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Raw Double Penetrations

Studio: Lucas Entertainment On August - 27 - 2015

Raw Double Penetrations

Two cocks are better than one in the gay porn movies, and Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment delivers.

When they are squeezed into the same ass Raw Double Penetrations are the best kind of sex gay porn can offer!

Hot young guys Fabio Lopez and Mark Sanz fuck around with Valentino Medici.

Marco Milan and Jeff Stronger make Jonathan Agassi their sex toy as they stretch out his hole to take them both at once.

Logan Moore and Ivan Gregory stuff Marco Milan’s cock in their ass.

And Raff Owen, Mike Tiger, and Fabio Lopez take turns plowing hole until shooting their loads.

If you’re after Double Penetrations, then you’ve come to the right place!

Raw Double Penetrations




Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

In the first scene of Raw Double Penetrations, Jonathan Agassi loves to fuck around with guys who are bigger and stronger than him. That’s certainly the situation with Jeff Stronger, who is a hulk of a man (not to mention a top, which makes him a perfect candidate) and Marco Milan, whose muscles almost rival those of Adam Killian’s.

Jonathan Agassi is their bitch of the next half hour, and it’s Marco who takes full control over his ass for the most part. When it’s said that Marco thrashes Jonathan’s ass, he takes one hell of a pounding! And on top of that (so to speak) Jonathan is swallowing Jeff’s meat. And that’s only until Marco loosens Jonathan up enough to take some bareback double penetration! Needless to say, these hot guy makes Jonathan Agassi work for their cum!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

It takes an unadulterated sex hound to crave two cocks up his ass at the same time (after all, a single big one is usually more than enough for a good time) — and two cocks are exactly what Mike Tiger wants. Raff Owen and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Fabio Lopez are more than happy to help him out.

Both guys were very attracted to Mike’s pouty puppy-dog looks and hot body, so they had a lot of fun ravaging him from start to finish. Mike gives his two tops a good time, too. He’s not a afraid you use his mouth to pleasure one while getting fucked bareback in the ass by another. And don’t doubt that he’s getting them ready to have gay bareback sex in his ass at the same time!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

Then in Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment, strut that stuff, Marco Milan! Adam Killian’s lover emulates his man’s physique, sculpting every muscle in his body, and that includes his big round ass. Marco struts over to an eager Ivan Gregory (eager for what, you ask — a blowjob, of course) while they are both being watched in a mirror by the handsome Logan Moore.

For whatever reason, he’s too shy to join in at the beginning and instead jerks himself off while watching from afar. But his lust takes over and Logan gets just as sloppy as the other two guys, sucking dick and eating ass! But what Logan really wants is Marco Milan’s raw cock, and he gives it to him: Marco fucks Logan bareback like no one ever has before.

Ivan starts to get jealous, so he has to prove there’s plenty of Marco to go around — which results in Ivan biting off more than he can chew and taking two bareback dicks up his ass at the same time!

Raw Double PenetrationsRaw Double PenetrationsRaw Double Penetrations

In the final scene of Raw Double Penetrations, Fabio Lopez has never met a papi he enjoys servicing more than Valentino Medici, who is the textbook definition of tall, dark, handsome. Fabio and his buddy Mark Sanz sneak away on night to fool around with Valentino, someone Fabio has been seeing on the side for a while now.

But Fabio doesn’t like to share: the minute these guys take their clothes off, Fabio settles on sucking his daddy’s fat uncut cock, swallowing every single raw inch with lust! Valentino only needs to kick back and enjoy the excited pleasure he receives from the adorable Fabio and Mark. And no one can accuse Valentino of not being versatile: he takes Fabio’s young dick up his huge bubble butt and loves every second of it!

Fabio gets so excited when he’s inside Valentino this particular time that he can’t hold back and shoots his raw load early, felching it out of Valentino’s ass! After he’s done, it’s the papi’s turn: Valentino pumps Fabio’s ass while Fabio gets hard again and fucks Mark bareback!

Watch Raw Double Penetrations from Lucas Entertainment! Starring Fabio Lopez, Ivan Gregory, Jeff Stronger, Jonathan Agassi, Logan Moore, Marco Milan, Mark Sanz, Mike Tiger, Raff Owen, Valentino Medici.

Raw Double Penetrations

‘12 Days a Slave’ by Bound Gods

Studio: Bound Jocks On August - 24 - 2015

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave

In 12 Days a Slave from Bound Gods, Luke Adams is sitting at the bar enjoying a cold beer when Christian Wilde comes in asking for a shot of whiskey.

Noticing Luke next to him, Christian convinces him to have a few shots to celebrate his birthday. Before Luke knows it, he is bound with duct tape across his mouth.

Mr. Wilde approaches his boy and tears a hole in his underwear so that he can ram his big cock up Luke’s tight hole.

The bound stud is then relentlessly beaten with the flogger, his hard cock standing straight up despite his screams.

Luke then has electrodes attached down his thighs as his captor tortures him with pulses of electricity.

A final fuck drives Christian over the edge as he blasts a load of cum onto his slave’s face.

Watch 12 Days a Slave from Bound Gods! Starring Luke Adams and Christian Wilde.

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave




Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a SlaveBound Gods 12 Days a Slave

Bound Gods 12 Days a Slave

‘Arcade on Route 9′ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On August - 21 - 2015

Arcade on Route 9

TitanMen classic Arcade on Route 9 has made it to Hot Male Videos!

What if your favorite father/son fantasy was real? That’s the steamy scenario director Joe Gage has made into his most sensational movie to date, Arcade on Route 9.

What’s a father to do on his son’s 18th birthday, but initiate him into the rites of manhood?

Gage works the inter-generational angle like you’ve never seen, while dad jizzes it with Junior, Cole Ryan blows it out with Ken Mack.

