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Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 23 - 2009

Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee In Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee by WrestleHard, newcomer muscleman Csabee and Mega-Titan Fernando Nielsen stand side by side with hot referee Dane. He then explains the rules.

They compete in two rounds and the winner’s prize is the right to get the loser’s ass.

The two muscle gods shake hands and the contest begins with ROUND 1 – arm wrestling. The action is very hot and bulging veins on their huge biceps are pretty hard to miss!

After a grueling match, Fernando wins this round.

ROUND 2 is muscle posing. Both guys show good routines, but obviously the much bigger Fernando wins this also.

After the contest our Titan wants his prize. But Csabee, who does not care for fair play at all, kicks the referee out the ring and attacks Fernando and tells him he will never get his tight ass prize.




Speedo and naked wrestling session starts between the two huge musclemen. We can see lots of unfair elements from the loser who still doesn’t want to admit he lost. Nipple and ball torture and nice wrestling holds follow every action.

Fernando is much bigger and stronger and it seems that he’s gonna win the naked wrestling session but the desperate loser cheats again as he grabs Fernando’s balls and twists them until Fernando submits in agony!

Poor Fernando almost cries as he begs for mercy. Fernando gives up the fight and Csabee pushes his dick into the titan’s mouth with an evil grin on his face. The video ends with an intense muscle fucking action.

Watch Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee by WrestleHard!

Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 17 - 2009

Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi In this latest video from WrestleHard, super hot Giuseppe Pardi is talking with Roland in front of the Studio. Muscleman Jonathan Collins arrives and Roland introduces them to each other.

Giuseppe, upon knowing that he’s a gay porn star, starts to laugh at him. Jonathan becomes very offended and starts to fight with the straight Pardi right on the street!

Roland tries to stop them, but both are crazy mad and they don’t listen to the boss. The much bigger Jonathan pushes his straight opponent into the ring.

A crazy wrestling session starts where gay wrestler Jonathan shows he’s much tougher than Pardi.

To make Giuseppe mad, he’s doing lots of ass slapping, face licking, ball twisting and verbal humiliation which makes Pardi even more mad.

Jonathan tells him he will be his new straight girlfriend very soon.



With strength and skill on his side, Jonathan pulls down Giuseppe’s speedo and spanks and fingers the humiliated muscle man, while he lays on the barell, calling him a pussy. Long nipple torture and ball torture follows then Jonathan orders the straight punk how to deep throat his cock.

It seems the younger Adonis doesn’t like that too much, but when Jonathan starts to suck his cock, he becomes hard as a rock! Jonathan starts to laugh and tells him his dick is hard so he’s probably gay, not straight.

The bodybuilder then finishes the super hot action by fucking the tight ass of the “straight” Adonis in several very intense and painful positions. At the end, the young Adonis is feeling grateful while his new gay friend cums on him. Indeed, he realizes that he just became the new “girlfriend”…

Watch Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi from WrestleHard!

COLT Icon: Carlo Masi

Studio: COLT Studios On December - 5 - 2009

COLT Icon Carlo Masi Colt Icon: Carlo Masi from COLT Studio is an exclusive look at the hairy, beefy muscle god himself.

You’ve watched him. You’ve jerked off to him. You wanted to worship his body, suck on his cock, or fuck his hot bubble ass over and over again.

Colt has released their Icon series to pay tribute to their many porn legends. Colt Icon: Carlo Masi is an exclusive to our network!

Get ready for four scenes of intense man on man action, as Carlo shows you why he has become a Colt Icon.

Carlo Masi shares the scenes with co-stars Karim, Zak Spears, and Josh Weston.

You don’t want to miss a single scene!

Watch Colt Icon: Carlo Masi from COLT Studio!




Body Worship 34 by BG Enterprise

Studio: BG Enterprise On December - 1 - 2009

Body Worship 34 Body Worship 34 by BG Enterprise is 80% about Alec Powers. For those who are big fans of Alec and his incredibly balanced, muscled body, this is the video that defines Alec, a production that definitely belongs in every Alec Powers collection.

