Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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‘First Time Fucked’ by Cocky Boys

Studio: Cocky Boys

In First Time Fucked from Cocky Boys, Brodie finally gets fucked! This scene is more like a straight boy being punished… finally submitting to a taboo doing something he really doesn’t want to do.
Brodie gets fucked by RC Ryan and it’s a sight not to [...]

‘Big Packages’ by Catalina Video

Studio: Catalina

In Big Packages from Catalina Video, these horny hung guys just can’t keep their hands, mouths, and asses away form their pulsating big dicks!
Thick, dripping, and delicious, these huge cocks could satisfy anyone’s sexual appetite!
Seeing a bulge stretching a pair of jeans is appetizing enough!
Getting [...]

‘Break Him In’ by Cocky Boys

Studio: Cocky Boys

In Break Him In from Cocky Boys, Tommy Defendi’s initiation of Max Ryder is all about a favorite fantasy – the Big Bro, Lil Bromance.
It’s hot seeing a hunky dude commandeering a sweet young guy.
That possession, the feeling of intimacy, that possession… the feeling you [...]

‘Do You Take It?’ from BelAmi

Studio: Bel Ami

In Do You Take it from BelAmi, Andre proves he can take it no less passionately than he gives it. What about you? Do You Take It?
Harris is such a fine bottom that we don’t normally even think about using him as a top, but [...]

‘Kinky Angels Part 3′ by BelAmi

Studio: Bel Ami

Kinky Angels is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 3!
Reading enthusiastic comments about Adam Archuleta gives the Bel Ami boss quiet a bit of satisfaction.
Adam first arrived [...]

‘Drill My Hole 4′ by

Studio:’s Drill My Hole 4 features some of the hottest guys all getting what they deserve – punished in every hole.
John has the instinct for punishment and Kirk Cummings learns his lesson.
Jessie Colter and Trey Turner love taking turns drilling the house pet, Kyle Quinn.
The [...]

Straight Guys, Muscles and Big Dicks

Studio: Dirty Tony

Producer Dirty Tony knows a thing or two about straight guys. He knows that they like to work out, that they like to brag about their huge dicks, and sometimes they like to get their cocks blown by another guy.
Straight Guys, Muscles and Big Dicks [...]

‘Let’s See If It Fits’ by Extra Big Dicks

Studio: Extra Big Dicks

Let’s See If It Fits! says a whole lot. In this video from Extra Big Dicks, watch these greedy men get their asses pumped and filled by some of the biggest dicks in the industry.
Sporting some of the biggest hard-ons you’ve ever seen – they’re [...]

Fuck Your Friends 10

Studio: Cocksure Men

In Fuck Your Friends 10 from Cocksure Men, friends don’t let friends go without sex. John Magnum discovers that truth when he wakes up from a nap and finds Ari Sylvio deep throating his cock.
John returns the favor by slamming his huge tool deep into [...]

Straight Guys First Gay Blowjob

Studio: Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony’s hot straight guys go gay-for-pay when they receive their first gay blow jobs!
See straight guys Miles Brandford, Giovanni, Diego, Bradley Rose, America and Dirty Tony’s Straight Fireman blow some hot straight man juice after having their knob worked over by another man!
In the [...]

Handle My Package

Studio: Next Door Studios

In Handle My Package, Next Door Studios has really outdone itself with this cast. The gloryhole opener between Jeremy Bilding and Brandon Lewis is a scorcher, the two igniting the screen even with a barrier between them.
The hottest shot has Lewis feasting on Bilding’s cock, [...]

Gentlemen 9: Closing the Deal

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

“Closing the Deal” at Lucas Entertainment means one thing: signing on the dotted line with a pearly white string of hot cum!
Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Seth Treston in the boss’ office.
Trent Davis needs to put in some overtime on Sean Xavier’s massive black cock [...]