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Butler’s Boys by Hot Deskert Knights

Studio: Hot Desert Knights On February - 17 - 2010

Butler's Boys by HDK Butler’s Boys from Hot Desert Knights is a casting call to see who will be in a future video of theirs. Veteran Fuck Machine Ray Butler interviews and then screens the boys to see who will make it.

This movie gives a whole new meaning to the casting couch, or is it the casting bed and casting tent and casting fuck table?

Ray tells the boys what he wants to see, and then if they have a bit of trouble understanding he SHOWS ‘EM how he wants it done!

Antonio is back with that huge, uncut Latino cock and wait till you see how he uses it on Chris Newcastle’s tight, smooth bubble butt.

Watch Butler’s Boys by Hot Desert Knights! Starring Ray Butler, Antonio Bandana, Michael Lennox, Chris Newcastle, Steve Tuck, Shawn Thomas, Dakota Holt.




My Guy Creampie 3 by Magnus

Studio: Magnus On February - 16 - 2010

My Guy Creampie 3 My Guy Creampie 3 from Magnus is here, better and more hardcore than ever!

For hardcore bareback fun, these models suck and fuck each other senseless and finish it off with a creamy surprise in their partner’s ass!

My Guy Creampie 3 features more of the forbidden art of internal cumshots by hot Latino and Brazilian boys!

If nasty is your game, get ready for some serious ass drippin’ fun.

Starring Andre Dumont, Mauro Reis, Robert Lambertini, Tiago Castro, Diego La Torre, Michel Maion, Kuam Matos, Taygor Andrade.

My Guy Creampie






My Guy CreampieMy Guy CreampieMy Guy Creampie

My Guy CreampieMy Guy CreampieMy Guy Creampie

My Guy CreampieMy Guy CreampieMy Guy Creampie

My Guy CreampieMy Guy CreampieMy Guy Creampie

My Guy Creampie

Creampie Surprise 4

Studio: US Male On February - 4 - 2010

Creampie Surprise 4 In Creampie Surprise 4 by US Male, these horny young bucks with constantly hard, uncut cocks just can’t seem to keep their juicy rods under control.

When they hook up with another hot buddy or two, any thinking is done with the other head that’s between their legs.

Watch as they suck and fuck each other silly, then unload into eager mouths or tight asses, dripping with a Creampie Surprise! Hot Czech jock and twink bareback group sex!

Watch Creampie Surprise 4 from US Male, featuring hot Czech boys having group sex with each other, all bareback.

Starring Careev Martin, David Begua, Dominick, Tom Smith, Leo Cooper, Denis Reed, Enrico Mexx, Mike Keller.

Creampie Surprise 4






Creampie Surprise 4Creampie Surprise 4Creampie Surprise 4

Creampie Surprise 4Creampie Surprise 4Creampie Surprise 4

Creampie Surprise 4

British Teenboys by Seal Productions

Studio: Seal Productions On February - 3 - 2010

British TeenBoys In the first scene of British Teenboys by Seal Productions, Kyle and Sean are boyfriends, and they still have that strong sexual chemistry that you get in the honeymoon days.

The sparks fly with these two Brit twinks show us what happens at home in the bedroom, and boy do they know how to turn each other on. 100% bareback!

In the next scene, these three guys came to audition on the same day, and we decided it would be good to put them all in one scene together, and new porn stars.

They did so well, we put this scene in the video. It’s hot, horny, and very sexy. All bareback!

Keep reading for more details about British twink movie!

British Teenboys





British TeenboysBritish TeenboysBritish Teenboys

Then, these two young twink guys are into older guys, and they brought along their mate, Jamie, to show us how they treat the older guys to a feast of cock and good sex. Complete with dildo play too. Lots of spunk, and very horny.

British TeenboysBritish TeenboysBritish Teenboys

Next, what happens when you put three straight guys in one room, and talk about the sex they have with women. Jon is a seasoned porn start, and starts to tell the guys what to expect from doing porn. He’s hoping that one day they will be sucking cock too.

British TeenboysBritish TeenboysBritish Teenboys

Then finally, two very sexy and horny guys, Alex and Michael, have a great session together, and Michael decides that he will try to get fucked for the fist time. His face says it all, although he seems to be enjoying it.

