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Robert Van Damme Collection

Studio: Hot House On March - 15 - 2010

Robert Van Damme Collection In the Robert Van Damme Collection, Hot House’s own Robert Van Damme shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-see collector’s edition! Featuring 6 scorching-hot scenes!

In the first scene, Alex Collack emerges from the pool after his morning swim to reveal his chiseled torso and fat bulge.

Superstuds Robert Van Damme and Thom Barron are lounging poolside, admiring Collack and stroking each other’s erections. Collack gladly accepts their invitaiton and a three-way suck ensues.

The versatile horse hung horndogs take turns servicing each other, sucking cock, getting sucked, eating ass and fucking their hot muscle butts. Barron is the first to stick his legendary whopper up Collack’s hungry hole. While Barron is still inside Collack, Van Damme enters Barron’s ass and it’s a train.

Collack gets his fill of Barron’s ass, shoving his fat Russian cock deep inside while Van Damme feasts on Barron’s third leg. The men fuck like mad in the heat, the energy building until they each bust their nut.

Robert Van Damme



Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge, and Jason Kingsley lie poolside, dreaming of big cocks and hot sweaty buttcracks. They begin to toy with the raging hardons in their tight trunks before deciding what the hell – let’s fuck! Van Damme, a former professional Czech hockey player, has the most magnificent body and cock, which performer of the year nominee Ridge devours.

Kingsley makes himself busy feeding his lengthy prick down the throat of Van Damme. The three studs move onto all fours and begin a rimming daisy chain, licking the hot sweaty crack in front of them. Jason, always the greedy pig bottom, soon has his ass being tag teamed by the big-dicked duo. Jason eventually fucks the cum out of Ridge, seconds before Jason and Robert add their loads to the sweaty mix pooling on his stomach.

Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Alex Fuerte plays a GreedyHole who doesn’t get enough hands on experience as a trained CMT – he has to also offer free massages to the finest men on Manhunt. Fuerte is clearly excited when his first freebie of the day turns out to be Robert Van Damme, who is even more of a hunk in person than he looks online.

A simple rub down turns into a steamy, athletic event when Fuerte bends over and licks Van Damme’s ass. These two chiseled studs put the massage table to the test, swapping blowjobs until Van Damme throws Fuerte on his back and fucks his lights out. Fuerte licks Van Damme’s nutsack, causing him to blow his load. Refreshed and relaxed, Van Damme leaves for work. Proving to be a truly GreedyHole, Fuerte goes back to Manhunt to find even more men.

Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Next in the Robert Van Damme Collection, arrested by two cops for a crime he didn’t commit, Toby (Shane Rollins) loses his cool in the interrogation room trying to convince them of his innocence. The cops (Tony Mecelli and Robert Van Damme) decide to teach Toby some respect; Van Damme pinches Toby’s nostrils shut, forcing him to open his mouth and take Mecelli’s 10-inch whopper. Hoping that his cooperation will win him his freedom, Toby begins to service both of the buffed-out pigs.

The two take turns gag-fucking his mouth before putting him on top of the table for a cavity search. Robert puts on a latex glove and begins to poke around Shane’s hole in search of contraband. Convinced that it’s good to go, Robert sidles up behind Shane and sticks his fat prick right up his ass and begins to pump. The two continue to use Toby as their service pig and fuck him from both ends until the jizz flies (Robert got so turned on in this scene that he let loose a torrent of cum we’ve never seen from him before.)

Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Francesco D’Macho and Robert Van Damme flex and pose for one another in their leather harnesses and jockstraps. Both men are visibly turned on as Van Damme grabs D’Macho from behind and pushes him to his knees so that he can worship his fat, uncut cock. D’Macho proves to be a very attentive servant, following Van Damme’s moans and groans like a road map.

Van Damme remains in control as he turns D’Macho over and tongue-fucks his tight hole. Like an X-rated action figure, Van Damme mounts D’Macho and begins pounding his ass. D’Macho taunts Van Damme until he gets what he wants – a good smack across the face – and both men really get into it! Van Damme decides to put the Macho man’s ass to the test with a giant dildo. He simultaneously works D’Macho’s hole while deepthroating his big, fat cock. Finally both men stand and stroke off together until they both explode!

Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Robert Van Damme appreciates an employee like Marko Hansom; one who isn’t afraid to get down on his knees and provide the kind of service a working man needs. Hansom swallows Van Damme’s uncut cock while he works his own big thick tool up. Van Damme returns the favor, licking and sucking Hansom’s 8+ inch tool. Noticing Hansom’s tight hole, Van Damme flips him over and fucks him long and hard, thrusting his huge thighs agains’t Hansom’s glutes. Van Damme jacks Hansom off until he blows then gets his own nut, showering Hansom in cum.

Robert Van DammeRobert Van DammeRobert Van Damme

Watch the Robert Van Damme Collection by Hot House!

Robert Van Damme

Straight Edge: Volume 1

Studio: Jet Set Men On February - 19 - 2010

Straight Edge: Volume 1 In the world of sex, there is often a very thin line between straight and gay. Straight Edge: Volume 1 from Jet Set Men features 11 different men in seven hot, man-on-man duo and solo sex scenes, performed by men – both straight and gay.

The men who identify as “straight” do, however, enthusiastically participate in the gay sexual activity. Watching the movie, one is hard-pressed to know – or care – which men are which. It’s a non-issue.

The first scene opens in a large shower room where Mason Ross is alone, naked and lathering up. He already sports a big hard-on, so when Kurt Wild enters, also naked and ready for a shower, the sex is inevitable. Mason kneels and dives for Kurt’s large dick, licking and sucking on it.

Kurt turns around to get some rimming action from Mason, as well as the blow job. Then Kurt drops to his knees to suck on Mason. Mason then pushes his dick up Kurt’s ass, and the two fuck standing in the shower. Then Kurt moves over to lie on a table to take Mason’s deepest fucking missionary-style until they both shoot their loads.

Straight Edge Volume 1



Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Max is sitting on a sofa, working on his laptop when Kevin Cavalli appears. Max is surfing for a sex partner, but Kevin tells him it isn’t hard to find dick. With that he undoes his pants and lets his big hard dick pop up. Max quits the laptop and goes down on Kevin’s available big dick. Both guys lose their clothes as Max continues sucking on Kevin’s dick and balls, giving him great head.

Kevin then leans over the sofa to let Max rim his juicy ass. Max seems to doing all the work, but he’s loving every moment. All we hear from Kevin is a lot of appreciative moans. They change places, and now it’s Kevin’s time to fuck Max, as he leans on the sofa. There are great shots of Kevin’s throbbing dick slamming in and out of Max’s ass. Max then lies on his back to let Kevin really pound it into him. Max strokes his dick as Kevin slams his dick into him. Max shoots a load on himself, but Kevin continues sliding in and out. When Max is finally finished, Kevin pulls out and jacks his load on Max.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Rocky Star is a slimly muscular dude who’s about to jump into the shower and give the camera a private show of his private parts. Already naked, he takes off his cap and starts to lather up. He loves to rub his body and caress his dick and balls. He constantly reveals more and more of his kinkier hidden parts. He has curly hair, a light beard and seductive eyes. As he acknowledges the camera, he gives a little smile. Slowly we see tattoos here and there – under his bicep and down on his hip. He’s obviously not in any hurry to shower. He’s more about working his dick and enjoying the water and lather.

He turns his ass to the camera, spreads his cheeks and continues to stroke his dick. More smiles to the camera. His semi-hard cock is getting thicker and longer. He likes to savor the feeling. Adding some lube to his dick, we see for the first time the ring piercing the skin at the base of his dick, and the camera moves in to catch close-ups of his ever-growing erection. As he raises his arms and licks his biceps, the camera catches a glimpse of the white balls at each end of his tongue piercing. Another large tattooed disc is in the center of his shoulder blades. He adds some more lube and takes his stroking into both hands. He finally gives in and shoots white thick cum – straight up onto his abs.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Kevin Cavalli is at it again, this time with Euro-guy Ludovic. The two, wearing just black briefs, are stretched out on their stomachs, napping on a bed. Ludovic rouses and checks out Kevin’s ass. He slides the sleeping man’s briefs down to kiss, lick and play with his ass. He pulls the briefs down farther as Kevin awakens, and continues his assplay. Ludovic spreads Kevin’s cheeks wider and tongues his hole, dripping saliva into it. Kevin obviously likes it and raises up onto his knees to get more.