Younger guys like mega-hung Cam Kurtz and his smooth buddy trade fucks.

Matt Cole and Jake Deckard bust the cream together, while the bruiser trio of Josh West, Peter Axel, and Alex Brawley ream each other out in the next booth.

Dad makes sure Junior’s right in the thick of it, as guys sperm it every which way they can. And when the fucking’s over, Gage has a final mind-fuck up his jizz-drenched sleeve.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9



Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

In the first scene of Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, Coach (Peter Axel) has brought young track star Adam Young into Dr. Blodgett’s office. Something’s tightening up, pulling real hard, way up along Adam’s inner thigh. Doc (Alex Brawley) goes right for the balls.

“You probably got a lot of cream in those nuts, don’t ya?” Adam’s not saying much, but his dick hardens up, and Coach pulls out his mighty monster. “Damn, that’s almost as big as mine,” Doc says.

Adam gets the closest look, as Doc’s wang whams past his tonsils. Doc and Coach’s lips meet as they glide up to the end of Adam’s young stiffie. Gobbling the athlete’s taut tool forces all three to bust their cream.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Is delivery man Matt Cole just pretending to be straight? He wants to know what goes on in an arcade, so store manager Jake Deckard gives him a guided tour of the stockroom, where Matt finds out how well his cock fits in Jake’s mouth. Matt doesn’t need instructions on rimming, and savors Jake’s finely furred crack and honey-sweet hole. He’s just priming Jake for long, powerhouse cock strokes — the dude sure knows how to fuck a guy.

Big surprise — he sits on Jake’s cock! His big cock bounces heavy as his smooth muscle ass bangs atop Jake’s hairy thighs. Then they’re kissing’ and cumming. Matt’s hot loving propels a sensational burst of juice outta Jake as his own load blasts out.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Then in Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, in Booth 23, Dad’s showing Junior the finer points of arcade etiquette. Dad’s pointing out the glory that lies in a glory hole, with businessman Dominic Pacifico all too eager to chow down on dad’s bountiful boner.

“Let me try,” says junior, and soon slams Dominic with a young man’s blasts of jet propelled spunk. Then dad and son are switch-sucking that businessman bone, making Dominic jet his jizz ‘cross the booth in a real razzle-dazzle finish. “Happy birthday,” says dad. “Thanks,” Junior replies, wiping cream off his chin.

In another booth down the hall, burly Coach Axel gags on Josh West’s thick meat, and groans when the husky mechanic mauls his ass. Doc Blodgett’s eager to get in on the bruiser action when he arrives, and winds up hanging his ass on Peter’s prick while Josh keeps grinding Peter’s tight pucker in a three man fuck chain that’s so punchy the guys can’t help pumping out the pearls.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

Down the hall, Cam Kurtz finds Adam Young watching a sex flick, and before ya know it, the two uncut guys are sliding their foreskins over hardening cock meat in a mutual jack off. They’re takin’ turns tasting each other’s fratboy phallus, until Cam gives himself a squat-fuck on Adam’s crank, his yard-long bone threatening to crack off as it plummets wildly with each bracing bounce. Suddenly, in an eager flip, mega-hung Cam’s piling his plank of cock into Adam’s ass, making both their peckers pump out pools of pearly juice.

The businessman has met handsome young Josh Powell in the buddy booth. They’re stripped naked and stroking. Dad and Junior make the phallus-flailers a quartet. When cashier Jody Scott comes in, things heat up dangerously. Dominic and Josh take side-by-side squat fucks atop Jody and Dad. Junior beats the jizz outta Dominic while the dude’s still squirming on his dad’s cock, and the rest of the guys join in on the cream fest.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

In the final scene of Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen, in yet another booth of the overly busy arcade, young Cole Ryan is letting trucker Ken loosen up his tight young hole. Ken’s tongue is prepping it to be filled by his big man’s bone. Cole rides it in a fever, beating off as Ken bounces him rudely until Cole’s load splats. Ken slides a rubber onto Cole’s overheated cock and guides the rigid rod up his ass, and their second loads shoot even harder.

Too bad the buddy booth’s empty as Jake ends his tour of the arcade with Matt Cole. But they don’t need other guys, and get it on again in a real smooch fest — hearty, urgent man-kisses with tongues locked. Jake presents a stupefying cock display as his aching rod reaches ultimate stiffness. But it seems they’re not alone, after all, as a cock slithers through the glory hole.

Some of Jake’s deep suck-tion has it spewing cum all over his sweaty, hairy chest. Matt shows what a cockhound he is, and goes down on another glory hole thruster in a blaze of sensationally sloppy sword swallowing. The men take turns working the cock, and their double deepthroating causes a 4th of July explosion of cum, during which they’re kissing and cumming, too — just arcade buddies jerkin’ up the juice together.

Watch Arcade on Route 9 from TitanMen! Starring Adam Young, Alex Brawley, Brett Anderson, Cam Kurtz, Cole Ryan, Dominic Pacifico, Jake Deckard, Jody Scott, Josh Powell, Josh West, Ken Mack, Matt Cole, Matthew Matters.

Titanmen Arcade on Route 9

‘XXX’ by Mustang

Studio: Mustang On August - 19 - 2015

XXX Mustang Porn

XXX from Mustang Studios features eight gruff and tough men roughhousing in triple X action. Can you stand it?

Brutes and Demons storm through this XXX feature with action so fierce, relentless, unapologetic and IN YOUR FACE!

Watch these 8 uber studs degrade, delight, exasperate and unnerve, then finally release each other and discharge in 4 unforgiving scenes of manlove.