British TeenboysBritish TeenboysBritish Teenboys

Watch British Teenboys by Seal Productions! Starring John Gadsby, James Allen, Michael Jacobs, Kyle Lucas, Sean McKenzie, Alexander Petrov.

British TeenboysBritish TeenboysBritish Teenboys

British Teenboys

Frat Boi Bareback 2

Studio: Helix On February - 1 - 2010

Frat Boi Bareback 2 Sometimes the sole reason for joining a fraternity is to add more notches to your bedpost. These guys are no exception.

In Frat Boi Bareback 2 from Helix, five scenes portray young, hot frat boys coupling up and doing what comes naturally.

Be it enthusiastic hole probing by twink tongues or powerful raw fucking, these frat guys forget what they are doing, is normally behind closed doors.

In scene 1, What a pair Tyler and Skyler are, as they show our cameras what these two lovers do almost every night. They can’t get enough of each other and love to suck and fuck all day. The fucking gets intense as these two do it only bare.

Then, Grant and Mykal both like to fuck hard and deep and raw, but only one of them can be top at a time and this time Grant wins out. Mykal starts out taking it real slow but in no time he is taking like a pro and loving every inch of it.

Lovers Seth and Mayhew take turns topping each other in this flip flop bareback fuck fest.

Next in Frat Boi Bareback 2, Cameron pulls out his huge cock and Gavin gets a big smile on his face. Taking every inch of it first in his mouth and then in his ass bareback these two go at it for a long time.

Finally, cute twink Kayden gets all the bare cock he can handle from Jacob’s huge cock. In a non stop fucking fest these two give it all they got until there is cum shooting everywhere.

Watch Frat Boi Bareback 2 by Helix! Starring Tyler Davis, Skyler Lee, Grant Alexander, Prince Mykal, Seth Matthews, Mayhew Turner, Cameron Force, Gavin Shye, Jacob Patrick, Kayden Daniels.

Frat Boi Bareback 2



Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2

Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2

Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2

Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2

Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2Frat Boi Bareback 2

Frat Boi Bareback 2

Big Cocks and Raw Holes

Studio: Breed Me Media On January - 25 - 2010

Nothing like seeing big cocks going into hot ass and all bareback!

In Big Cocks and Raw Holes by Breed Me Media, Rex, Jason, Justin and Tyler all lube up their fucking huge cocks and plow their bottoms bareback.

If you’d love to see a 9×6″ cock going up a hole bareback, then you have to check out Justin!

In the first scene, a good top knows how to please his bottom by breeding his hole. A great top can cum twice in one scene. This is what Rex does to his real time boyfriend Colin in this hot explosive cum scene.

Rex and Colin start off by having a hot soapy shower to suck each other off. Rex’s 8 inch cock finds its way deep down his boyfriend’s eager mouth getting him hard for Colin’s big butt.

They no sooner get each other rock hard when they head over to the bed so Rex can slide his big man meat deep in Colin’s hole bareback, enjoying every inch of that raw hole.



Within minutes Rex pulls his cock out of that raw hole only to shoot his wad over Colin’s cock but shoves it right back in to lube up that hole with some cum. Rex continues to stay rock hard and keeps fucking his bottom like he wasn’t finished. He makes Colin suck his cock clean after he pulls out so he can flip him over and continue fucking his sweet ass.

This time Colin is ready to cum and as he cums, Rex pulls his cock out so he can get that cum on his own cock. He then shoves his cum soaked cock into Colin’s ass and pumps deep and fast to he unloads his second cum shot deep in that hole. Now this is how you fuck a bottom!

Introducing two newcomers to bareback porn, Nick Jones and Jason Mise. Jason loves to teach older men a lesson with his huge 9″ thick cock and he does just that with Nick. He first gets nick to try and swallow it all but he can only take so much of this young boy cock. Nick tries to suck it in any position to try and take it all but he finally gives up and lets Jason fuck his ass with it. Nick knows his big butt can take this fucking huge cock and he takes it all bareback. Jason teaches him a lesson and stretches his hole good and fucks him raw!