Both are naked now. Ludovic goes down on Kevin’s fully hard cock, grabbing his balls and really working his dick. Then Ludovic lies back on the bed revealing his equally large piece of meat which Kevin now makes a meal of, sucking and bobbing up and down on it. Suddenly, the camera catches Kevin’s condom-covered dick as it is slipping into Ludovic’s ass. Ludovic is kneeling on the bed, with Kevin standing on the floor to give him the chance to power-fuck him.

Then Kevin lies back on the bed to allow Ludovic to sit on his dick, and with Kevin’s hands guiding his ass up and down his shaft, he goes for a long ride. Occasionally, Ludovic reaches down to massage Kevin’s balls as he drives his dick in and out. Ludovic finally jacks-off his 8″ as he’s riding and shoots long spurts of cum – way out of camera range. He then helps Kevin to shoot his own load on his abs.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Chad, who at first looks like the all-American “boy next door”, is a throw back to the Jimmy Dean-type of young dude. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he comes out in a hallway stairwell to sit and smoke. He’s a good looking charmer who could easily make it big in the adult field. His shirt comes off, revealing a smooth muscular chest. Then his pants come down and his long dick hardens. He jacks it off, pulling it back and forth. His big balls are hanging at ease. Lying back on the stairs, he adds some spit from time to time and jacks-off for the camera.

He stands up, and the camera moves beneath to look up at his big dick as he strokes it. He drops saliva on it from above and continues his quest for cum. Turning around, Chad shares his ass with the camera, running his fingers over his hole. With his cheeks spread apart, his hole opens wide – ready for the good fucking that not is going to happen just now. If only he could be in two places at once and fuck himself, his dick would easily slip right in. Making a licking motion to the camera lens, he sits back down and relishes the slow stroking. He wants to cum, but not just yet. Finally he bursts and shoots a load of white cum. He takes a little taste of it and smiles at the camera. No, this is definitely not his first time.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Next in Straight Edge: Volume 1, Rod Daily and Jeremy Bilding are caught in a secluded garden setting, wearing just pants and starting to get it on – kissing, caressing and groping one another. Rod drops to his knees and pulls Jeremy’s pants, and then his shorts down to suck on his big cock. Rod can take it, but it’s definitely a size-challenge to his mouth and throat. It’s thick and long. Then they trade places, and Jeremy kneels to suck and orally work on Rod. Jeremy’s tongue piercing only enhances Rob’s obvious pleasure.

Rod then goes back to suck some more on Jeremy, with them both lying on a mat. (Photo at left.) He strokes his own dick as he services Jeremy’s. Rod then gets on his knees to let Jeremy drive his well-hardened dick into his ass. Rod is enjoying the action and Jeremy’s deliberate thrusts – ones the viewer can almost feel. Rod flips over on his back, with his legs spread wide apart, to take more of Jeremy’s fucking. Preparing to cum, Rod strokes his own dick faster and faster, and Jeremy pounds harder and harder, until Rod finally blows his cum on his abs. Jeremy jacks-off and cums on himself.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Vince Ferelli and Kash Satal are good looking body builders who work out at the same gym but haven’t really had the time to get to know each other very well. Vince is giving his new friend a tour of his apartment, specifically the bedroom. Vince particularly admires Kash’s hot body, and they both take the time alone to feel each other’s muscles bulging beneath their clothes. Kash, who is of Indian heritage, has a great body, but he especially appreciates the even larger built Vince.

As they’re worship each other’s muscles, they begin to kiss. The kissing leads to them losing their shirts and caressing one another, working lower and lower. They lick chests, and muscles, and nipples – obviously appreciating the feelings that are growing. Vince gets Kash’s dick out of his pants and goes down on it. He sucks and licks it, totally loving the feeling of his mouth and lips working Kash’s equipment.

They move to the bed where Kash immediately goes down on Vince’s big hard-on, as he stretches out to enjoy sex and a little adoration. Vince eventually rises up to kneel on the bed – all the better to see his amazing body. Kash keeps right on sucking. Suddenly, they are both lying on the bed, and Vince is shoving his now condomed cock into Kash’s ass from the rear. Vince reminds him that all this is “our little secret”. Well, not anymore. Eventually, they both lie back to jack-off and cum on themselves.

Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1Straight Edge Volume 1

Watch Straight Edge: Volume 1 by Jet Set Men! Starring Chad Clovis, Jeremy Bilding, Kash Satal, Kevin Cavalli, Kurt Wild, Ludovic Canot, Mason Ross, Rocky Star, Rod Daily, Vince Ferelli.

