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Unsuitable by Pantheon

Studio: Pantheon Productions On December - 7 - 2010

Unsuitable by Pantheon

These hot suited daddies know how to get the job done even if it’s not the one they’re getting paid for.

In Unsuitable, take a behind-the-scenes look at the hot sales force at Tough Tools, Inc. They’re having a bad sales year and big boss Zak Spears is not happy.

How does he handle it? By letting his men hear it… and feel it.

These nine hot guys are under a lot of pressure and they relieve that pressure the best that they can by getting their huge man sticks out of their suits and using them on each other.

Watch Unsuitable by Pantheon Productions!

Starring Ben Martin, Billy Duro, Ethan Roberts, Nick Moretti, Paul Barbaro, Trey Walker, Tyler Saint, and Zak Spears.


Unsuitable Pantheon






Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable PantheonUnsuitable PantheonUnsuitable Pantheon

Unsuitable Pantheon

Real Couples 4 Pantheon Productions

Studio: Pantheon Productions On October - 26 - 2010

Real Couples 4 Pantheon Productions

In Real Couples 4 by Pantheon Productions, four real-life daddy and bear couples let you have an explicit look at their sex lives. Find out what it’s like when these couples fuck!

Two of our favorite Pantheon Men just happen to be hitched. Hung-daddy Clint tops his young muscle-cub partner Dan in this steamy real couples scene. See these two well-endowed, furry men take each other to the edge.

Bear couple Marco and Nic came down from Montreal to get naked for the cameras. Daddy Marco has a great big uncut dick that his furry husband Nic loves to take. We sure did enjoy watching these men show their stuff.

Wisconsin bears Bill and David have been together for years and they get hot and heavy several times a week. They love to swap fucks and they aren’t shy about it.

We met sexy couple Conrad and Lee at the Folsom Street Fair. When they got naked, we were drooling at the site of Lee taking care of his daddy’s big, thick dick. Watch as this masculine couple take care of each other’s needs.

Watch Real Couples 4 from Pantheon Productions! Starring Clint Christopher, Daddy Marco, Nic, Conrad Morales, Dan Rhodes, Lee Rivers and more.

Real Couples 4 Pantheon



Real Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 Pantheon

Real Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 Pantheon

Real Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 Pantheon

Real Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 PantheonReal Couples 4 Pantheon

Real Couples 4 Pantheon

Bear Mayhem by BearFilms

Studio: Bear Films On June - 29 - 2010

Bear Mayhem by BearFilms In Bear Mayhem by BearFilms, watch these ten sexy, hairy studs get into all kinds of trouble… fucking, kissing, cumming, moaning… you name it, they do it!

In the first scene, Patrick and Jay are two furry, daddy bears that deliver a tasty breakfast in bed.

Patrick and Jay awake while spooning and quickly their cocks get hard. Kissing and romantic rubbing progress to some hot sloppy cock sucking.

Patrick turns Jay’s ass into breakfast and feasts on his hairy hole. Jay returns the favor letting Patrick saddle his face. Patrick then climbs on Jay’s throbbing cock.

He rides that dick like a true professional and varies his position to make sure Jay’s cock gets in every possible spot. Patrick blows a hot load all over Jay’s face and then helps Jay squeeze one out.

But wait, Patrick isn’t done yet and cranks out another load. Now that is some breakfast!

Bearfilms Bear Mayhem




Bearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear Mayhem

What do you do when your Chinese food won’t be delivered for 30 minutes? Get naked and eat each other as an appetizer! Clint wastes no time in getting Dallas stripped down and then feasting on his hairy Latin hole. Dallas works the dining table and sucks Clint’s massive cock.

Like a good boy, Dallas is very eager to satisfy his Daddy’s big cock by offering up his furry hole. The table provides the perfect height for Daddy to fuck his boy good. Dallas takes it like a pro, preparing Daddy’s cock for a big, juicy load all over his back! Delighted with his service, Dallas then blows a creamy load all over his hairy chest. Yum. That is some appetizer!

Bearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear Mayhem

Then in Bear Mayhem by BearFilms, Marc cruises Bobby on the street, and then lures him inside for some Daddy/Boy play. Bobby is timid at first, but quickly relaxes and Daddy slurps on his mouth and savors his cock. Now it’s Bobby’s turn to please Daddy and get his uncut dick nice and hard.

The wooden staircase provides the perfect rimming spot for Marc to work Bobby’s hole and prepare it for his hungry cock. Soon Bobby is moaning as Marc’s fat cock fills his thirsty hole. Marc plows his hole and claims it for his own, ramming it from every angle until his milky load sprays Bobby’s back. Once Daddy is done, its Bobby’s turn to spray his jizz.

Bearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear Mayhem

Dallas enlists Sean to move into his new pad, and when Sean asks for a monetary tip, Dallas has a better idea! Dallas begins by chomping on Sean’s tasty cock and then turns him around to work his hairy crack and hole. Once Sean sees the size of Dallas’ uncut cock, he knows he wants it up his furry hole.

Dallas lubes up his hole with his tongue and spit and then plows it like a untamed field! Dallas uses the couch to penetrate every inch of Sean’s hole, and Sean swallows Dallas’ thick tool very willingly. Dallas literally fucks the cum out of Sean and then pulls out and shoots his load all over Sean… now that is what we call a tip!

Bearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear Mayhem

These 2 furry studs get right to work on each other’s meaty tools. Andrew’s thick cock is hard and ready for AJ to feast on. After Andrew’s dick is teased, he knows he wants AJ’s hole and warms it up with his mouth and probing tongue. AJ returns the favor and massages Andrew’s hairy hole with his thick goatee.

These bears love to suck, rim and of course fuck! Andrew teases AJ until AJ’s hole is ready for his meat. Andrew, like a good top, starts out slow, and then picks up the pace as AJ’s tight hole loosens up. Andrew can’t hold his four day load any longer and he blows a creamy eruption, followed by AJ’s hot load.

Bearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear MayhemBearfilms Bear Mayhem

Watch Bear Mayhem by! Starring A.J. Hardwood, Andrew Mason, Bobby Braun, Clint Taylor, Dallas O’Connor, Dallas Romeio, Jay Swann, Marc Gardener, Patrick Montana, Sean Fox.

Bearfilms Bear Mayhem

Dexter and Jake by Jake Cruise

Studio: Jake Cruise On June - 13 - 2010

Dexter and Jake by Jake Cruise One of the hottest, studliest models Jake Cruise has ever had is back – Dexter!

After a 4-year hiatus, he is still as cut and defined as ever, but there is a difference…

Now Dexter’s ready for some hardcore bareback sex!

After some extended foreplay, including some great kissing, Dexter and Jake get thoroughly reacquainted.

Then Dexter goes after Jake from behind, using all that muscle to pump him hard and long!

From any position, Dexter proves he’s one great fucker. And he delivers quite a gusher to prove it. Welcome back, Dexter!

Watch Dexter & Jake by Jake Cruise!

Jake Cruise Dexter






Jake Cruise DexterJake Cruise DexterJake Cruise Dexter

Jake Cruise DexterJake Cruise DexterJake Cruise Dexter

Jake Cruise Dexter

Big and Beefy by Alphamale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On February - 20 - 2010

Big and Beefy by Alphamale Media Big and Beefy by Alphamale Media is the follow-up to the huge success of Hairy Hunks, brings new talent along with big star names.

Four sizzling scenes, as the hairiest muscle studs fuck, suck rim and worship each other as only real men can appreciate.

Edu explodes like never before, and newcomer hairy cub Charlie Fabravo starts what is likely to be a huge career.

A must watch for hairy and muscle fans!

Watch Big and Beefy from Alphamale Media!

Starring Edu Boxer, Ross Hurstone, Marcus Troy, Oliver Rockwell, Uncle John, John Thomson, Charlie Fabravo, Claudio Pezzano.

Big And Beefy Alphamale






Big And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy Alphamale

Big And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy Alphamale

Big And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy Alphamale

Big And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy AlphamaleBig And Beefy Alphamale

Big And Beefy Alphamale

Daddy Hunt Volume 2

Studio: Pantheon Productions On January - 14 - 2010

Daddy Hunt Volume 2 by Pantheon productions follows four hot boys and five masculine dads in five hardcore scenes.

This daddy boy porn video culminates in a six-man orgy (three hung dads takes on three cum-filled young studs!)

Nearly two hours of non-stop, natural, sweaty sex. A Celebration of Older-Younger Daddy-Boy SEX!

The first scene opens with delectable Derrick lying down on a massage table.

Handsome daddy Allen Silver steps in to rub down the deserving young stud.

It’s obvious from the start that this is going to be more than just traditional massage.

The sexual energy between these two masculine men is incredible. They make intense eye contact while they are swapping fucks.




Now we see hardcore working men Steve Hurley and Ike exiting a freight elevator and starting to suck on each other’s daddy dicks! Good-looking Tony comes down the stairs and spies these two hirsute men going at it. Steve (Titpig) Hurley catches Tony watching and orders him to come over and suck on his dick.

