Monday, November 24, 2014

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‘Strictly Dickly’ by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Strictly Dickly from Next Door Studios, Austin Wilde is chomping at the bit to get at Joey Hard. Joey has been with the Next Door team for quite some time, but this is Austin’s first encounter with him – and fuck! Boy, is he [...]

‘Steamworks’ by Raging Stallion

Studio: Raging Stallion

Steamworks is a legendary place where men have gathered for unfiltered sex for many years.
It’s the best sex club in the United States. Raging Stallion took their men and cameras to Steamworks to film a brilliant all sex movie with some of the finest [...]

Special 4 Hand Massage


In Special 4 Hand Massage from, Adam Herst goes to a massage parlor to redeem a gift voucher he received. The therapists notice it’s the “Four Hand Massage Special”.
They tell Adam to relax and enjoy the session. As Adam’s muscles are worked on he [...]

‘Bunker’ by Mustang

Studio: Mustang

In Bunker from Mustang Studios, far beyond basic training, in the bunks and latrines of the barracks, hardbodied soldiers give in to lust.
A brigade tries to keep from losing their collective mind during their fight in the war. The bunker seems to be the only [...]

Dorm Room Dicks

Studio: Circle Jerk Boys

Dorm Room Dicks from Circle Jerk Boys has what you need. A bunch of studs playing with their dicks in every way possible.
We’ve all seen them: those incredibly hot straight men. What would you give to be a fly on the wall in their bedrooms [...]

Kings of New York Season 2

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

New York. Eight million fucking people. Eight million fucking dreams. In this town you’ll never make it by just talking the talk, you have to prove your walk.
When a door closes in this city, you better have a damn interesting knock to open up another [...]

‘It’s How Big?’ by Extra Big Dicks

Studio: Extra Big Dicks

It’s How Big? from Extra Big Dicks is packed with hung men. They have some of the biggest dicks you’ve been craving for.
These huge cocks were made to stuff any awaiting tight hole aching to be filled! Sporting some of the biggest hard-ons you’ve ever [...]

‘Father Figure’ by Dads Fucking Lads

Studio: Eurocreme

Hairy daddies, muscle bound hunks with huge dicks and an attitude that cries out to a twink to follow are bursting from Father Figure.
The twinks are here to learn a thing or two about sex, and the dads are the ones to show them exactly [...]

‘What a Man Wants’ by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios

There’s no time to fool around, give these boys what they crave and send them on their way! We all know “What A Man Wants” – lots of hot sex!
In What a Man Wants by Next Door Studios, despite Cody’s appeals for the men to [...]

‘Aged to Perfection’ by Men Over 30

Studio: Men Over 30

Aged to Perfection from Men Over 30 features real men fucking men in their prime!
When you need in-shape, handsome, masculine 30 and 40 something models, our exclusive daddy collection contains the real studs you crave!
This ain’t your Daddy’s “daddy porn”, but the one stop for [...]

‘Smooth Moves’ by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios

Next Door Ebony has your favorite black porn stars. Watch these guys use their big black dicks like you’ve never seen before.
We put in a sex dungeon threesome scene just for you guys!
Just get hot and ready and these boys will slide it right into [...]

Sexy Stud’s Wet and Wild Fantasy


In Sexy Stud’s Wet and Wild Fantasy from, Cameron Kincade has been fantasizing that a group of horny men use him like a dirty bathroom slut.
In a glory hole stall, Cameron is strung up from the ceiling ready to be used. The men take [...]