravaganza.

Along with countless voyeuristic shots of shorts dropped and dicks groped, Luke and Orion take their boys behind the city’s ornate gated doors for some young bareback action.

Be it two, three or four guys at a time, Bourbon Street Boys Unloaded confirms what you’ve known all along: It’s good to be back in The Big Easy.

Watch Bourbon St. Boys Unloaded from Factory Video! Starring Johnny Rebel, Luke Cross, Nash Davis, Dalton Pierce, Miles Humboldt, Matthew James.



Sun Valley Bareback by Cocksure Men

Studio: Cocksure Men On November - 23 - 2009

Sun Valley Bareback by Cocksure Men Sun Valley is where you want to be to watch superstar Leo Giamani bareback with his friends.

It’s the perfect place for Sun Valley Bareback by Cocksure Men!

Leo Giamani takes it in the ass raw for hot stud David Taylor.

Then a seven-man orgy goes wild when Park Wiley is gang-banged by the other six studs who flood his face with their sticky loads after fucking him.

Later Jeremy Bilding tops Jake Wolfe on a hammock while power-top Leo Giamani drills power-bottom Park Wiley during a hike.

It’s scorching hot in Sun Valley. The heat is as intense as the action!

Watch Sun Valley Bareback from Cocksure Men!

Starring Leo Giamani, David Taylor, Park Wiley, Jeremy Bilding, Jake Wolfe.



Bare Loaded 3 by US Male

Studio: US Male On November - 16 - 2009

Bare Loaded 3 by US Male In Bare Loaded 3 by US Male, whether it’s a hot two-some or a sweaty, cream-filled threesome, these horny young guys just can’t keep their hands, mouths, and asses away from their pulsating dicks.

Plenty of uncut cock worship, ass play, raw bareback fucking, cream-filled assholes, and glazed faces sucking spent cocks… get the nasty picture?

These young jocks and twinks act like dirty little whores, and it’s been put to video for the rest of us to see.

And they do it right out in the open woods, where anybody could see them fucking around with each others smooth, tight bodies!

Watch Bare Loaded 3 from US Male!

Starring Jason Marshalow, Luke, Rick, Sinko, Franky, Sebastian, Vaco, Peter.




Monster Cock 2 by SX Video

Studio: SX Video On November - 15 - 2009

Monster Cock 2 by SX Video Monster Cock 2 from SX Video features scene after scene of hot huge cocks and cute butts. All bareback fucking action.

Watch these studs explode time and time again.

All the big monster cock that you can handle!

Monster Cock 2 stars Casey Wood, Ian Jay, Jude, Lito Cruz, Mario Montes, Michael Kadin and Miguel Temon.

First up, two young studs with big dicks and cute butts. Who gets to top?

After a bit of 69ing Michael takes control of Jude’s ass with some quality rimming and finger play.

He knows his cock is fat and he needs to open Jude up.

Jude’s ass takes it until shooting time and then he flips to get a mouthful of cum.





Then, what happens when two Latino studs collide? Miguel Temon and Mario Montes both have big, fat cocks and want to get off. Mario loves servicing gay-for-pay Miguel’s uncut monster. He deep throats it for a bit to get a feel for its size. Miguel fucks him hard and leaves a juicy load inside.

Next in Monster Cock 2, fresh-faced Ian Jay told us he can take big cock without batting an eye. He proves his word when he takes on Lito Cruz’s 10-inch whopper. The two trade blow jobs to start and then Lito lunches on Ian’s smooth asshole, alternating between sticking in his tongue and cock. Then while fucking, he pulls his cock out to stick it in Ian’s mouth. Ian even gets two loads up his butt & Lito’s and his own. Watch to find out how.

Last but not least, we get to see a true 11×8 cock in action! As Michael says: “That was the biggest cock I have ever seen.” He gets more than just to see it. He licks and sucks it as much as he can fit in his mouth. Then it takes trying several positions for his ass to open for Casey to get that big boy inside. There is no acting here. Michael really feels the pain to get the pleasure.

