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‘Lockdown’ by Mustang

Studio: Mustang On November - 17 - 2012

Lockdown Mustang

In Lockdown from Mustang Studios, welcome to Pine Hearst, a maximum-security prison. Inside its grimy walls, you’ll find some of the deadliest criminals known to man.

Cal “Speedy” Reynolds is the warden. It’s his job to maintain order and make sure the prisoners obey the rules. And lately they’ve been acting up… so it’s time for a Lockdown.

Flexing his Warden muscle, Reynolds takes Jake Dakota – and his ass – as a lesson to all the other inmates who dare to mouth off to him. A deep cavity search leads to a deep pounding.

Following his boss’s example, Parker Williams makes an example of Shane Rollins, giving his taught, muscular ass an unforgettable workout.

Guards Tommy Blade and Derek Foster love when their boss calls for a lockdown because they can finally have their way with two inmates they’ve had their eyes on forever: Matt Cole and Owen Hawk.

Then it’s time for the Warden to take care of the world’s nastiest sex offender, Rik Jammer, by giving his ass a brutal mechanical pounding on the fucking machine, while Cliff Rhodes, Derrick Hanson and Reynolds finish each other off but good.

Watch Lockdown by Mustang Studios! Starring Cal Speedy Reynolds, Cliff Rhodes, Derek Foster, Derrick Hanson, Jake Dakota, Matt Cole, Owen Hawk, Parker Williams, Rik Jammer, Shane Rollins, Tommy Blade.

Lockdown Mustang



Lockdown MustangLockdown MustangLockdown Mustang

Lockdown MustangLockdown MustangLockdown Mustang

Lockdown MustangLockdown MustangLockdown Mustang

Lockdown MustangLockdown MustangLockdown Mustang

Lockdown Mustang

A Policeman Fucked My Son

Studio: Blue Blake On December - 3 - 2011

A Policeman Fucked My Son

A Policeman Fucked My Son from Blue Blake features musclebound hunks in police uniform — everyone’s dream of an ideal encounter.

When they are sporting massive dicks and even bigger libidos, everyone’s a winner.

Handsome rookie Paddy O’Brian takes us on a tour of the local cop-shop, a place full of bent coppers and satisfied studs.

With tattooed musclemen getting their fill of throbbing dicks and delicious puckering holes, every day another copper turns and exacts their power on the willing and very eager public.

Even Dad pimps out his 18 year old son to huge hunk Randy Jones, treating him to a thick facial on his birthday!

Watch A Policeman Fucked My Son by Blue Blake! A new episode airs every Saturday!

Starring Beau Samuels, Ben Brown, Bruno Knight, Issac Jones, Paddy O’Brian, Randy Jones.

A Policeman Fucked My Son



A Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My Son

A Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My Son

A Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My Son

A Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My SonA Policeman Fucked My Son

A Policeman Fucked My Son

‘Wild Rangers’ by Centaur Films

Studio: Centaur Films On October - 21 - 2011

Wild Rangers Centaur Films

Wild Rangers was shot entirely on location, outdoors, at the Sawmill Campground in south Florida, Centaur Films exclusive Brock Masters returns from a two-year hiatus, in only his third movie, as Ranger Brock, sporting his 10″ thick cock and increasingly buffed body.

He, and fellow Rangers Adam, Brad and Cory, patrol the grounds of this 100 acre forest looking for lawbreakers who repeatedly bargain for their freedom using their cock hungry mouths and fuck holes.

The action in Wild Rangers begins at a campsite where the twinky, barely legal, hungry butted Kirk Kelley enjoys a tongue lapping of his hard cock by lithe, handsome and beautifully butted newcomer, Clay Foxe.

Soon he has Clay’s legs in the air, tormenting his eager butthole with an unbelievably oversized dildo.

The action causes Kirk to shoot his hot load just as Ranger Brock, who has been watching from afar, bursts in to arrest the twosome for trespassing.

Wild Rangers Centaur Films



Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

Kirk escapes the Ranger’s grasp but Clay does not. Brock soon has Clay paying for their crime by forcing his thick tool into Clay’s eager mouth, his nightstick into Clay’s tight asshole and finally a slam fuck that has Clay taking every inch of Brock’s gigantic cock. Afterwards Brock leaves Clay handcuffed naked to a signpost awaiting pickup by Ranger Brad McGuire, whose thick 9″ uncut cock and hard body make him an imposing force.

Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

Before Brad McGuire can pickup Clay, Clay is discovered by three campers, 9″ thick dicked, handsome, Dylan Scott, 8″, uncut, swimmer’s build, smooth, Brandon Weber, and a new hunk, 8″ chiseled bodybuilder, Sean Paris. They quickly focus all of their attention on Clay’s naked butt, spanking it red while he cries for help. Ranger Brad arrives just in time to breakup the attack, but while uncuffing Clay from the post, Clay quickly runs off into the forest, leaving Brad with the threesome.

Ranger Brad whips out his cock and demands service. Soon the four are entwined and every mouth and asshole is explored. In the process you’ll be amazed at just how much Dylan Scott’s hot manhole can take as Brandon Weber thrusts most of his hand into Dylan’s waiting hole, followed by fucks from and between Sean, Brandon and Brad. Before the action is over, 8″ hung, Ranger Cory Bleau, has arrived to join in, and all five shoot gobs of manjuice over Brad’s muscled body.

Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

Then in Wild Rangers by Centaur Films, Ranger Adam Wolfe, whose 8″ cock and hard, chiseled body are always looking for action, is in pursuit of the naked Clay Foxe. In no time he quite literally has Clay Foxe up a tree where he proceeds to thrust his tongue, fingers and hard cock into Clay’s willing hole.

This is probably the first time you’ve seen a sex scene in a tree and Chip Daniels’ direction and camera work are masterful. The two-way ends with a hard pounding of Clay’s hole on a park bench and hot cum from both spewed across Clay’s waiting body.

Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

Ranger Adam is back on patrol and discovers a campfire built improperly. The irresponsible campers, Dylan Scott and Brandon Weber, are in their motor home, which is moving and shaking from the fucking going on inside. Adam interrupts their fun, dragging them out, and exchanges their butts and mouths for an arrest. Adam puts both of them through their paces as they service his cock, ending in streams of cum from all.

Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

In the last scene of Wild Rangers from Centaur Films, Ranger Brock has taken to the Withlahochee River in pursuit of his escaped trespasser, Kirk Kelley. He receives a timely tip from a camper that sends him to the right location.

There Brock sneaks up on trespasser Kirk and is soon teaching him a lesson, shoving his 10″ fuck stick into Kirk’s waiting mouth, and then rough fingering and punch fucking him in a scene where his butthole opens so wide you can see inside. Kirk’s dick begins to drip with pre-cum as Brock pounds away at his poke-hole, and he soon erupts all over his own belly. Brock continues his assault until he drops his own hot load all over Kirk’s face.

Wild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur FilmsWild Rangers Centaur Films

Watch Wild Rangers from Centaur Films! Starring Adam Wolfe, Brad McGuire, Brandon Weber, Brock Masters, Clay Foxe , Corey Beau, Dylan Scott, Kirk Kelley, Sean Paris.

Wild Rangers Centaur Films

Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Studio: Centaur Films On September - 20 - 2011

Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Centaur’s exclusive top man, superstar Brock Masters, leads an all-star cast of 14 handsome, endowed young men in 7 awesomely filmed scenes comprising more than 2 hours of rigorous hot gay male sex in Director Chip Daniels’ latest release, “Navy Blues: Deeper In The Brig.”

Our story centers around 5 young Navy seaman, embarking on a thrilling shore leave, and their incarceration into a U.S. Navy Brig, where a commanding Brock Masters brings his muscular, chiseled body and enormously long and thick cock to prominent play in the role of Marine Lt. Ford, Brig Commander.

As Brig Commander, Lt. Ford routinely takes his pleasure from the pick of the hot, horny sailors.

The first is brand new Centaur exclusive, Brent Everett, a very youthful 18 year old with dark brown hair and bedroom eyes, alabaster smooth body, a beautiful 9″ thick cock and a true virgin butt, playing the part of Seaman Jake Mitchell.

In exchange for his release, Mitchell is ordered to lock his pouty lips around Brocks’ engorged, throbbing 10″ X 8″ cock.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig



Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

The teenager is a natural, and showcases Brocks’ enormous meat with aplomb, getting so turned on that he has to start pulling on his own dick. But Lt. Ford wants more than Brent’s cherub mouth. He soon entices Mitchell to shuck his crackerjack uniform and offer up that smooth, flawless, tight, virgin hole for Brock to fuck.

