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Mens Room: Bakersfield Station

Studio: TitanMen On July - 20 - 2016

Mens Room: Bakersfield Station

In Mens Room: Bakersfield Station from TitanMen, you’re sure to be hollering Entrapment when you duck into this Mens Room for a quickie and get sucked into an all day orgy.

Mens Room is a massive attack of sleazy, cum and piss spewing, non-stop action. This was the first collaboration between legendary director Joe Gage and Titan Media, and it combines the famed gut level Gage ethos — a working man’s world of cock worshipping bruisers, jack off buddies, and fierce ass-busters — with Titan’s quality men and superb production values.

Daring in both its wet and wild sexual content and its unrushed, filmic style, Mens Room is a unique porn experience that only Joe Gage and TitanMen could have produced.

Watch Mens Room: Bakersfield Station from TitanMen!

Starring Abram Rodriguez, Alex Leon, Andrew Rubio, Andy Dill, Danny Vox, Joey Russo, Kent Larson, Lex Kyler, Marc Sterling, Matt Majors, Randy Manroot, Tommy DeLuca.

Mens Room Bakersfield Station





Mens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield Station

Mens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield Station

Mens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield Station

Mens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield Station

Mens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield StationMens Room Bakersfield Station

Mens Room Bakersfield Station

‘Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On February - 19 - 2016

TitanMen Folsom Filth

Folsom Filth doesn’t push the envelope. It shreds it. The movie, chosen as “The Official Leather/Fetish Film of the Folsom Street Fair”, is not only the first to earn that title in the legendary fetish fair’s 23 year history, but one of the most hard-edged films TitanMen has ever produced.

The next evolution in the groundbreaking and award-winning Fallen Angel series, Folsom Filth takes leather/fetish play quite literally kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Deep within the bowels of the Folsom Street underworld, abductees earning their place in the Master’s Lair are whipped, pissed on, toyed with and tortured in ways you’ve never seen nor imagined.

In 3 hours of mind-altering, hardcore sensation, Darius Falke, Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat, towering stud Diesel Washington, power bottom (and incomparable beauty) Alex Baresi, plus a never wilder Tober Brandt savage bound, ball-tortured, fisted submissives, including the human urinal and the bloodied whipping boy.

Folsom Filth TitanMen




Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

In the first scene of Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen, encased in futuristic latex suction beds, servants Alex and Lee are released to service Brendan’s and Diesel’s rock-hard cocks, slurping and slobbering like the cockhounds that they are. The Masters piss on their slaves and in their mouths then let loose boiling jets of creamy cum, streaming loads of hot jizz across their chests.

Chained to a chair and hooded, Patrick pisses himself in fear as dogboy Derek terrorizes him with the cold steel blade. A metal mouth stretcher rudely ratchets Patrick’s jaws apart. The apparatus makes swallowing difficult and causes him to gag, as Steve unloads gallons of piss in his mouth and all over his body.

His submission brings the three captors’ cum churning out of their steely hard cocks. They unchain him and yank his hood (and his clothes) off and drag him away to the next round of his training.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Diesel clips Lee’s hands and outstretched arms to a suspension bar, where he watches helplessly as Alex is thrown on a bench. Brendan shoves his steely cock down Alex’s throat as Diesel’s is punched fiercely up his ass. The two muscled Masters tag team Alex’s mouth and ass. Diesel’s anger is volcanic; this is one scary fucker!

After loosening up Alex with their relentless plugging, they go for Lee, giving him more of the same rough treatment. Finally, Alex endures more of Diesel’s furious fucking, and he shoots cum across his own finely furred belly, with Diesel and Brendan soon adding their liquid loads.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Then inFolsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen, servants Damien, Darius and RJ worship the godlike Francois, sucking on his solid scepter and showering him with the respect he commands and deserves. Darius gets a face full of that smoothly-muscled ass as Francois squats down, sucking the heavy cocks of Damien and RJ that tantalizingly frame his face.

The force of his mouth is irresistible, and soon, they’re shooting their hot loads across his body. The commanding Francois leads a spent RJ off platform by his dick, with Darius and Damien obediently following behind.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Diesel teases Alex’s hole wide open, and smoothly plunges his huge hand deep down in Alex’s guts. Alex is ready for even more than that, though, and Diesel starts shoving both hands in, one after the other, while Brendan rests his huge cock on Alex’s face. Diesel flips Alex over on his hands and knees so he can drive in even deeper, and starts punching fist after fist deep down Alex’s gaping and goo-covered hairy hole.

It’s Lee’s turn. Brendan wields an impossibly huge black dildo, and screws it in as far as it can go as Diesel plants his huge cock down Lee’s willing throat. But Brendan needs his fist up there, and shoves it in for a bout of forearm fucking. Flipping Lee on his back, Alex climbs on top, feet to head.

A double penetration gets a new meaning, as Diesel’s fist disappears up Alex’s elastic chute and Brendan’s drives up Lee’s stretched and swollen hole. Lee and Alex take over from Brendan and Diesel, and sink their own fists deep up each other’s asses.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Next in Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen, RJ’s been flung facedown in a sling while Damien eats out his ass. Darius licks and worships Francois, chewing and pulling on his meaty tits and dick. Francois lubes up and bucks wildly, pulling and pushing in and out of RJ’s tight and tender asshole.

Roles are reversed as Francois lands in the sling, with RJ driving his cock and hole wild with the flicking of his bifurcated tongue. Darius and Damien finally break away from each other to lavish attention on their master, and Damien dives in, hammering away like a jackrabbit in and out of Francois’s muscular mounds. Darius gets a turn, as RJ swallows Damien’s huge bone to the hilt.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Tober lurches up to Alex, grabs his head and brutally shoves his dick so far and hard down his throat that Alex gags, spit pouring down his chin. After Tober shoots his load on Alex he tears his rubber mask off so he can lick his own creamy cum off Alex. Tober then gets on his knees to suck Alex’s uncut monster, and jacks Alex off onto his own chest, splattering Alex’s jizz in a huge sperm explosion.

Tober opens his mouth wide to receive Alex’s stream of golden piss, which he collects and spits back into Alex’s mouth before kneeling down once again to lick Alex’s golden liquid off the floor. Tober directs Alex to lean over, and then spurts the piss he’s just licked off the floor all over Alex’s golden globes.

Tober strings Alex’s legs up in a truss, legs spread open to allow Tober to insert a metal spreader in his asshole, which he opens up, fingers and eats out, sampling the lip-smacking taste of his amazing ass. Tober blasts huge torrents of steaming piss up Alex’s open asshole, which adds a whole new dimension to the taste!

