Friday, May 22, 2015

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‘Nasty Fuckers’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On May - 18 - 2015

Nasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

Monster cocks are busting out again in a super-sexed ruckus where Raging Stallion’s Nasty Fuckers get down and dirty!

They’re rough, they’re tough and they’ll knock your socks off, delivering their massive meat in all the right places.

Scene after scene of rough and rugged play — given and received by big-cocked studs who like their sex on the raunchy side — is what you get with this cast of Nasty Fuckers.

In the first scene of Nasty Fuckers from Raging Stallion, lip-locked and sporting humongous boners, Jay Roberts and Parker Perry work each other over as they grapple and grope.

Parker gets on his knees and opens wide to consume Jay’s uncut prick, sucking it in deep and chewing on the fleshy foreskin.

Jay throws Parker down, determined to show his partner a wilder side…

Nasty Fuckers Raging Stallion




Nasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

He begins fellating Parker’s major league meat aggressively then chows on his hairy ass with licks and slurps so aggressive that the poor guy’s quivering with excitement. Then Jay fucks Parker fast and furious like a well-oiled machine.

And whether he’s getting sucked or getting fucked, all Perry can do is moan and groan, begging for more. They continue fucking with Parker riding Jay’s cock and jerking off. After he shoots, he jumps off and watches Jay pump out his load all over. The studs end the scene just as they began, locked at the lips and ready for more.

Nasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

With the cards stacked against him and nothing left to wager, Ben Brown folds and yields his ass to the Bruno Knight. Bruno’s mischievous grin signals something menacing and exciting is about to happen and wide-eyed Ben is in for an adventure. Bruno teases his willing victim, licking and nibbling the young stud’s face and neck to taste the salty sweetness of his skin.

Being skillfully manhandled renders Ben so horny that he can’t wait to suck Bruno’s cock. He stretches his lips wide apart to engulf his stiff uncut pole, getting in as many licks as he can. Then he gets on his knees so Bruno can eat out his manhole. Bruno then fucks Ben’s ass, working himself in as far deep as he can. He pounds then slows it down and then jackhammers again.

Ben is writing in pleasure with every poke and jab, then flips onto his back and starts beating his meat while still getting plugged hard and fast. Then Bruno pulls out, jacks himself off and cums with Ben unloading right after.

Nasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

Then in Nasty Fuckers by Raging Stallion, After Alexander Garrett exchanges fiery kisses with Angelo Marconi, he gets down to guzzle Angelo’s hard cock. The action is carnal and exhilarating, and the tension amps up when Angelo takes his turn to suck Alexander’s huge meat. He deep throats his man’s extra wide throbber making him grit his teeth and choke with pleasure.

Alexander stretches his foreskin from around his dickhead letting Angelo sink his tongue inside the folds and lick it clean. Hungry to feed more himself, Alexander takes charge and rims Angelo’s ass. His tongue slides up and down and all around the crack and he jams a finger inside, all to prep the hole for his big dick.

Holding onto Angelo’s neck and hips or grabbing his wrists, Alexander keeps his partner in position as he rams himself in hard and fast. Both men are quickly sweating bullets as they fuck nonstop. Angelo is soon on his back stroking his cock until he unloads a creamy blast. Alexander withdraws and beats himself off right into Angelo’s mouth.

Nasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging StallionNasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

In the final scene of Nasty Fuckers from Raging Stallion, Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy, and Jason is eager to go along for the ride with his hairy English ‘dad’. Like two beasts pawing at each other, they devour each other in a hungry kiss.

Bruno reaches down to fondle Jason’s fuzzy balls, then slides his hand between his partner’s legs to play with his hairy ass-crack. Jason buries his face in Bruno’s thick chest fur and brushes Bruno with his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno’s crotch. Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno’s massive meat like a good lad.

Bruno’s in charge as he calls all the shots making sure Jason’s doing the job right. Jason plays along, but also takes some control of his own by smothering Bruno’s face with his ass, making the big guy eat it out. Bruno attacks Jason’s tight puckered hole with a vengeance licking, spitting and tongue-fucking him the way you want it done.

The excitement builds and it’s not long before Jason is face down — Bruno delivering his stiff cock deep. Bruno is aggressive and playfully brutal and Jason’s loving every bit of it. They finish themselves off by their own clenched fists, shooting off two explosives blasts of cum.

Watch Nasty Fuckers from Raging Stallion! Starring Alexander Garrett, Angelo Marconi, Ben Brown, Bruno Knight, Jason Michaels, Jay Roberts, Parker Perry.

Nasty Fuckers Raging Stallion

‘Battle Creek Breakdown’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On May - 15 - 2015

Battle Creek Breakdown

In Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, you won’t believe how good it feels to let it all hang out.

Just ask the eager-to-please staff at the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, where many surprises await the curious customers.

From legendary director Joe Gage, Battle Creek Breakdown offers an unforgettable mix of heat and humor, led by Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, J.R. Matthews, Will Parker and Christopher Saint.

Come inside and stay awhile. Something special is in the air.

In the first scene of Battle Creek Breakdown by TitanMen, when he checks into the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, J.R. Matthews is met with a surprise: naked attendant Tony Buff, eager to be of service at the front desk of the “clothing optional” facility.

The nervous customer needs some convincing to stay, but Buff pushes just the right buttons.

Battle Creek Breakdown




Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

After checking in, a naked Matthews wanders the woods, the breeze working up his boner. When he stumbles across Buff, the two stare at each other, their cocks throbbing in the air. Buff begins to tempt Matthews with some sultry dirty talk, encouraging him to play with himself.