More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs

Studio: No Cover Productions On November - 6 - 2009

More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs If you couldn’t get enough of those cum pigs in the first movie, then More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs from No Cover Productions will definitely prime your pump.

Featuring three even hotter episodes of bareback Euro-lovin’, More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs features two wet and sweaty gym fuck fantasies sandwiching an amazing venture to hardcore BDSM.

Three pairs of extra-horny Euro-studs go skin on skin in raw condom-free action.

Two hot muscle studs work up a sweat and work out their cocks, mouths and assholes. A mysterious leather-clad hunk tortures and fucks a trussed-up boy who ends up as a contortionist power-bottom.

And a couple of cute twinks find that their raging hard-ons need sweet release in the gym’s shower room.

Strong cock-sucking, passionate ungloved ass-pounding, and, of course, cum-splattered assholes – it’s a bareback bone-anza.

Watch More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs from No Cover Productions!



Open to Anything by Raw Entry Club

Studio: Raw Entry Club On November - 4 - 2009

Open to Anything Has it ever struck you that living in a house with eleven hot, horny and hung young men might be a great idea?

Whenever you feel in the mood, someone would always be sexually available for some wild action. The guys in Open to Anything seem to concur with this idea.

Through five sizzling bareback sex scenes, the eleven exceptionally well-hung studs hit it off and then get off with one another, in the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen – anywhere.

First up, John is trying some card tricks out on Chris, which seem to lead naturally to tricks of another sort. They kiss and caress and quickly fall back on a bed to get into heavy breathing. Their shirts come off and Chris goes down on John’s big cock.

After a while John goes for Chris. Their pants and underwear come off, and soon they’re naked and heavily into it. Back and forth they go, sucking each other’s big dicks. John takes to face-fucking Chris which leads them on to 69-ing, with Chris on top.



Chris mounts John and simulates fucking him, rubbing his dick up and down his body. And then with the help of a little spit, he shoves it up his ass for real. This eventually moves into Chris fucking John doggie style, kneeling on the bed. John jacks off over Chris and shoots a load into his mouth. There is no music pounding, only the sound of hot sex. Then Chris jacks off and squirts cum into John’s mouth. They kiss, as cum drips from John’s chin. They continue to lick and suck and kiss each other as the scene fades out. So much for card tricks.

Lucky and Fifty are near the fireplace in the living room. Lucky throws a log on the fire while Fifty reads. The book is quickly dropped when kissing becomes a possibility. Fifty gets rid of his shirt and then Lucky’s. Lucky’s large curved dick comes out for a long blowjob. But when Tom comes in, he pushes Fifty into leaving. Lucky is Tom’s special friend, and a three-way’s not meant to be. Tom is tall and hot. His shirt comes off, and he goes for Lucky’s ass to rim him, using his fingers and tongue to make a tasty meal of his hole.

Tom’s dick comes out as he pushes Lucky back on the table for a long fucking session. He shoots his juicy load in Lucky’s hole and immediately re-inserts it to pound him some more. They kiss, and Lucky stands up to shoot his cum in Tom’s mouth. He sucks his dick clean, and they kiss some more. These hot guys sure like kissing.

It’s morning and curly-haired Martin is sound asleep. Max brings him breakfast in bed, but Martin is slow to wake up. Max kisses his back and pulls the covers down. He notices Martin’s shorts and pulls them down to work his ass, licking and massaging it. Martin definitely likes the attention. His shorts come totally off, and Max goes to work rimming him. Martin reaches for the lube in his drawer.

Max lubes Martin’s hole and ass, and they kiss. Martin crawls over the bed to suck on Max’s big cock. His pants are off. Martin’s hot ass comes into view, and Max is getting huge. Max then fucks Martin on his stomach. He definitely feels that it in there. It’s really big. Martin raises his ass higher to take more of it, now doggie style. Max shoves it all the way in as he pounds his ass.