BG’s camera takes special care to videotape Alec from every possible angle and linger long and lovingly on his beautiful body.

Chad Maxwell also takes his sweet time in worshiping Alec’s body, from his delicious hairy pecs, to his beautiful shoulders, abs, and steel hard butt.

Both Alec and Chad takes turns in sucking each others cock. Kneeling in the center of the room, both go on to blow off nice cumshots.

If you’re into hot bodybuilders and muscle worship, you don’t want to miss Alec Powers and Chad Maxwell in Body Worship 34 from BG Enterprise!



Out at the Gym by Alphamale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On November - 27 - 2009

Out at the Gym by Alphamale Media Out at the Gym from Alphamale Media gives us an inside look at the sordid goings-on of Rocco Banks’ very own gym.

The hard and hairy hunks of Alphamale don’t disappoint as the sweat trickles down their heaving chests and bulging biceps, ready and waiting for any chance to unleash their throbbing dicks on fellow gym buddies.

Gym-fit muscle bound hunks work up more than a sweat in this journey into relieving built up sexual frustration.

With hot tight bodies, these hairy men work their stiff dicks into waiting mouths and begging butts.

Whether pinned to the workbench or threesome fucking, this is one gym whose membership’s gonna sky-rocket!

Watch Out at the Gym by Alphamale Media!

Starring Rocco Banks, Ross Hurston, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Antonio Cavalli, Marco Salqueiro, Danny Star, Myles Bentley, Ben Statham.



COLT Icon: Luke Garrett

Studio: COLT Studios On November - 26 - 2009

COLT Icon: Luke Garrett Colt Icon: Luke Garrett from COLT Studio is an exclusive look at the muscle man himself. You’ve watched him. You’ve jerked off to him.

You wished you could worship his body, suck on his cock, or fuck his hot bubble ass over and over again.

Colt has released their Icon series to pay tribute to their many porn legends. Colt Icon: Luke Garrett is an exclusive to our network.

Get ready for four scenes of intense man on man action, as Luke shows you why he has become a Colt Icon.

Luke shares the scenes with co-stars Gage Weston, Carlo Masi and Skye Woods.

You don’t want to miss a single scene! Watch Colt Icon: Luke Garrett from COLT Studio!





Warren Wood Serviced by Jake Cruise

Studio: Jake Cruise On November - 20 - 2009

Warren Wood Serviced by Jake Cruise Warren Wood is from Sarasota, FL and it’s pretty clear he spends a lot of time at the gym and the beach.

His deep tan, astounding pecs and gorgeous bubble butt are matched by a beautiful, thick cock that grows to impressive proportions with the proper stimulation.

Fortunately, Warren’s open to all kinds of stimulation, so he had a good time getting serviced by Jake Cruise!

Jake worships his big muscles, bubble butt, and sucks his ample cock to full climax.

The payoff – Warren shoots a load load in Jake’s mouth and on his face, a great ending for both of them!

It’s a nice video (and cumshot) to check out!

Watch Warren Wood Serviced by Jake Cruise!





Project Muscle 2 by Mark Wolff

Studio: Mark Wolff On November - 13 - 2009

Project Muscle 2 by Mark Wolff Project Muscle 2 is the follow up to Mark Wolff’s #1 selling Project Muscle movie.

Project Muscle 2 delivers over 2 hours of footage and 10 exclusive Mark Wolff muscle models in solo jerk off and muscle worship action.

This include 2 spectacular new discoveries that you can only see on Project Muscle 2 – Alexsander Freitas and Scott Rothko plus muscle superstars Matthew Rush and Johnny Cruise.

If you love bodybuilders and muscle worship, you’re going to want to watch these muscle gods worship themselves, jerk off, and shoot their hot loads of man juice. Yum!

Watch Project Muscle 2 from Mark Wolff!

Starring Alexsander Freitas, Scott Rothko, Frank DeFeo, Big Roger, Matt Rush, Peter Latz, Giovanni, Johnny Cruise, Ricardo, Mark Wolff.