The tempter fingers his own pre-cum as the two get closer and stroke out their loads. After the two piss, Matthews bends over for a slurpy-ass-munching that warms up his hole for Buff’s huge rod. After getting dicked from behind, Matthews sits down on Buff; the bottom’s dick stays rock hard as he bounces, with Buff rubbing his body from behind.

Buff then gets Matthews on his back, spitting down on his own dick before diving inside again. Matthews finally shoots on his chest — and Buff uses the cum as lube to stroke out his own big load.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

The crew of popular show Homeowner’s Rehab is hard at work on its latest project. But with a tight deadline, the pressure starts to get to boss Christopher Saint. He keeps a watchful eye over muscular carpenter Gio Forte, forcing the stud to piss in a bucket instead of going to the bathroom in an effort to save time.

Saint also unzips to relieve himself, adding to the building tension as the two sneak peeks at each other before getting back to work. The sparks combust when the hairy Forte drops his overalls, his throbbing cock soon inside smooth and toned Saint’s mouth.

Spit drips down during the aggressive face fuck, and Forte returns the favor before the two jack off. Forte then turns Saint around, getting out some aggression as he fucks his boss from behind. The top develops a nice rhythm, causing Saint’s own hard cock to throb up in excitement at the end of each deep thrust.

Gio then gets on his back and offers his hairy hole, jacking off as he gets pounded. The two kiss and rub each other’s chiseled chests, finally letting out their second round of cum — including another huge stream from Forte.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

Then in Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, after their truck breaks down on a side road in the woods, plumbers Will Parker and David Dakota decide to walk to their next assignment — the lodge. Knowing they’ll have to eventually shed their clothes, they get a head start and strip down as the heat gets to them.

Both are instantly distracted by their throbbing cocks, which are soon engaged in spirited swordplay that has them both smiling. Parker drops to his knees, his own dick twitching as he sucks. Dakota blows his bud back as slurp sounds fill the air; after the two come, Dakota bends Parker over for round two, delivering a steady pounding that has the top getting more verbal.

Dakota grabs on to Parker’s waist and fucks faster, then gets on his back and offers his smooth hole. A great overhead shot captures Parker getting deep inside, his defined abs tightening as his groin gyrates. The top then whips out a dildo to fill Dakota some more, jacking off the hard bottom until he squirts. Parker then fires off another load, rubbing their cocks together in a memorable final shot.

Battle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek BreakdownBattle Creek Breakdown

In the final scene of Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen, while taking a break from the lodge’s costume party, Zorro-clad Bryan Slater strikes up a conversation with superhero Dean Flynn — their playful banter piquing each other’s curiosity.

“You’re a hard one, aren’t you?” asks a confused Slater. “Sometimes,” answers Flynn. “Wanna find out?” The two soon strip out of their costumes and relieve themselves over the porch’s balcony. Their boners now at attention, they move in for a kiss. Slater succumbs to Super Dean’s powers, dropping down to feast on the muscle hunk’s cock.

After stroking their dicks together, Flynn falls to his knees to feast — the camera capturing a low shot that shows off every detail of Slater’s stunningly chiseled bod and huge cock, a truly unforgettable vision. Spit drips down during the slick suck — and Slater’s rod bounces up in excitement when released from Flynn’s mouth.

The hero bends Slater over for a fuck, the bottom staying stiff as he gets rammed even faster. Slater then wants a crack at some ass, so Flynn sits down on his hung bud and starts to bounce. Slater then fucks Flynn from behind, another great shot showing off his remarkably defined build. The two squirt again, and Slater gets one final surprise to end the Super Fuck.

Watch Battle Creek Breakdown from TitanMen! Starring Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, J.R. Matthews, Patrick O`Connor, Tony Buff, Will Parker.

Battle Creek Breakdown

‘It Gets Bigger’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On April - 17 - 2015

It Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

The hotter the action, the bigger the cocks get. And, in It Gets Bigger, they get huge!

When you start off with a group of eight hung studs, you’re bound to see major growth when these horny guys get busy.

Appreciate these fine pieces of man meat, as they get the attention they deserve in steamy glory hole action, a magnificent three-way and off-the-dial sucking and fucking.

As you watch these tools at work, you’ll notice It Gets Bigger.

In the first scene of It Gets Bigger from Raging Stallion, Erik Rhodes and Spencer Fox, both hung with monster cocks, crash into each other kissing and groping like the hungry sex fiends they are.

Spencer falls to his knees to guzzle Erik’s hard big one, nursing on its impressive firmness. Before long, Erik hoists his partner onto the table and begins to suck his dick letting his mouth slide up and down the rigid staff.

It Gets Bigger Raging Stallion



It Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

Spencer coos with pleasure as Erik services him, jamming fingers in his ass for good measure. It’s not long before Erik screws Spencer fast and hard. They continue fucking as Erik lifts his partner up in a bear hug with his dick still stuffed inside Spencer’s foxhole. The young man clings to his partner’s neck as he bounces up and down Erik’s boner.

Then they fall back down on the table to fuck doggie-style. Erik pulls out and peers into Spencer’s gaping asshole; then he spits and blows into the orifice before plugging it some more. He finally unloads onto Spencer’s rump and after licking up his spilt spooge, Erik lays back letting Spencer jerk off all over his face.

It Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furry Jason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. He attacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one before switching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached to Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall and watch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks.