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

Then in Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen, Tober slams an enormous black dildo up Alex’s ass as Darius continues to jack off. Tober then slides a rosebud vacuum pump up Alex’s ass leaving Alex’s rosy ass-ring swollen and quivering.

Tober butters up his fist, and sinks it in one shot up Alex’s prepped ass, punching in and pulling completely out with his meaty fist, leaving Alex’s swollen sphincter open and pulsing with the need for more. Tober slicks up his condomed cock and shoves it in, holding onto the suspension bar above while riding Alex. Tober and Alex jack off onto Alex’s hairy hard abs and Darius strokes himself to completion.

Folsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMenFolsom Filth TitanMen

In the final scene of Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen, Master Steve and tattooed daddy Joe G drag Patrick over to a suspension bar, and hoists him to for the whipping of his life — the most dramatic whipping/flogging sequence ever recorded on video!

Steve flings Patrick onto his brutally-beaten back, spitting in Patrick’s mouth and skewering a thick dildo deep into his guts, punching him in the chest and shoving his fingers down Patrick’s mouth and throat. Patrick rides the giant dildo, until Steve pulls out an even thicker dildo that Patrick plugs up his ass like a newly-minted pro. They finish off the scene with gobs of man-juice that rain down on Patrick.

Watch Folsom Filth: Director’s Cut by TitanMen! Starring Alex Baresi, Brendan Davies, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Derek da Silva, Diesel Washington, Francois Sagat, Lee Heyford, Patrick O’Connor, Steve Trevor, Tober Brandt, Vin Nolan.

Folsom Filth TitanMen

‘FEAR’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On January - 13 - 2016

Fear Titanmen

This installment in the award-winning Folsom Fetish series, Fear takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day.

Each of the five nail-bitingly intense outdoor scenes explores different aspects of submission, bondage and fetish play in a way that only GAYVN Hall-Of-Fame director Brian Mills could do.

Fear includes footage of several acts so extreme they have never been captured on film before, and none of which have ever been filmed so gorgeously as they are here.

In the first scene of FEAR from TitanMen, in his explosive debut, Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness.

When they finally get him, they tackle him to the ground, tying his arms behind his back.

They viciously throat-fuck their eager servant so hard he gags several times until he finally throws up on Tober’s thick, hard cock.

This hardly deters Derek, as he takes a deep breath and goes down for more intense face-fucking.

TitanMen Fear



TitanMen FearTitanMen FearTitanMen Fear

After fucking, pissing and cumming on him, Tony and Tober are just getting starting to have their way with Derek, who’s eager to be used and abused by these rough, tough-talking tops. “You’re in for it now, boy!” Tony warns Derek as he hoists him upside down over a pool of icy water.

He’s completely naked and completely bound up with rope with his arms tied behind his back, as he tenuously swings over the pool, Tober and Tony pissing on him and punching him like he’s some sort of human piñata. Despite hard punches to his balls and stomach, Derek’s cock remains rock hard though out the entire scene.

With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head-first into the water! Still suspended and bound, Tony jerks Derek off until he cums, with his juice streaming down his bound body and into his own mouth. Then Tony and Tober shoot (again) all over their willing captive.

TitanMen FearTitanMen FearTitanMen Fear

Next in FEAR from TitanMen, Dirk Jager watches from afar as two handsome campers – Rick van Sant and Lars Svenson – set up a tent and go for a hike. When Rick pulls out his thick, uncut cock to take a piss in the woods, Dirk makes his move on the two boy-next-door studs. He pins Lars against a tree and pins Rick down to his knees so he can face the young stud. After the three of them cum, Dirk takes the two of them to a shed with an outdoor leather-covered table beside it.

Dirk throws Rick on his back and spreads apart his legs, exposing his insatiable asshole which is practically begging to be pulled wide open by Dirk. He starts with a gentle rim and fingering and then he and Lars take turns pinning his legs back and pounding him with their rock-hard cocks. Lars takes a turn on the table and finds himself on the receiving end of both Rick and Dirk’s cocks. After the three of them shoot their loads on Lars’s taught, smooth body, Rick finds himself back on the table.

TitanMen FearTitanMen FearTitanMen Fear

In another dark corner of the forest, CJ Madison strokes his giant cock and watches as Diesel Washington hoses Brody Newport down in a torrent of piss from his equally massive cock. Once he’s completely drenched in Diesel’s and his own piss, the gruff-looking Brody, still on his knees, begins to worship Diesel’s cock. Diesel brutally face-fucks Brody until he’s teary-eyed and gagging, gasping for air when CJ finally joins in.

He takes turns spitting and impaling his face on their two major fuck poles until Diesel finally flips him onto the open bed of his pickup truck and pounds him mercilessly, quickly building up to a brutal pace so intense that Brody’s barely able to hold himself up against Diesel’s forceful pounding. CJ and Diesel douse their bottom in their massive cum loads.

TitanMen FearTitanMen FearTitanMen Fear

Then in FEAR from TitanMen, when Alex Baresi’s car breaks down driving through the woods, he thinks Dirk Jager will help him get up and running again, but instead Dirk’s got much, much more in store for the buff, fuzzy superstud. After Alex sucks off Dirk until he shoots a hefty load all over Alex’s chest, Dirk takes the lace from his work boot and administers some ad-hoc cock and ball torture on Alex until he shoots a load of his own.

Dirk takes him back to his lair, but on the way, pins Alex up against a tree and buries his face deep into his hairy mounds while prying him open first with his tongue then fingers. Dirk takes Alex back to his shed for more deep rimming and fingering before delivering an intense pile-driving fuck on the hairy stud from behind and above.

After they both cum, under Dirk’s watchful eye, Alex administers a saline scrotal infusion on himself, inflating his ball sack to the size of a grapefruit. Dirk punches and slaps Alex’s massively engorged scrotum before bending him over onto the table and fisting his hungry, unstoppable ass – the whole time, his gigantic, saline-pumped ball sack hanging and flopping around between his legs as Dirk’s fist probes deeper and deeper.

Two boyfriends – Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn – hike shirtless across the countryside, but thanks to some intentionally bad directions given to them earlier by Brody Newport, they become lost. They decide to take a break, Dean whipping his cock out for a piss. They kiss and Dean drops to his knees as he peels back Francois’s shorts to reveal an already rock-hard, gloriously thick, uncut cock waiting for a servicing.