Choking back real tears, Brent takes Brocks’ humongous cock to the hilt, enduring deeper and deeper strokes that soon have his tight muscular teen frame taunt and his punished hole pulled wide open, first on his back, then on his side, then onto his back again. After several intense minutes of fucking, they both shoot their hot loads on Brent’s taunt ripped abdominals.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Meanwhile, in the next scene of Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig, Seaman Nick Adams, one of the other 4 shipmates granted leave, played by Centaur’s hot, young superstar power bottom, 8″ hung and smoothly buffed Sean Storm, has checked into a well-known gay resort.

There he calls a local masseur, played by another new Centaur discovery, handsome, blonde, smooth Tristan King, sporting 8-pak abs and a 9″ throbbing ass rammer. What begins as a routine massage turns into a no-holds-barred fuckfest after Tristan slips some GHB into Sean’s drink. Each eagerly probes every orifice in the other’s bodies with their fingers, tongues and hard-throbbing cocks until they both collapse in a fountain of cum.

Then Seaman Adams blacks out and Tristan takes this opportunity to steal everything from him. When Adams awakens, he discovers he’s not only lost his wallet, but his clothes and uniform. Still wasted from the drugs, he stumbles outside searching for his stuff, accidentally locking himself out.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Meanwhile, two other shipmates, Seaman Anthony Stuart, played by the hunky, chiseled, bodybuilder Sean Paris, drags Seaman Ryan Jones, another new Centaur exclusive, newcomer Chase Dryburgh into a local Gay leather bar. Chase sports red hair, a lithe, sexy body, and an always-hard 8″ cock, and Sean is nicely hung with his own 8″ party sized meat. The two seamen hope to obtain some drugs from a local bartender named Ricco, yet another brand new 18 year old discovery by Centaur, tall, trim, handsome, 10 1/2″ super hung J.D. Thunder.

He has pale while smooth skin, jet-black hair, dark brown eyes and big red thick pouty boy lips. And a dick that dreams are made of! Wary about trusting two-uniformed seaman, Ricco takes them to the backroom and demands to see them in action. There Ricco has them out of their uniforms and begins exploring their mouths and hungry buttholes with his hard, throbbing dick.

They take turns sucking him, and then Sean slurps both Chase’s and J.D.s’ cocks at once. J.D. first fucks Chases’ delicious virginal ass, then Sean plows into the young seaman. The action builds as they suck and fuck, all under leering gaze of the club’s backroom regulars, jacking and watching the fuckfest. After all three have shot their heavy loads, Ricco brings them back to his bar for the goods.

Unfortunately for the sailors, the local sheriff is waiting and they soon find themselves in the Navy Brig with Sgt. Michaels. Michaels thoroughly explores their inner backsides before forcing them to chow down on Seaman Mitchell’s sweet 18-year-old party cock, taking turns gulping his 9-incher through the steel mesh of the cage.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Next in Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig by Centaul Films, the action cuts to our 4th Seaman, Peter Brown, played by Centaur discovery, S. Florida model and Mr. Hotlanta winner, the awesomely muscled and chiseled skin headed bodybuilder Yanko, who arrives at a video store to search for a gay Navy themed porn video. The store’s clerk, young, trim, Billie Di’Angilo, is engrossed in watching a gay classic video featuring models Tag Spencer and Cal Dexter.

No sooner has Seaman Brown arrived than the store is held up. The robber, played by Centaur discovery and newcomer, 9″ hung top man, Troy Kroft, orders the clerk to strip before he ties him up and turns his attention to the tempting sailor. The robber forces Seaman Brown (Yanko) to suck his cock to completion, shooting all over Yanko’s face and lips, and then pushes his wet cock back into Yanko’s cum hungry mouth.

The hot taste of jism turns the buff seaman on, and he freely offers up his round muscular bubble butt for repeated deep poundings by Troy’s heavy thick veiny 9″ fuck stick before shooting his load over the young seaman’s muscular backside. Sex is interrupted by the arrival of the local sheriff who decides a gay video store is no place for a sailor. As a result, Seaman Brown is also thrown into the Brig.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

While this is happening, Seaman Adams (Sean Storm) has spent the night naked, sleeping on a park bench by the river. There he’s discovered by a local deputy sheriff, played by trim, muscular, 8″ hung, new Centaur discovery Sage. The deputy’s first inclination is to turn him over to the shore patrol. But Seaman Adams, trying to bargain his way out, offers to service the deputy.