They come out from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fan jamming their two power tools down Jason’s throat. Alexander moves to the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason’s tight crack, yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to trade places at both ends of their prey.

The happy trio continues to rock out on the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in his asshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer’s dick. The two big guys switch places again but it doesn’t faze Jason as he rolls along with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blasting their loads.

It Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

Then in It Gets Bigger by Raging Stallion, Shay Michaels and Lawson Kane waste no time getting hot and horny as they smother each other with soulful man kisses. Then Shay begins sucking on Lawson’s gargantuan candy cane nursing on the thick pole with gusto and sensing his efforts are overwhelming his partner.

Lawson is quick to return the favor and when he gets his chance to suck his partner’s cock, he works in a steady rhythm pushing Shay farther and farther off the edge. The action intensifies Lawson starts rimming Shay’s ass and finally fucks him, it’s magic. Shay bucks up and down as he rides Lawson’s dick letting his own cock and balls swing wildly with every bounce.

The muscles in his chest and abs strain and he glisten with sweat as he works himself into frenzy, grunting with pleasure as Lawson pumps his hole fast and furious. Shay is then down on his back crying out his approval as his hole gets drilled nonstop. The men finish off by kissing and jerking until they blast cum all over.

It Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging StallionIt Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

In the final scene of It Gets Bigger from Raging Stallion, Spencer Reed grabs his cock and feels it get bigger and harder with every stroke. He’s a magnificent specimen of virility and Bryce Star is quickly lured into his orbit. The hungry cub devours Spencer’s cock deep-throating the big, meaty spear. Spencer, the burly stud, takes his turn to show off his oral expertise.

He opens wide and swallows Bryce’s chubby with ease exciting the young man immediately. Desiring more man play, Bryce then backs himself up against the glory hole in the makeshift wall and pushes his butt through. Spencer plays with the prized booty spitting into the crack and poking a couple of fingers inside to prep it so he can slide his cock in.

They fuck sweet and hard; then Spencer lifts Bryce up and impales him on his cock. They continue fucking until Bryce ends up atop the table flipped onto his back squeezing out a load of cum from his own dick. Spencer smiles as he jacks onto Bryce’s mug and then licks the gooey cream all up before the two kiss.

Watch It Gets Bigger from Raging Stallion! Starring Alexander Garrett, Bryce Star, Erik Rhodes, Jason Michaels, Lawson Kane, Shay Michaels, Spencer Fox, Spencer Reed.

It Gets Bigger Raging Stallion

‘Tight’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On April - 6 - 2015

Tight Raging Stallion

In Tight from Raging Stallion and Hard Friction, directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond serve you horned up muscled men, hungry for the taste of skin burning with physical lust… testosterone dripping from every pore.

Hard Friction once again brings you the pounding, ass-dominating action you’re dying to see from men who like their holes as ‘TIGHT’ as they keep their physiques.

In the first scene of Tight from Raging Stallion, Christian Wilde and Adam Ramzi are lying naked on a couch making out, their legs entangled.

Adam is stroking Christian’s cock while Christian reaches for the hole between Adam’s hairy legs. Both men have full beards and hairy torsos.

Adam’s lips make a tight fit over Christian’s fat, hard meat. He grips Christian’s balls while he sucks, determined to swallow more cock with every gulp.

Tight Raging Stallion




Tight Raging StallionTight Raging StallionTight Raging Stallion

Christian matches Adam for intensity and suction when he returns the blowjob, adding a finger up Adam’s butt that clearly gets his attention. Adam lowers his tight hot hole onto Christian’s pole. Adam moves with determination, savoring every inch that Christian’s cock stretches and penetrates.

He rotates his muscular torso to kiss Christian. When they swap positions, Adam is on his back. Christian now controls the pace, depth and angle of the fuck. Christian slams deep into Adam, causing loud moans and animal grunts coming from Adam until he shoots a perfect circle of spooge around his navel, quickly followed by Christian’s blast.

Tight Raging StallionTight Raging StallionTight Raging Stallion

Jeremy Stevens and Max Cameron connect at two places: the tips of their cocks and the tips of their tongues. Hands cross over and each grabs the other’s dick. Burly Jeremy has a broad chest lightly dusted with dark blond hair. His traps and delts clench when he leans back to support himself while Max sucks him. Jeremy’s hips pump reflexively as he goes into a rhythmic face-fucking.

Max assumes the position on all fours and Jeremy spreads the hot ass cheeks and dives in. Pushing against Max’s butt-hole, Jeremy’s tongue laps furiously prepping Max for his cock. Jeremy lines up and plunges deep into Max in a single stroke. Max clenches his fists as hard as he clenches his ass muscles around Jeremy’s cock as he pushes back to take more.

Jeremy hoists Max completely off the ground, only to slam him to the mat and resume the pounding. Max loves the physicality of it all, the feeling of his balls smashing against Jeremy’s abs. He wants Jeremy to cum in his face, and he spews a load that triggers Jeremy to do the same.

Tight Raging StallionTight Raging StallionTight Raging Stallion

Then in Tight by Raging Stallion, Seth Fisher is a handsome, hairy, bearded athletic guy whose sexy mouth and hot hole are ready for a challenge. Length plus girth combined give Tommy Defendi a massive organ that will challenge any cocksucker, but Seth knows exactly the right combination of spit, angle and determination to make Tommy groan and his supersized cock vanish.