Francois returns the favor, swallowing every inch of Dean’s equally rock-hard cock with his mouth. It’s a rare moment of romance between the two as they savor each other’s near-perfect bodies, cocks, and assholes. But evil is brewing in the background as CJ, Brody and Diesel set their sights on them, stalking he two lovers from afar. Against a moss-covered rock, Dean fucks Francois’s muscular ass until Francois cums, and Dean follows suit soon after, glazing him with his own thick load.

TitanMen FearTitanMen FearTitanMen Fear

In the final scene from FEAR from TitanMen, the sinister trio of CJ, Brody and Diesel are set for the explosive must-be-seen-to-be-believed finale of terror, bondage and submission. CJ and Brody strip Dean down nude and strap his wrists and ankles into an iron bondage chair. As Dean struggles to get free and tries to understand the bizarre events unfolding around him, the assailants strap him in by his neck and leave him so they can deal with Francois.

With a horse’s bit in his mouth and hanging from a crucifix-like suspension, Francois is so terrified, he actually pisses clear through his jockstrap (which is already drenched with Diesel’s trademark waterworks of piss). CJ and Brody laugh from the sidelines, joining in to piss on him while Dean watches on helplessly as he and his boyfriend are subjected to a fantasia of terrifying acts of submission and bondage which make the previous five scenes seem almost tame by comparison as they push the limits of sex and fear. How far can they take it? How far will they go? You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Watch FEAR from TitanMen! Starring Alex Baresi, Brody Newport, Dean Flynn, Derek da Silva, Diesel Washington, Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat, Lars Svenson, Rick van Sant, Tober Brandt, Tony Buff.

TitanMen Fear

Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2

Studio: TitanMen On October - 25 - 2015

Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2

Ever wonder what cops do when they’re not walking a beat? They beat off, pound ass and deep throat big cop dick, of course!

In Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2 from TitanMen, master director Joe Gage continues the saga of Cop Shack on 101 with a horny gang of uniformed studs in 2 1/2 hours of ferocious, butt-slamming action including a wild bi three-way and two steaming hot watersports scenes.

In the first scene of Cop Shack 2, towering, muscular TitanMan Diesel Washington and handsome stud Trey Casteel are two cops who’re visiting a tailor (muscled fireplug Patrick O’Connor) to get fitted for uniforms.

Patrick takes just one look at the two hunks to decide what he’s going to eat for lunch — a huge helping of big fat cop dick.

Diesel strips down to reveal a perfectly ripped torso, massive pecs, and huge shoulders. Patrick slowly gorges on Diesel’s enormous pole, gagging as he slides his slick throat to the base.

Cop Shack 2 TitanMen



Cop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMen

Diesel roars in pleasure and starts to pump and thrust his cock down Patrick’s throat, making Patrick choke and gag. Patrick goes back and forth between Trey and Diesel, sucking and stroking their rock hard cocks, burying his face in their pubes and lathering their cocks up with his spit.

Trey and Patrick feast on Diesel’s dick like it’s their last meal, and Trey greedily swallows Patrick’s throbbing prick before Diesel turns Patrick butt-side up on a bench and dives face down into his tight, round ass. Trey takes a turn burying his handsome face between Patrick’s luscious ass cheeks, hurling gobs of spit into his hole and tonguing him good while Diesel fingers Trey’s hole.

The three guys grease up their cocks and jack off. Patrick blows first, groaning as he squirts his cum, and Diesel howls and lets rip a rushing river of jizz before furiously finger fucking Trey, who sends spunk flying onto his own face and thick pecs.

Cop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMen

Patrick clamps his ass onto Diesel’s enormous cock, riding up and down the monster shaft. After Diesel’s worn Patrick’s ass out, Trey eases down on Diesel’s dick, bucking up and down like a wild man. Patrick’s an insatiable bottom who wants to get fucked again and again, so Diesel and Trey trade off pumping and pounding the lucky guy. Trey lies on the bench and Diesel slides his horse cock in him until Trey sends another load flying all over his hot ripped pecs.

Patrick wants to get fucked yet again so Diesel slams into his ass, pulls out and erupts in a volcano of molten cum all over Patrick’s tight, hairy torso before Patrick blow his own jizz high and wide. After all this satisfying action, the cops finally get dressed and are ready to leave, but before they go, they obligingly give Patrick a piss shower as he sits on the toilet.

Diesel’s the first to let his warm piss fly over Patrick, who laps it up and bathes his tight pecs and face in the liquid. Trey unleashes a gusher of gold that Patrick eagerly slurps up before shooting his own piss rocket off right into his open mouth.

Cop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMen

Then in Cop Shack 2 from TitanMen, Leah Wilde’s reported a stolen car, and when hunky detective Scott Wilde (no relation) shows up to make a housecall to question her on the details, her hunky boyfriend — tall, muscular and smooth Logan Robbins — comes out of the bathroom in a towel, which he quickly drops to reveal his throbbing hard dick.

Leah’s not sure how the handsome cop’s going to react, but once she spreads her legs and gives Scott a peek at what’s between, the answer’s clear – the horny detective pulls his hardening cock out and starts stroking it. Leah fucks her boyfriend as he sucks Scott’s shaft, then Scott and Logan take turns fucking Leah doggy style and on her back while she plays with her clit.

As Logan’s boning his girlfriend, the stoic detective slides his dick into Logan’s waiting mouth and throat fucks him. Turning the tables, Logan rams his dick up Scott’s ass while Scott dives into Leah’s crotch, and pulling out abruptly, Logan send a gigantic fountain of frothy cum all over the detective’s thick, broad back. Leah fingers the detective’s greasy asshole, pushing him over the edge and sending his spunk spilling out onto her stomach.

Cop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMenCop Shack 2 TitanMen

In the final scene of Cop Shack 2, when TitanMen exclusive Alex Brawley has to take a leak, Jason follows him into the back of the cop shack where they find sexy Jon Matthews, tall, hard-bodied Steve Trevor, and beefy, shaved-headed Nick Horn, sitting around rubbing their cocks through their tight-fitting police uniforms. The action in the cop shack quickly heats up. Steve stuffs Nick’s mouth with his cock and beats him in the face with his dick, with Nick spitting and gagging as he slides his throat down Steve’s and Jon’s shafts to their cum-filled balls.

Alex brings Jason over and forces him down on his knees to get his face fucked by all the studly cop cocks, getting their protruding penises slippery with his spit. Hairy, muscular Collin O’Neal and beefy, guy next door Dean Tucker walk in, quickly getting naked; Collin reveals a nicely-sized pole that’s aching for attention, which Dean gladly provides by slobbering on Collin’s dick head, licking his shaft and hungrily sucking on his balls.