The deputy drives him to a secluded parking lot, where he immediately pulls Sean’s talented mouth down onto his pulsating, precum oozing, thick man meat. Sean sucks away like a pro, causing the deputy to blow a load, which causes Sean to shoot as well. The deputy then hauls him to the back of his truck, throwing Sean’s legs up into the air and feasting on his delicious smooth boyhole.

The ass rimming gets Sage so turned on that he cums another, even bigger load, onto the pavement. Then he stands and shoves his still throbbing hard cock into Sean’s hungry butt. He allows his ass to get pulverized by Sage’s huge aggressive meat. First on his back, then squat riding it, and then side-by-side spoon, Sean takes whatever Sage throws at him.

Sage pulls out his cock and jams three thick-knuckled fingers in and out, rough finger fucking the boyman, faster and faster, until Sean blows his load. At the same time, Sage rams his cock back into the still cumming Sean, fucking him furiously until he explodes as well, shooting another huge load all over Sean’s already wet cock and balls, leaving his hole quivering from the anal assault. Despite all that, the deputy Sheriff still takes the seaman to Sgt. Michaels at the U.S. Navy Brig, there to join all his shipmates.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the BrigNavy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

Now the party really gets started! The culminating scene of Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig from Centaur Films takes place with all five seamen used in every conceivable way, with each other and for the pleasure of Sgt. Michaels and Lt. Ford. It’s hardcore sucking fucking nirvana, as dicks find assholes and mouths and quickly fill them up. The star bottoms are Brent and Sean, giving their asses over for everyone.

Especially Sean, who ends up getting a train fuck pulled on him by everyone in the Brig, one after another, and ultimately being the one to endure the ferocious no holes barred ass fucking and hole stretching cock pounding action delivered by Brock Masters in his best sexual performance ever. Everyone gets used in this deep and nasty, wild and raunchy hardcore sexual seven man orgy of throat stuffing, and ass stretching anal assaults culminating in load, after load, after load of hot sticky, creamy cum fulfillment.

Watch Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig by Centaur Films! Starring Billie Di’Angilo, Brent Everett, Brock Masters, Cal Dexter, Chase Dryburgh, JD Thunder, Matt Sizemore, Sage, Sean Paris, Sean Storm, Tag Spencer, Tristan King, Troy Kroft, Yanko.

Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig

‘Hole Patrol’ by Rascal Video

Studio: Rascal Video On September - 15 - 2011

Hole Patrol Rascal Video

Out of your car and down on your knees, boy! Most of us would gladly break the law if we knew that Arpad Miklos would be one of the wardens on duty.

Sure enough, the handsome models in the Chi Chi’s cop flick, Hole Patrol, gladly do time in the tank… as long as Arpad’s holding the keys!

In Hole Patrol from Rascal Video, these horny boys better watch their backs when they encounter some back-road, hick, county sheriffs.

Officers Fredrick Ford and Jason Ridge are hell bent on the lookout for lawbreakers in their neck of the woods.

Tommy Ritter, Shane Rollins and Owen Hawk find out that the county sheriffs don’t take kindly to them in their town.

The devious and underhanded sheriffs plant a gun in the guys’ trunk and arrest them so they can be put through some hot times back at the local jail.

Hole Patrol Rascal




Hole Patrol RascalHole Patrol RascalHole Patrol Rascal

In the cell, Warden Eddie Stone along with jailmate Johnny Hazzard mix it up with the new inmates for some hot action. As the Warden, Eddie offers some leeway to any stud willing to suck him off, and in a flash, Tommy Ritter is on his knees.

Hole Patrol RascalHole Patrol RascalHole Patrol Rascal

While sheriff Jason Ridge interrogates shy Tommy Ritter with his nightstick, sleazy doctor Nick Capra performs a jailhouse physical on Shane Rollins. This anal probing test turns into a flip-flop fuck ‘n suck which is not to be missed.

Hole Patrol RascalHole Patrol RascalHole Patrol Rascal

After putting on a show with Arpad Miklos, Johnny Hazzard helps the boys devise a plot to escape which leads to the overpowering and gang fuck of Eddie Stone.

Hole Patrol RascalHole Patrol RascalHole Patrol Rascal

Just after the boys’ jailbreak, it is inmate Hazzard who reveals that the actual plot was not to get the boys to escape, but to get them to jail in the first place…

For Hole Patrol, Chi Chi delivers a steamy product. While it’s not on par with jailhouse classics like Powertool, spending time in the slammer with Arpad Miklos is a stiff sentence most of us wouldn’t mind getting.