Seth lies on his back on a bench with his head and neck hanging over the edge, so Tommy can fuck his face. Tommy’s cock disappears deep into Seth’s throat. After Tommy loosens up Seth’s ass with his tongue, Seth lowers himself onto Tommy’s cock. Seth raises his body rapidly up and down, then he rests while Tommy’s assails his butt from beneath. Tommy wants more control so they switch to doggy position so he can really slam Seth’s ass. Their loud groans signal the cumming of their hefty loads.

Tight Raging StallionTight Raging StallionTight Raging Stallion

In the final scene of Tight from Raging Stallion, sculpted Jimmy Durano is making out intensely with caramel-skinned stud Trelino. Every square inch of Jimmy’s body is hard, from his bulging traps to his defined thighs. His V-shaped torso is smooth down to his cum gutters. Trelino is a tight-bodied, clean-shaven guy whose giant ass competes with Jimmy’s abs for your attention.

Trelino is focused intently on sucking Jimmy’s thick, curved, prize winning cock, but Jimmy can’t wait to get to Trelino’s ass. Trelino accommodates him by lifting a leg up and aiming his buns in Jimmy’s direction. He warms it with his tongue, then plows his big cock in, doggy-style. Trelino rocks back and forth, calling out ‘Don’t stop’ over and over. Trelino’s cries intensify when he is on his back and Jimmy is squarely hitting ‘the spot’ on every thrust.

“More, more, give it to me! That’s my spot. Hit it hard!” Jimmy’s rams Trelino’s tight butt until he can’t hold out any longer. He shoots his load on Trelino’s face while Trelino grabs his uncut cock and gushes a load onto the floor.

Watch Tight from Raging Stallion and Hard Friction! Starring Adam Ramzi, Christian Wilde, Jeremy Stevens, Jimmy Durano, Max Cameron, Seth Fisher, Tommy Defendi, Trelino.

Tight Raging Stallion

‘Ride Me Raw 2′ by Dirty Dawg

Studio: Dirty Dawg On March - 31 - 2015

Ride Me Raw 2

In Ride Me Raw 2 from Dirty Dawg, between Rocco Steele and Tommy Deluca there’s 20″ of rock hard raw cock.

Is it any wonder that every bottom wants to Ride them Raw. Rocco Steeleā€™s massive weapon of ass destruction tames bareback butt upon command.

Dirty sweaty sex, gushing loads, gaping holes all combine in this Raw bonanza that is sure to keep your cock on the edge and throbbing for more.

Watch hot bareback porn video Ride Me Raw 2 from Dirty Dawg and Bareback That Hole!

Starring Austin Dallas, Bobby Hart, Champ Robinson, Darius Soli, Draven Torres, Igor Lucas, Rocco Steele, Shay Michaels, Tommy DeLuca.

Ride Me Raw 2





Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2Ride Me Raw 2

Ride Me Raw 2

The Sicilian Connexxxion

Studio: Lucas Kazan On March - 27 - 2015

Sicilian Connexxxion

What happens in Sicily doesn’t always stay in Sicily. Lucas Kazan’s The Sicilian Connexxxion features three newcomers and five Euro studs in two hours of sizzling action!

The chiseled Darius Ferdynand is one of earth’s most-perfect creatures, and the cover models Will Helm and Dario Beck ignite our loins!

Lucas Kazan Productions are still some of the industry’s most-exquisite. This movie is a Gay Movie of the Year and Gay Director of the Year nominee!

Watch The Sicilian Connexxxion from Lucas Kazan! You don’t want to miss a minute of it!

Starring Dario Beck, Darius Ferdynand, Ettore Tosi, Lorenzo Arca, Salvatore Gorini, Samuele Mistro, Wagner Vittoria, Will Helm.

Sicilian Connexxxion





Sicilian ConnexxxionSicilian ConnexxxionSicilian Connexxxion

Sicilian ConnexxxionSicilian ConnexxxionSicilian Connexxxion

Sicilian ConnexxxionSicilian ConnexxxionSicilian Connexxxion

Sicilian ConnexxxionSicilian ConnexxxionSicilian Connexxxion

Sicilian ConnexxxionSicilian ConnexxxionSicilian Connexxxion

Sicilian Connexxxion

Muscle Dads in the Sun

Studio: Pantheon Productions On March - 10 - 2015

Muscle Dads in the Sun

Nothing like sun-drenched big muscles, big dicks and hungry holes!

Beautiful Palm Springs has got all of that and more in Muscle Dads in the Sun!

These daddies and bears show off all their bulges and fuck each other wild in the summer sun. Time for a road trip!

These hot and hairy muscle dads stick their thick daddy dicks up their buddies’ holes!

Watch Muscle Dads in the Sun from Pantheon Productions!

Starring Aron Ridge, Brad Kalvo, Dean Burke, Josh Thomas, Scott Mann, Scott Reynolds, Shay Michaels, Victor West.

Muscle Dads in the Sun






Muscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the Sun

Muscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the Sun

Muscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the Sun

Muscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the Sun

Muscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the SunMuscle Dads in the Sun

Muscle Dads in the Sun

‘Caught on Tape’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On February - 25 - 2015

Caught on Tape Raging Stallion

When men want it they want it now, whenever and wherever they can!

Casual sex, public places and outdoor spaces… It’s all Caught On Tape in this high energy sex-capade directed by Steve Cruz starring Raging Stallion’s Men of the Year– D.O. and Adam Champ!

In the first scene of Caught on Tape from Raging Stallion, D.O. is on the balcony of his San Francisco loft playing around with his video camera when he discovers Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli on a rooftop getting hot and heavy.

Landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Building and Coit Tower provide a backdrop for some heavy man-play!

Soon they are naked and trading blowjobs while D.O. catches it all on tape!

Caught On Tape Raging Stallion





Caught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging Stallion

They move inside the stairwell to fuck and what a fuck it is! Hairy Wilfried Knight takes massive body builder Vince Ferelli from behind thrusting his mass up with every fuck blow!

From start to finish it’s a high impact fuck the way men do, grunting and spitting and thrusting until the last drop of cum explodes from their meaty cocks.

Caught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging Stallion

Security cameras at the store catch pervert Derrick Hanson on the prowl. Naked and peering from behind the curtain he spots D.O. who is up for anything. Without hesitation D.O. dives into the fitting room and starts to feed on Derrick’s rock hard cock! Both guys have rock- hard sculpted bodies and perfect 6-pack abs.

D.O. switches up the action and soon Derrick is serving his customer, sucking his huge uncut cock. D.O. takes Derrick from behind pounding away and Derrick loves it. Derrick hops on top and rides it, his own big dick whipping around with every pump until both men blow! D.O. shoots his load in thick jets across the fitting room and onto the reflective glass!

Caught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging Stallion

Then in Caught on Tape by Raging Stallion, Angelo Marconi is cruising for sex using the GPS system on his cell phone and an application where men meet up. Hot hairy muscle man Adam Champ is only blocks away! The invitation is simple ‘You’re hot, wanna fuck?’

Adam takes the bait and follows his GPS to the location… an alley in Angelo’s neighborhood. Is this what they mean by no strings attached? They go right to it, ripping off their clothes… Angelo sucks Adam while Adam fingers his perfect smooth round ass.

What they don’t know is the security camera between buildings is recording it all. Adam pounds Angelo with a fury grabbing the back of his head and pushes him into the wall with every thrust. They fuck with animal intensity until both guys shoot dense thick white loads of cum all over the dank alley.

Caught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging StallionCaught On Tape Raging Stallion

In the final scene of Caught on Tape from Raging Stallion, D.O. returns from one escapade still hungry for more. He considers his video camera. Nah! How about a web cam hookup?! Signing onto his favorite chat room is only frustrating, nothing good there!

Luckily his regular piece of ass Dayton O’Connor decides to pop by for a little ‘in-out!’ Dayton deeps throats D.O.’s perfect thick cock like he’s been starved for it. Both men devour each other. D.O. fucks Dayton from behind as he grasps and screams for more.

Then Dayton jumps on D.O.’s laps and rides him hard and furious. He’s flips Dayton on his back so he can look into his eyes. D.O. plunges deep inside of Dayton until he ejaculates all over himself. Immediately D.O. cums all over him. They fall on top of each other in ecstasy.

Watch Caught on Tape from Raging Stallion! Starring Adam Champ, Angelo Marconi, D.O., Dayton O`Connor, Derrick Hanson, Vince Ferelli, Wilfried Knight.

Caught On Tape Raging Stallion

‘Daddy Knows Best’ by Dads Fucking Lads

Studio: Dads Fucking Lads On February - 22 - 2015

Daddy Knows Best Dads Fucking Lads

Rammed full of muscular, hairy daddies from across the globe, the hung, horny fuckers in ‘Daddy Knows Best’ from Dads Fucking Lads are seeking out twinks to show them the way of how good sex works.

Once found, these twinks are guided by their new teachers directly onto their quivering shafts, pumped to full mast and ready for action!

From throat fucking to near sofa wrecking, these twinks are taught a trick or two by their daddies, and once the lessons are over, they’re graded with load after load squirting onto their freshly fucked bodies!

Each of these twinks pass the grade, all because Daddy Knows Best!

Watch Daddy Knows Best from Dads Fucking Lads!

Starring Darius Ferdynand, Jacob Daniels, Jake Bolton, Lyle Boyce, Michael Rudin, Rich Kelly, Rox Matthews, Samuel Colt.

Gay Daddy Knows Best




Gay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows Best

Gay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows Best

Gay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows Best

Gay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows BestGay Daddy Knows Best

Gay Daddy Knows Best

‘All Access’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On February - 20 - 2015

All Access Raging Stallion

Get an All Access pass to the filming of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s Hard Friction Live web cam shows.

The directors invite you behind the scenes for the production of four hot sexual encounters.

Every angle, close up, and positions unseen during the Live show are now available in the fully edited versions of these scenes.

Get a glimpse of what happens when Director, Steve Cruz rounds up eight sexy men to put on explicit shows for the viewers.

Also includes special bonus footage captured when the studs couldn’t keep their hands off each other before the live shows began.

All Access gets you up close and in the scene!

Raging Stallion All Access




Raging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All Access

In the first scene of All Access by Raging Stallion, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take you behind the scenes of a live porn shoot with Drew Cutler and Logan Scott. Steve directs Logan to get down on his knees and suck Drew’s big cock and he happily obliges with a spit-soaked, sloppy blowjob.

Next, Drew positions Logan with his ass spread wide open so he can lick and rim it getting it all nice and open to take his meat. Drew stands over cameraman Steve and strokes his dick, really showing off the size.

His cock is really the star of the show! Drew fucks Logan doggie-style as Steve gets all the hot camera angles. Logan’s ass needs a break, so Bruno jumps in to take over fluffing duties making sure that Drew stays nice and hard.

When Logan returns, Steve directs him to lie on his back so Drew can pound his hungry hole. When the guys cum, it is an explosive on camera moment that you have to see to believe! If you ever wanted to know what it is like to be on a porn set, this is the scene for you!