In the first scene of XXX from Mustang Studios, Arpad Miklos is a mountain of man flesh sitting atop a mountain of leather cushions when Colby Keller joins him and starts to feed on his cock.

Colby tongues and teases the uncut shaft, enjoying every tasty inch and savoring the fleshy folds of that precious foreskin.

Arpad then stands erect in order to feed Colby his dick in a more aggressive manner and the bearded stud is more than anxious to please his master.

XXX Mustang Porn



XXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang Porn

He continues to feast vigorously on the pork sword. The men switch positions and Arpad finds himself kneeling before Colby, guzzling his engorged dick. He’s just as hungry for Colby’s meat and slobbers all over it, swallowing it whole while gargling it down.

Then Arpad is on Colby’s ass, rimming the crack and slavishly dragging his tongue around the puckered sphincter. Now it’s time for some hardcore ass-fucking and both men are primed. Arpad slams his cock deep inside Colby, pumping the hole so hard with fierce and strong thrusts. Then Colby lays down on his back, moaning and pleading for more.

Arpad gladly delivers and while he is still snug inside, Colby jerks himself off and shoots his wad all over. Arpad then pulls out and drizzles his man cream across Colby’s hairy belly. The sighing softens; the panting slows down; the men are finished.

XXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang Porn

Then in XXX from Mustang Studios, out, loud and proud, these ebony studs know how to pleasure each other. Race is the first one down on his knees, taking Scott’s large cock down his throat and slavishly working his mojo. Both men are cooing, wallowing in this love fest.

Scott lifts Race onto the platform and starts to suck his big dick with such expertise, sending his buddy squealing with delight. Then he attacks Race’s ass crack with his tongue, licking and teasing it with fierce jabs. Race can hardly contain himself as he quivers and moans. But the best is yet to come. Race gets behind and bangs his big dick inside Scott’s hole to fuck him, making him cry out and growl.

They switch places and Scott gives as good as he got, with Race shrieking to tear him open. The action is hot and quick and finally climaxes with Scott literally showering Race with a gigantic load of spooge and Race answering with his own milky contribution.

XXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang Porn

Cole Streets is on the floor with Vinnie D’Angelo’s big dick in his mouth. His lips are fixed tightly around the shaft as his head bobs back and forth. Vinnie instructs Cole what to do, “No hands… suck my dick… grab my balls!” And the younger man greedily complies. Then Cole lies down on the bed, his head hanging over the side, allowing Vinnie to stuff his dick down his throat, tickling his tonsils and almost making him gag.

Soon both men are on the bed, 69ing and savoring each other’s beef sticks. Vinnie has Cole on his knees and begins to play with his ass. He licks and fingers the hole, tries stuffing Cole’s dickhead inside his own anus, and just slobbers all over it. Then he attacks that primed ass with his hard cock, slamming in and out.

He makes Cole work for it, slapping his ass cheeks and then having him sit on top to ride his cock. Getting him again from behind, Vince fucks Cole faster and faster, driving his cock deeper and deeper until he pulls out and cums all over.

XXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang PornXXX Mustang Porn

In the final scene of XXX from Mustang Studios, Scott Campbell is down on his knees, deep throating and almost gagging on Derek DaSilva’s cock. But he continues, his eyes tearing up with the enormity of the task. Derek holds Scott’s head still and thrusts his hips forward ensuring that every inch of his dick gets into Scott’s mouth.

The men kiss, then Scott sits down and Derek swallows his tool all the way to its base. He begins rimming Scott’s ass crack, jabbing his tongue deep inside the hairy cleft. With both parties sufficiently aroused and aching for more, Derek slides his thunder stick high inside Scott’s hole and starts to fuck him hard.

He pulls out after an intense round of ass-pounding and then showers cum across the younger man’s back. Scott jacks himself off to climax, matching Derek drop for drop.

Watch gay XXX porn from Mustang Studios! Starring Arpad Miklos, Colby Keller, Cole Streets, Derek da Silva, Race Cooper, Scott Alexander, Scott Campbell, Vinnie D’Angelo.

XXX Mustang Porn

110 Degrees in Tucson

Studio: TitanMen On August - 15 - 2015

110 Degrees in Tucson

TitanMen’s mega-classic, 110 Degrees in Tucson, has come to Hot Male Videos!

You’re in pretty deep when you’re in Joe Gage territory. And 110 degrees in Tucson is one of this master’s most in-depth bone-stiffeners ever!

With over 2 hours of sizzling sex, the guys in Tucson know that a little man-to-man action is what a pal is for.

110 Degrees in Tucson has TitanMen studs like Ray Dragon and Matt Majors along with others like Daxx Reed, a fuck bucket with an endless supply of cum.

And several sizzling debuts, with hairy-chested daddy Nathan York playing father and Jacob Riley as a teen punk primed to explode.

It’s not the weather that makes Tucson sizzle — it’s the men!

110 Degrees in Tucson





110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

In the first scene of 110 Degrees in Tucson from TitanMen, when Dragon and Andros check into a cheap motel for a little lunch hour jack off, cop buddies Dragon and Andros think there are no snares. “It’s just a beat off session, two buddies jacking off to release the tension.”

They haul out their monster meat, size up each other’s tools, and eyes locked together with a heat that only men can understand, get into some serious jacking. But when the motel’s desk clerk catches sight of the scene, they’re snared. Lust simmers as clerk Devon Cade gets a taste of Dragon’s solid cock, and grows when Cade fucks his throat with Andros’ fat, uncut slab of meat.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Cade kneels on the bed and fingers a smooth and hot asshole, passion boils over. Andros storms it, splitting the pristine pucker wide with his thick arrester. Dragon storms Cade’s ass, too, ramming so hard the kid sprays a cumload across the men.