Hole Patrol RascalHole Patrol RascalHole Patrol Rascal

Watch Hole Patrol by Rascal Video! Starring Arpad Miklos, Eddie Stone, Fredrick Ford, Jason Ridge, Johnny Hazzard, Nick Capra, Owen Hawk, Shane Rollins, Tommy Ritter.

Hole Patrol Rascal

Lawless by Club Inferno

Studio: Club Inferno On June - 17 - 2011

Lawless Club Inferno

Go behind bars with a group of hardcore repeat offenders and corrupt cops who give a whole new meaning to serving hard time.

Club Inferno’s Jackson Lawless leads the pack of fist-pigs so criminal they’re Lawless.

In the first scene of Lawless from Club Inferno, Officer Colin Steele patrols the cell block, taunting inmates like a menacing bully.

Spotting James Aaron sitting alone on his bunk Steele knows he’s found his next victim.

The handsome cop shoves his cock through the bars and orders Aaron to suck it.

When Steele enters the cell they begin a twisted ritual of mutual fist fucking on the prison bunk.

Both men open their holes and drain their loads all over the prison floor!




Prisoner Jackson Lawless makes the rounds handing out mail when he spies new inmate Chad Brock. Brock complains that he’s horny as hell and within minutes stuffs his fat cock in Lawless’ mouth. But Lawless, the ultimate greedy fist-pig, isn’t satisfied. He orders Brock to shove his big cock and meaty paws up his ass. Finally, with the help of a contraband dildo, both men get their nut.

Then in a bonus solo scene in Lawless from Club Inferno, Officer Craig Reynolds works the night shift at the local jail. Watching the inmates pissing and jacking off in the shower gets him so horned up he decides to put on a show. The 225 lb. bodybuilder slowly strips out of his uniform to reveal his chiseled muscles and fat, rock-hard cock. He produces an arsenal of dildos and butt toys which he tauntingly shoves up his hungry hole. Finally he inserts his nightstick and shoots a hot sweaty load for his captive audience.

Jackson Lawless’ reputation as the prison cock sucker proceeds him when Adam Russo spots him taking a piss. Russo immediately drops his mop and pulls out his hard cock for some expert head. Lawless lets Russo know he’s down for more hardcore action by offering up his puckered hole. Russo eats Lawless’ ass, priming it for his greasy fists. Lawless rides Russo’s arm until they both blow their loads all over the freshly mopped floor.

In the last scene of Lawless, Jackson Lawless’ reputation as the prison cock sucker proceeds him when Adam Russo spots him taking a piss. Russo immediately drops his mop and pulls out his hard cock for some expert head. Lawless lets Russo know he’s down for more hardcore action by offering up his puckered hole. Russo eats Lawless’ ass, priming it for his greasy fists. Lawless rides Russo’s arm until they both blow their loads all over the freshly mopped floor.

Watch Lawless by Club Inferno! Starring Adam Russo, Chad Brock, Colin Steele, Craig Reynolds, Jackson Lawless, James Aaron, Rex Roddick.

Russian Prison by Body Prod

Studio: Body Prod On January - 13 - 2011

Russian Prison Body Prod

In Russian Prison by Body Prod, Russian prisons have the reputation of being the worst hellholes in the world.

Take the case of two inmates. These hoodlums were too busy fucking each other to notice that their kidnapping victim had untied the ropes and called the police on them.

So now they’re locked up in one of the loneliest jails of the steppes of Siberia.

The stinking, filthy cells are overcrowded. Men are forced to share the same bunk, and they’re constantly horny. Surviving means taking it and taking it hard.

Some guys sell their bodies for protection, whether it be from a kindly fellow inmate or a muscular tattooed prison guard.

The guards are constantly bored and randy. They often gang rape the weakest inmates in the shit house, or stick their raging hard-on through the bars to get sucked off.

And the prison medical staff has equally bad manners and a repertoire of torture methods!

Russian Prison Body Prod



Russian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body Prod

Russian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body Prod

Russian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body Prod

Russian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body Prod

Russian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body ProdRussian Prison Body Prod

Watch Russian Prison by Body Prod! Starring Antonio Rinaldi, Brent Moon, Chris Sparrow, Enrico Bellagio, Jack Dragon, James Jones, Renato Bellagio, Rick Bauer, Rod Stevens, Steve Hunt.