Next in Big Cocks and Raw Holes, our big dicked muscle boy is back this time to fuck some serious hole with our new star Ray Boy. This starts of hot, literally in a hot tub with some deep cock sucking by both dudes. Ray has absolutely know gag reflex on taking Justin’s 9×6 cock. Now how is that for a good cock sucker? Justin also gladly bends over for Ray so he can eat his muscle ass out good for him because that is what Ray is here for – to service Justin.

Once Justin is all hard and wet he quickly bends Ray over and slides in his thick and fucking big cock bareback into Ray’s waiting hole. We are not surprised that Ray can take this cock no problem and he does it with pleasure. Justin power fucks this bottom raw and is all positions before Ray shoots his wad as he can no longer handle the intensity of Justin’s big man meat in him bareback!

Love to see thick hung cock stretch a tight black hole? Then you are gonna love when Tyler has his way with Derek Reynolds in his first bareback video scene! That’s right, Derek Reynolds does his first bareback scene for Breed Me Media as he takes on Tyler in this hot locker room and sauna scene.

They start out eating each other’s hot butts while changing in the locker room. Tyler face fucks Derek to show him how thick his cock can get then drags him into the hot dry sauna next door and slides his meat into Derek’s tight black hole nice and bareback. After a few positions of barebacking his hole Tyler gives feeds Derek his cum right into his open mouth with pleasure!

Watch the hot bareback sex in Big Cocks and Raw Holes from Breed Me Media!

Lust For Cum by Factory Video

Studio: Factory Video On January - 21 - 2010

With Lust for Cum by Factory Video, Director Viper brings you an inside look at cum addiction and how cum hungry guys satisfy their craving.

Watch each of these 8 hot studs fuck bareback and then shoot their hot loads into their partners mouth. From tattooed hunks and skinny twinks, everyone is obsessed with cum.

Trey Richards fucks Blake Harris raw on the couch, then they feed each other their loads of juicy cum.

A game of strip poker leads to Caleb Storm barebacking with his bud Hunter Nash. Caleb shoots his hot load while being fingered, and Hunter sticks a dildo up his ass.

Big dicked jocks, Dustin Roller, and Andre Barclay heat things up and fuck each other raw. Elliot Cross and Adian Storm get naked and fuck bareback.

Watch as our hot guys not only fuck each others holes raw, but also slurp down their hot creamy loads.

Watch Lust for Cum from Factory Video!



Felch That Hole! by Ricky Raunch

Studio: Ricky Raunch On January - 19 - 2010

Felch: -verb- To eat out Rich Wrangler’s greedy ass after it’s been barebacked raw and filled with loads and loads of anonymous cum.

Felch That Hole! by Ricky Raunch is a barebacking ass felching extravaganza. Ricky casts hot and hunky bareback Porn Star Rich Wrangler as the raw ass available for breeding, loading and felching.

With some of the scenes being shot at IML, Ricky organizes breeding and barebacking parties for Rich’s hungry raw hole and captures it all on camera for us all to enjoy.

Chase Roberts and JC Carter are 2 hot cum felchers that spare no time is feasting off of Rich’s sloppy hole. Both of them lick, suck, felch and snowball load after load from Rich’s ass.

Watch Felch That Hole from Ricky Raunch! Starring Rich Wrangler, JC Carter, Chase Roberts, CJ Cummings, Damian Wright, Blue Adams, Tony Simon, Adam Dirty Dom.



Bareback Big Uncut Dicks 5

Studio: Eagle Video On January - 17 - 2010

In Bareback Big Uncut Dicks 5 by Eagle Video, follow the young and horny owners of these big ‘n beautiful uncut monsters as they fill eager mouths and ravage hot, tight asses – all bareback and raw.

Watch these horny Euro studs suck and fuck and spew the natural way.

Sweet sucking, tongue tingling rim jobs, tight bareback butt fucking, and gooey facials – cum eating and threesomes too!

Bareback sex.. it’s all good!

Watch Bareback Big Uncut Dicks 5 from Eagle Video!

Starring Taeous Capier, Paul Stevens, Tom Tailor, Jan Delina, Phil Sardou, Johnny Volt, Robin Dyk, Ricky Blue, Marc Sandor.