The orgy turns up a notch as Steve bends Jason over a couch and slams a vicious fuck up his ass. As Nick pounds Alex, Collin piston fucks Dean’s tight hole until Dean blows his wad all over the floor. Steve blows his load all over Jason’s muscular back, and Collin sends a load of spunk flying over Jason’s head, raining down on his thick shoulders.

Watch Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2 from TitanMen! Starring Alex Brawley, Collin O’Neal, Dean Tucker, Diesel Washington, Jason Ridge, Jon Matthews, Leah Wilde, Logan Robbins, Nick Horn, Scott Wilde, Steve Trevor, Trey Casteel.

Cop Shack 2 TitanMen

Breakers from TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On October - 13 - 2015

Breakers from TitanMen ‘Breakers’ from TitanMen is monumental for many reasons. It’s Director Bruce Cam’s final adult film, and he pulls out all the stops in the very tradition of TitanMen that he himself created, taking a cast of 13 masculine men — with 11 TitanMen exclusives including the return of Eduardo — and directs them in 7 breathtaking scenes teeming with explosive eroticism and unparalleled natural beauty.

The sun beats down on two surfers (Damien Crosse and Jackson Wild) peeling off their wetsuits on the beach. Jackson sucks down every inch of Damien’s hefty, uncut dick while furiously batting down on his own hard cock as he works himself into a frenzy. They retreat to a trailer where Damien pounds Jackson’s ass mercilessly.

Dean Flynn and Rick van Sant are camping when a park ranger (Tony Buff) arrives to teach them a lesson about respect. After whipping Dean’s ass until he begs for mercy, he moves on to Rick and gives his ass a far more severe punishment with his fist. After having his way with them in the woods, Tony brings Rick and Dean indoors where he gives the two campers a proper ass pounding.




Darius Falke and Francois Sagat emerge from their tent completely naked and hard. With undeniable chemistry, the two rugged specimens of masculinity engage in a flip-flop piss-and-fuck session with an intensity rarely seen on film.

Next, three hairy, uber-masculine studs (Alex Baresi and Eduardo with Arpad Miklos) jump ship into an outdoor shower, eagerly to diving into a sizzling a flip-flop three-way watersports fuck session.

Stunningly handsome and fantastically hung TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck debuts with fellow exclusive Diesel Washington by pissing all over and fucking the cum out of exclusive Victor Banda. Diesel sprays Victor with more piss before he and Dillon bounce Victor around on their cocks and spray him with their second set of loads.

For the unforgettable finale, brutally severe topman Tony Buff puts Darius Falke and Francois Sagat through the ringer;after some cock worship, Francois and Darius jump onto the cab of the truck, letting Tony work their asses over with his tongue, fingers and mouth before he gives them a deep-dicking that leaves them drenched in sweat, piss and cum.

You don’t want to miss ‘Breakers’ from TitanMen. Watch Now!

Copperhead Canyon by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On October - 1 - 2015

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon

In Copperhead Canyon, a Joe Gage-directed release from TitanMen, Officer Matthew Ford is on the tail of Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal in the backwoods of Colorado.

Copperhead Canyon stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Chad Manning along with 10 other hot, masculine studs.

In the first scene, Officer Matthew Ford doesn’t want to take any chances while transporting Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal, back to jail.

When Ford has to take a piss, he has no choice but to make an unscheduled stop.

While they’re pissing, they’re joined by Luke Riley, a handsome young hitchhiker.

Bill uses this diversion to steal Matthew’s gun and escape, leaving Matthew and Luke tied up against each other to a tree.

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon




TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

As the two shimmy to get out of the rope, Matthew pops a fat boner that Luke is quick to suck down as soon as they’ve freed themselves. After he shoots a load all over Luke’s shirt, Matthew hungrily sucks Luke’s fat cock until he sprays a big load all over the officer’s uniform.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Driving off in Matthew’s car, Bill gets on the phone with TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn, arranging to get an RV from him. After Dean gets off the phone and is done taking a piss, he catches his son’s college buddy, Kurt Wild, acting a bit suspicious when he should be working on a project. Turns out Kurt was jerking off into a pair of Dean’s stolen boxer shorts.

Dean’s got a pretty good idea what his son’s young friend wants, and so he has Kurt unzip his fly and take his hard cock out of his pants. Unsure at first, Kurt tentatively takes Dean’s shaft in his mouth, slowly working up to a fast-paced, sweat-drenched blowjob. After awhile, Kurt lies on his back and Dean deep-throats his long dick to the hilt; before long, they both cum. But Kurt wants more and Dean is happy to oblige.

With Kurt on all fours, Dean buries his face into Kurt’s smooth, pink hole while Kurt buries his own face into Dean’s stolen boxers. After warming Kurt up, Dean probes deep into Kurt’s ass with his cock, towering over him from behind. As they get close, Dean flips Kurt onto his back to nail him even deeper, and they both shoot again.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Then in Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, off the side of the road, two mechanics, Chad Manning and Leed Scott, are tuning up Bill’s getaway RV. They take a break to work on each other’s fat, hard tools. Chad gets the action going by whipping out his fat cock and Leed is more than happy to show him what a proper blowjob feels like. Leed easily sucks a big load out of Chad and afterwards, Chad’s glad to return the favor.

Lying on his back on a blanket next to the RV, Chad lubes up Leed’s hairy hole with this tongue. Chad’s got Leed’s legs pinned back while he fucks a load out of Leed, and then quickly follows suit with a load of his own.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Bill’s two thugs, Ago Viara and Joe Strong, are outside his RV, keeping guard and waiting for the green light to drive him out of town. Under the shade of the trees, Ago gets diverted by Joe’s long, uncut cock which Joe has whipped out and started playing with.

Ago whips his out too and the two jerk themselves off until Ago moves in to service Joe’s giant cock with his mouth. After enthusiastically sucking it down, Joe bends Ago up against a tree and drills his ass. Joe lays Ago down in the leaves and fingers him until he shoots, then bends Ago over and sprays a hot load all over his ass.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

Next in Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, Wolf Hudson and Antonio Milan are a pair of orange jumpsuit-wearing escaped convicts who are making their way through the forest in Pueblo, Colorado. They see Officer Rick Powers approaching, so ditch their jumpsuits, leaving them both naked by the side of the road. Although Rick’s hot on their tails, he seems more interested in what they were doing than turning them in.