Russian Prison Body Prod

Border Patrol by High Octane

Studio: High Octane On August - 16 - 2010

Gay Border Patrol High Octane

Ahhhh. Eastern Europe. Where the delicious buff boys grow on trees, and where they’re all hung like trunks.

In Border Patrol by High Octane, 15 scrumptious Euro muscle hunks play river cops who can’t seem to take their dicks out of each other long enough to be a viable deterrent to river menace. To protect and to “serve” all right!

For the first scene of Border Patrol, on the back of a docked patrol boat, Atilla B. and Miklos O. turn their deck-swabbing chores into some spit swapping and cock grinding. And sucking. And rimming. And fingering. Even double fingering, as a prelude to ass fucking.

All this in broad daylight, right out in the open on the river bank, while the wistful new age music drowns out the radio chatter and the boys’ muffled gibberish.

We’re just getting started here. I’m getting hard again just typing about this video. But I’ll try to keep it together for just a little longer.

gay Border Patrol



gay Border Patrolgay Border Patrolgay Border Patrol

Then creamy dreamy cover boys Akos G. and Atilla K. fondling each other while scanning for sinister aquatic activities. Disregarding their policing duties, they instead regard each other’s pulsating cocks orally. Akos puts Atilla over some fuel barrels and pounds his muscled ass while passengers of a passing boat catch a protracted eyeful.

gay Border Patrolgay Border Patrolgay Border Patrol

Next in Border Patrol by High Octane, we get a scene in a hangar involving one hungry bottom (Lajos D.) and two hung tops (Zsolt K. and Zoltan S.) who do it right in front of all the aircraft. Some sloppy editing and shaky camerawork is evident in this scene, especially the moment when the photographer bumps the camera into a boy’s shoe.

From this moment on I noticed all the zooms and pans as the cameramen tried to obscure the obtrusive foot wear each boy is wearing. On the other hand, this scene is ripe with what I like to call “mutant shots” – extreme close ups of engorged body parts sliding into each other that can often, with the proper disorienting camera angles, look like moist furry veiny wrinkled humanoids.

By the way, this scene is punctuated by the same feathery music as before playing in an endless loop, but it doesn’t quite drown out the incessant squawking of a chorus of birds up in the rafters.

gay Border Patrolgay Border Patrolgay Border Patrol

Back at the riverbank, we see a patrol boat approaching shore. While the first two (Laszlo V. and Elemer) inspect the hull, they’re oblivious to the three-way commencing behind them. Atilla F. is tag-teamed by Peter and Istvan, who take turns boring into his cute bubble butt. Meanwhile, Laszlo and Elemer initiate their own sucking session while still standing in the shallows, and eventually they fuck while propped against a beached tree trunk.

gay Border Patrolgay Border Patrolgay Border Patrol

Yet despite all the ass lunging and cum squirting, and even a naughty cream facial, the scene is tainted by a major editing goof that literally jumps back and replays an entire five-minute segment. This might not have been so obvious if the edit hadn’t created a glaring continuity gap (the two groups are fucking, then one guy rotates and switches to the other group, but then we cut back to the original configuration and witness the identical rotation all over again).

gay Border Patrolgay Border Patrolgay Border Patrol

For the finale, we’re next to a patrol plane parked in the middle of a grassy field. Zoltan C. uses Karoly’s tight ass as a cock clench, all while propped up against the fuselage and, at one point, on top of the wing. Meanwhile, a stray masturbater (Ferenc) straddles up to the plane and whacks off while watching them go.

No doubt about it: these stunningly hot Euro hunks are 4-star material, but the endless music, jagged editing and occasionally sloppy camerawork are a consistent distraction. As for the lengthy chunk of sex played twice, that’s either careless or shady.

Watch Border Patrol by High Octane! Starring Akos Gazdag, Attila Balog, Attila Ferenczi, Attila Kaman, Elemer Rozsahegyi, Ferenc Ughy, Istvan Szabo, Karoly Hranek, Lajos Dombai, Laszlo Virag, Miklos Olah, Peter Toth, Zoltan Csanyi, Zoltan Scher, Zsolt Kopre.

gay Border Patrol

Hot Cop Sex Porn

Studio: Diamond Pictures On July - 28 - 2010

gay cop porn

In Diamond’s Cops 3 these horny, brave men in uniform bring up the rear (as well as the front)!

They indulge everyone’s fantasy about being fucked hard by a man in uniform.

The only thing better than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform!