Straight Edge Volume 1

COLT Icon: Adam Champ

Studio: COLT Studios On February - 6 - 2010

COLT Adam Champ Get ready for a COLT Icon! The muscular and handsome Adam Champ!

Colt Icon: Adam Champ features four scenes of intense action, as Adam shows you why he has become a porn icon at Colt.

You’ve watched him. You’ve jerked off to him. You wanted to worship his muscular, hairy body, suck on his cock, or fuck his hot bubble ass over and over again.

Colt has released their Icon series to pay tribute to their many porn legends. Colt Icon: Adam Champ is an exclusive to our network!

Get ready for four scenes of intense man on man action, as Adam shows you why he has become a Colt Icon.

You don’t want to miss a single scene!

Watch Colt Icon: Adam Champ from COLT Studio!

Colt Adam Champ




Colt Adam ChampColt Adam ChampColt Adam Champ

Colt Adam ChampColt Adam ChampColt Adam Champ

Colt Adam ChampColt Adam ChampColt Adam Champ

Colt Adam ChampColt Adam ChampColt Adam Champ

Colt Adam Champ

Muscle Resort Volume 3

Studio: Magnus Muscle On January - 26 - 2010

Muscle Resort Volume 3 In Muscle Resort Volume 3 from Magnus Muscle, you get to see how these beefy studs like to unwind when they’re not busy pumpin’ iron at the gym!

The hottest muscle dudes are on vacation again and our cameras were there to follow!

It’s the peak of the summer and the resort is in full swing!

Come see what crazy sex acts go on in the resort made exclusively for these hot muscle studs!

Watch Muscle Resort Volume 3 by Magnus Muscle!

Starring Junior Pavanelo, Renzo Mazime, Rick Tarzan, Tony Lee, Alexander Senna, Max Manso, Junior Colaco, Dado Diddone.







Hold Tight: Minute Man 32 by COLT

Studio: COLT Studios On January - 24 - 2010

Colt welcomes you to the 32nd installment of the Colt Minute Men series. It’s Hold Tight: COLT Minute Man 32!

The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with the multi-award-winning director John Rutherford and three of Colt`s newest Colt Men superstars.

In this edition, we’ll see Jason Adonis, Romario Faria, and Nate Karlton strip down and pose and flex for us. They worship their own bulging muscles and expose their hard cocks to the camera.

When getting off on their own amazing bodies is too much, these bodybuilders start to stroke their cocks! Watch them jerk off and shoot their hot loads of cum as they get off on themselves!

Watch Hold Tight: COLT Minute Man 32 by COLT Studio and Buckshot.




Hot Bods by COLT

Studio: COLT Studios On January - 4 - 2010

Hot Bods by COLT It may be winter time, but COLT is keeping it hot all year long. Do you like it hot? So do we!

There’s absolutely no one better than John Rutherford at presenting handsome, hot men in heated action, and here, in just four scenes with no story at all, he creates another unforgettable fantasy.

Colt Studio is likes all things hot. They like fiery hot intensity, blazing hot action, and of course, smokin’ Hot Bods!

The Colt Men of Hot Bods are well oiled and finely tuned sex machines, firing on all cylinders and blowing off some serious steam. Feel the heat!

The action sizzles as Hot Bods are on display. Help yourself to an eyeful.

Watch Hot Bods by COLT! A new episode will air everyday!

Starring Nate Karlton, Danny Drake, Carlo Masi, Arthur Gordon, Berke Banks, Mitch Branson, Adam Champ.



Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 30 - 2009

Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil WARNING! Only for viewers with strong nerves! This is the cruelest torture wrestling scene in the history of WrestleHard!

Giant bodybuilder Win Diezel leads his dog slave on leash into the ring. Poor slave Dark Devil behaves well and let the muscleman torture him verbally and physically with lots of slap, spits, nipple torture and punches.

Finally it’s getting too much for him and asks his master nicely for freedom. Win agrees if and only if, his poor slave will win in a wrestling match.

Very unfair and unequal jeans-boots wrestling session begins where the 60 lbs smaller guy has no chance at all. Win moves him like a doll with lots of acrobatic wrestling elements.

Dark flies like a paper dragon sometimes while our mean wrestler is yelling like a cro-magnon man. Sometimes, our cruel giant lets Dark to start a hold then he laughs at the much weaker guy and throws him down like a feather.