When Andros lies back on the bed, he doesn’t have to beg for his buddy’s blaster up his butt. Dragon crams the cop’s cooze, and blasts his hot policeman’s spunk onto his partner’s face.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Then in 110 Degrees in Tucson from TitanMen, when his apprentice finds some old porn in the home they’re remodeling, bossman Quest thinks they should knock off work for the day. He’s thinking he can help his assistant knock off some cream, too. Quest slowly draws the shy but obviously horny young man out.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Pearson hesitantly gets his first taste of manmeat and soon has Quest’s stubbled face roughing up his cherry butt cheeks, until finally the kid’s taking a joy ride on Quest’s strikingly hard boner, sucking up every inch and crying for more. He’ll be a journeyman in another day or two.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Then in 110 Degrees in Tucson by TitanMen, as night falls, Hunter James is cruising around town with his straight friend, Jacob Riley. James’ father has a warehouse they stop in to knock back some booze.

Night watchman Matt Majors has other plans, forcing them to get their dicks out, get ‘em hard and beat ‘em. Is James getting his secret wish when the guard forces him to blow his buddy? He’s sure eager to work on Majors’ monstrous, uncut cock, and the sight gets Riley hot, despite his hesitation.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Little by little, Riley allows himself to become surprisingly nasty. When James bounces on Majors’ blunt-ended battering ram, Riley wants some too. The novice bottom rocks slowly as he eases the giant cock up his cherry butt, but turns quickly savage and blasts a torrent of boy juice over his belly.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Blu Kennedy can’t pay attention to his homework. He’s so boned up and into his jack-off session that he doesn’t see prowler Taurus climbing through his window and pulling out his cock. When Kennedy does notice, all he wants is his mouth on that throbbing, uncut hunk of dark meat. Taurus chows down on Kennedy’s long and creamy cock, deep throating it to the flaming red bush at its base.

Taurus rims Kennedy’s hairless pink asshole, slides a dildo into the easily yielding chute, and replaces it with his own hot brown poker. They’re so into the fuck they don’t even see Blu’s father come in — or the hard-on that pokes out of his open robe. But the son is soon hypnotized by his father’s cock, as well as the punishment that stud daddy York deals Taurus.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

Turned on by his son’s sexuality, York urges him to take a crack at the burglar’s ass that he’s just loosened up. Every inch of Kennedy’s ivory-colored wonder whips up the abused butthole, and a hypnotic, nearly sinful scene unfolds as father and son enact doing each other from opposite ends of the crook they’re plugging. Eyes locked on his son’s, dad blows a fatherly load.

And with dad urging him to jack it out, Kennedy looses his steamy spunk. Think they ever did this before? Think they will again? Thinking about it will get both of them hard.

110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson110 Degrees in Tucson

In the final scene of 110 Degrees in Tucson by TitanMen, Damon DeMarco takes on the dare to show the night crew what he’s got, and soon everyone’s stripped and sucking. Pierce gets sloppy over DeMarco’s fiercely hard bone, and Hunter’s foot-long meat marvel becomes the centerpiece of a circle jerk.

DeMarco plants himself on Hunter’s all-night ass prod, and Pierce rides DeMarco’s overheated poker. Hunter’s jackrabbit thrusts into Cade’s fresh rosebud blast a fusillade of pearls farther than believable, and pig bottom Reed shoots three amazing loads while riding every cock he can conquer, before Pierce finger fucks yet another burst from the insatiable slut.

Watch 110 Degrees in Tucson from TitanMen! Starring Andy Hunter, Blu Kennedy, Bryce Pierce, Damon DeMarco, Daxx Reed, Devon Cade, Hunter James, Ivan Andros, Jacob Riley, Luke Pearson, Matt Majors, Nathan York, Ray Dragon, Spencer Quest, Taurus, Tyler Kane.

110 Degrees in Tucson

‘Impact’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On August - 12 - 2015

Impact Raging Stallion

In Impact from Raging Stallion, directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond turned their cameras on with a live online audience watching. The eight stud fuckers were extra turned-on by knowing their every grunt, lick and thrust was being savored in real time.

Shawn Wolfe embodies the term “aching erection.” He dials his animal magnetism to high power to ensnare Woody Fox into filling his every hole and need.

Jake Genesis meets his match in stud Caleb Colton. Meat and heat collide when these studs figure out how to fuck each other at the same time.

Jeremy Stevens initiates a close encounter of the carnal kind when he zooms in on Fabio Stallone for a chest-thumping tryst that invites one to make room for Fabio’s huge cock.

Marcus Ruhl shows how a bottom gets his needs met. Jessy Ares needs no lessons but is more than willing to play along for the chance to exploit Marcus’s mouth and ass.

When these studs make Impact, you’re going to be satisfied with the jolt of testosterone that fills your veins.

Raging Stallion Impact



Raging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion Impact

In the first scene of Impact from Raging Stallion, in one corner is Marcus Ruhl: olive skin, bulging muscle, thighs built to wrap around a guy. In the opposite corner, Jessy Ares: full beard, fat cock, manscaping-be-damned. There’s no bell, but imagine the director calling ‘Action,’ and they meet in the center and kiss instead of shaking hands.

Both guys are naked, and wielding hard-ons. The sheer mass of flesh demands a different kind of foreplay: some punching, some pushing and shoving to determine the pecking order…or the fucking order. Jessy jumps on a table and wraps both hands around Marcus’s neck, immobilizing it for a rapid face-fuck.

Don’t fail to feast your eyes on Marcus’s amazing buns as he endures the assault on his larynx and ups the ante by lifting Jessy off the ground and sucking his balls too. That’s worth a kiss and a chance to drill Jessy’s face. Marcus then puts his haunches in Jessy’s face, for a tongue-basting and drilling that leave Marcus gasping at both ends.