Antonio drops to his knees and starts sucking Wolf’s cock, a convenient distraction. Rick dives in and takes over the sucking, bouncing between Wolf and Antonio’s cocks until they both blow their loads all over Rick’s chest. After Rick cums, Wolf and Antonio take turns stuffing Rick’s ass and mouth with their cocks until all three shoot again.

TitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead CanyonTitanMen Copperhead Canyon

In the final scene of Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen, it seems that there was a GPS transmitter in the phone Bill stole that led Matthew and Luke right to him. When they track him down in his RV, they’re eager to settle the score, but first, they want some fun. Luke drops to his knees and sucks down Bill’s hard cock while Matthew watches.

Before long, Matthew whips his cock out and feeds it to Luke, too. They move inside the RV, where Luke continues to chow down on Bill’s cock. Matthew moves on to Luke’s tight little butt, burying his face deep into it. Soon, Bill’s pounding away at Luke’s ass until he fucks a healthy load clear out of him.

Ago and Joe are waiting outside, watching through the window. When Bill and Matthew step out of the RV, Matthew immediately slurps on Joe’s massive cock and Ago on Bill’s. Matthew bends ago over the stairs of the RV to rim him while Joe tongues and fingers Matthew’s ass. Soon, Matthew lowers himself onto Joe’s cock and Bill fucks Ago before Joe, Bill and Ago all shoot explosive loads of cum onto Matthew’s furry chest.

Watch Copperhead Canyon from TitanMen! Starring Ago Viara, Antonio Milan, Bill Madison, Chad Manning, Dean Flynn, Joe Strong, Kurt Wild, Leed Scott, Luke Riley, Matthew Ford, Rick Powers, Wolf Hudson.

TitanMen Copperhead Canyon

‘Alabama Takedown’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On September - 18 - 2015

TitanMen Alabama Takedown

This one will have ya down for the count! Alabama Takedown: Director’s Cut from TitanMen is another cunningly-crafted classic from the master of porn, Joe Gage.

This three-hour brawl is a hefty serving of Gage hallmarks, with buddies jerking it together, older dudes showing younger men the ropes, and unshaven, sweaty wranglers in rough, no-holds barred manplay.

Gage’s terse, huskily whispered sex talk simmers five tension building scenes into boiling eruption as thirteen incredibly raunchy TitanMen all-stars pound it out.

From buddies coaxing buddies into mansport, from boner-stretched singlets to naked hard-on wrestling and ringside watersports, Alabama Takedown is another brooding and sensational movie in the real cinematic style that only Joe Gage delivers – round after round.

You don’t want to miss this TitanMen classic!

TitanMen Alabama Takedown




TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

In the first scene of Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, the Alabama All-State Professional Wrestling School. Ken Mack tops Damon DeMarco. Brothers Doc (Cliff Rhodes) and Ben Sullivan (Spencer Quest) have decided that the best way to raise the rent money, as well as get laid, is to open a wrestling school.

They bait the hook for students by announcing a competition with a $100 cash prize. Damon DeMarco’s so eager that he shows up for the match a day early. And janitor Ken Mack’s eager to jump his bones. But slow and easy. He offers DeMarco a singlet, and takes in the boner Damon’s sprung as he changes.

Mack guides DeMarco into wrestling, and grinds their bones together before casually drawling, “I think I might have to suck this.” The world stops as Mack kneels before DeMarco’s thick and tense tool, pauses, and owers his wet lips onto its taut, hot skin. They flow easily into a torrid 69, then they’re jackin’ each other off and the cum spurts.

“Show me your asshole,” Mack whispers, fondling his still plump cock as DeMarco bends over and winks the dark little wonder at him. Mack’s the kind of suave older dude a younger man longs to be led by, and Mack leads DeMarco’s asshole onto a broomstick handle before kindly, slowly feeding his fat daddy dick into the fresh tight ass. Daddy-size loads erupt from both of the passionate guys.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Owen Hawk’s buddy Joey Milano is just outta jail, and Hawk’s twitchin’ to get back to the kinda fooling around they knew as boys. Joey’s hesitant. “We’re not kids, anymore,” he says, but already has two-thirds of a bone on. “What would you do if I put that in my mouth?” Hawk asks.

“There’s only one way to find out,” says Joey. And soon he grinds his hips, burying his smooth and fine white pecker deep down Hawk’s holler. He lays backs and languishes in the warm streams of Hawk’s piss, and moans when Hawk rims his pale asshole and them fucks him, paying off for both men in achingly big loads. Man, those must have been some games they played when they were kids.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Then in Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, students Zack Evans and Colby Keller are foolin’ around when they find a cock pump that belongs to Evans’ stepdad. They’re unsure what to do when Evans’ high school shop teacher step dad (Luke Montana) walks in. He’s not, though, and when it’s sucking on his heavy wang, Keller murmurs, “Wow, that’s neat.”

Montana lubes Keller up and slides the sheath onto his ready-to-bust cock. Evans shows off his dark little bunghole and step dad bangs it, and then makes way for Evans’ buddy to hump the hot cream outta his friend. Montana sits right down on Keller’s cock, blowing the guys’ minds, as well as another bang-up round of wads.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

Next in Alabama Takedown by TitanMen, Spencer Quest and Cliff Rhodes know the exact instruction to give when Blu Kennedy shows up at their school. He needs a physical, that’s what. Kennedy gets tense when he shows a hot hard-on at weigh-in. To relax him, the brothers offer a four-handed massage. There’s enough Kennedy cock to take all four hands at once.

“You wanna suck my brother?” questions Rhodes. Kennedy’s unsure. There’s the world’s longest hesitation before his lips finally touch the massive cock hovering before his face, but then his sweet little mouth stretches over Cliff’s humongous tool. Spit flies as Kennedy trades off between the brother’s cocks, making their man-size loads fly clear across him.

TitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama TakedownTitanMen Alabama Takedown

In the final scene of Alabama Takedown from TitanMen, with the guys jerkin’ off ringside, the wrestling contest becomes a five-man take-down of tense cock one-upmanship and plain ole dirty fighting as the suits are ripped off and mouths and cocks connect. Rhodes is soon fucking rough-playing bottom Jon Galt, while Williams sucks off muscular Jay Armstrong. And then Blu Kennedy shows up.

Seeing the guys going at it, he fantasizes all five of the guys pissing on his throbbing boner, and their golden streams fly down from the ring to drench him. Nearly a dozen eruptions of love-lava later, the elimination match of the five men fucking leaves only the brothers and Kennedy to duke it out. Quest’s legs splay way over his shoulders, and Kennedy plugs Quest’s quivering manhole with hard, deep and rapid thrusting.