Tony is more than happy to get in the middle of these two top daddies. The contrast between down-and-dirty Steve and Ike, and the young, clean-cut innocent (looking) Tony is very hot. Ever want daddy to share you with his hot and hairy buddies? Watch this scene unfold!

The scene begins as Ben, a ruggedly handsome photographer, opens his bag to reveal professional camera equipment. He pulls out his big lens and sets his sights on nubile Latin stud Danny Lopez who is about to model for the hunky daddy. Ben tells Danny to take his clothes off for the camera. When Danny bends over to show his hole, Ben sports an instant hard-on. That’s when this scene turns from work to play. Ben can’t get enough of Danny’s amazing bubble butt, and Danny has an insatiable appetite for Ben’s big cock power-fucking him!

Next in this steamy daddy-boy porn fest, Bad-boy Justin is standing on a street corner looking for trouble when clean-cut, suit daddy Jay Taylor walks by. The two hook-up and Justin leads Jay into a nearby stairwell where the clothes fly off. Justin can’t get enough of Jay’s huge dick, and Justin has a big uncut cock himself. These two get down and dirty in this sweaty man/boy cum-drenched scene.

In this group sex club scene, three hung older men take on three randy young men. The scene opens with Steve lighting up his pipe and stroking on his hard dick. We see horny Derrick sucking on a beer as he gets ready to suck on Steve’s thick dick. We are treated to scenes of Danny’s amazing butt as Ike is coming over to admire it.

It doesn’t take long for him to bury his face in Danny’s muscled ass. We then see Ben grabbing his engorged cock through his bulging jock strap, just as Justin comes over to help him out with his daddy dick. This masculine group of six have their sexy way with each other in varied dick/butt, mouth/dick positions throughout this hot, sweat-filled scene.

Watch the hot daddy boy sex in Daddy Hunt Volume 2 from Pantheon Productions!

Muscle Bears & Lusty Lads

Studio: US Male On October - 30 - 2009

Muscle Bears & Lusty Lads Muscle Bears & Lusty Lads from US Male is a cum-soaked sexcapade of hairy-chested big-dicked daddies and smooth-bodied lads.

This video promises to deliver the kind of prick pummeling, jizz jammed debauchery and excruciatingly pleasing rear-end action between mature men and their boys that will make you cry out in ecstasy and despair at the same time!

It’s gonna hurt so damn good.

Watch Muscle Bears & Lusty Lads from US Male!

Starring Josh West, Dak Ramsey, David West, Jasper St. John, Jeremy Lange, John Wright, Ken Mack, Peter Axel.

Directed by Paul Barresi.







Sonoma Heat by Pantheon Productions

Studio: Pantheon Productions On September - 3 - 2009

Sonoma Heat by Pantheon Productions In Sonoma Heat from Pantheon Productions, watch as 9 masculine, hung, muscular daddies suck and fuck away a hot summer day.

This video culminates in a steamy 3-way where Sam Everett gets double-fucked by Jake Mitchell and Jeremy Steel!

If you like muscle daddies and outdoor sex, you’ll love this installment of our REAL MEN series. REAL MEN. REAL SEX.

Starring Michael Scott, Jake Mitchell, Cowboy Larry, Jeremy Steele, Hunt Parker, Jaguar, Jake Rowe, Ross Wilson and Sam Everett.

This hot day gets kicked off by big daddy bears Jake and Michael going at each other.

Watch as these rock hard, randy men take care of each other’s masculine needs. Big man Michael gets more than his fill when Jake tops him.




Hirsute man Ross Wilson is in pig heaven lying out in the sun between black daddies Jaguar and Larry. It’s more than he can handle… fortunately Jaguar wants some action too. Ross is in pig heaven getting tag-teamed by this sexy, very well hung duo.

The next scene features even more of handsome daddy Jake! Watch as he shows off and strokes his huge dick in this hot solo scene. I could watch this furry daddy jack off his handsome cock all day long.

The randy gardner, Hunt Parker is back! This time he’s in the mood for some daddy cock… Jake Rowe spies Hunt working in the yard and seduces him through a window. Don’t miss these two big men swapping fucks!

A hot summer daddy wouldn’t be complete without a double fuck. These three men just can’t get enough of each other, and Sam just can’t get enough big dick! Watch as he takes both Jake and Jeremy’s dicks at once! It’s one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever seen!

Watch the hot, hairy and hunky daddies of Sonoma Heat by Pantheon Productions!