It’s Marcus’ ass end that gets Jessy’s cock, heavy and hard and ready to do its worst on Marcus’s dripping hole. The dripping is contagious, and soon both men’s cocks are dripping with the aftermath of the explosions of four balls achieving simultaneous release.

Raging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion Impact

If your taste runs to big Latin cocks, consider Fabio Stallone: dark skin, full beard, barrel chest. Jeremy Stevens checks him from top to toe, hovering over Fabio’s horizontal body, moving back and forth to lick, sniff and kiss. The aerial survey stops when Jeremy reaches Fabio’s jutting cock, waiting for a mouth.

It takes Jeremy a while to navigate the hook, and the thickness around the center of Fabio’s uncut meat, but once he gets it, Fabio’s dick disappears in Jeremy’s gullet. A kiss provides a transition that leaves Jeremy on his back, his legs raised and spread.

Fabio’s tongue is an erect pole waiting to explore Jeremy’s hole, after Fabio stretches it first with several fingers. Fabio’s sword-swallowing commands attention: Jeremy cranes his neck forward to behold the magic being worked on him below. They cool down with a make-out session before the fucking starts, in the doggy position.

Jeremy grimaces while Fabio’s pummeling tests his core strength. A switch to missionary position takes them to the breaking point, with Jeremy punching Fabio’s chest as his cock erupts. Fabio waits a beat and aims hot streaming lava directly at Jeremy’s face.

Raging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion Impact

Then in Impact from Raging Stallion, every iota of Shawn Wolfe screams, “Fill me!”: leaning in for a kiss; looking up with open jaws and his tongue extended; spreading his legs to invite closer inspection; when he grabs your balls to pull you close, so you can cum in his mouth.

It’s a crash course in how to handle a cock hungry man for Woody Fox. Woody has a lightly furry runner’s body and sexy dark hair; Shawn is a dirty-blond with muscles that scatter light and make him look really tasty. He likes Woody’s cock a lot. It’s curved and veiny with enough meat to challenge a guy’s gag reflex.

Shawn’s ass twitches exactly the right way to keep Woody’s wood at attention when it’s not getting sucked, like when Woody’s tongue is bending in six directions to find the perfect fit for Shawn’s tasty hole. Both studs are hard as iron. Woody’s cock drives deep. They sweat under the hot lights and Woody multi-tasks, wrapping a hand around Shawn’s cock to stroke him and fuck him at the same time.

Even while Woody jerks out his load, he keeps a moving finger busy in Shawn’s hole. Woody shoots squarely in Shawn’s mouth, with stray shots to the face, and Shawn greedily slurps the cum as he sprays his sweaty abs with his own spunk.

Raging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion ImpactRaging Stallion Impact

In the final scene of Impact from Raging Stallion, Caleb Colton’s dick makes you look twice. It’s long and very straight and you suspect, when it’s driven up a guy’s ass, the receiver’s groans will get louder with every couple of inches. Jake Genesis is the test case, a handsome dude with a collegiate haircut, a five o’clock shadow that oughta be scratchin’ some guy’s itch and a body that has spent more time getting inked than getting waxed.

Caleb wastes no time getting Jake to kneel and lube his pole with spit, and Jake wastes no time showing that Caleb’s length poses little challenge to his throat. Caleb can swallow all of Jake, too, but he takes time to lick the shaft and suck the balls. The heat takes a quantum leap when Caleb’s hole becomes Jake’s target.

The perfect mixture of finger, spit and tongue brings Caleb to a sexual explosion that makes you wonder what random cylindrical object he may mount. But he puts that need on hold to fuck Jake, whose gorgeous, striking hotness are amplified by his position: on his back, hairy legs spread, Caleb’s hard dick sawing his ass in two. Jake and Caleb swap, giving Caleb’s ass the drilling it demanded earlier, as these beasts add their spooge to the sweat that’s matting their fur.

Watch Impact from Raging Stallion! Starring Caleb Colton, Fabio Stallone, Jake Genesis, Jeremy Stevens, Jessy Ares, Marcus Ruhl, Shawn Wolfe, Woody Fox.

Raging Stallion Impact

‘Night Maneuvers’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On August - 10 - 2015

Night Maneuvers Raging Stallion

Boys will be boys, and soldiers will be soldiers. There ain’t no girls in the barracks, so guys have to help themselves through the daily grind of army life. The army is a much more receptive place than it used to be!

In the first scene of Night Maneuvers from Raging Stallion, kicking back relaxing playing cards, Kennedy Carter and Derek Reynolds talk about sex and fucking girls.

Kennedy has not had sex in a long time and Derek’s tales of getting laid get his dick instantly hard. Derek offers to help his buddy out.

Derek sucks on Kennedy’s hard white cock then Kennedy returns the favor. Derek’s tight hole opens nicely for some Kennedy tongue action. Kennedy rewards him by burying his hard pole up Derek’s firm ass.

After Kennedy rides Derek’s ass hard they flip fuck and Derek pounds Kennedy with his thick black cock. Kennedy shoots a huge load all over his chest and Derek follows suit and shoots his thick creamy load all over Kennedy’s face.

All guns are unloaded before lights out!

Raging Stallion Night Maneuvers



Raging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night Maneuvers

Hairy muscle hunks Vince Ferelli and Adam Champ share the latest girly magazine. This is Adam Champ’s first ever Raging Stallion scene, and one of the reasons he was named as one of our two men of the year! Adam massages Vince’s muscles to satisfy his desire to touch some skin. Vince does not mind the touch of another man.