Watch these hard-bodied, well hung, uncut studs deep throat and give as good as they get when they get together in trios and groups for an ass cramming good time!

This gay cop porn sex video will have you wanting to put your hands over your head for a full cavity inspection!

Watch Diamond’s Cops 3 by Diamond Pictures!

Starring Joshua Rodgers, Kevin Cage, Sylvio Panthera, Fred Goldsmith, Carlos Baxter, Robert Novy, Clay Robson, Roberto Giorgio, Robby Stephens, Raul Mathews, and Ricardo Neston.

gay cop porn





gay cop porngay cop porngay cop porn

gay cop porngay cop porngay cop porn

gay cop porngay cop porngay cop porn

gay cop porngay cop porngay cop porn

gay cop porngay cop porngay cop porn

gay cop porn

Slammer by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On April - 15 - 2010

Slammer by TitanMen TitanMen, having taken their cameras everywhere from tropical islands to underground dungeons, goes where few have dared to go: the Slammer.

A correctional facility where each day is a struggle for power between the savage inmates and corrupt officers as they use gritty mansex to battle for domination over each other.

A sinister Warden (Dred Scott) administers discipline and punishment over his minions in the Slammer with an iron fist and rock-hard dick — giving new meaning to the term “penal institution.”

The directorial duo of Brian Mills and Harold Creg brings us an epic porn unlike any other prison skinflick ever made.
Slammer is jammed with almost two and a half hours of non-stop, sweaty, multiple-orgasmic fucking and sucking with each scene zigzagging from aggressive powerplays between prisoners and their power-hungry guards to consensual fuck sessions desperately seized by longtime cellmates.

These prison scenes bring us to a place dark and completely sex-charged where domination is a way of life and a prisoner can sell his cellmate’s ass for a pack of smokes.

TitanMen Slammer



TitanMen SlammerTitanMen SlammerTitanMen Slammer

First up, the Warden gives inmate Sunshine (Billy Wild) an orientation to the ways of the Slammer he’ll never forget. After some real punches, Scott has Correctional Officer Papi Moreno strip the buff prisoner out of his orange prison-issue uniform and in no time Scott’s showing him who rules the prison by aggressively face-fucking a submissive Wild. Pulling his slobbery dick out of Wild’s gagging throat, Scott is soon unmercifully pile driving Wild as his henchman watches on, taking care of himself in the process. All three cum (Scott, well over Wild’s head) leaving Wild drenched in a pool of piping hot man juice.

TitanMen SlammerTitanMen SlammerTitanMen Slammer

Amidst grimy cells and abusive officers, however, we see that long-term inmates adapt: they pass the time by having passionate, consensual sex. In their cell, Raul Tasco wraps his arms around cellmate Jake Marshall while Marshall worships his underarms, fuzzy chest and huge, uncut and rock-hard cock.

In stark contrast to the previous scene, the two savor each other’s thick, well-muscled bodies, having the fiery sort of sex two men in a relationship have. Each spurts a hefty load onto the other’s body and fondly licks it off. Hunched over a grimy toilet, they obligingly take turns fucking each other until, while riding Tasco’s cock, Marshall milks his hard, flopping dick to a combustible second climax.

TitanMen SlammerTitanMen SlammerTitanMen Slammer

The Warden has more in store for Inmate Sunshine. He feeds him to a more senior inmate, Jon Galt, who, in a filthy prison kitchen, continues Sunshine’s initiation by working over his hole with his prying, eager tongue and fingers. After they shoot their loads a rough-handling Corrections Officer takes Wild back to his cell, leaving Galt to service Scott. By the end of their marathon session, each has cum twice.

TitanMen SlammerTitanMen SlammerTitanMen Slammer

Meanwhile in Slammer from TitanMen, Riley Porter watches blue-eyed pup Toby O’Connor servicing well-hung Chad Williams in the adjoining cell. For a pack of smokes, Williams gives his boy’s ass to Porter, who rims and fucks O’Connor through the bars. After they all blow their wads, Williams hoists O’Connor onto a sheet hanging from the ceiling. Their makeshift sling allows Porter and Williams to fuck him from both ends, sharing his eager holes without missing a beat. Porter also flip-flops for Williams and the trio cums all over each other through the bars that separate their cells.