Raging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All Access

Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi are in the Hard Friction studio ready to show off their bulging muscles and hard cocks for the live audience. They stand naked, kissing and exploring each other’s hard bodies and throbbing cocks.

Angelo is ready to suck some cock and gives Samuel a spit-soaked blowjob before lying back to get his turn from Samuel. Angelo’s dick is rock hard as Samuel licks and sucks it while rubbing down his ripped abs and massive pecs. He then spreads Angelo’s legs wide and goes to work on his hole.

Angelo is really turned on and fingers himself as Samuel tongues his hot hole. Samuel’s cock needs more attention, so he climbs up on Angelo and fucks his face push-up style while Angelo hold his legs. These two muscle men are strong!

Angelo is a hungry cocksucker and swallows down Samuels cock and both balls! The audience wants to see some fucking and these two studs do not disappoint. Samuel pounds Angelo’s hot ass in three positions while rimming and fingering him until both studs blow their creamy white loads.

Raging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All Access

Then in All Access from Raging Stallion, Troy Daniels and Damien Stone, are on the Hard Friction Live studio locker room set. They have just met and it is Damien’s first time having sex on camera! Troy makes him feel welcome by attempting to gulp down his massive, hard cock.

It’s a monster and Troy does his best to get as much of it down his throat as possible! Damien’s rock hard, hairy, muscular chest and abs flex as he enjoys the attention. Troy stands up and pushes Damien down on his big meat.

He sucks it down as Troy tells him what to do. The cameras capture the transition to fucking as Troy continues to show the new guy how it’s done. Troy’s ass is more accommodating than his throat as Damien pounds him from behind, an erotic mix of pleasure and pain showing on his face.

Troy lays back and spreads his legs wide so Damien can rim his hungry hole to get it nice and wet before the next round of fucking. Troy cheers Damien on to fuck him harder and harder until both met blow big, juicy loads.

Raging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All AccessRaging Stallion All Access

In the final scene of All Access by Raging Stallion, Shay Michaels is on set for his first live show. He and Dominic Sol have been talking to each other online and have wanted to hook up. The sexual chemistry is smoking hot between these two men, as they are kissing, butt-naked on the set. Dominic is quickly on his knees licking and sucking Shay’s meat.

The downward curve of his cock fits perfectly down the back of Dominic’s throat as he swallows it down. Shay’s fur-covered muscles flex as he enjoys the enthusiastic attention. Quickly Dominic is up on a desk on his knees with his muscled butt cheeks spread wide so Shay can rim his hairy hole.

He licks and fingers Dominic getting his hot hole stretched and lubed for his large cock. Dominic really wants it as Shay pounds him from behind. Shay gives it to him good then flips Dominic over on his back so he can watch the expression on his face as he slams his ass.

When they are finally ready to cum, the two men are standing up, kissing. Shay pushes Dominic down and blows his load in his mouth, pulls him up and kisses him some more. With the taste of hot cum on his lips, Dominic quickly shoots his own big load. This is one hot scene charged with sexual chemistry!

Watch All Access from Raging Stallion! Starring Angelo Marconi, Damien Stone, Dominic Sol, Drew Cutler, Logan Scott, Samuel Colt, Shay Michaels, Troy Daniels.

Raging Stallion All Access

‘Brutal Part 2′ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On February - 10 - 2015

Brutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex.

That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be.

Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some fight back, some champion, some get Brutal.

Fighting and fucking, fucking and fighting! Angelo Marconi slinks back to the gym with his tail between his legs and apologies to owner and trainer Ricky Sinz.

The two have been though some bouts but now are ready to get down to business.

“Are you ready to take this fucker down?” ask Sinz. “I’m ready,” Marconi replies.

The saga concludes in Brutal Part 2.

Brutal Part 2 Raging Stallion





Brutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

In the first scene of Brutal Part 2 from Raging Stallion, Race Cooper is training two up and coming fighters, Trent Diesel and Hugo Milano. Race coaches them through a few moves and they kick, punch and grapple on the mat. Race stares at them as their hard, sweaty bodies press against each other.

Race’s mind begins to wander… he envisions Trent’s ass grinding on Hugo’s crotch. In his fantasy, Trent kisses Hugo deeply, plunging his tongue into the Latin stud’s mouth. He kisses down his body, pulls down his shorts and envelops his thick hard cock between his wet lips. Trent sucks up and down Hugo’s thick shaft tasting his salty sweaty musty man cock.

Hugo moans in pleasure as his buddy sucks him hard and deep. Hugo grabs Trent by the hair and fucks him in the mouth. After getting Hugo’s cock all wet Trent gets up and shoves his cock into Hugo’s mouth. Hugo sucks and tongues his cock till it’s drenched in spit.

Trent can’t wait to get at Hugo’s hot hairy ass, so he bends over in a 69, and eats out his hot Latin buddy’s hole. Hugo follows suit and soon they are rimming each other. Hugo wants more than just a rim job, so he pushes Trent down on all fours and shoves his cock up Trent’s wet hole and pounds his ass from behind. Trent loves the feel of this fat Latin cock moving in and out of his quivering hole.

But now Trent wants his turn, so he flips Hugo over in one quick move and, like that, he’s on top! Trent takes his hard cock and slides it up Hugo’s wide open hole, pounding him deep and hard. It’s a struggle for dominance – Hugo flips Trent back onto his once again, taking control, pounding deeper until Trent can’t take it longer until he shoots a big load that flies though the air hitting himself in the mouth.