Bareback Fuckers by Alphamale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On January - 16 - 2010

Bareback Fuckers from Alphamale Media features hot bareback action from the den of hairy hunks and muscle studs to make your cock stiffen and butt twitch.

Horny couples let us in to see exactly what they get up to.

The first scene has 2 hairy German fuckers. Tom is the older, hairier guy, with dark haired smooth Tobias as his partner.

These randy men love sex, and do it anywhere and at any time, loving the feel of their hard bodies pressed against each other. Loving the taste of each others cock as ass, they devour both, getting as much meat inside their mouths and their tongue as deep into each others butts as physically possible.

Tom lubes up Tobias butt before slipping his thick cut cock straight into his guys waiting hole, filling it nicely. Roles are revered as he then gets the urge to fuck and Tom sirs on his partners throbbing knob before getting an almighty pounding.



These hunks are what its all about, Bubba has a sexy salt and pepper goatee whilst his lover is a hunky full bearded guy, and both have hot hairy, tattooed bodies and shaved heads. Enjoy getting as much hardcore sex out of each other, our hairy hunks lick and kiss every part of each others body, GB Bear coated in a blanket of fur and both sporting hot jockstraps, giving easy access to their dicks and hairy butts! Eating ass is one of their favorite pastimes, especially as they get it lubed up, ready to slip their rock hard dicks in, totally bareback, feeling every inch get deeper inside.

Next in Bareback Fuckers, Young bareback fuckers show just how horny they can get when they are in for a barebacking adventure! Kyle is a dark haired northerner with Sean his smooth and skinny bottom boy. A smattering of chest hair on Kyle, hes a real horny boy who cant wait to get his pulsating cock deep into Sean, filling up his butt full of raw dick. There are great close-up shots of Kyles cock thrusting its way into his fuck mate, from tip to base, we can see it dive deep as Kyle rams his hips down.

Hairy Muscle studs Jake and Axel have gorgeous bodies, buff and defined with delicious hairy chests. Axel’s thick cock is a sight to behold, its no wonder Jake is right on it, getting his face fucked by the massive tool. Loosening his hole with his two fingers, Axel knows just how much his cock is going to stretch Jake. Easing his dick into his smooth hole, we get a real good view of this couple fucking like men possessed, Axel grinding his hips as far into his partner as possible, wanting to fill his hole up completely.

Watch Bareback Fuckers from Alphamale Media! Starring Sean McKenzie, Kyle Lucas, Jake Ryder, Axel Ryder, Bubba, G.B. Bear, Thomas, Tobias.

Franky West & Jake Cruise

Studio: Jake Cruise On January - 12 - 2010

Some scenes have to be seen to be believed, especially when they involve Franky.

This video is no exception, and you’ll see what we mean when you check it out.

Franky is a corn-fed wrestler from the heart of the midwest with enough passion to heat up the coldest winter nights back home.

Things really get crazy when Franky fucks Jake Cruise.

It’s like a wild wrestling match, but a lot more fun!

And, if you’re into it, they’re also doing it bareback.

Watch Franky West & Jake Cruise!






Absolutely Fucked by HDK

Studio: Hot Desert Knights On January - 8 - 2010

Your ass will be twitching when you see these fuck-aholics in action. The title from Hot Desert Knights says it all. The bottoms are ABSOLUTELY FUCKED!

These muscle stud tops were built to fuck. They were blessed with a primal, indiscriminate hunger to punish holes raw and into submission. Men who plant cum so deep in your ass, you’ll taste it when you clear your throat.

Fortunately, the bottoms take it like champs as they get a serious ass pounding from these sure-shot tops, until their fucked-out asshole oozes freshly planted cum in glorious close-up. Anything less is not enough.

Insatiable raw mansex is the great experience, and ABSOLUTELY FUCKED presents it in all its fucking glory. You’ll find it all, power, muscle, insatiable punishing cocks, cumwhore bottoms and pure raw lust. A definite HDK Classic that all Hardcore Bareback fans will want to see.

Watch Absolutely Fucked by Hot Desert Knights! Starring Patrick Ives, Ray Dalton, FiestyCub, Jayson Park, Dustin Roller, Chico Cabron.