Men at Work 2 by Alphamale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On August - 29 - 2009

Men at Work 2 by Alphamale Media In Hard At Work 2 by Alphamale Media, these hard men are always horny and always out to get the next bit of cock or ass, and if they happen to be at work, then that’s a bonus!

Out in the sunshine or checking out break-ins, these buff muscle men love to get naked with each other and stuff themselves full of rock solid cock, sliding into wet butt holes all the way to the hilt.

The close up view and spunk showers are unbearably horny so get ready to shoot all day long!

In the first scene, Carlo Cox arrives to give Butch Grand his rental and is quickly invited in for a rub down. These two muscle bound hairy men love their foreplay nearly as much as the ass pounding and taste each others bodies fully before indulging in cock sucking and butt fucking!

Carlo rams his tongue deep inside Butch’s gaping hole, making it wet in anticipation. Rubbing their hairy bodies together, Butch gives Carlos’ cock a ride of a lifetime and watching it slip into his ring will make you spunk your load!



Marcus and Dean Interracial Policemen fucking! Marcus and Dean investigate a break-in, and they’re soon investigating what’s under their hot uniforms. Black man Dean is taken control over by hairy hunk Marcus, getting his solid cock sucked on and body licked by his colleague. Grinding down on his big black cock, you can see Marcus enjoy every second, with his hole wrapping itself around the thick shaft, feeling every inch go deeper and deeper inside. Until both policemen shoot their thick loads over chest and face!

Martin and Steve Resort workers Steve and Martin cruise each other and soon end up fucking each other! Both hairy men get so turned on by each other that they strip each other there and then and get down on their knees, taking in the flavors of each others throbbing cock and aching balls. They moan in ecstasy as they work their butts until Steve puts his massive dick all the way up into Martin in one smooth movement then treating him to a thick load all over his stubbly face, you’ll want to lap it up and share it with both of them!

Dillon Buck, Dean Monroe, Hannibal Coming in late for work doesn’t stop Dean or Dillon continuing their fuckfest in the bar while boss Hannibal watches on, hard as fuck and wanking away. The American star gives Dillon a real mouthful of rock solid cock and great ass, getting him to spit on both, making them dripping wet and ready for action!! Slipping his perfectly formed cock deep into his ass, Dillon fills up Deans hole and continues to push all he can into it, stretching his hole as far as it can go.

Watch Hard At Work 2 by Alphamale Media! Starring Carlo Cox, Butch Grand, Marcus Troy, Dean Silver, Steve Cruz, Martin Mazza, Dean Monroe, Dillon Buck, Hannibal.

Out on Vacation by AlphaMale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On August - 23 - 2009

Out on Vacation by AlphaMale Media IIn Out on Vacation by Alphamale Media, three hairy hunks take a trip to Gran Canaria, and the sex starts as soon as they reach the hotel!

Full of bronzed studs licking, kissing and sucking every part of each others hairy, muscular bodies, it’s one vacation nobody will forget!

Scene one brings us some of the hottest bar action ever seen. Buff studs Jake and Martin work each others bodies, biting, sucking and licking absolutely everywhere, getting the real taste of what man sex should be.

Their tattooed and hairy bodies are deliciously muscled and they really can’t get enough.

Hard and rough foreplay leads to an ass rimming of a lifetime, getting the tongue real deep inside his ass before getting Martin’s thick cock rammed inside him!





Now this brings the term motion on the ocean to a whole new level. Buff hunk Trojan Rock lends his cock to give Steve Cruz a ride he’ll never forget. Steve has a superbly hairy body, his chest, stomach and legs covered in dark fur with a handsome cock standing proud. Trojan follows his instructions and munches on his ass, and thrusting his cock passed the lubed ring, his tight ass taking all he can get whilst bouncing up and down under the tropical sunshine.

Being caught having an al fresco wank brings a lot more fun than Dan Vega could have expected. Hunky lifeguards Carlo and Dean thrust their hard chunks of meat into Dans chiselled face and sucks as hard as he can!! All three muscled studs love the taste of cock and ass, they just can’t get enough, and the fucking that Dean is given is mind blowing, watching Carlo slide around in his arse is cock throbbing to say the least but when Dans thick meat rams inside him you can almost feel the hole stretch itself!

After not having much luck in the sand dunes of Gran Canaria, this hairy hunk heads back to the hotel and finds exactly what he’s looking for. Getting the taste for hardcore man on man action by tasting every part of his hairy body, Dillon gives us a great rimming shot, so close you can see his tongue go further and further inside Marcus, lubing it up for a real ramming session by the pool!