Hugo pulls out and jerks his cock until he erupts all over Trent’s cum-stained torso. Hugo comes down hard on top of Trent and it’s reality again as Hugo pins Trent to the mat. Race is a good trainer, but his imagination is an even better workout.

Brutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

Across town over at the rival City Gym, Gavin Sovet is all worked up even before he starts his workout. Gavin drops his bags then reaches into his jockstrap and begins to give his cock a workout. He massages his cock though his sweat stained jock. He works his cock through the cloth then drops his pants, revealing his huge engorged cock.

Gavin pulls on his large member elongating it even more. As he works up his dick, getting it all hard, he drops his drawers, picks up some lotion and massages it into his cock. Gavin sits back and picks up the pace of his stroking. He leans back, pumping his cock hard until he shoot a huge load of man-juice all over his lean torso.

Brutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

Then in Brutal Part 2 from Raging Stallion, after a hard workout Race comes into the locker room and begins to roughhouse Angelo. Obviously hitting a nerve, this sets Angelo off, who snaps and yells at Race. In his mind, Angelo is transported back to a painful memory from back in his college days when he was raped in the shower.

On that day it was his teammates Phenix Saint and Brandon Bangs that came into shower all pissed off and jealous of Angelo, the team’s star player. Phenix has had enough and pushes the Angelo up against the wall, yelling at Brandon to hold him down. Phenix tells Angelo he going to get what he deserves. That’s when he shoves his hard cock into Angelo’s ass.

Angelo cries out in pain as his teammates ravage his hole. Phenix fucks Angelo hard and fast as if trying to fuck some sense into his teammate. Phenix pounds his hole then switches off so his buddy can take his turn. Brandon jumps in and pounds Angelo’s smooth ass. Phenix grabs Angelo’s cock and strokes it. While Brandon pounds Angelo’s ass, Phenix pumps his teammate Angelo’s cock until he spews cum all over himself.

After Angelo cums Phenix has no mercy. He switches places with his buddy and rams his hard cock back into Angelo’s tightened hole as Angelo’s screams echo in the tiled room. Phenix fucks with aggressive furor taking out his frustration on Angelo’s hole. Phenix explodes an angst-ridden load all over Angelo’s back. He then pushes Angelo to his knees as his buddy Brandon shoots all over Angelo’s face.

Brandon has one last lesson to teach his teammate – his fist across his jaw. Brandon clocks Angelo square in the mouth sending him smack down on the cold wet tile. Angelo spits blood as his teammates step over him.

Brutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

Angelo and Rusty Stevens are getting ready for the upcoming battle. Their coaches Ricky and Brenn have been pushing the hopefuls to the limit. Hard strikes, power kicking, grueling mat work, these guys are worked up. New gym recruit Draven is also getting the lessons he came for, improving day by day, getting faster and stronger.

Rusty is poised to win this year’s MMA title against Angelo. Rusty trains hard but he also has a dark side – he likes rough sex and he looks in many unsavory places to find it. Rusty drives the streets with his pent up lust. He pulls into a local rest stop and popular cruising ground. He enters the empty bathroom knowing that in a short amount of time he will find his prey.

He pulls out his cock and waits. Rough-trade truck driver Tommy Defendi enters with one desperate need – to drain his piss-engorged cock. Tommy pulls out his thick member and unleashes a hot stream of piss. Rusty can’t help but notice. The men lock eyes and Rusty knows he can proceed. He reaches over and shakes out the last drop of piss from Tommy’s cock before sinking to his knees and taking his growing cock into his mouth. Tommy grabs the back of Rusty’s head, forcing his cock down Rusty’s throat.

Rusty lures Tommy back to the dark dungeon bedroom. Tommy squirms in pleasure as Rusty works his hole until it’s sufficiently wet and open. Rusty flips Tommy over so he can feed on his fat cock. Rusty chows down on his thick saliva coated tubesteak. He works Tommy up then feeds him his throbbing cock. Tommy sucks Rusty cock greedily.

Rusty then pulls Tommy’s ass up in the air and switches between sucking his cock, his ass and fingering his hole. He gets Tommy’s hole open and ready before standing up and burying his cock deep into Tommy. He rides him thrusting his cock down deep into Tommy. He turns Tommy over and fucks him from behind while Tommy holds onto hanging restraints.

Rusty pounds him hard for a while before they switch positions and Tommy takes his turn to fuck Rusty on his back. Tommy’s thick cock plows in and out of Rusty’s tight hole. Tommy picks up the pace of his pounding sending Rusty over the edge. Rusty jerks his cock hard as the pounding increases. Rusty’s cock erupts, sending clumps of hot white seamen splashing down all over his hairy stomach. Tommy pulls out his cock and spews his load all over Rusty’s cum-filled body. The itch has been momentarily scratched.

Brutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging StallionBrutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

In the final scene of Brutal Part 2 from Raging Stallion, the bell rings and Rusty and Angelo come out swinging hard. Angelo’s hard fist comes in contact with Rusty’s face before Rusty counter-reacts and swings back hard. Angelo tackles Rusty sending him to the ground. He mounts Rusty’s chest as he pummels his face; Rusty throws him off and the battle has begun.

The two men go head-to-head full steam, out to annihilate his opponent. Ricky and Brenn yell commands from the sidelines coaching their athlete on. Rusty gets Angelo in a headlock, making him submit him to defeat. Angelo taps out. After the match Brenn gloats over his victory. Ricky and Brenn decide to settle it once and for all.