Martin is now on his back and literally fucking himself on Max’s dick. Martin gets up on his knees and jacks off, with Max also jacking off and massaging Martin’s body at the same time. When Martin finishes and he heads for the bathroom, Max takes matters in his own hands and jacks his big dick off and then cums.

Next in Open to Anything from Raw Entry Club, Nick, in a striped shirt, and Jess are standing in the kitchen. They are kissing and having a brew. Jess’s shirt comes off and then Nick’s. Jess’s pants are down, and Nick follows suit. He checks out Jess’s ass and immediately shoves his dick in. There is no sucking or lubing his hole, as they get right to fucking with Jess bent over the bar. Then Nick goes down on Jess’s dick, and Jess becomes the aggressor and fucks Nick bent over against a wall. Jess jacks off and cums in Nick’s mouth, and then Nick shoots on Jess.

Jose and Matt are in a kind of den, watching some male porn, sipping on beers and massaging their own crotches through their pants. Matt’s shirt comes off, and he works his big dick out. His pants off, and he really jacks on it. Jose is till rubbing himself and watching – Matt and the movie. Finally he gets his shirt off, and shoes, and crawls over to Matt to suck on his big missile. Through his shorts, Jose looks like he has a great ass. Matt’s dick is so big, it almost won’t fit in Jose’s mouth. Finally Jose sits on Matt’s dick, facing his fucker.

We see the action from the backside, Matt’s big dick working in and out of Jose’s ass. Then Jose kneels on a couch and asks Matt to stick it in again, which he is only too happy to do, and pounds his ass. After a long fucking, Matt jacks off in Jose’s mouth and shoots a river of cum. Matt kisses him. Jose jacks off, and, with the help of Matt’s massaging, cums. Matt sucks him clean, and they kiss – a happy, cum-filled couple.

Watch jock and twink bareback porn video Open to Anything by Raw Entry Club! Starring Matt Corvin, Lucky Taylor, Chris Reed, Jose Manuel, Martin, Jess Teen, Nick Bari, Max Fonda, Tom Kopas, Fifty, John Magiaty.

Barebackers: Guilty As Charged

Studio: RawStrokes On October - 29 - 2009

Barebackers: Guilty As Charged IIn Barebackers: Guilty as Charged, Marco Paris presents 4 more scorching interracial scenes, plus a bonus homemade action video featuring 12-inch Rod Rockhard.

This bareback porn video also marks the debut of Calvin Hudson. Nothing but hot ‘n sweaty masculine men in mixed-racial sucking and fucking… all raw action!

Marco promises everything you loved in Raw Strokes Part 1: Bareback Only Allowed, and much more.

This is just his second self-produced movie of his steamy raw action fantasies where you can see if you can match Marco stroke for stroke while huge black and Latin cocks pound away at tight pink holes.

Watch Barebackers: Guilty as Charged from Raw Strokes!

Starring Marco Paris, Calvin, Deep Dic, Jason Reed, Michael Miles, Slim Thug, Lyric, Kamrun, Robby Mendez, Rod Rockhard.




@ Work by Berlin Star Film

Studio: Berlinstar Film On October - 28 - 2009

@ Work by Berlin Star Film In “@ Work” by Berlin Star Film, the workmen fucks more then they work.

They take every chance they get for a hard and jizzy bareback fuck. No ass is save when they pull out their hard big dicks.

If someone is not willing to open his mouth, he will get it anyway. These men follow their wildest instincts.

In the wild orgies they show you that they don’t stop their fucks until they are drenched with sperm.

Watch these Berlin punks have hardcore bareback sex with each other in @ Work by Berlin Star Film!

Starring Marcel Hoffmann, Broudy, Peto Coast, Chris Journy, Warren Trummer, Michael Finn.