Muscle Heads by COLT

Studio: COLT Studios On October - 16 - 2009

gay latino video As the motto goes, “If the Look is Masculine, the Name is COLT!” – Nothing beats the COLT Masculine look of the suit and tie.

It’s the standard uniform of the hard working man and no one works the business class more eloquently than the COLT Men of MuscleHeads.

These men are suited up and ready for a hard day at the office, and hard work always has its rewards.

Whether it’s coming home for an afternoon romp or a hot encounter in the park on your lunch break, these men always come dressed for success.

All work and no play? Definitely not if you’re a COLT Man. The suits come off in four hot and horny scenes of rugged COLT Men doing Man-On-Man business.

Watch Muscle Heads by COLT! Starring Adam Champ, Carlo Masi, Eric Valentin, Mitch Branson, Nate Karlton, Skye Woods, and Vince Ferelli.



Joe Thunder Serviced by Jake Cruise

Studio: Jake Cruise On October - 9 - 2009

Joe Thunder Serviced by Jake Cruise Jake Cruise is always on the lookout for hot guys with great bodies, and he really hit the jackpot with Joe Thunder. Joe is a rarity – a bodybuilder with body hair – a combo he finds irresistible.

And what a body he has built: big, beefy thighs, enormous biceps, sculpted pecs and abs, all beautifully proportioned.

The final product of this production — Joe Thunder Serviced by Jake Cruise.

When Joe’s not working out, he’s a male stripper. In the first scene, he gives us a taste of both – first pumping some iron, then stripping off those sweaty workout clothes.

Once the workout’s over, the jerk off action begins, and it doesn’t take long for Joe’s cock to grow as thick and beefy as the rest of his body. He works that baby hard, resulting in an abs covering climax.





The next scene is truly a dream massage for Jake. Not only does Joe Thunder have an amazing bodybuilder physique, but he has body hair as well! A great combination, in my opinion. After oiling up this massive hunk, Jake Cruise has the pleasure of rubbing, kneading and caressing every inch of his gorgeous 6′ 4″ frame, and that includes his tight little butt hole.

When he gives Joe my patented blow job/hand job treatment, he’s a little overwhelmed and the cum flies everywhere!

Watch Joe Thunder Serviced by Jake Cruise!

Body Worship 7 by BG Enterprise

Studio: BG Enterprise On October - 5 - 2009

Body Worship 7 Body Worship 7 from BG Enterprise features a former Mr. Universe, Brandon Reefret, who hails from France. During one of his visits to the United States, BG was lucky enough to grab him for a couple of videos.

One is High Stakes Wrestling 3 vs. Brad Michaels and the other one is Body Worship 7. This video takes us through Brandon’s early morning weightless workout with Rick “feeling” him every inch of the way.

Then comes some posing for the mirror and Rick. An early morning bath finds both of them in the tub engaging in some erotic behavior. Brandon is jacking off under water while Rick is busy jacking his own throbbing cock.

Brandon’s cock comes up for air and just at the right moment when he cums. Rick’s cock spew isn’t too far behind. For those who enjoy seeing ripped up muscle posed, exercised, massaged front and rear, and worshipped, Brandon’s body has few peers.

Watch the host muscle worship in Body Worship 7 by BG Enterprise! Starring Brandon Reefret and Rick Anthony.



Muscle Resort Volume 2

Studio: Magnus Muscle On September - 28 - 2009

Muscle Resort Volume 2 It’s the peak of the summer and the resort is in full swing!

In Muscle Resort Volume 2 from Magnus Muscle, see what crazy sex acts go on in the resort made exclusively for our hot muscle studs!

It’s all body-to-body, man-to-man, and muscle-to-muscle sex! Ripped & ready for action!

At the hottest resort in the world, the guys are so sexy they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Can you think of a better way to spend a summer vacation?

Watch Muscle Resort Volume 2 by Magnus Muscle!

Starring Arcanjo Amaro, Poax Hoffin, Felix Stulbach, Alexander Senna, Matheus Axell, Arthur Brenno, Erick Leony and Marcelo Martins.