Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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One Night In Phenix

Studio: Cocky Boys

Tattooed, tough and sexy! Phenix Saint is a wet dream.
In ‘One Night In Phenix’ from Cocky Boys, this big dicked tattooed fucker takes no prisoners when it comes to sex.
With rock solid abs, an ass you want to munch on, and a dick that makes [...]

Cum Suckers 21

Studio: Factory Video

The cum flows free, is white, and this time it’s 21!
In Cum Suckers 21 from Factory Video, the Factory boys are back at it, presenting load after load from their recent movies in the twenty-first of their series of compilations that are just oceans of [...]

‘Manly Seduction’ by Kristen Bjorn

Studio: Kristen Bjorn

Nicolas is an ex-boxer involved in dirty business in Manly Seduction.
In this video from Kristen Bjorn, his boss wants to him to repay his final debt by rubbing someone out.
Nicolas discovers that the victim is Christian, a young athlete he met one torrid afternoon, and [...]

‘Sandbox Buddies’ by Bait Buddies

Studio: Bait Buddies

‘Sandbox Buddies’ from Bait Buddies follows the sexual progression of two real, straight, lifelong buddies who decide to experiment with gay sex in exchange for cold hard cash.
The documentary videos shot by producer Caruso feature porn newcomers Michael Keys and Evan Mercy who moved from [...]

‘Meat Monsters 2′ by Alkaline

Studio: Alkaline

It’s a phallic feast as gay anal amateurs get their assholes assaulted by Alkaline’s Meat Monsters 2.
These studs are hung huge. These dudes suck and fuck with their massive meat poles. Bigger is always better, and biggest is always best!
Watch as these newbies get their [...]

Busted! You Got Me!

Studio: Raging Stallion

Have you ever been naked and strokin’ it thinking you’re all alone… and then you’re BUSTED!
In this film that’s what happens, except the intruders are hot, horny and all too ready to assist. As they say, boys will be boys!
In the first scene of ‘Busted! [...]

Perverted Leather Daddy and His Helpless Captive

Studio: Kink.com

In ‘Perverted Leather Daddy and His Helpless Captive’ from Bound Gods, perverted leather daddy Adam Herst has just captured a hot stud, Cole Brooks and has him bound to a cage and blindfolded.
Adam climbs up onto the cage and takes his time fucking both of [...]

‘Take That’ by Cocky Boys

Studio: Cocky Boys

In Take That from Cocky Boys, Dillon Rossi is just one of those good ‘ol farm guys that you want to take behind the barn and have your way with.
His big cock and ripped abs would make anybody’s mouth water!
Take That showcases all the innocent-looking [...]

Best Men Part 1: The Bachelor Party

Studio: Falcon Studios

In Best Men Part 1: The Bachelor Party from Falcon, lucky Tony Capucci is getting married so his buddies decide to throw him the biggest, raunchiest and most unforgettable send-off before his big day. And Las Vegas is the perfect setting for it all!
In the [...]

Straight Guys Take the Bait 4

Studio: Male Spectrum

There is an old adage, Straight guys are just gay guys who haven’t seen a cock big enough to satisfy them.
Okay, so maybe that isn’t an old adage, but it sure the fuck applies here!
In Straight Guys Take the Bait 4, Male Spectrum has found [...]

He’s Got a Big Package

Studio: Raging Stallion

Packed with hard-driving, masculine sex, He’s Got a Big Package from Raging Stallion is about big-dicked warehouse stiffs, who give a different meaning to packing, unloading and delivering goods.
This movie has choice fun moments that light the loads, and it’s busting at the seams with [...]

Put it in Me Coach

Studio: Catalina

C’mon coach please! C’mon coach! Put It In Me Coach!
In Put it in Me Coach from Catalina, these athletes will do anything, anything to please the coach, even off the field!
Back in the locker room between showers, these studs are going to show their leader [...]