Their need for sex is too much to handle and they being caressing and admiring each others masculine hairy bodies. The heat continues to rises between the two. The musty smell of a man never tasted so sweet. Adam bends Vince over and rims his wide muscular ass,licking it wildly to get it ready for his big fat cock. Adam wastes no time and rams his shaft into Vince’s wet hole.

Vince enjoys being pounded hard and deep so Adam flips Vince onto his back and fucks him some more as he jerks Vince’s cock. Adam pounds Vince’s hole while jerking Vince’s cock until he explodes all over his hairy stomach.Adam pulls out and adds to the pool of cum.

Raging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night Maneuvers

Then in Night Maneuvers from Raging Stallion, in the dead of night Heath Jordan is pounding his meat. His bunk mate Conner Habib can’t sleep knowing his buddy is jerking his meat just inches away. Conner asks what’s happening over there and Heath tells him hes all worked up.

The two begin to talk about sex and one thing leads to another. Conner helps his buddy out with a hot blowjob. Heath eats Conner’s ass and then fucks him doggie style. It’s another switch hit scene, so Conner takes his turn riding Heath’s butt. Explosions follow as white hot cum fills the air!

Raging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night Maneuvers

Arabian heart throb Sami Damo has a tight cut body. Paul Wagner is a beefy guy — opposites attract in this next all man set up. Sami is hanging lose, smoking a fag while Paul finishes up some stupid busywork assigned by the sergeant.

But Paul is distracted and ends up at Sami’s side. From smoking cigarettes to smoking cock is only a small leap for man… Some excellent fucking follows, filmed as only Raging Stallion can!

Raging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night Maneuvers

The final scene of Night Maneuvers features two of Raging Stallion’s top actors – Man of the year D. O. and tattooed young stud Chris Porter. This scene is about as good as it gets. There is great fucking – no one fucks better than D.O. – and lots of great camera angles.

We shoot our porn with the viewer in mind – we get the best angles and the best shots so you feel like you are right there in the same room, watching the action and smelling the cum. This scene is the highlight of an excellent movie. It’s Raging Stallion at its best, featuring the hottest sex performers on earth.

Raging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night ManeuversRaging Stallion Night Maneuvers

Watch Night Maneuvers from Raging Stallion Studios! Starring Adam Champ, Chris Porter, Conner Habib, D.O., Derek Reynolds, Heath Jordan, Kennedy Carter, Paul Wagner, Sami Damo, Vince Ferelli.

Raging Stallion Night Maneuvers

‘3 Easy Pieces’ by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On August - 8 - 2015

3 Easy Pieces TitanMen

San Francisco is the stage for TitanMen’s classic video, 3 Easy Pieces, which uses the city by the Bay’ majestic, rugged scenery as the backdrop for three episodes of non-stop, sexy action between three different trios of hot TITAN men.

As the opening credits roll, shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and other Bay Area landmarks alternate with quick teaser clips of the explosive action to come.

In the first scene, handsome construction foreman Peter Wilder drops by to check things out with his crew at a work site near Golden Gate Park.

Hunky hardhat Michael Vincenzo climbs into Wilder’s truck for a ride back to company headquarters. As the two pull into the garage, the stunning, chiseled Van Darkholm is already shirtless and working on his beautiful hard cock.

Once Wilder and Vincenzo get a look at Darkholm, they don’t take long to join in. Wilder soon loosens his tie and is on his knees in front of Darkholm and Vincenzo, taking turns servicing their rock-hard cocks.

TitanMen 3 Easy Pieces




TitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy Pieces

Darkholm and Vincenzo bend Wilder over the back of the pickup truck and begin licking and playing with his smooth ass. Then they move Wilder into the workroom where they bend him over the table, probe his tight hole with their fingers, and tell him just what they have in mind. First Darkholm slides his meaty cock into Wilder while Vincenzo’s dick finds the foreman’s mouth.

Then they trade places before putting Wilder on his back and taking turns fucking him. Vincenzo soon shoots a healthy load onto Wilder while Darkholm fucks Wilder’s ass. Then Darkholm climaxes, and Vincenzo shoots once again before Wilder, still on his back, spurts across his own chest.

TitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy Pieces

The scene shifts to a quiet neighborhood where two apartment hunters, Paul Morgan and Tim MacKenzie, arrive and ring the bell of a building with a vacancy. Sexy Dean Maxwell, who is painting the place for the owner, agrees to let them look around. Morgan and MacKenzie take a liking to the place and start celebrating their find with some groping and smooching.

As they move through the empty rooms, their foreplay soon attracts the attention of a curious Maxwell. While MacKenzie chats with the painter, Morgan ducks into the bathroom for some quick solo action. When he returns, he and his partner say goodbye to Maxwell and head for the stairs. They don’t get far.

MacKenzie and Morgan get it on right there, taking turns sucking each other’s cocks. It doesn’t take long for Maxwell to catch on. After peeking through a doorway at the two, he strips off his paint-spattered overalls and strides over to the railing. While MacKenzie stretches out on the stairs and enjoys Morgan’s mouth on his cock, he gets a good view of Maxwell, who’s stroking his hard shaft as he watches the action.

After MacKenzie and Maxwell trade several long, lingering looks, the two horny apartment hunters come back upstairs to join Maxwell. Morgan and Maxwell take turns sucking MacKenzie’s hard dick before Maxwell is bent over the railing. Morgan and MacKenzie lick Maxwell’s ass, then fuck it furiously. Moving to the middle of the floor they continue.

MacKenzie fucks away at a groaning Maxwell while sucking the cock of Morgan, who stands on a table over both of them. Then Morgan fucks Maxwell while MacKenzie feeds his dick into the painter’s mouth. After Maxwell shoots his load onto his chest, Morgan and MacKenzie add their own.

TitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy PiecesTitanMen 3 Easy Pieces

Across town, Austin Masters watches from a balcony as his friend Ric Hunter drives up with their visitor, the beautiful, dark-haired Brice Patton. As soon as Hunter leads Patton through the front door, Masters is there to greet them both.

The three begin making out immediately, peeling off each other’s shirts and exploring their chests and cocks with their tongues. After moving in to the main room, where huge picture windows afford a stunning view, they continue to shed their clothes and get into each other’s hot, hard bodies.

The three studs engage in incredible acrobatics as they suck and fuck each other with abandon. Hunter lies under Patton, his mouth in his ass while Patton services Masters. Then Masters sixty-nines Hunter while Patton straddles them both. Hunter shoots a thick load onto Patton’s taut stomach, then licks it off before he and Masters take turns fucking the dark-haired stud.

Hunter comes on Masters, and licks it up once more. Then, in a beautifully erotic moment, Hunter caresses Patton’s face, fingers his mouth and explores his body while Master’s shoot his load. As they relax at the end of their lovemaking, Hunter says to his visitor, `Welcome to San Francisco.`

Watch 3 Easy Pieces from TitanMen! Starring Austin Masters, Brice Patton, Dean Maxwell, Michael Vincenzo, Paul Morgan, Peter Wilder, Ric Hunter, Tim Mackenzie, Van Darkholme.

TitanMen 3 Easy Pieces

‘Hungover’ by Falcon Studios

Studio: Falcon Studios On August - 6 - 2015

Hungover Falcon

In Hungover from Falcon Studios, they may not remember what happened last night but they sure know something epic went down in Hungover.

Before being deployed for another year of serving his country, Chris Tyler’s friends intend to give him a proper send off.

But when one of the guys decides to amp up the festivities with a special something, the gathering turns into an outrageous orgy, with all the guys gang-bangin’ the guest of honor and wildly fucking with each other.

The next morning they all wake up naked, sore, and Hungover.

In the first scene of Hungover from Falcon Studios, Landon, Spencer, Dylan, Jimmy and Connor are all anxious to get down and party hearty before their service buddy, Chris, heads out on another deployment.

Dylan is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the buffed-up buffet as he begins sucking on Jimmy’s horse dick and Chris follows suit guzzling down Spencer’s cock.

Hungover Falcon Studios



Hungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon Studios

Landon and Parker (the pizza guy) get busy quick as they trade off sucking down each other’s big salamis. The man action rages on non-stop especially when Dylan adds Connor’s cock to his menu. It’s bottoms up for Parker and Chris as they yield their assholes to Spencer and Connor respectively, while Dylan does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy in his hole and Landon down his gullet.

All the debauched sensations the men are experiencing can be measured by all their moaning and groaning. There’s no limit to their shared hedonism and things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum.

Hungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon Studios

Neither Landon nor Parker can keep their hands off the other as they quickly find themselves in another room fucking like madmen. Landon plows Parker’s tight asshole fast and furious, fueled with lusty excitement as the pizza man gasps with every deep thrust.

The ass assault is rugged and relentless as the two muscled studs twist into different positions ensuring that every plunge is felt and savored. Only after both men shoot their loads, do things calm down.

Hungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon Studios

Then in Hungover from Falcon Studios, horny Dylan skewers himself onto Spencer’s thick erect dick and rides him hard. The two buddies grunt and groan as Dylan bucks up and down the engorged pole and the thrills intensify when Spencer takes charge and pumps his hips up aggressively to plow ass even fiercer.

The frisky pair continues screwing wildly, first on the barstool and finally with Dylan down on his back jacking himself off until he blows his load. Spencer is quick to follow up and he jerks out his own blast of cum.

Hungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon StudiosHungover Falcon Studios

In the final scene of Hungover from Falcon Studios, Connor is the lucky middle of a triple decker manwich; as he hungrily sucks on Chris’ tool, Jimmy is rimming his asshole. Chris bends forward to nurse on the randy redhead’s cock while Jimmy is still licking, finger fucking and juicing up his crack with spit.

Soon, Connor is getting plugged at both ends with Chris’ cock down his throat and Jimmy’s pole in his hole. Then it’s the brave marine’s turn to get fucked and the durable Durano proves his determination as he screws Chris while sucking Connor off. The action escalates until the guys can no longer hold back and they squeeze out three explosive spasms of jizz.

Watch Hungover from Falcon Studios! Starring Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Parker London, Spencer Fox.

Hungover Falcon Studios

‘Balls Deep’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion On August - 3 - 2015

Balls Deep Raging Stallion

When two guys each want what the other has, it ignites a fire that can’t be extinguished until asses are filled ‘Balls Deep’ with some of the heftiest cocks around.

This action-packed sex fest from Raging Stallion, from Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s Hard Friction line, brings you full-strength fucking fueled by explosively hot pairings.

Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark are two alpha-males sparring with each other for sexual dominance.

Boomer Banks uses his tall frame and massive cock to work over Mike De Marko’s hairy body.

Smooth and submissive, James Ryder gets the daddy treatment from tall, tan, and muscular Andrew Justice.

Logan Stevens and Adam Ramzi flip-fuck like animals in heat, with Logan’s blond beard rubbing against Adam’s jet-black fur.

When each man brings their unique sex appeal to these irresistibly magnetic pairings, it’s no question that those big dicks are going to fill tight holes Balls Deep.

Balls Deep Raging Stallion



Balls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging Stallion

In the first scene of Balls Deep from Raging Stallion, Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark are two huge-dicked alpha males eager to see what the other’s packing. The muscles are packed on to Landon’s incredible body, dense stubble covers his chin and chest, and he projects total sexual confidence. Andrew is an eager stud, with a tall, lean frame and a ravenous eagerness for fucking.