Rhodes sidles up behind Kennedy, and slams his steely cock up Blu’s backside. The redhead goes nearly insane pumping back and forth into one brother’s ass and onto the other’s cock. Buckets of cum spew hard and high from this takedown.

Watch Alabama Takedown from TitanMen! Starring Blu Kennedy, Bobby Williams, Cliff Rhodes, Colby Keller, Damon DeMarco, Jay Armstrong, Joey Milano, Jon Galt, Ken Mack, Luke Montana, Owen Hawk, Spencer Quest, Zack Evans.

TitanMen Alabama Takedown

Cop Shack on 101: Director’s Expanded Edit

Studio: TitanMen On September - 14 - 2015

TitanMen Cop Shack on 101

Cop Shack is now on Hot Male Videos! The men in blue are eager to serve and protect in Cop Shack on 101, a TitanMen feature drawn from the mind of legendary director Joe Gage.

New cop Jason Ridge has just moved to Santa Mira from L.A., rolling into police headquarters and eager to find a home on the force.

Before they can do more than exchange hellos, Alex Brawley’s called out to investigate a possible prowler, and ends up trading blowjobs with and getting fucked fast and hard by horny homeowner Collin O’Neal.

Meanwhile, Jason stops to help Damien Crosse and Darius Falke, two motorists with mischief on their minds.

After rimjobs all around, Jason plows his condomed cop cock deep into Darius, and gets jackhammered by Damien in a frenzy of ferocious fucking.

Cop Porn TitanMen




Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

But in the first scene of Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, new town, a new job, maybe a whole new deal,” Jason thinks to himself as he rolls into Santa Mira, California as a new police officer, hoping for a calmer experience than what he left behind in L.A.

When Jason reports to his new station, Jon Matthews introduces him to fellow officers Alex Brawley, Jon Matthews and Nick Horn, but before they can say more than a few words, Alex is called out to investigate a possible prowler at Collin O’Neal’s house.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

“Maybe I should take a look,” Officer Alex suggests when he meets the horny homeowner, who takes him into the bathroom where he was shaving when the alleged prowler looked through the window. Alex isn’t interested in doing much investigating, though — at least not of the prowler — as Collin is too much of a distraction in his robe, which falls open to reveal a massive, and very hard, boner.

Alex gets on his knees to expertly suck down Collin’s huge cock, deepthroating it as he digs out his own stiff cock from his tight-fitting pants. Collin tosses his robe aside and gets down on his knees to return the favor, sucking Alex’s dick ’til it sprays out a stream of jizz all over Collin’s hairy chest. Collin strokes out a load of cum that splatters out all over Alex, coating his cock and police uniform in hot sperm.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Then in Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a cop,” Jason tells Alex, and a second later, has Alex mounted ass-up on his couch, licking his hairy hole and smacking his ass to get it ready for his giant prick. Collin rims Alex from behind as Alex writhes in pleasure. Then, Collin lies on the couch while Alex slowly drops his ass down onto Collin’s dick, sliding it up his chute ’til he’s resting on Collin’s balls.

Alex rides that huge dick, gyrating on it to hit all his deepest pleasure spots, first facing Collin and then away, as Collin slams his large cock up Alex’s ass chute. With Collin’s monster cock buried inside, Alex strokes out a gusher that soaks the floor in a huge spray of sperm.

It’s Collin’s turn, and gets Alex bent over the sofa, extending the kind of open invitation you just don’t turn down. Collin bucks into Alex, holding onto him for support as he rocks his raging hardon in and out, ’til he pulls out and jets his spunk all over Alex’s back. Its sprays fast, furious, and far, and Collin rubs his hand over Alex’s bent-over back, rubbing in the creamy cum.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Drivers in distress. Jason Ridge picks up, and has sex with, motorists Damien Crosse and Darius Falke. Jason’s out on patrol, and sees darkly-bearded Darius Falke and handsome Damien Crosse troubleshooting some car trouble. Jason’s suspicious of the guys, but tries to help them out, and agrees with Darius’ suggestion to drive them to the nearest garage.

“I guess that’ll be alright”, Jason says, and in a flash, Damien and Darius are in the back of his squad car, catching his eye in the rearview mirror. Darius notices he’s gotten grease all over the front of his pants, and slowly slides them off. Underwear too! Darius pulls them off to reveal a massive boner.

“I got it all over me too,” Damien notices, before pulling his own pants down to reveal his own gigantic engorged cock. With the guys jacking off and stroking each other in the back seat, Jason’s distracted — and intrigued — and before you can say “car trouble” has the hunky motorists pulled over to take care of the problem.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

Darius and then Damien both take turns skillfully deepthroating Jason, driving him crazy with their forceful and talented sucking. Jason then gets on his knees to return the favor, first swallowing Damien and then Darius, slicking their rock-hard rods with his spit.

Jason orders the guys to finish stripping and tells Damien to sink his tongue into Darius’s meaty ass. As Jason strokes himself in anticipation of things to come, Damien obeys, and quickly has his tongue buried up his friend’s lightly-furred hole, prying the cheeks apart to get in as deep as possible.

Then they swap, with Darius bending Damien over and diving in to chew on Damien’s golden globes and savor the taste of his invitingly open hole. They’re ready for a reaming now, but not before Jason leans over to let the friends eat out his ass, his unbelievably meaty ass cheeks the perfect feast for two.

Wearing nothing but his uniform boots, Jason rides their tongues ’til he can’t take the pleasure any more, and all three stroke out big splattering loads of cum. Darius also rains his spitting cock juice on Jason’s barrel thighs before Jason strokes out a load, coating Darius’s cock in creamy cop cum.

Cop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMenCop Porn TitanMen

In the final scene of Cop Shack on 101 from TitanMen, Alex Brawley and Jason Ridge go to the Ocean Grill, where Alex, Nick Horn, Dean Tucker, and Jon Matthews suck, fuck and piss in the bathroom. Alex goes off to take a leak, and immediately spies a massive dick jutting invitingly out from one of the glory holes drilled in the wall.

He dives to his knees to lap up the sweet-tasting semen-spitter, and pulls out and plays with his own penis as horny, hunky officers Nick Horn and Jon Matthews enter and do the same. Officer Jon sucks down the glory-holed cock as Nick reaches over to stroke Alex’s pole Alex swallows Nick’s dick to its hilt.

