Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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My Mom’s New Husband

Studio: Men.com

My Mom’s New Husband from MEN.com is about our favorite and most masculine, hot and hairy forbidden fruit — Daddy.
Duncan Black comes home to surprise his mom for her birthday but instead gets surprised himself. It’s his mom’s new husband, Dirk Caber, naked in bed. [...]

Men for Sale by MEN.com

Studio: Men.com

The MEN.com series, Men for Sale, explores the subject of human sex trafficking.
Jimmy gets his ass fucked by Jarec. This is the first MEN.com scene for Jarec, and he doesn’t disappoint.
Next, Jarec gets sold to the highest bidder Tom. Watch as Jarec can’t help indulging [...]

Bareback Butt Bust by Butch Dixon

Studio: Butch Dixon

Bareback Butt Bust from Butch Dixon offers us some of Butch’s best barebacking scenes, featuring the hottest men in scorching, raw action!
In the first scene of Bareback Butt Bust, sexy, bearded and bald Bruno Fox took his boyfriend, newcomer Nick North, into the Butch Dixon [...]

Going West by MEN.com

Studio: Men.com

In Going West from MEN.com, cowboy Johnny Rapid and Chris Bines both look so dang sexy chopping wood that they get wood and need to fuck.
They end up in the john and Johnny’s tight ass gets pounded in several creative positions.
Next Johnny is on top [...]

Johnny Rapid: Repeat Offender

Studio: Men.com

Watch the sleazy little bottom whore (and one of MEN.com’s all-time biggest porn stars) get his pie-hole creamy white ass slammed seven ways from Sunday in Johnny Rapid: Repeat Offender, another compilation of the buttslut’s scenes.
In the first scene of Johnny Rapid: Repeat Offender, Johnny [...]

‘Forbidden’ by MEN.com

Studio: Men.com

The Forbidden series from MEN.com has Paddy O’Brian putting on the holy robe and pretending to be a priest. He takes his post in the confessional and is time visited by a non-believer, but someone who just needs to express his feelings.
Matt Anders confesses that [...]

Backwoods Bareback

Studio: Bromo.com

Take a trip and unload with BROMO (formerly JuicyBoys)’s Backwoods Bareback Scott Harbor and his friends decide to go on a getaway to the mountains for a boy’s weekend, however once they arrive they are greeted by Tom Faulk, who is there to keep an [...]

Daddies Fuck Teens

Studio: Men.com

There’s plenty of good-n-plenty candy goodness to be found inside the box that is the enticingly-titled (but a bit of a stretch) Daddies Fuck Teens from MEN.com.
Robert Van Damme is seen taking a long leisurely piss in a urinal, when horny Kirk Cummings pops over [...]

Str8 to Gay 7 by MEN.com

Studio: Men.com

In Str8 to Gay 7 from MEN.com, Liam Magnuson intends to do the right thing and ask his girlfriend’s father’s permission before he proposes marriage. Fortunately Duncan Black answers the door and Liam ends up doing the even righter thing: he fucks his girlfriend’s brother [...]

Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback

Studio: Bromo.com

It’s the one that set the gay porn blogosphere all atwitter on Twitter in summer 2015. It’s the bareback debut of the gay porn star famous for his “Take it out it hurts!” pleasure/pain fuck faces.
Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback is also BROMO (formerly JuicyBoys)’s first [...]

‘Ass Bandit’ by Men.com

Studio: Men.com

The Ass Bandit is out there, patrolling the streets looking for hot studs he can ravage. He only takes the best assholes out there and his prey never leave unsatisfied. Be on the lookout for the Ass Bandit, he may spot you next!
In the first [...]

‘Expert Hands’ by Next Door Studios

Studio: Next Door Studios

It’s not always about the sex — sometimes the foreplay is the best part. A pair of strong, firm hands running up and down the length of your body.
His fingers exploring your every inch in new ways, intimate ways. Touching you where you least – [...]