We can see face-trampling with boots, forced boots smelling, heavy nipple torture, slaps on the cute twink face(which makes him fly 6 feet), spitting, and loud verbal humiliation(in English). The wrestling action continues while both get naked – we can see nicely executed torture racks, surfboards, bearhugs, sleepers, shoulder backbreakers, pile drivers, pec claws, cradles, jack knife, nelsons and body slams. Obviously Win Diezel defeats the smaller guy and deepthroats him with his anaconda cock and fucks him in two very intense positions. Master has no mercy for this poor slave!

Watch this hot wrestling and domination porn video Win Diezel vs. Dark Devil by WrestleHard!

Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 23 - 2009

Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee In Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee by WrestleHard, newcomer muscleman Csabee and Mega-Titan Fernando Nielsen stand side by side with hot referee Dane. He then explains the rules.

They compete in two rounds and the winner’s prize is the right to get the loser’s ass.

The two muscle gods shake hands and the contest begins with ROUND 1 – arm wrestling. The action is very hot and bulging veins on their huge biceps are pretty hard to miss!

After a grueling match, Fernando wins this round.

ROUND 2 is muscle posing. Both guys show good routines, but obviously the much bigger Fernando wins this also.

After the contest our Titan wants his prize. But Csabee, who does not care for fair play at all, kicks the referee out the ring and attacks Fernando and tells him he will never get his tight ass prize.




Speedo and naked wrestling session starts between the two huge musclemen. We can see lots of unfair elements from the loser who still doesn’t want to admit he lost. Nipple and ball torture and nice wrestling holds follow every action.

Fernando is much bigger and stronger and it seems that he’s gonna win the naked wrestling session but the desperate loser cheats again as he grabs Fernando’s balls and twists them until Fernando submits in agony!

Poor Fernando almost cries as he begs for mercy. Fernando gives up the fight and Csabee pushes his dick into the titan’s mouth with an evil grin on his face. The video ends with an intense muscle fucking action.

Watch Fernando Nielsen vs. Csabee by WrestleHard!

Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi

Studio: WrestleHard On December - 17 - 2009

Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi In this latest video from WrestleHard, super hot Giuseppe Pardi is talking with Roland in front of the Studio. Muscleman Jonathan Collins arrives and Roland introduces them to each other.

Giuseppe, upon knowing that he’s a gay porn star, starts to laugh at him. Jonathan becomes very offended and starts to fight with the straight Pardi right on the street!

Roland tries to stop them, but both are crazy mad and they don’t listen to the boss. The much bigger Jonathan pushes his straight opponent into the ring.

A crazy wrestling session starts where gay wrestler Jonathan shows he’s much tougher than Pardi.

To make Giuseppe mad, he’s doing lots of ass slapping, face licking, ball twisting and verbal humiliation which makes Pardi even more mad.

Jonathan tells him he will be his new straight girlfriend very soon.



With strength and skill on his side, Jonathan pulls down Giuseppe’s speedo and spanks and fingers the humiliated muscle man, while he lays on the barell, calling him a pussy. Long nipple torture and ball torture follows then Jonathan orders the straight punk how to deep throat his cock.

It seems the younger Adonis doesn’t like that too much, but when Jonathan starts to suck his cock, he becomes hard as a rock! Jonathan starts to laugh and tells him his dick is hard so he’s probably gay, not straight.

The bodybuilder then finishes the super hot action by fucking the tight ass of the “straight” Adonis in several very intense and painful positions. At the end, the young Adonis is feeling grateful while his new gay friend cums on him. Indeed, he realizes that he just became the new “girlfriend”…

Watch Jonathan Collins vs. Giuseppe Pardi from WrestleHard!

COLT Icon: Carlo Masi

Studio: COLT Studios On December - 5 - 2009

COLT Icon Carlo Masi Colt Icon: Carlo Masi from COLT Studio is an exclusive look at the hairy, beefy muscle god himself.

You’ve watched him. You’ve jerked off to him. You wanted to worship his body, suck on his cock, or fuck his hot bubble ass over and over again.

Colt has released their Icon series to pay tribute to their many porn legends. Colt Icon: Carlo Masi is an exclusive to our network!

Get ready for four scenes of intense man on man action, as Carlo shows you why he has become a Colt Icon.

Carlo Masi shares the scenes with co-stars Karim, Zak Spears, and Josh Weston.

You don’t want to miss a single scene!

Watch Colt Icon: Carlo Masi from COLT Studio!