They start with back-and-forth blowjobs, each trying to outdo the other. Landon bends Andrew over and fucks him doggy style. Andrew teases his nipples as sweat drips from his face–his hole has never been stretched like this before–but Landon’s not going to pass up an opportunity to get fucked by Andrew and his choice cock.

By wrapping his legs around Andrew’s tall, muscular body, Landon pushes Andrew’s dick deeper and deeper inside. Every muscle in Landon’s powerful body flexes with the rhythm of fucking, and he jerks his cock until his load explodes onto his chest. Jumping above Landon, Andrew pumps out his own load right onto Landon’s chin.

Balls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging Stallion

Two beards, different colors: Logan Stevens’ face is ringed with golden blond scruff, and Adam Ramzi sports a dark, black stubble. Put them together, and they’re immediately tangled in an embrace of sexual fervor. Blowjobs for both are enhanced by licking and sucking the balls. When Logan sucks, Adam gets positioned for rimming, and Logan bends Adam’s hard cock backwards to move effortlessly between Adam’s hole and dick. The added tension on Adam’s cock makes him moan with pleasure.

Adam returns the favor by tonguing Logan’s foreskin, then riding Logan’s dick. Adam’s cock swings up and down as he raises and lowers himself on Logan’s cock, and Logan teases Adam’s nipples while he rides. Adam gets so worked up that he wants to display his balls-deep topping talents. His cock fills Logan’s hairy blond hole to the limit, and it pushes them over the edge. Logan drenches his torso with his own cum, and Adam delivers massive spurts of semen to Logan’s mouth and blond beard.

Balls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging Stallion

Then in Balls Deep from Raging Stallion, from the moment you see them together for the first time, there’s no question that Andrew Justice is going to take charge of James Ryder’s hole. With an upward curve to his hard cock and his nipples standing erect, Andrew stands tall, tan and hairy over young James, whose smooth skin is covered with bright tattoos.

They get each other going by swapping blowjobs, but soon it’s time for the top to have his way: Andrew mounts James from behind and pushes his enormously long, mushroom-headed cock deep inside James’ tight, pink hole. James’ face contorts as he submits to an intense fucking. With ever increasing vigor, Andrew slams his hairy balls and legs up against James’ hairless ass.

Flipping James over on a chair and positioning his ass in the air, Andrew uses gravity to push himself even deeper inside James. With Andrew still inside him, James shoots his load onto his washboard abs, then obediently opens his mouth to swallow Andrew’s river of cum.

Balls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging StallionBalls Deep Raging Stallion

In the final scene of Balls Deep from Raging Stallion, Boomer Banks is tall, handsome — and hung like a horse. Mike De Marko has a beefy rugby build, a hairy chest, and an ass that really puts Boomer in the mood to fuck. Mike gets down on his knees and deep throats Boomer’s legendary ten inch cock. When Boomer’s ready for more, he scoops Mike up in his arms and sets him down on his back.

Mike’s legs instinctively rise into the air, giving Boomer access to that hairy hole. Boomer eagerly uses his tongue and lips to work the pink center of Mike’s hole, and one look at Mike’s face proves that Boomer knows what he’s doing. When Mike’s hole is good and slick, Boomer shoves in all of his 10 thick, uncut inches. Mike opens his legs wide to receive Boomer’s onslaught of cock.

Every outline of Mike’s muscled physique is visible as Boomer works his dick deeper and deeper inside. When Boomer cums, he blows a massive load onto his abs, and Mike jerks himself off into Boomer’s mouth. They kiss and mix semen and saliva in the passionate afterglow.

Watch Balls Deep from Raging Stallion! Starring Adam Ramzi, Andrew Justice, Andrew Stark, Boomer Banks, James Ryder, Landon Conrad, Logan Stevens, Mike De Marco.

Balls Deep Raging Stallion

‘Big Cock Doc’ by UK Naked Men

Studio: UK Naked Men On July - 31 - 2015

Big Cock Doc

Darius Ferdynand is the Big Cock Doc, an unscrupulous quack who’ll have you on your back.

His interest in uncut cocks and tight holes goes beyond the professional.

When all that cock goes to Dr. Darius’ head, his replacement, Dr. Alan Probe (Mark Coxx), is just as perverted.

These two big dick doctors perform overtly intrusive examinations on Rogan Richards, Jonny Kingdom, Daniel Broughton and Jace Tyler.

Every inspection leads to a hot rimming, sucking and fucking session with wet and splattery endings!

Watch the Big Cock Doc from UK Naked Men! Starring Daniel Broughton, Darius Ferdynand, Jace Tyler, Jonny Kingdom, Marc Coxx, Rogan Richards.

Big Cock Doc




Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Big Cock DocBig Cock DocBig Cock Doc

Men of Montreal 5: Special Bangbang Edition

Studio: Men of Montreal On July - 29 - 2015

Mern of Montreal 5

Men of Montreal 5: Special Bangbang Edition features the hottest men in Montreal exploring their sexuality in steamy amateur videos hosted by Marko Lebeau.

Watch this very special edition that includes a delicious gang bang starring Marko, Alec, Ivan and Felix, as well as an awesome behind the scenes video from the shoot.

These hot guys that their sexual frustrations out on each other in the sexiest ways they can. It turns me on just thinking about it again.

Watch Men of Montreal 5!

Starring Alec Leduc, Marko LeBeau, Gabriel Clark, Alexy Tyler, Archer Quan, Max Chevalier, Ivan Lenko, Felix Brazeau, Benjamin D’Amour, Matthew Cox, Pascal Aubry.

Men of Montreal 5 Gangbang





Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 GangbangMen of Montreal 5 Gangbang

Men of Montreal 5 Gangbang