Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Straight Guys Try Cock

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Straight Guys Try Cock from Next Door Studios, married therapist Blake Barnes personally helps repressed patient Markie More act on his urges and embrace his true nature.
Then in Straight Guys Try Cock, straight porn star newcomer Conan McGuire gets to film his first scene [...]

Doc’s Orders by Hot House

Studio: Hot House

When a patient is in need of sexual healing, these ‘Doc’s Orders’ are welcome relief for the doctors and the hot studs who visit their office.
The prescription is for massive cocks, and the orders are to take them hard!
When the lab coats and hospital gowns [...]

Touch and Play by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Touch & Play from Next Door Studios, when client Max King seeks clarity on which way his massage therapist Scotty Zee swings, his answer cums easily during their fuck session.
Then in Touch & Play from Next Door Studios, when struggling massage students Austin Everett [...]

StepDick by

Studio: calls Dirk Caber back for their new series called StepDick. Caber has sex with both his stepson, played by Dalton Briggs, and his son’s lover Vincent Diaz. But there’s an extra bit of fun in this series. You need to watch to find out!
In [...]

Abe 2 by Sean Cody

Studio: Sean Cody

When Sean Cody first met Abe, they couldn’t believe how huge he was! And that perfect smile capping off that 6′3″ frame sent us all over the edge too.
After Abe’s first visit we were doubtful we’d ever see him again. He’s a self-professed meathead, and [...]

Bareback My Boyfriend

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Bareback My Boyfriend from Next Door Studios, when Ty Thomas hires Markie More to bareback his boyfriend Jake Davis on his birthday, he watches the sexual encounter and loses his own load in the process!
Dick-for-hire Markie More gets a callback from client Ty Thomas [...]

Peepers by


In Peepers from, Ricky Larkin can’t help but jerk himself off once he spies Mike Maverick sucking Paul Canon’s dick. Paul’s pleasure is contagious, and Ricky wants nothing more than to get in on the action.
Once caught, Mike and Paul welcome Ricky with a [...]

‘Down to Fuck’ by Lucas Entertainment

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Are you down to fuck? Because the Lucas Men are always ready for a bareback romp in the sack.
The first scene of Down to Fuck from Lucas Entertainment was filmed during a Fire Island excursion. And who better to begin the action than Sergeant Miles [...]

Quick, Fuck Me Raw!

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Quick, Fuck Me Raw! from Next Door Studios, hot new fling Chris Blades helps his date Gabriel Cross decide to dump his boyfriend and fill the hole with his fresh meat instead.
Scotty Zee cruises his crush Ty Thomas from the running park and they [...]

My Brother In Law 2


In My Brother In Law 2 from, Cameron Foster is being bitched at by his cunty wife because he hasn’t got a job. He has had enough of her shitty attitude and decides to get back at her by fucking a dude.
Unknowingly, the guy [...]

My Best Friend’s Husband


In My Best Friend’s Husband from, you can never tell when a faithful husband isn’t so faithful.
What makes it even worse is when they decide to cheat with the same sex. Watch these confused husbands cheat with sexy hot men who want to show [...]

Monster Inside Me 6 by Raw Fuck Club

Studio: Dark Alley Media

Raw Fuck Club’s Monster Inside Me 6 is their return to the series, and it’s more brutal than ever!
Dark Alley Media sought out the biggest cocks in Rio and the hungriest bottoms ready to be fuck-meat at the hands of horse-hung, uncut cock looking to [...]