TitanMen SlammerTitanMen SlammerTitanMen Slammer

Hardly beaten down by submitting twice for The Warden, Wild finds himself in a cell with Josh O’Hara, and quickly decides to show him who’s boss by taking advantage of the young pup’s tight ass. Then, Corrections Officer Ben catches wind of Wild, throws him into an adjoining cell, and takes over the ass-reaming. Officer Moreno enters Wild’s cell where the two officers each have their way with the obedient prisoners in an explosive fourgy finale.

Watch gay prison and cop porn video Slammer by TitanMen! Starring Chad Williams, Billy Wild, Raul Tasco, Dred Scott, Riley Porter, Josh O’Hara, Toby O’Connor, Papi Moreno, Jake Marshall, and Jon Galt.

TitanMen Slammer

Slow Heat by TitanMen

Studio: TitanMen On December - 3 - 2009

Slow Heat by TitanMen What dirty secrets simmer beneath the surface of a small southern town?

Find out with the steamy sexual buildup of Slow Heat in a Texas Town, the latest TitanMen video from legendary director Joe Gage.

A new episode airs every Thursday!

Amid the backdrop of a community college and its neighboring campgrounds, repressed desires and a combustible clash of cultures erupt in the dry days of early summer.

Get hot and horny with nearly three hours of unforgettable action featuring 10 hung studs led by TitanMen exclusive Chad Manning.

While making his rounds through the woods, deputy Del Cobb stumbles upon camper Colton Steele, whose throbbing cock and hairy hole quickly catch the cop’s attention.




Community college janitor Steve Carlisle uses his dirty mouth to get a rise out of shop teacher Steve O’Donnell, who administers an after-hours oral exam.

Visiting hunters Chad Manning and Colton Steele are spied on by young local Cory Flint, who drops to his knees before ordering the surprised city boys to fuck–then joins in for a memorable threeway.

Student Zane Jacobs wants to make first string, so he strips down and bends over for some hard drills from football coach Nick Capra.

In need of career counseling, Jackson Wild pays a visit to teacher Steve O’Donnell and officer Josh West, who stuff the eager student’s holes with stiff advice.

When the heat gets to buds Cory Flint and Zane Jacobs, the power of suggestion proves to be potent–leading to some stroke-and-suck fun in the front of a pickup truck.

In the final scene, Jackson Wild gets called back for more guidance, servicing his three superiors before bending over — along with Steve Carlisle — for some hard lessons from Josh West and Nick Capra.

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Inked Up & Locked Down

Studio: Factory Extreme On November - 11 - 2009

Inked Up & Locked Down We’ve all seen public service announcements that help us be better citizen. Consider Factory Video’s Inked Up & Locked Down a PSA on why you should be really bad, and get yourself behind bars as fast as you possibly can.

The video starts out with gorgeous, dark Marco Parelli in a wife beater and hand cuffs, being thrown into the clink by young, hot officer Kai Ford.

Ford makes a power move on Parelli which the Latino stud resists for a while, but Kai is soon sucking Marco’s huge dick through the bars.

Parelli is let out of the cell and the two hot guys get into some great oral action.

Marco then fucks smooth, inked Kai on his own desk. The scene ends with both eating the others cum, with Parelli leaving his mark with an amazing river of spooge across Ford’s face.




Rugged Glenn Maxter finds himself behind bars in scene two, left to the mercy of inked cute boi/cop Blake Harris. The two men devour each others dicks and hottie Harris fucks goateed Maxter every-which-way but up, including on the floor and through the cell bars. They both gulp down each others steamy wad.

Hairy-chested young hunk, officer Carter Gabriel has his way with preppy-on-the-outside/tats-on-the inside Deryk Winters in scene three. After some great cock sucking (blow Gabriel, blow!), officer Carter fucks smooth, lanky Deryl against the cell bars. Winters pays his dues to society by chowing down on Gabriels’s cum. Carter then shoots his judicial jizz across the desk.

In scene four, long-haired thug Rock Lee makes the moves on young officer Taven Lewis from behind his locked cell door. Not being a fool, Lewis quickly sets Lee free for a hot cock-swallowing session. Rock gets his fine ass fucked by the long dick of the law, but the raunchy scales of justice quickly turn when Taven gets his ass plowed by street-cred Lee’s thick, hard dick. The two men eat each others cum, Rock almost drowning Taven in his tidal wave of sperm.

Watch Inked Up & Locked Down by Factory Video! Starring Marco Parelli, Kai Ford, Glenn Maxter, Blake Harris, Carter Gabriel, Deryk Winters, Tayan Lewis, Rock Lee.