The vacation draws to an end, but it doesn’t go without a bang! After having as much cock as they thought they could, there’s one more guy who catches all of their eyes and there’s soon an orgy by the pool. These four hunks show off all they’ve learnt by eating ass and sucking cock. It’s a proper fuckfest with everyone getting their fill of hardcore man-sex, all bronzed and sweaty from the sun.

Watch Out on Vacation by Alphamale Media! Starring Steve Cruz, Dillon Buck, Dan Vega, Trojan Rock, Jake Ryder, Martin Mazza, Dean Monroe, Carlo Cox, Marcus Troy, Butch Grand.

Bear Tracks by All Worlds Video

Studio: All Worlds Video On August - 20 - 2009

Bear Tracks by All Worlds Video Bear Tracks from All Worlds is all about horny, hairy guys going wild in the woods. This ain’t no company picnic.

Hot bear-to-bear non-stop action that ignites the forest with lust and passion.

My favorite scene has to be #2 where Hank Hightower gets his thick cock sucked by Mark Everett.

Mark then bends over to take hunky Hank’s thick pole up his is hairy chute. Woof!

Bears Tracks is perfect for hairy, masculine daddy bear lovers. These hunks cream all over their thick furry stomachs and chests. Yum!

Watch Bear Tracks from All Worlds Video!

Starring Cody, Hank Hightower, Jeff Rockford, Mark Everett, Robert Paul, Roger Collins, Ron Hunter, Ty Davenport.




Out on the Con by AlphaMale Media

Studio: AlphaMale Media On June - 6 - 2009

Out on the Con by AlphaMale Media ‘Out on the Con’ by AlphaMale Media features hard and hairy hunks get busy with each other in a con game between fit hookers and cheating buyers. Group action and butt munching behavior, these thick-dicked muscle studs are out to get all they can.

A new episode will air every Saturday!

First up in Out on the Con by AlphaMale, hooking up with suited hunk Trojan and Carlo, Rocky is taken back to their plush pad for an awesome three-way full of rippling muscles and hairy bodies.

These hunky men can’t get enough cock in their mouths as they sucked and get face fucked, making each others cocks bounce in pleasure. Teasing and stretching his hairy hole, Rocky is then pounded hard by both guys, getting spit roasted and moaning in gratitude as his butt is pushed to the limit as the two hairy guys get their fill of him.

Squatting on Carlo’s thick dick while getting face fucked by Trojan, Rocky gets a face full of spunk, shoots his load all over Carlo’s hairy stomach, with Carlo mixing his in!



Rocky hooks up with tattooed hunk Rocco with his boyfriend Ross for an even hotter three-way! Having his ass really eaten out, Ross loves the feel of Rocky’s hairy face preparing his butt for a real pounding whiles he devours Rocco’s great looking dick, tasting every inch as it’s fucked down his throat. The ass munching in this scene will cause your cock to tremble, tasting as much as they can, licking as deep as they could go, the butts are fully prepped for the fuckfest about to begin. Ross’ open hole is abused to the fullest by both muscle studs, pounding hard and shooting far and fast, covering sweaty bodies in warm jizz.

Rocco has a go at a younger, smoother boy, fingering his smooth butt in great close-up shots, first one finger, then two, ready for his thick dick to slide into. Squatting over Rocco’s face, getting a great rimming before sliding down on his shaft, The cute lad is rock solid as his butt gets pounded, slapping against Rocco’s legs as he bounces up and down, grinding back against it, feeling as much meat get inside him.

Then in Out on the Con, mixed race dude Mario gets screwed over and enjoys an intense session with his boyfriend to get over it. Both hairy tattooed guys have great dicks, Aitor’s pierced knob looks delicious as he slowly strips for Mario, teasing his dick and ass as Mario writhes in anticipation for the butt fun he’s about to give Aitor. Working his cock as he plays with his nipples, he’s grips Aitor’s butt and back, pulling him onto that’s long dick, pinning him down on it, forcing him to take every last bit. Swapping around, Aitor is soon fucking Mario, giving us great close up shots of that’s great dick being used to pummel ass hard and fast before both his balls are emptied all over Mario’s butt!

Cheat Rocco is given his just desserts by hunks from scene one, Carlo and Trojan. Sent in to make this tattooed top guy a sniveling bottom boy, they do their job and love every second of the punishment. Getting his ass rimmed by beefy Trojan and his has Carlos dick rammed down his throat, he’s being well and truly used in the horniest sense of the word!

Watch ‘Out on the Con’ by AlphaMale Media! Starring Trojan Rock, Carlo Cox, Rocco Banks, Rocky Torrez, Marco Di Lucca, Aitor Crash, Mario Delazarius, Ross Hurston, and Unity.