Ricky and Brenn meet at Ricky’s gym and square off in the ultimate battle. The two giants go head-to-head, both stronger than they once were, beating each other with no mercy. The gloves come off and soon it’s Ricky fucking Brenn in the ass, giving him the ultimate defeat, forcing his opponent to submit to cock.

At first Brenn seems to suffer total defeat by losing to his rival and getting it in the ass. But then Brenn gets the upper hand and fucks Ricky. Were these two more than just opponents? Ricky picks Brenn up and fucks him against the ropes, getting out every last ounce of redemption from his body.

Enter Drew, Ricky’s lover and assistant coach. Drew sees more than he wants to and splits the scene – for good. Ricky pounds Brenn’s hole until he cums all over himself. Ricky jerks his cock, sending his hot white cum all over Brenn’s chest. The brutal feud may have been settled once and for all, but not before lots of sweat and cum have been spilled.

Watch Brutal Part 2 from Raging Stallion! Starring Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Brenn Wyson, Gavin Sovet, Hugo Milano, Phenix Saint, Race Cooper, Ricky Sinz, Rusty Stevens, Tommy Defendi, Trent Diesel.

Brutal Part 2 Raging Stallion

Gentlemen 10: Elite Class

Studio: Lucas Entertainment On February - 5 - 2015

Gentlemen 10 Elite Class

It takes an Elite Class of men from around the globe to triumph in business. But the corporate world is full of responsibility and stress, and the tension needs to be released somehow.

Valentino Medici pulls Adriano Carrasco into private and unbuttons his suit pants to service the Cuban’s 10-inch uncut cock to completion.

When work is done for the day, Edji Da Silva teaches his intern, Fabio Lopez, how to bottom.

Donato Reyes invites Marco Rubi into his private suite for a scandalous fuck.

Adam Killian, Fernando Torres, and Valentino Medici turn their business lunch into a hot-and-sweaty threesome.

Corporate powerhouse by day, unstoppable power-top by night, Goran shows Marco Rubi what it means to obey authority.

Let the Elite Class teach you how business is really done!

Gentlemen 10 Elite Class



Gentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite Class

In the first scene of Gentlemen 10: Elite Class from Lucas Entertainment, Marco Rubi is serving as Donato Reyes’ new executive system: he’s to travel with him, share his meals with him, take care of all of his professional needs, and most of all, when the two businessmen are traveling and Donato is away from his wife, Marco is to take care of Donato’s personal and sexual needs as well.

When the two men arrive in Donato’s private suite, they take a detour in the bathroom where they test not only the water pressure, but the blood pressure building up in their throbbing cocks too. Marco falls to his knees — where he belongs — and swallows his boss’ cock, but there’s a submissive side that Donato enjoys exploring, so he also sucks some cock. And he even takes his assistant’s cock up his ass, too — talk about flipping the reins of power!

Gentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite Class

Valentino Medici is new on the job and is putting in long hours to make an impression, but after everyone has gone home he takes a break and watches some porn. His favorite star is Adriano Carrasco, and as he’s watching some smut and rubbing his crotch he dozes off.

Reality turns to fantasy in Valentino Medici’s dream when he’s confronted by Adriano dressed in a powerful suit befitting his strength, good looks, and total sex appeal. Valentino proves that he’s got what it takes to be more than a businessman — but a porn star too — as he sucks and gets fucked by Adriano’s big uncut cock!

Gentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite Class

Then in Gentlemen 10: Elite Class from Lucas, Adam Killian and Valentino Medici look forward to their business trips together. Sure, on the outside, they’re showing a facade that demonstrates a life of normalcy: wife, kids, house. But the Elite Class has needs that can only be taken care of in private.

During this business trip Adam and Valentino invite waiter Fernando Torres up to their suite, where they all strip down and have hardcore sex! Both Adam and Valentino take cock long and hard, and Fernando is as good a top as he is a bottom!

Gentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite Class

Fabio Lopez is interning for Edji Da Silva at a French company, but Fabio spends too much time on his cruising apps and not enough on his work. During his lunch break he’s looking for a hook up to have later when Edji pops up on his radar, but Edji isn’t mad — he’s turned on!

Who can say that they’ve had sex with the boss’ Fabio now can, because Edji takes him home to show him all of the services an intern should fulfill. Fabio has such a sweet face, and that’s Edji’s weakness: Fabio opens up Edji’s pants and uses his mouth to pleasure Edji before they take off their clothes and Fabio exposes his ass. Edji is a power-top who loves to fuck, and he gives Fabio a pounding he will never forget!

Gentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite ClassGentlemen 10 Elite Class

In the final scene of Gentlemen 10: Elite Class, Goran and Marco Rubi are from rival business, but they run into one another in the bathroom and Marco makes it clearly known he wants to have sex with Goran, and Goran wants to have sex with Marco.

Later that night Marco visits Goran in his hotel room and things get hot and heavy quickly. What Marco wasn’t expecting was how intense and rough Goran is in the sack, but he’s ready to handle the muscular hunk and take it. And when Goran is fucking, his bottom will be taking it long and taking it hard!

Watch Gentlemen 10: Elite Class from Lucas Entertainment! Starring Adam Killian, Adriano Carrasco, Donato Reyes, Edji Da Silva, Fabio Lopez, Fernando Torres, Goran, Marco Rubi, Valentino Medici.

Gentlemen 10 Elite Class