Local cutie Dean Tucker slides on into the restroom, and catches the cops in their 3-way cockfest, but they don’t even pause as Dean sidles up to pull off his shirt and join in the action. Jon notices the glory-holed cock still jutting out and gets down to suck it as Alex wolfs down Dean and Nick. Nick goes over to help Jon at the glory hole, and they suck the jutting penis and lick it ’til it shoots out thick gobs of sticky cream all over the bathroom floor.

Alex, Jon and Nick unleash their torrents of piss all over Dean, drenching him in a river of hot cop liquid. Alex bends Dean over and fucks him hard, slamming his ass brutally, the sound of Alex’s thighs slapping against Dean’s tight asscheeks driving them both wild, with Dean quickly spewing his cum onto the floor.

Watch TitanMen’s Cop Shack on 101: Director’s Expanded Edit, now on Hot Male Videos! Starring Alex Brawley, Brett Mathews, Collin O’Neal, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Tucker, Jason Ridge, Jon Matthews, Kyler Lachlan, Matt Majors, Nick Horn.

Cop Porn TitanMen

‘Slick Dogs’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On June - 30 - 2015

Titanmen Slick Dogs

Work up that bulge, warm up that hole and get ready to piss all over the shimmering bodies on display in Slick Dogs, a fetish masterpiece from TitanMen.

Watch as a group of sexy canines unleash their inner animals, sliding their massive muscles into latex as they bark for their big bones.

Accompanied by dark yet colorful imagery, this dazzling display from director Paul Wilde lets the visuals tell the story as filthy fantasies are vividly brought to life.

With his massive chest bursting out of his dark blue skinhead gear, mohawked Spencer Reed enjoys a cigar in a dark room bathed in sultry green and blue tones and soon blows smoke at latex cop J.R. Matthews.

Spencer shows cop J.R. who’s really in charge, and shoves him to the ground: “Suck my cock!” Spencer’s strong hand controls J.R.’s head as his cock gets a messy spit bath.

TitanMen Slick Dogs




TitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick Dogs

The two squirt, including a huge load from Spencer that hits J.R. Now planted to the ground with a boot buried in his butt, J.R. gets doused in piss – including his own, which he shoots up into his mouth.

A choke-hold soon has the cop passing out before waking up on all fours, trapped between two bars that leave his ass for the taking. After fucking J.R. inside the prison, Spencer releases him for more abuse.

The deep-voiced top lets out masculine moans while fucking as both of their veins bulge from their biceps. J.R.’s hard cock is soon bouncing as he sits down on Spencer in a stunning fuck shot that captures amazing penetration. Spencer then unleashes his piss into J.R.’s mouth before sliding his dick into a clear, fleshy sleeve and fucking J.R. through it.

Spencer sheds the sleeve and fucks him balls deep some more, squirting on him before the bottom fires a massive load over his own shoulder. J.R. then pisses into both of their mouths before they share a spit (and piss) filled kiss.

TitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick Dogs

Then in Slick Dogs from TitanMen, a locker room fantasy unfolds for athletes Will Parker and Ethan Wolfe, their toned bodies squeezed into bold blue and red uniforms that have their jock cocks aching for attention. Will is already worshipping his teammate’s massive meat, working it up into a slippery lather. Ethan then shoves Will’s face into a running shoe – and tapes it onto the submissive sucker’s head, forcing him to inhale the manly scent.

Turned on by the smell, Will soaks himself in piss — with Ethan joining the spray. His face soon free, Will feeds his thick, bushy slab to Ethan, rubbing his own shoe on Ethan’s pulsing cock. The hungry sucker jacks, slaps and whips Will’s cock around before the two spunk – with Will licking his load off Ethan’s shoe. After more piss play, Ethan gets his ass slapped and eaten.

Now on his back, the smooth stud gets fucked by Will, whose huge pecs and tight abs fill the frame. The two then switch positions as Will sits down on his hung bud. After a doggie-style fuck, the two release another round of loads on each other as a kiss completes their winning drive to the end zone.

TitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick Dogs

The arresting image comes straight out of a David Lynch film: With his body encased in a shrink-wrap latex fisting cube, Billy Berlin is suspended on all fours with his head and asshole exposed to the elements. Both are soon stuffed by two latex-adorned studs; as Dean Flynn feeds Billy, mohawked Tony Buff shoves his fist deep inside the bottom’s hole, the hair on his forearm getting slick.

Freed from the cube, Billy gets a feel of Dean’s fist and a taste of Tony’s giant slab – the two sharing a sultry stare that speaks to the scene’s intensity. The alpha studs then take turns twisting their fists inside Billy’s oozing ass, their manly arms sliding against each other as they come close to double-fisting. Tony almost works both of his own hands inside, then punch-fists Billy before the three shoot.

TitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick DogsTitanMen Slick Dogs

In the final scene of Slick Dogs from TitanMen, now squeezed inside a near-transparent latex suit that hugs his muscles, Billy takes turns feasting on Dean’s and Tony’s throbbing cocks. The tops kiss above him as their dick heads touch in his mouth — then take turns forcefully fucking his face as Tony ups the dirty talk.

Dean then spreads Billy’s hole for rimming, fingering and fucking, grabbing hold of the bottom’s latex as he rams him from behind. Tony kisses Billy, gripping him as he encourages Dean to open up the bottom’s hole. Tony then gets his turn inside Billy’s ass as Dean plows the bottom’s gurgling mouth in a hot double-ramming that gets faster and deeper as Tony pile-drives from above.

After getting pissed on again, Billy sits down on Tony before Dean slides in for a hot double penetration that further shows off their amazing stamina. The scene reaches its climax with three more loads – including a gusher from Tony that hits Billy’s ass.

Watch Slick Dogs from TitanMen! Starring Billy Berlin, Dean Flynn, Ethan Wolfe, J.R. Matthews, Spencer Reed, Tony Buff, Will Parker.

TitanMen Slick Dogs

‘Battle Creek Breakdown’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On May - 15 - 2015

Battle Creek Breakdown

In Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, you won’t believe how good it feels to let it all hang out.

Just ask the eager-to-please staff at the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, where many surprises await the curious customers.

From legendary director Joe Gage, Battle Creek Breakdown offers an unforgettable mix of heat and humor, led by Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, J.R. Matthews, Will Parker and Christopher Saint.

Come inside and stay awhile. Something special is in the air.

In the first scene of Battle Creek Breakdown by TitanMen, when he checks into the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, J.R. Matthews is met with a surprise: naked attendant Tony Buff, eager to be of service at the front desk of the “clothing optional” facility.

The nervous customer needs some convincing to stay, but Buff pushes just the right buttons.

Battle Creek Breakdown




Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

After checking in, a naked Matthews wanders the woods, the breeze working up his boner. When he stumbles across Buff, the two stare at each other, their cocks throbbing in the air. Buff begins to tempt Matthews with some sultry dirty talk, encouraging him to play with himself.

The tempter fingers his own pre-cum as the two get closer and stroke out their loads. After the two piss, Matthews bends over for a slurpy-ass-munching that warms up his hole for Buff’s huge rod. After getting dicked from behind, Matthews sits down on Buff; the bottom’s dick stays rock hard as he bounces, with Buff rubbing his body from behind.

Buff then gets Matthews on his back, spitting down on his own dick before diving inside again. Matthews finally shoots on his chest — and Buff uses the cum as lube to stroke out his own big load.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

The crew of popular show Homeowner’s Rehab is hard at work on its latest project. But with a tight deadline, the pressure starts to get to boss Christopher Saint. He keeps a watchful eye over muscular carpenter Gio Forte, forcing the stud to piss in a bucket instead of going to the bathroom in an effort to save time.

Saint also unzips to relieve himself, adding to the building tension as the two sneak peeks at each other before getting back to work. The sparks combust when the hairy Forte drops his overalls, his throbbing cock soon inside smooth and toned Saint’s mouth.

Spit drips down during the aggressive face fuck, and Forte returns the favor before the two jack off. Forte then turns Saint around, getting out some aggression as he fucks his boss from behind. The top develops a nice rhythm, causing Saint’s own hard cock to throb up in excitement at the end of each deep thrust.

Gio then gets on his back and offers his hairy hole, jacking off as he gets pounded. The two kiss and rub each other’s chiseled chests, finally letting out their second round of cum — including another huge stream from Forte.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

Then in Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, after their truck breaks down on a side road in the woods, plumbers Will Parker and David Dakota decide to walk to their next assignment — the lodge. Knowing they’ll have to eventually shed their clothes, they get a head start and strip down as the heat gets to them.

Both are instantly distracted by their throbbing cocks, which are soon engaged in spirited swordplay that has them both smiling. Parker drops to his knees, his own dick twitching as he sucks. Dakota blows his bud back as slurp sounds fill the air; after the two come, Dakota bends Parker over for round two, delivering a steady pounding that has the top getting more verbal.

Dakota grabs on to Parker’s waist and fucks faster, then gets on his back and offers his smooth hole. A great overhead shot captures Parker getting deep inside, his defined abs tightening as his groin gyrates. The top then whips out a dildo to fill Dakota some more, jacking off the hard bottom until he squirts. Parker then fires off another load, rubbing their cocks together in a memorable final shot.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

In the final scene of Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, while taking a break from the lodge’s costume party, Zorro-clad Bryan Slater strikes up a conversation with superhero Dean Flynn — their playful banter piquing each other’s curiosity.

“You’re a hard one, aren’t you?” asks a confused Slater. “Sometimes,” answers Flynn. “Wanna find out?” The two soon strip out of their costumes and relieve themselves over the porch’s balcony. Their boners now at attention, they move in for a kiss. Slater succumbs to Super Dean’s powers, dropping down to feast on the muscle hunk’s cock.

After stroking their dicks together, Flynn falls to his knees to feast — the camera capturing a low shot that shows off every detail of Slater’s stunningly chiseled bod and huge cock, a truly unforgettable vision. Spit drips down during the slick suck — and Slater’s rod bounces up in excitement when released from Flynn’s mouth.

The hero bends Slater over for a fuck, the bottom staying stiff as he gets rammed even faster. Slater then wants a crack at some ass, so Flynn sits down on his hung bud and starts to bounce. Slater then fucks Flynn from behind, another great shot showing off his remarkably defined build. The two squirt again, and Slater gets one final surprise to end the Super Fuck.

Watch Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen! Starring Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, J.R. Matthews, Patrick O`Connor, Tony Buff, Will Parker.

Battle Creek Breakdown

‘Folsom Maneuvers’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On May - 13 - 2015

Folsom Maneuvers TitanMen

Are you man enough for the mission? Your assignment — to engage in some tactile outdoor maneuvers in Folsom Maneuvers, the latest from TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films.

The motto is “go hard or go home” for eight officers who load their guns, take aim and let the bullets fly in some combustible cock combat.

Tattooed grunt Adam Knox starts to stroke his weapon and gets more than he bargained for when voyeur Tony Buff takes command.

While out for a run Dean Flynn and JR Matthews continue to sweat after a rest becomes raunchy as JR turns into a dirty dog on all fours.

After leaving his post to take a piss, guard Will Parker gets more than a mouthful of piss and cock from angry superior Gio Forte.

Tyler Saint gets distracted by Ryan Russell’s cargo of illicit dildos, turning their routine task into a scorching secret assignment that ends in a steaming golden shower.

Folsom Maneuvers is calling — do you have what it takes?

Watch Folsom Maneuvers from TitanMen! Starring Adam Knox, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Ryan Russell, Tony Buff, Tyler Saint, Will Parker.

Folsom Maneuvers



Folsom ManeuversFolsom ManeuversFolsom Maneuvers

Folsom ManeuversFolsom ManeuversFolsom Maneuvers

Folsom ManeuversFolsom ManeuversFolsom Maneuvers

Folsom ManeuversFolsom ManeuversFolsom Maneuvers

Folsom ManeuversFolsom ManeuversFolsom Maneuvers

Folsom Maneuvers

‘Back Alley’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On October - 1 - 2014

Back Alley Raging Stallion

Set in a back alley and the adjacent sex club, this Raging Stallion feature is loaded with all the sultry, rough and raunchy acts that you expect from Fetish Force.

Bondage, Tit Torture, Cock & Ball Torture, Impact Play, Watersports, Fisting, Shibari, Flogging, Single-Tail Whipping, Piss Drinking, Cum Eating, Toe Sucking, Foreskin Biting and brutal hardcore sex.

If anything kink and crazy is your thing, then you want to visit this Back Alley.

Watch Back Alley from Raging Stallion!

Starring Felix Barca, J.R. Matthews, Jesse Santana, Leo Forte, Race Cooper, Tony Buff.

Back Alley Raging Stallion






Back Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging Stallion

Back Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging Stallion

Back Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging StallionBack Alley Raging Stallion

Back Alley Raging Stallion